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  1. Trades Trades TRADES

    I wouldn’t mind at all trading down out of 5, but to me Oliver is the pick there at 10. Hopefully we would get a good haul in return as Licht has been very adept at draft day trades. I’d think at least another 1st and maybe a 3rd to trade down in this loaded draft.
  2. Goldfish's 2 Rounds - Updated

    I could see it going this way for the Bucs. While I wouldn’t be sad about getting Williams at 5, I am a little worried about forgoing all of the D talent at the top of this draft. Defense is clearly where we need help the most.
  3. The Mock: Kyler Murray Edition (With Trades)

    Looks like the two biggest winners from the giants and cardinals trade are the 9ers landing Bosa at 2 and us grabbing the sliding Josh Allen at 5. Dude is a top 3 talent. Thompson is a steal in the 2nd, and Winovich would bring some nice swagger to our defense and has a chance to be a contributor since I suspect we will be switching to a 3-4 base under Bowles. Nice job for the Bucs. We can get OL in FA.
  4. The one where the Steelers do all the trades (1 round)

    No, no, no. We aren’t going to reach for the (arguably) second best OT in the draft at 5 with all the defensive talent on the board. Williams is the only OL worth even a top 10 pick. Quinnen Williams, Ed Oliver, Greedy, Ferrell, or even Devin white would all be better picks for us.
  5. Goldfish's 2 Rounder

    I like this haul by the Bucs. I’m solidly on the Oliver Train, but we’ve got plenty of young talent at corner to be developed. I’d be a bigger fan of Hyatt in the second to plug into RG day one. He and Marpet could be a dynamic duo on the inside.
  6. New Years Mock

    Great draft for the Bucs. Hits two of our biggest needs with really good value.
  7. Final Draft Order Mock w/ Explanations. 1 Round

    I don’t mind this pick, but I think many hardcore Bucs fans, myself included, have an aversion to Clemson DEs after the Gaines Adams and Daquan Bowers debacles. I think I may have better peace of mind with Williams or Oliver. But I’d be cautiously optimistic with this.
  8. 4 Round mock: Team by team

    So, with all of our problems on D we trade draft capital for a QB that we don’t need even though this is the best DL draft maybe ever? Sounds like a really bad plan. BPA on D, please. If anything trade down, not up.
  9. D82's 2019 Mid-Season Mock (w/ trades!)

    Sorry, I’m super super late at responding. Just a depressing and underwhelming season for us so I haven’t been on much. To answer your question, I genuinely think we can use BPA at any position on D. Our best group is LB, but we probably have a financial decision to make with Lavonte David and Kwon is an UFA and is coming off an ACL. Beckwiths status is still up in the air after his car accident in the spring. So if we have 2 of those 3 in house, under contract, and ready to roll by spring I think we bypass LB. That leaves DB and DL. We have good young talent all across the board, but with “potential” comes “inexperience” and many have yet to blossom. I think Gerald McCoy will have to restructure or he’ll be shown the door. Vea really came on at the end and looks like a really good pickup for us (despite what the derwinists would lead you to believe). JPP was a force for us and is safe. Gholston is overpaid and will be gone. Spence will hopefully be given a fresh start be the new regime. Allen is a good rotational player. Nassib has been an amazing find for us. But a fresh talent injection never hurts. We could use a monster on the DL. DB is one of those weird groups for us where we have TONS of young talent but someone needs to step up. Grimes has lost a step and is overpaid, he’ll be gone. VH3 and Carlton Davis will probably start on the outside which I like. Evans and Whitehead have MASSIVE potential on the back end, and Andrew Adams has been a nice find as a rotational talent, but again, with that comes inexperience. Ideally, GM BigDog2372 drafts BPA DL (really like Oliver for us) and dips into FA for a DB with experience and leadership skills. Sorry went a little longer than I expected, but those are my thoughts.
  10. 1st Round Mock

    There is a 0% chance we take a QB in the first. BPA defense please.
  11. D82's 2019 Mid-Season Mock (w/ trades!)

    Fair enough. Btw, you did a great job on a super early 7 rounder. Keep up the good work. I’m just saying, having a front row seat to the S#!t Show we call a defense I know we need talent everywhere. Not to say we couldn’t use some spots on O, it’s just not as much of a priority given how our offense is performing.
  12. Week 6 Mock Draft - Just for fun

    Greedy at 28? I don’t see any way the premier CB of this draft gets past us, especially at 19. I don’t even see him falling out of the top 10.
  13. Pre Week 7 1 Rounder

    We don’t really need a cover Safety though. We need a box thumper who can blast the underneath routes. I’d take Davis, and as much as I like Williams and as much as we have needs on the right side, I don’t know if we have the luxury of taking offense unless a crazy value falls into our laps.
  14. D82's 2019 Mid-Season Mock (w/ trades!)

    While I think we’ll need some help on the right side of our O line at some point, we just need so much talent injected into our defense. We could honestly use talent anywhere on D. I’d say BPA on D for at least the first 3 rounds for us. Unless a ridiculous value Guard is on the clock for us. Then maybe pull the trigger on that.
  15. D82's 2019 Mid-Season Mock (w/ trades!)

    Sold. Let’s get it done now before the trade deadline ?