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  1. Why Not Forfeit Instead of Tanking?

    This would be legitimately awesome. There'd be some logistics that'd have to be worked out, namely what do you do with lottery teams who don't own their pick (LA, Brooklyn, etc.) but a 1 and done tournament of the bottom 14 teams in the league would be awesome.
  2. Why Not Forfeit Instead of Tanking?

    Losing some money, isn't the same as losing ALL the money. If teams start forfeiting games they forfeit TV money (as I would assume part of the contract mandates they actually play on tv), ticket sales, merchandise sales, concession sales.....pretty much every revenue stream an organization has. Not to mention it'd put the people who work these events, which there are a lot, out of a job as well. There's plenty of viable alternatives to try to deter tanking. Forfeiting games isn't one of them.
  3. 2018 NBA Draft Prospects

    Mikal vs. Colin Sexton should be fun.
  4. That Memphis-Chicago game was one of the more tanktastic games of the season.
  5. Cowboys off season notes - DLaw Franchised

    I'd ask for no Woods as well, but that'd hardly be a deal breaker if they were adamant about it. I wouldn't let Xavier Woods keep me from acquiring an all-pro future HOF safety in the prime of his career.
  6. Cowboys off season notes - DLaw Franchised

    Make it a 2nd and let’s party.
  7. The Dallas Mavericks Thread - DSJ For ROY!

    Carter doesn't do much for me tbh. Not entirely sure why, and admittedly it might just be because A.) he's not in the mix with the other bigs in this class (Ayton/Mo/JJJ/Bagley) or B.) he's not Mikal, who is going to be a steal for someone.
  8. Mark should really consider auctioning off the organization, so he can focus on his upcoming presidential campaign, imho.
  9. Around the League - It's Officially the Offseason

    Live look at the front office in Frisco: Live look at the rest of the front offices around the league:
  10. 2018 NBA Draft Prospects

    Mikal Bridges has low key crept his way into my group of man crushes in this class.
  11. The Dallas Mavericks Thread - DSJ For ROY!

    With it looking more and more likely we play ourselves out of a top 5 pick (thanks Mark), I'm start to develop a boyish crush on Mikal Bridges. I liked him anyway, but now that we're probably going to end up picking more in his range, I'm all for it.
  12. Why Not Forfeit Instead of Tanking?

    Forfeiting games means forfeiting money, and people like their money.
  13. Cowboys off season notes - DLaw Franchised

    I wonder what the market for Derrick Johnson is atm. Seems like he could be had for reasonably cheap (or so I would assume) and would be a nice short term stop gap to replace Hitchens. Still need to draft one, but he'd lessen the need to draft one early, unless it's the right one, like for instance if Roquan fell to 19.