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  1. PSU AD: Two month lead time for CFB season

    Can't lose to Ohio State again if ya don't play.
  2. Final AP Poll released

    Best 5 loss team ever, imvho, fwiw.
  3. It's crazy how much better college football is

    It's even better now that Texas is back.
  4. Mississippi State hiring Mike Leach

    Mike Leach with a cow bell is everything I never knew I needed in my life.
  5. The Official Recruiting Thread

  6. The Official Recruiting Thread

    Well he’s probably going to end up at a&m sooooooo.......yeaaaaaaaa
  7. The Official Recruiting Thread

    No idea.
  8. The Official Recruiting Thread

    Supposedly Georgia voided his LOI.
  9. Bowl Season Game Day Thread

  10. The Official Recruiting Thread

    They'll be fine once Kirbz brings in Jim McElwain to help take his offense into the 21th century.
  11. The Official Recruiting Thread

    A guy who punches his own coaches and then quits on his team the day before the state title game isn’t worth whatever Georgia is going to end up spending on him.
  12. Rutgers Hilariously Screws Up, Hires Greg Schiano

    I know a guy who might be available.
  13. Week 13 Game Day Thread

  14. LSU preparing "hefty raise" for assistant Joe Brady

    Assuming they inevitably whiff on any and all proven targets, that’s who Arkansas should target for their next HC, imo.