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  2. NCAA Tournament West Region Discussion

    Wagner can't defend, and he was completely out of the game on Thursday. Absolute mess from him. Can't play like that again if we want to win. Zavier's a pitbull, but it'll be interesting to see if they try to help on Gray and force others to make plays.
  3. NCAA Tournament West Region Discussion

    Both have been top 10 teams since February, so should be close. Houston's undersized, right? Michigan generally doesn't take advantage of matchups like that.
  4. Top interior O-Line in this years class

    Probably center. Was a solid starter at tackle for his first two years, and then they had a good enough LT prospect to move him to C with Glasgow graduating. That LT then got hit in the knee during a game against Wisconsin in 2016 and almost lost his leg. Hasn't played since. There weren't really any LT prospects in the cupboard at Michigan that were ready, so Cole moved back out there this past season, where he was again very solid, but unspectacular. Cole can really move, and is pretty great in space. His year at center was pretty solid, though he struggled against bigger NTs. Was also his first time truly playing the spot IIRC, so it was probably a big learning process too.
  5. NCAA Tournament West Region Discussion

    Yep. We'll get run off the floor if we play like we did against Montana, but I don't foresee them being THAT bad again. Zavier vs. Gray should be fun.
  6. NCAA Tournament West Region Discussion

    Member of the Michigan band smh That game was next level bad
  7. 2017-18 NCAAB Thread

  8. NCAA Tournament West Region Discussion

    Daum is amazing. Good matchup between him and KBD
  9. 2017-18 NCAAB Thread

    MSU in Detroit smh
  10. 2017-18 NCAAB Thread

    Great half of the bracket for Cincy
  11. 2017-18 NCAAB Thread

    please no
  12. 2018-2019 NCAA Prospect Watchlist

    Wheatley's generally a solid blocker, but he had injury problems last year, and didn't do a ton in the pass game. McKeon's an alright blocker, but Gentry isn't that great, so there should still be snaps for Wheatley, but he's just been kind of one-dimensional up until now. With Patterson, I feel like he should be an easy upgrade over anyone we had last year. That being said, if you take out his numbers against non-P5 teams, he didn't exactly have a great season. I've seen him as a mix of Johnny Manziel and John O'Korn for a while now, with those two being the most extreme sides of his play. At times, he's running around and making plays like Johnny, and other times, he's bugging out of the pocket with zero pressure and blowing the play up like O'Korn. Feels like he's not always in control of his play. Since the current assumption is that he's going to be eligible, I think he'll definitely be the starter, but I'm not fully on the Shea is the Savior Train until I see more.
  13. 2018-2019 NCAA Prospect Watchlist

    Some Michigan names: David Long and Lavert Hill, CB: Both were lockdown, with Hill getting more attention, but Long quietly having a slightly better cover season. Both are excellent athletes, and are generally stuck on an island without much safety help, and both have excelled. Chase Winovich, DE/OLB: Gary obviously gets the publicity, but Chase took a massive step forward and became an every-down player. Not sure if he's going to add much more size, but he's got plus athleticism and had a huge leap in just his second year playing DE full-time. Cesar Ruiz, C: Projecting that he starts here instead of Stephen Spanellis, but took Mike Onwenu's starting job down the stretch, and was generally good, with some freshmen lapses mixed in. Have faith that Warinner will allow him to unlock his potential, as he was one of the top HS centers of the past decade. Tarik Black and Donovan Peoples-Jones, WR: Tarik Black looked like the best receiver on the team early before going down to injury, and DPJ improved as the season went on, but the QB issues didn't allow him to exploit times where he beat the corner. Still needs to work on route-running, but DPJ was the best SPARQ athlete in the country as a junior in high school, and has pure freakish athletic talent. Zach Gentry and Sean McKeon, TE: Similar to the WRs, there were times where they were open, but the QB couldn't deliver. Gentry has tremendous speed, and McKeon put up some of the best athletic numbers in the country for a TE in high school. McKeon struggled with drops a bit, and both need to become more consistent options, but they have the talent to put up some big numbers if the passing offense can improve.
  14. 2017-18 NCAAB Thread

    I'm worried they'll fire Turgeon and find a legit option though.