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  1. This is what happens when Wisconsin starts passing successfully
  2. The question isn't when Herbert wins MVP, it's how many
  3. I feel like the football gods constantly punish Lynn for not having the courage to go for things he should go for.
  4. Now that they've lost, he will ditch it and just go back to being an OSU fan. He should be forced to acknowledge his sins. I see your game, MSR.
  5. Yeah, Milton has been very steady so far. Patterson bugged out of the pocket way too much and really couldn't read the field. Also got injured early on and just stopped deciding to run the ball, which killed Michigan because their run game was read based, and Patterson would never keep. I expect Milton to make mistakes, but the playcalling seems to work way better for him than it did for Patterson.
  6. Offense is a lot better at this point. Minnesota has been hit hard by COVID this week, though (I think the back to back fake attempt and shank flipped the game), but they are probably worse with all they lost. Gotta remember how much they struggled early on last season too. They escaped some really narrow losses.
  7. Very encouraged with the offense. Defense has some issues to work out, but Dax Hill being out currently is hurting. Defensive tackles have to be better.
  8. Both a very strange game and a game where I think Michigan has pretty clearly dominated to this point. But obviously, the Gophers missing players due to COVID has changed things
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