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  1. Just saved us from getting blasted by Illinois and getting an extra day of rest #spinzone
  2. Another reason basketball is the only sport
  3. Hard to say specific names at this point, but I think MacDonald's background is in ILBs, so I'd prefer shifting him there and going with a good 3-4 OLB coach if they can find one compared to replacing BJM with another ILB coach.
  4. Yep. Did not expect this at all, but as good as you could ask for a realistic close to the class. Glad they expanded the board in the first place to find Ike.
  5. https://247sports.com/Player/Cayden-Bridges-46112807/ No composite stars, but he does have a profile picture. Stock going up again @catcheryea
  6. rip in peace, but also, how am I being left exclusive rights when I own exclusive rights?? smh
  7. Can't say I'm too surprised about Chuck. He came in as a massive tackle, and unless those guys can already move well, I've grown more skeptical of them. I'd say Ryan Hayes is more of a disappointment since I think there's actually a lot of upside there, but he also might have trouble getting his weight up enough. Moore is such a good recruiter that Michigan might be better off it he can make it work, but man, there's a lot of risk here. Seems that Ed was doing a good job of developing players individually, but maybe they weren't happy with the cohesiveness of the group and how they played
  8. @malibuspeedrace, please identify a lake in Tennessee to move your boat to
  9. If Sherrone Moore is really going to be the OL coach, this is going to be quite an interesting change.
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