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  1. Everyone was trying to say that he'd have a resurgence in Carolina and that Joe Brady would salvage him and turn him into the next Tannehill. A few months back I wrote in a thread how I knew Darnold didn't have "it" when he had the 4 INT game at Miami, a game that I was actually at. You see things from a different perspective when you're at the game live. Darnold simply does not have pocket presence aka a "feel" for the pass rush and has very bad field vision which leads to him either completely not seeing defenders sitting in their zones, or missing wide open guys because he's locked ont
  2. Good option if we can't get Linderbaum.
  3. Linderbaum is gonna go top 15. He's a real good player from an o-line school. Getting him in 2nd round is wishful thinking at this juncture.
  4. And our guys come from that coaching tree.
  5. We're going to be facing the same challenge of getting teams to want to sign with a perennial losing franchise.
  6. The best player will be a defensive player by the time draft season rolls around, either Kayvon Thibodeaux, Kyle Hamilton, or Derek Stingley Jr. Luckily all three fill huge needs for us.
  7. I sure did as well. I really thought with the additions on offense that we'd be much better. The one thing that bugs me the most is how the o-line has been a major disappointment and we haven't gotten anywhere close to the play we thought we would with Becton/AVT manning the left side and now McG regressing badly, and of course the annual revolving door that is GVR. I liked the Moses signing but he didn't even get to play until Becton got hurt which forced Fant to the left side where he is not comfortable, and now there's countless clips of our o-line looking clueless and letting free rushers
  8. I see Smith winning that, the rest of that card looks good too, can't wait for Tsarukyan vs Giagos and Maness vs Graveley.
  9. Very curious to see who you think is just as high as him. Stingley is elite and on another tier IMO.
  10. Stingley should be the clear favorite at his position.
  11. Leonard has 5 more career INT's than Adams though lol.
  12. Pretty crazy how the highest paid safety is a linebacker.
  13. This CB class is loaded. Gotta wonder if that played into last year's draft strategy. Would love to get Kaiir Elam, his dad used to play for us.
  14. Agreed 100%. He has the right mindset for where he's at, he'll be just fine.
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