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  1. Coaches on the hot seat

    nvm, thought this was the general coaching carousel thread
  2. Third Playoff Committee Rankings

    SEC! SEC! SEC!
  3. Week 11 | Other Games Thread

    https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/10/opinion/northwestern-football-big-ten-concussions.html Y'all just had to let this school take the West, @ramssuperbowl99?
  4. Colorado fires Mike MacIntyre

    Not really sure who Colorado thinks they can get to go there that's going to be a marked improvement.
  5. Week 11 | Other Games Thread

    Oklahoma State fans wondering why Dax Hill didn't follow his brother to Stillwater... maybe when the HC has a mindset like that, guys with options want to go elsewhere (and Gundy does not care about recruiting in the least)
  6. Bills release QB Nate Peterman

    An absolutely legendary era has ended. Have to imagine every team will put in a wavier claim.
  7. Week 11 | Other Games Thread

    This coming from the guy who makes millions and interviews with other schools to get raises at Oklahoma State.
  8. Week 10 GDT

    First pass over 8 yards, I believe.
  9. Week 10 GDT

    Don't engage them, Derwin, goddamn
  10. Week 10 GDT

    Why'd they blow the whistle when Ekeler was going to drag them to the endzone?
  11. Week 10 GDT

    Derek Carr, what is you doing
  12. Week 11 | Other Games Thread

    Nepotism is a hell of a drug
  13. Week 10 GDT

    Did anyone else know the ball could go in between the uprights? Just found out tonight
  14. Louisville fires Bobby Petrino

    When mama comes calling... think it's going to be tough for Brohm to say no if Louisville has the money