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  1. The Official Dallas Mavericks Thread: Doncic For ROY!

    I know nothing of him, other than apparently he's Australian and can shoot, but the twitter folks seem pretty stoked about the move.
  2. Free Agency Thread

    Probably because Mark Cuban.
  3. Miscellaneous News V 5.0

    PSA: Baylor still sucks. http://www.wacotrib.com/news/higher_education/mccaw-baylor-regents-displayed-racism-preferred-misleading-report-on-rape/article_d6017176-142e-582d-a3bd-98c4a8e46e02.amp.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=user-share&__twitter_impression=true
  4. The Official Dallas Mavericks Thread: Doncic For ROY!

    KOC from the ringer has been steadily hinting/predicting Boogie to the Mavs for a while now.
  5. Big Name RFAs That Might Not Get Matched?

    Sure, why not. He’s young, he’s athletic, has a developing outside game, has the skill set to be a switchable defender even if he’s not quite there yet. Put him in a competent offensive system with a competent coaching staff and see what happens. Probably wouldn’t be my first choice mind you, but I’d be down if that’s the route they choose to go.
  6. Big Name RFAs That Might Not Get Matched?

    I'd do it, tbh.
  7. Big Name RFAs That Might Not Get Matched?

    Someone will roll the dice and bank on his athletic upside and max out Gordon.
  8. Free Agency Thread

    I get the logic behind it, but the "if he can recover" part of the equation, based on the history of achilles injuries in the NBA (especially for bigs) is far from a given. He's not a sexy name by any means, but Marcus Smart would be a much wiser, and more practical investment, especially given the makeup of the roster, than Boogie.
  9. Free Agency Thread

    A Demarcus Cousins with two fully functioning and unblemished achilles tendons, sign me up. Unfortunately though, he has neither of those things.
  10. The Official Dallas Mavericks Thread: Doncic For ROY!

    Houston's not letting him walk, especially after they come to terms with the reality that they're not getting Lebron.
  11. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    They could package some contracts together if they wanted, like Tim Hardaway Jr. + filler, granted swapping one terrible contract for a less terrible, but still terrible, contract seems rather counter productive, so I dunno why Memphis would do that.