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  1. Around The League V.2

    4 tds in the first half after being down 24-0. Garbage
  2. Around The League V.2

    Man don't the Chiefs wish they had Derek Carr in those situations. Really missing out
  3. Has anyone on this forum ever attended the NFL Draft

    Its the day of as in, you download the app, you hang out near the draft area and at 12pm noon you press a button on the app to "get in the virtual line". I pressed it like to the second the clock hit noon. And yes basically to get pulled up to the VIP area. They don't want you on camera if you are wearing the wrong team's clothes. Like they put you or seat you in areas with your team so they can point the camera at the fans when the pick is up.
  4. Has anyone on this forum ever attended the NFL Draft

    Very good chance I go again this year as I went to Nashville last year. I was very quick on the app - got top 50 out of the thousands of people around. It wasn't seating though you stood in team specific areas. So we had to stand on a Raiders logo with other fans. If you're fast on the app you're gonna get a good spot. I had a great time. Mid way through the first round they randomly selected my friend and I to move to the seating in the front, but I had to sit with the 9ers because I was with my 9er friend and he had a team shirt on. We got bobbleheads and stuff and sat about 50 feet from the stage.
  5. Has anyone on this forum ever attended the NFL Draft

    Last year was completely free. The draft was outdoors. You download an app and at noon, you enter a queue to get priority viewing. No cost at all
  6. You decide: Do we move on from Carr this offseason?

    Do you feel that way for Whitehead, Joyner, etc too? Or just an obsession with Carr? As fans, its ok to believe a position should be focused and improved even without a plan for it - you know since we don't get paid millions to research ahead and have insider info on who will be available.
  7. You decide: Do we move on from Carr this offseason?

    But does Gruden think that? That's the question. He's a master of coach speak so we won't know till basically draft day.
  8. Around The League V.2

    This had to happen, was a dumpster fire over there.
  9. You decide: Do we move on from Carr this offseason?

    Absolutely you go into the offseason trying to upgrade QB. But of course be smart about it. So much hyperbole going on here... If Gruden has a QB he likes and chooses to upgrade I totally get it. Going into next season with Carr though just means another rebuilding year. I'm not sure Carr has the arm strength at this point - he floats them and rarely drives. He can't or won't run. He goes down on initial contact. He doesn't give the WRs a chance on those 3rd and longs. This team has the makings of a solid base of players, but now lacks playmakers. QB, WR, and LB mainly.
  10. OK, not on Carr here - why is Waller the one running the 2 yard out on that play
  11. If the Raiders go down and score, please go for 2 so we can end this already
  12. This and penalties. Crazy to me that the players turnover every year and the same mental errors year in year out