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  1. Browns trade for OBJ

    Trade up for DK imo
  2. 2019 NFL Combine

    Going to miss the hell out of Devin Bush Jr. What a player.
  3. 2019 NFL Combine

    Devin Bush Jr. with a 41" vertical, let's gooooo
  4. 2019 NFL Combine

    Because Gary has way more upside and is 2.5 years younger. There are also tons of "NFL ready" production guys that bust too. (Don't take this as me not loving the hell out of Winovich)
  5. 2019 Transfer Thread

    I don't think he's here for spring ball, but there'll obviously be competition at both ends with Gary and Winovich leaving. Paye and Hutchinson are likely the favorites at WDE and SDE, respectively, but Paye might be able to hold up at SDE if Danna ends up winning the WDE spot.
  6. 2019 Transfer Thread

    Michigan lands PFF 1st Team All-American DE Mike Danna from CMU. PFF is obviously trash, but Danna should be a solid depth pickup for a team that could use some DL help. Don't expect him to be a world beater, but some quality minutes would be great.
  7. National Signing Day 2.0

    Nick Cross flips to Maryland
  8. National Signing Day 2.0

    Yeah. ESPN only has 14 5*s
  9. The Official Michigan Wolverines Thread

    Pep Hamilton officially out with McDaniels taking the reigns at QB coach. Not really a surprise with the demotion, but Harbaugh was pretty much never going to outright fire Pep. Chris Evans currently off the team for academic issues. He's saying the door's possibly open for return, but I guess we'll see.
  10. 2019 Transfer Thread

    Michigan finished second last time around, and they're apparently not even looking to pursue at this point. May just want to be close to home.
  11. Coaches on the hot seat

    Bama hiring DL coach Brian Baker from Mississippi State. Guessing Kool heads to the NFL.
  12. AFC Championship: Patriots vs. Chiefs

    Romo is awesome Used to be a hater, but man, he's been great this postseason (and year in general)
  13. AFC Championship: Patriots vs. Chiefs

    Pat Mahomes 75 yard hail mary Inject it right into my veins
  14. AFC Championship: Patriots vs. Chiefs

    Gronk is insane
  15. AFC Championship: Patriots vs. Chiefs

    That's a catch imo edit: never mind, it's not