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  1. He can have my reputation, but I don’t want his.
  2. 3 TD’s allowed is a far cry from the 10 PPG mess you’re talking. Im not defending the guy, he’s atrocious, but we have more than one hole on the defense. The entire LB group is awful. Goodson is the only one who’s made any sort of impact play all season. We have one dude who can rush the passer. Weve allowed 30+ 5/7 games this year, and the schemes aren’t bad.
  3. 10 PPG just by getting rid of Sendejo? Whew lad, he’s bad but he’s not THAT bad. We aren’t a borderline top 10 D by switching out one dude.
  4. I don’t even need to know the topic to know this is right!! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸
  5. I agree we need a LB and FS. I can’t believe I get to be the one who craps all over a positive statement, but you’re delusional if you think this defense is a mediocre FS and LB away from being good enough to lean on to win.
  6. The airlines wouldn’t have to prove you don’t have it, you’d have to prove you do. A card, something like that, sure. As far as going over well, it’s their right. This is America and they have the freedom to do as they wish. We have the freedom to spend our money elsewhere. The “muh freedom” card plays both ways. (Not directed at you obv)
  7. Consider the source... ...is a statement I just wrote to the typical source.
  8. On who? Who are these 10 million dollar gems that push us over the top? You suggested Watt who’s cost is double that and he’s on the decline. We’re not ready to go all in yet imo, not with the excessive holes on this defense. They’re not a player or two away. As I said though, I do hope they’re buyers and can improve, but I don’t think they need to be splash moves. As far as why we’re not spending a bunch of money, I’m guessing it has to do with the potential cap number in ‘21 being such an uncertainty with some reports of A potential huge reduction.
  9. Every time you mention cap space without mentioning things like active salary and roll over, you look like a scrub midget.
  10. The cost depends where you were drafted. Top 10 picks cost more I believe
  11. It’s the average of the top 10 contracts at his position iirc. But yeah, like 25. Which isn’t crazy really, that’s about what a starting QB not on a rookie deal costs.
  12. Well I would. I would walk more batters than any pro pitcher you’ve ever seen and I’d be willing to wager a good deal on that fact.
  13. Footwork can be learned. That said, they literally just changed his footwork this offseason. That doesn’t become second nature in a couple months. He needs to stop being so twitched up in the pocket, he needs to step in to throws more consistently and he needs make sure he’s transferring weight appropriately on the follow through. Other than that I think he needs to be in the hurry up a bit more so he can just grip it and rip it and stop overthinking each passes. When he makes his read and let’s it fly like he did Sunday, he’s... dangerous.
  14. I’m not a QB coach, but based on my days of walking batters as a pitcher, usually it’s weight transfer and follow through.
  15. I’m not saying he doesn’t have issues, but his height is absolutely not a limiting factor, never has been and never will be.
  16. He never had this issue in college or for the 8 game stretch in 2018. The OL wasn’t shorter then. It’s just wild how much people think an inch or two matters (this will be quoted by nude I’m sure). If he were one inch taller no one would question his height. It’s a non issue.
  17. Definitely possible. It was a questionable move by him, but I think he’s earned a better ending to his time there than he received. Having him as 3rd string in the middle of a throwaway season (from a wins standpoint) was dumb. Just part ways at the end of the year and everyone can split on good terms.
  18. Exactly, and that’s ok. Not everyone is going to develop into what you hope when you draft them, but are they capable of being a solid player and doing their job for some years? That’s what separates the well run franchises from the poor ones imo.
  19. I wonder if Cincy thinks they will do better with a comp pick by letting him walk?
  20. No need to kick the poor when he’s down.
  21. It makes more sense anyway as the only reason you buy a car like that is to try to impress some money chasing 20 year old skirt. Skip the middleman.
  22. Yeah you don’t need all pros with every first rounder. You need to not whiff and bring in good players who can hold down a position for 7-9 years.
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