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  1. 5 up, 5 down

    Up 1. Nick Chubb continues to be a monster. 2. Myles Garrett is a monster too. 3. RSJ looks like a find. 4. The offense scored 28 points on a very good defense despite 4 turnovers. 5. Idk man, idk... Down 1. Baker needs to play better. He wasn’t as bad as the stats would indicate, but he wasn’t sharp. 2. The WR have been not good, and that’s being generous. Considering the resources we’ve invested there, that’s incredibly disappointing. 3. The refs legit **** the bed. The Landry call was as bad as I’ve ever seen. I’ll say it again, they’re ruining the game. 4. Chris Hubbard continues to struggle. Maybe it’s time to see what someone, anyone, else can do. 5. The fans....
  2. 5 up, 5 down

    I think it’s possible they may lose a little of their fighting spirit if they start circling the tank over the next month or so. Either way, if we don’t beat them we don’t deserve ish.
  3. Whats up with Baker

    It’s just crazy because 9/10 that’s either a catch or an incompletion. Every tipped pass has seemingly landed in a defender’s hands.
  4. The Great Amnesia-ing Is Nigh: Kumbaya

    I want to punch you in the face sometimes.
  5. Freddie ain’t Ready

    He said he was being aggressive and wanted the ball back again, which is what you said you wanted right? Aggressive? So aggressive, “like he’s not trying to protect his job” aggressive, but only as long as it works? Which is it?
  6. Freddie ain’t Ready

    Sounds about right.
  7. Freddie ain’t Ready

    I think the turnover was the issue there. You think Freddie designer that play to be thrown to the Seahawks? I’m not certain, but I doubt. Imagine a scenario Freddie didn’t plan on turning it over right there. Perhaps just scoring. Or kicking a FG?
  8. Freddie ain’t Ready

    No, I’m saying schemes and coaching weren’t the problem. The offense was effective sans turnovers.
  9. 2020 College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    Either that or John Dorsey is a huge rap fan.
  10. Things to fix on the bye: REALISTIC

    If there’s a silver lining to Baker ****ting the bed this season it’s that he won’t be doing commercials next offseason.
  11. Yeah he’s the front runner for the MVP.
  12. Officials - I cant stand their arrogance

    Yeah they’re not calling things according to the “spirit of the rule” but rather to the letter and it’s absurdly awful to watch.
  13. Things to fix on the bye: REALISTIC

    Baker and the WR’s need to use this time to get some reps and improve their timing. Like every team on a bye, get guys with bumps and bruises healthy. Baker (after yesterday), Greedy, Ward, and Higgins are key pieces.
  14. Officials - I cant stand their arrogance

    At some point teams are going to have to protest these calls if they want to see some changes. As it stands the league is in no hurry to fix the issue.
  15. Freddie ain’t Ready

    I can appreciate his line of thinking, but that’s Maddenesque and silly tbh. Take your time, score the TD and go to the half. He bit off more than he could chew (insert fat joke) in this situation. He’s been a mixed bag imo. I don’t think he was the problem yesterday though Yep, and those belong squarely at the feet of the players.
  16. Officials - I cant stand their arrogance

    Yeah I think it’s just a matter of thinking you saw something you didn’t because of the location on the field, type of play, etc. The fact that the officials had to have been able to see the replay on the screens in the stadium and still let the call stand is mind blowing.
  17. You’re giving them far too much credit. They’re simply making bad calls in real time (they don’t get the benefit of replay like we do) and we’re forced to live with what they saw (or think they saw).
  18. Is this the worst year of officiating since 2012?

    And with modern technology it’s almost willful ignorance by the NFL. They could have people reviewing these calls in near real time correcting the issues. A simple message via headset from the booth could have reversed the above call. “Hey bro, that was a clean block”, and they pick of the flag. It would take no more time than what they already spend huddling up to discuss calls as is.
  19. Is this the worst year of officiating since 2012?

    I mean, this was called today... It’s becoming an officiating exhibition.
  20. 5 up, 5 down

    The important thing to remember here is you still got a sub, and that’s always in the “up” category.
  21. (Polls) Do You Believe ...

    You seen a lot of organized and well managed 1-5 teams that have an elite QB? I’m on record before of saying I don’t agree with this entirely. No coach has ever told a player to jump offsides or line up incorrectly or blow an assignment. At some point the players have to be held accountable. I agree somewhat, but the flags this season have been nuts. These aren’t all legit issues/penalties imo. Fair, but I’d argue it’s a small sample size with a lot of new pieces. I do expect more though. I mean, is that on Freddie or the man who assembled a team full of these personalities? You can’t draft Baker and trade for OBJ, Randall and Landry and then expect your coach to turn them into s bunch of cliche riddled bots. If this is an issue for you, your beef is with Dorsey, not the coach. These guys were known entities.
  22. Whats up with Baker

    This is fair. I think it’s clear he needs to reevaluate what he did this offseason, because he doesn’t look like the same guy he did last year. That said, I think back to the Njoku lunge TD, Chubb catching the pass behind the guy’s back, Landry catching the TB splitting defenders, Perriman running past defenders and I’m wondering where those type of plays are this year. Baker got a lot more help last season than he has this year, even with a lesser supporting cast.
  23. This is what fans here don’t grasp. They think because they’ve had to wait they’ve been patient. You can’t reboot every other year and call yourself patient.
  24. You’re conflating my point. I never said it was a great throw, but rather good enough to make the play. Imo a QB has to give the receiver a chance to make a play. In the NFL windows are narrow and you don’t have clean pockets or all day to get rid of the ball. With that some balls are going to be slightly off. It’s up to the receivers to make those plays. If the receiver has a decent opportunity to catch the pass, like 2 hands on the ball for example, that’s on them.
  25. (Polls) Do You Believe ...

    What evidence is there after 6 games? Actual, real evidence?? It’s a 1/3 of a season sample size. As @buno67 pointed out, Frank Reich went 1-5 to start the season with a veteran/elite QB. Was that a great representation of their season? Oh I get it, you’re making judgments based on emotion. It’s pretty clear tbh. Who’s arguing that? I don’t think they should suck but having some teething issues with a second year QB and a rookie HC isn’t exactly knocking me off my bar stool here. Especially when you factor in the schedule. According to who? The media? Fans? This team hasn’t done a damned thing in 30 years and now they supposed to be kicking everyone’s arse without a hitch? Are we just pretending culture and experience mean nothing now or... You’re hearing what you want to hear then. I mean, what kind of “proof” are you looking for? If you haven’t noticed, there’s no “formula” for a successful head coach. If there was teams wouldn’t fail to find those guys as often as they do.