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  1. Mock no trades January 2020 with explanations

    We're just not going CB early in this draft. Our CB room is already ridiculously young and talented. They were playing pretty great towards the end of the season. The trenches on both sides of the ball is where we need help.
  2. First crack at one

    Prefer the trenches over Delpit in the first, but would take him in a pinch. I'd be really disappointed and surprised if we spent early draft capital on a QB.
  3. First of the year with trades

    Man, if Wirfs or any of the other top tier tackles makes it to 14 I'd be dancing in the street. But that dancing would stop instantly if we traded back into the first for a QB.
  4. Rounds 1 & 3 just aren't happening. There's almost no chance we draft an early QB or ANY CB. The rest isn't bad.
  5. Post Divisional 4 Rounder with Comp Picks

    I love Becton, but would be more comfortable trading WAY down for him or trying to snag him in the 2nd. 14 is a bit rich for him. We don't need to draft a QB early or probably at all, Winston will be resigned at minimum to a tag. The rest looks good.
  6. Leatherwood is going back to school. With this board I would look at Jackson, Epenesa, and Kinlaw
  7. Goldfish's 2 Rounds of Perfect Christmas Joy

    In a perfect world I love this for the Bucs, but...I'm not sure we have the luxury of passing on defense twice. We'll have to see how free agency plays out before I can give this my stamp of approval.
  8. First Rd ..second attempt @ 2020.. w/explanations

    Love it for the Bucs. Replacing Dotson is our #1 priority after resigning our guys.
  9. 12/16 3 round pipe bomb

    I mean...I like the 3rd rounder. And I could get on board for a talent like Taylor in the 2nd IF we draft D in the first. And at this point there is about a 0% chance we draft a QB at all let alone the 1st round. I know a lot of national pundits want that, but its not going to happen. We will need a starting right tackle, so that will be our #1 priority after resigning our guys.
  10. Apart from FA signings Jets 3rd Mock Draft

    Wrong forum, my man.
  11. First Rd ..second attempt @ 2020.. w/explanations

    Would love Derrick Brown. He'd be a great replacement for Suh. The way we are playing now though he will probably be long gone by the time we pick.
  12. Mock Draft 5.0 / 2 Rounds / 1 trade

    Bucs have to pick heavy D. We do need a starting RT though. The way this draft is laid out I would go Epenesa in the 1st and Throckmorton in the 2nd.
  13. Bowser's 3 Rounds Mock (without Tua)

    I LIKE the Bucs mock, but I don't think we have the luxury of taking offense with our first 2 picks. Instead of Wills, Swift I would prefer Kinlaw, Prince with the first 2 picks.
  14. 2020 Mock Draft

    Nice pick for the Bucs. I'd also be happy with Wirfs, Delpit, or Brown. Probably a little early for Jackson, but I like him.
  15. Going into the draft, I wouldn't want to use any of the picks on DBs. We already have a lot of young guys that have to be brought along, we needs vets in FA. That said, Okudah at 16 is probably too good of a value to pass up. But, if we don't go trenches in the first we HAVE to in the 2nd. Have to.