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  1. Miscellaneous News V 5.0

    Delance will end up at Florida or Miami.
  2. ITT We Discuss Hugh Freeze's Unemployment Claim

    I kinda get it. With the rate of sexual assaults on college campuses these days, having some pros ready at their convenience for the sole purpose of providing "company" to 17-18 year old high school males, is probably a safer alternative, than "hey go find yourself a white woman for the weekend. Do you like kappas?"
  3. ITT We Discuss Hugh Freeze's Unemployment Claim

    Ya don't say.....
  4. Dak: Year Two - Expectations?

    Not a math major, but I believe that's pretty good.
  5. Zeke ruling

  6. I'm not a lawyer, although I do watch Suits from time to time, but I'm struggling to see what, if any, sort of legal recourse he'd have. Article 46 seems like it'd be a road block to any potential lawsuit he could file. Zeke could sue for defamation, and there might some labor laws he could pursue, but that's about it from a legal standpoint......again though, not a lawyer.
  7. If Zeke is out, what is our record through six games?

    Predicting NFL outcomes is damn near impossible, but a reasonably safe train of thought is to bet on the team with the better QB. Looking through the 1st 6 games, the best QB on the field will be wearing a star on the side of his helmet in 4 of them, and 3 of those 4 it's by a sizable margin. That being said, put me down for 3-3. QB advantage or not, I'll believe we win a game in Arizona when I see it. That place is like a black cat.

    Kellen Moore is so bad it hurts my soul.
  9. NFL Suspends Zeke Elliot 6 games

    Regardless of anyone's feelings on the outcome or the NFL's process, Zeke needs to get himself right personally. So far, there's nothing he's done that he can't come back from, and still have a productive NFL career, while serving as a functional member of society, but he needs to get some altitude and fully understand the why of his suspension, and take the appropriate measures to correct them. Frankly, Zeke having to operate under an umbrella of zero tolerance, harsh as it may be, wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.
  10. Zeke ruling

    If it stands he'll lose his chance to play for 4-6 games, depending on how the appeal shakes out. Any furuther losses are dependent on how much Zeke grows up and how he conducts himself of the field. Frankly, him having to operate under a zero tolerance policy wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, for him, the organization or the league.
  11. Zeke ruling

    Independent of Goodell, Zeke needs to get himself together personally. Even if he is innocent, he's still guilty of repeatedly exercising seriously bad judgment. I get that he's young, but he's not the only young guy with money in the league. Hopefully this, or at the least the ~$8.5 miill he stands to lose, serves as a wake up call to get his life together.
  12. Zeke ruling

    If nothing else, we should all get some good theatre out of all this. So that'll be nice.
  13. Zeke ruling

    To play devils advocate, Zeke being found not guilty, doesn't necessarily mean he's innocent. There's a lot grey area in cases like these that legal loop holes keep the authorities for diving into, so it's quite possible the league's investigators were able to uncover something two separate DA's were not. If that's the case, then I highly doubt Jerry or Zeke, or the league for that matter, want that aired out publicly. I'm not assuming any of this to be true, just presenting a hypothetical for the sake of discussion.
  14. Zeke ruling

    I don't think they're going to suspend him for any one incident, so much as an accumulation of incidents of him being an idiot. Hopefully missing a couple game checks will motivate him to remove his head from his rectum.