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  1. For Bucs: Studs: Shaq Barrett. Does this need explanation? Ndamukong Suh. Not dominant, but he was key to us being the best team against the run last year. Duds: Blaine Gabbert. Through no fault of his own he got injured in the final preseason game and spent the year on IR. I still like him as a backup though. Bradley Pinion: He finished the season with the 32nd best AYPP while our castoff Bryan Anger finished 4th best. Deone Bucannon: He was slated to start before we drafted Devin White. When White was injured in the first quarter of the season, Kevin Minter filled in for him. Bucannon barely saw the field and was cut halfway through the season. Mixed Bag: Breshad Perriman. He was absolutely terrible for about the first 12 games. When Evans and Godwin went down he stepped up in a big way. He played well enough to get a nice contract from the Jets. This is after it looked like he played himself out of the league.
  2. Devin White will be a fixture on that list soon with all the national attention we are getting this coming season.
  3. I wouldn't mind the Bucs taking a look at RB in the first. But, from what I have seen so far, I like Etienne and Hubbard a bit more. Not to say that will be the case at the end of the 2020 season, but that's where it stands with me now.
  4. Thank you! -Bucs fan. He's a good man, absolutely no doubt about it. But he was a glorified DC masquerading as a HC. Those that use the tired "Gruden won with Dungy's team" line prove the exact opposite of what they intend.
  5. I was going to write literally the same exact words. Except for the line about being an Eagles fan of course.
  6. Here to give some love to Cam Brate, who is > OJ for those of you outside of the Tampa Bay market.
  7. So after drafting Wirfs this season, we take 2 OTs and a G in this draft? MAYBE 1 T and/or G depending on how Smith and Cappa develop, but the other 3 spots won't be touched
  8. Awesome draft position for the Bucs I'm ok with that pick. We are kind of in desperate need for a bell cow. I like Jones as a reliever, but not a #1. We could also be in the market for DL and QB. We are truly in a position where we could take BPA.
  9. I'm very ok with getting a solid #1 running back now that our line should be stabilized. DL and edge should also be a need come next season. We also may consider Brady's replacement.
  10. The trade makes no sense for the Bucs. At the point of the trade at 10, 3 of the big 4 are still on the board. So is Chaisson, and a few other guys we could legit get at 14. No way we give up our 3rd when we can stay put and get a good player at an area of need. If 3 of the big 4 are still there at 10 there's a good chance at least 1 will fall to us, and if not we can trade down and take Josh Jones, another OL, a RB or Xavier McKinney.
  11. Awful awful awful awful first rounder for the Bucs. Literally any of the next 5 picks off the board would be FAR better. We have tons of young talented DBs who got better at the end of the season last year. Talent at DB isn't our problem, experience is. Makes no sense to bring in yet another young one. If anything we should bring in a vet who can slide into CB4 and lead the guys in the position room.
  12. No offense, but this is the single worst mock I have seen this mock season for the Bucs. We are not in a position to give up a myriad of picks, especially for an injury prone QB that is falling out of favor in NFL circles. Word is that he didn't interview well and the question is out there as to whether he was made by the talent around him at Alabama. We need to stand pat and take BPA or even trade down for more picks. We need depth across the board.
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