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  1. Watches

    Tell us about dem classy timepieces! Or Apple Watches I suppose.... My wrist bling... Not crazy expensive, but Swiss, automatic and has a lot of heritage/history. So...whatcha got? Whatcha lusting for?
  2. Our most glaring weakness

    I think this applies to most teams though. Aren't many teams trotting out 4-5 solid corners.
  3. Who the Browns are showing interest in.

    No he’s fine, but you could likely get similar production from a day 2 pick with a year of seasoning and he’d cost a mil or two a year.
  4. BBC means something completely different here.
  5. (Poll) Win-Loss Predictions

    Yeah, they’re huge imo. I don’t like Baltimore’s roster and “plan” with Jackson as much as some (mostly Baltimore fans), so I honestly want 5-1. I can live with a split with Pitt. Baby steps and all.
  6. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    Business? Is that what you call selling your rear end to Sam Darnold for a couple Appletini’s?
  7. Trading up in the draft

    If there’s one thing Dorsey is amazing at, its picking the right job opportunities. In KC he inherited a LOT of top shelf talent and the first overall pick. Here he inherited the most draft capital and cap space possibly in the history of the game and a number of nice young pieces. I don’t mean this as a backhanded compliment at all either. Smart people pick good opportunities and pass on the duds.
  8. Trading up in the draft

    So far he’s been decent, but he’s a high level reserve as of now. Let’s not get too carried away. Very true. If this is to be believed, Veach was the primary driver behind the Mahomes selection. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/01/09/we-got-it-done-inside-story-how-patrick-mahomes-landed-with-chiefs/?utm_term=.0d8007b4bc1b Eh, a number did. @freakygeniuskid, @ditchdigger, @NudeTayne, @TheeRealDeal, @Thomas5737 all did and that’s just off the top of my head here. I had him 1B behind Darnold, as did some others ( @candyman93 maybe?), so he wasn’t exactly an “out of left field” selection. We could have taken Chubb and no one would be complaining either. Or Nelson. Or Roquan. (The next 3 non-qb’s taken) Ward was a fine pick, but he wasn’t the only option. Agreed.
  9. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    Condescending as hell as per usual, but a great post either way. 😂
  10. Who the Browns are showing interest in.

    And I’d be shocked if anyone offered him much of a contract tbh, he’ll likely play the next year on a 1 year deal.
  11. (Poll) Win-Loss Predictions

    I still think Pittsburgh will be the toughest game on the schedule, at least until we can actually prove we can beat them. They aren’t the most talented team, but they absolutely own us.
  12. Who the Browns are showing interest in.

    I think the fact we’re running a new defense may be a factor as well. Wait and see how these guys fit into Wilks scheme.
  13. Who the Browns are showing interest in.

    Ok, I mean keep his 9 from this year, add in the 4 we gain from Tretter’s expiring deal and we’re aces. I get keeping an eye on the cap for Baker and Myles, but a very good 26 year old safety with legit corner versatility is a keeper imo.
  14. Who the Browns are showing interest in.

    I’d much rather pay Randall 10/yr than guys like Hubbard 7, Smith 3, Carrie 7, etc. There’s fat I’d trim before Randall.
  15. Watches

    Yeah Rolex’s, Patek’s, etc can appreciate in value, sometime substantially. As far as the value, many are made from precious metals (gold, platinum) or have diamonds in them. Also it takes a lot of skilled labor to make these things. I mean, they’re just a bunch of gears and levers that track time with absurd accuracy. Rolex for example is +2/-2 seconds per day. That’s a pretty incredible engineering feat imo.
  16. Watches

    Some of them are, some much more. That Batman I just pictured is going for nearly 3x that right now. Well pretty clearly it’s not about just having something that tells the time. Theyre jewelry for men, an investment (if you buy the right stuff), something that can last decades and be passed down to your kids. I mean, using your logic why even spend a couple hundred on a watch when you can get a Timex for $30? Or better yet, just use your phone. I’m an RN.
  17. Why not tag me like a real man?!?
  18. Trading up in the draft

    I don’t think it’s a huge need or anything, like you said our TE1 and TE2 are locked up, but the bottom two guys are replaceable (still love Charles’s intensity and attitude) and he inherited DeValve. I guess all I’m saying is that if a TE is BPA, there’s no reason we shouldn’t take them and there’s definitely a roster spot to be had. I agree with this. I think we’ll see 2-3 DB’s total tbh.
  19. Trading up in the draft

    @MWil23 I appreciate your support sheesh.
  20. Trading up in the draft

    Dorsey does seem to be especially good at identifying RB’s. I’d use that for all it’s worth and have a 3 deep stable at all times, especially if you’re only using day 2/3 picks to do it.
  21. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    No one is saying Gilbert didn’t play a role in a ring, he definitely did, but unless another player who’s the best of his generation and one of the best all time wants to come to Cleveland as a FA, I’m not sure a Dan Gilbert led team is going to be a competitor. He doesn’t seem to value to idea of a strong, consistent organization or paying for FO talent. He seems more about the sizzle than the steak at times.
  22. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Yeah he may skip part of camp or something (which as a vet isn’t even a big deal, especially at RB), but he’ll report if he’s on the roster imo and be ready for week 1.