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  1. What a big brain way to get even if you're Tom. Get fired and come back as GM disguised as o-line coach.
  2. I couldn't see the ball placement but does anyone notice how Carr does like a jump skip throw on these deep balls? Wonder if he just planted his feet if he could place it slightly better.
  3. If this team gets blown out does that push any change? Prob not. This game is as meaningless as any game I can remember. Could lose 50 to 3 and it would be the same.
  4. I just don't see how you don't dial up a few option plays for Mariota. Makes no sense how that was never an option to even create a spark or big play chance. They must have practiced some of it over the week just in case Carr couldn't go and we didn't try a single QB option. Its 3rd and 1 or 4th and 1 and we either A) run it up the middle or B) Throw a rollout to Witten. Crazy
  5. I think Crosby is pretty good for a 4th round pick that came in as a starter. More of a reflection of how terrible the rest of the defense is when he came in and put up the most sacks. Liability against the run, but always good effort. Kind of what you want out of a 4th round pick. Just forced into being a full time starter.
  6. Maybe its the word "threw" that's confusing. I'm not saying people are intentionally tanking or losing. I'm saying the game was in their hands and they threw it away because of incompetence/terribleness.
  7. Where did I say they were tanking? Teams make horrible play calls and decisions all the time. See: Raiders yesterday. You think the Dolphins made a great play to heave the ball to a wide open receiver and get face masked? The Jets blew an easy close out victory. Has nothing to do with tanking they just threw the game because they are bad. Like the Raiders threw the game yesterday.
  8. Good Waller is still good, maybe getting even better. Algohor made some plays Some QB pressure Overall team came out with energy when I figure half of them might have packed it in Bad I thought Kolton got blasted a couple times. He's had a pretty good year overall but the bull rush got him today. Not horrific but would have been nice to see Ruggs come down with that long ball. Hit him in the hands Tackling on D Ugly Gruden's red zone offense continues to be very poor Scripted plays to Witten are baffling. May as well put Ruggs as
  9. I was upset about the loss until the Ravens came in here. Now I feel much better with the miserable company.
  10. I mean if this were any coach but Gruden he would be fired this offseason. I reallyyy wanted Gruden to work. He either needs to be a CEO head coach or move on IMO.
  11. Wanna watch the playoffs together? You seem fun to be around
  12. Missed tackles are somethin... 54 whiffed Littleton also got juked out of his shoes
  13. That was kinda poor route by Ruggs, no?
  14. Sir, you have our offense mistaken for a creative one.
  15. Waller with the big play. Now time for Witten to bring it home!
  16. I think the defense would be more surprised if we schemed to our best players in critical situations over Witten at this point.
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