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  1. I think that's a decent list. I think we should be more specific and say "tackle" rather than "OL". Whether we want to move Wirfs over to LT and replace him or just straight out draft a LT remains to be seen. Ali is all pro caliber, Jensen has been very good the last 2 years and IMO Cappa has made a huge leap this year and has arguably been our 2nd best lineman. I think you nailed it with the DL. I may also add a RB to that. I have liked what I've seen from Vaughn, but he's kind of been an afterthought. Who knows how long Fournette and McCoy will be around. RoJo needs a solid running mate who
  2. Bucs mock isn't great. DE in the first would be fine, but with Etienne still on the board I think his value is too good to pass on here. As far as WR in round 2, just no. Brady doesn't even throw to the ones we have now. OT to replace Wirfs on the right side (who should slide over to the left side) makes a LOT more sense here.
  3. I mean I could see if a team (mistakenly IMO) falls for Fields and Lawrence MAYBE slides to 2...but 6??? 0% chance of that.
  4. As of now, for the first time in a long time, the Bucs are in a position where we can truly take BPA regardless of position. If I HAD TO break down positions that we should be targeting for competition/depth/future, I would say: DL (interior and edge), QBOTF, OL (particularly T), and possibly RB and S. Some positions we should NOT be drafting are WR, TE, and ILB.
  5. I can live with the Bucs pick. Horn is pretty good value here at 31. While we don't really have an immediate need for a front end starter at CB we have a desperate need for depth. Pick him and let the cream rise to the top.
  6. For the Bucs, this draft will be mostly BPA regardless of position. Leatherwood is a good pick in the first. He may start out as a swing tackle or POSSIBLY right guard (though Cappa has been solid) but long term play would likely be RT and moving Wirfs to LT replacing Smith. QBOTF may be a consideration at some point as well as some CB depth. But all in all we will be drafting talent regardless of position.
  7. My "like" was for both the Bucs pick and the comment about the "Redskins". Good job.
  8. As a Bucs fan I have to admit I enjoy seeing little implosions on our rivals. Falcons fire their administration, Saints are getting into fights...
  9. As a Bucs fan I'd be remiss if I didn't throw Mike Evans into the convo of underrated elite. Sure he gets top 10 mentions, but the guy is insane and rarely gets put into the top 5 discussion. These days some even talk about Godwin more than him.
  10. Good first pick for the Bucs. You can never have too many pass rushers. It'd be nice to collect them now and develop them while we have guys there now. As for the 2nd round, OL (I can't believe I'm even saying this) isn't really a desperate need for us. But, we have the luxury of using our picks on BPA regardless of position. Though Jensen is playing lights out so he'd probably compete with Cappa for right guard, though he's playing well too. I'd be happy with these picks, especially as more developmental guys.
  11. I'm ok with an elite guard. While our OL is playing pretty well, an upgrade is always good. We are in a position where we can take BPA regardless of position.
  12. Good pick for the Bucs. A lot of the key pieces on our DL are getting older and Shaq isn't exactly living up to expectations after 2 games. We are in a place where we can take BPA at almost any position.
  13. Agree. He's still only 26 and probably hasn't even reached his zenith yet. If anything I would have traded Godwin following this year while the iron was hot. Not that I dislike Godwin, I just think he's overvalued at this point while Evans, if anything, is undervalued.
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