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  1. D82's 2019 Mid-Season Mock (w/ trades!)

    Fair enough. Btw, you did a great job on a super early 7 rounder. Keep up the good work. I’m just saying, having a front row seat to the S#!t Show we call a defense I know we need talent everywhere. Not to say we couldn’t use some spots on O, it’s just not as much of a priority given how our offense is performing.
  2. Week 6 Mock Draft - Just for fun

    Greedy at 28? I don’t see any way the premier CB of this draft gets past us, especially at 19. I don’t even see him falling out of the top 10.
  3. Pre Week 7 1 Rounder

    We don’t really need a cover Safety though. We need a box thumper who can blast the underneath routes. I’d take Davis, and as much as I like Williams and as much as we have needs on the right side, I don’t know if we have the luxury of taking offense unless a crazy value falls into our laps.
  4. D82's 2019 Mid-Season Mock (w/ trades!)

    While I think we’ll need some help on the right side of our O line at some point, we just need so much talent injected into our defense. We could honestly use talent anywhere on D. I’d say BPA on D for at least the first 3 rounds for us. Unless a ridiculous value Guard is on the clock for us. Then maybe pull the trigger on that.
  5. D82's 2019 Mid-Season Mock (w/ trades!)

    Sold. Let’s get it done now before the trade deadline ?
  6. Early 2019 NFL Mock Draft

    Agreed. I was extremely impressed with both rookies during the PS and it looks like VH3 may have finally turned that corner. If Whitehead shows up like he did against Miami, we may be set at safety too. We may finally be at the point, after the decade rebuild, where we draft for depth and the future rather than immediate holes. Off the top of my head I could see us taking RG, RT, DE, DB BPA. Possibly RB depending on Barbers performance and Jones’ growth.
  7. Elusive_Tiger's Mock Draft v 1.0

    Seems like a good pick for the Bucs at this point. OT, DE, CB Lead my need list as of now.
  8. Early 2019 NFL Mock Draft

    It’s just so hard not knowing our true needs yet. Who knows which offseason additions will delight and which will fizzle? But you can never have too many CBS or too many edge rushers. So either one of those would be seemingly a good pick at this point.
  9. A Way Too Early 2019 Mock v.2.0.

    I know this is “way too early” and lots of things can happen between now and then, but if we are picking in the top 10 again, with the talent we have, something will have gone terribly wrong. I would be willing to bet a large some of money that this won’t be the case. Just saw that you asked for teams perceived needs. For the Bucs I can foresee us needing a true SS, another edge rusher and an eventual replacement for Dot at right tackle. Probably in that order. Maybe an outside CB depending on how the rookies and VH3 come along.
  10. Bucs Draft Thread

    BPA RB with last pick?
  11. Bucs Draft Thread

    With all of our obvious needs met, I’m excited to see what kind of depth we can pick up with our last 2 picks. Maybe another RB? 5th WR? Return guy? Anyone have a name or position you are yearning for?
  12. Bucs Draft Thread

    Do you have a dream result for tonight? (Minus trades). I’ll go with 1A. Guice, J. Jackson, and Harrison or 1B. Hernandez, Jones II, D. Jackson. Or any combination of those 2 really.
  13. Bucs Draft Thread

    How fun is round 2 going to be tonight with 3 picks??! While Ihad slight disappointment that we didn’t take James last night, I’m not privy to all of the player meetings and workouts so I’m sure they made the right decision. The more I think about it the more I love the pick. Our D line should be downright nasty. Licht has had the ability to take a weakness one season and make it a strength the following season. Let’s hope that continues. Hopefully we target a RB, CB, and Safety tonight, but I’ll just be happy to get 3 talented players on the roster no matter what position we go with.
  14. Final Mock

    Dream come true for the Bucs depending what we get back. I’d assume that a desperate team going from 15 to 7 to get a QB would pay a king’s ransom.
  15. Final mock 24 hours out: 3 rounds with trades

    I agree. But as pretty much everyone would agree, its much easier to find a quality RB later on than just about any other position, plus I wouldn’t mind giving Peyton Barber a year to see what he can do. He showed flashes.