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  1. Can't say I'm too surprised about Chuck. He came in as a massive tackle, and unless those guys can already move well, I've grown more skeptical of them. I'd say Ryan Hayes is more of a disappointment since I think there's actually a lot of upside there, but he also might have trouble getting his weight up enough. Moore is such a good recruiter that Michigan might be better off it he can make it work, but man, there's a lot of risk here. Seems that Ed was doing a good job of developing players individually, but maybe they weren't happy with the cohesiveness of the group and how they played
  2. @malibuspeedrace, please identify a lake in Tennessee to move your boat to
  3. If Sherrone Moore is really going to be the OL coach, this is going to be quite an interesting change.
  4. Seemingly wants a more guaranteed role. He was the best talent in Michigan's RB room, but struggled to stay healthy and Michigan's offense was so bad that no RB rhythm could be established. They tried to make a 4 RB rotation work, and unsurprisingly, it didn't. I think he'd be outstanding at Wisconsin, but would expect him to end up closer to home out West.
  5. Garner has always been a pipe dream based off MacDonald knowing him from Georgia IMO. Garner is an SEC guy - can't see him leaving that footprint. Wonder if the Robinson news breaking early caused Florida to make the extra push to retain him. I would have been cool with Banks, but don't think they're going to give someone the co-DC tag, and that's probably what it would have taken to get him.
  6. Yeah, I really can't convince myself about Nua. I mentioned it over there, but one of his evals was Somerville due to his previous relationship - didn't pan out. I believe Nua also pushed for Giudice, which I don't really get since they hadn't seen him up close in camp. Even if Brown was holding him back, if he wants to try and get guys from out West, I don't really know how successful of a strategy that would be. Jacob Schuster remains a frustrating situation since he apparently wasn't interested in Michigan because he was staying on the West Coast, and then ended up going to a team Michigan
  7. I'm not really sure - Helow seems like a disappointing downgrade from Minter. Very strange to not see him listed for a single recruit in the 247 database. Maryland board seems to think he clashed with coaches there and is a legitimately poor recruiter, but can never fully tell what's real and what's possible sour grapes. There is at least a case with the recruiter part. Guessing that firing Brown (and Shoop) is eating a lot of money that people assumed would be available for the assistant coaching pool. I think Linguist would be a good hire at CB coach, though. Not particularly sure
  8. This is why it's a basketball zone in here now
  9. From what I had been seeing, seems like Golding was going to go to Texas if Saban could get Lanning, but now Sark is just taking Lanning himself.
  10. So Sark is really going for it by stiff arming Saban and taking Lanning from him? @Texasmade
  11. All posts from this point on will now be about basketball _______________________________________________________________ basketball
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