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  1. I'm gonna be honest with you, I've been scrolling thru this thread to see how long it would take to find this take. This is what I was coming in to say. Our schedule is truly brutal and we honestly are a poor team all around. I really would not be shocked if this is the year we finally got the #1 overall pick. Sam may or may not be the guy, but he is still making unacceptable mistakes in year 3 that are completely on him. His interception was terrible, and honestly, if we are in the unique position where we have the #1 overall pick and another first rounder in the 20's, this is going to be a very attractive head coaching vacancy where the new HC be able to build around Trevor Lawrence, arguably the best QB prospect ever. We have been so bad for so long, we have withstood so many horrible coaches and horrible offenses, that we deserve a QB-HC combo that makes the rest of the league jealous, and that's exactly what we'll have if the season plays out like I think it will. Trade Darnold to a team like the Saints or Steelers, or maybe even the Bucs if Brady retires, while you still can. I just don't see anything good coming from this season and I would rather let JD and a new HC start from scratch with Lawrence. We deserve it.
  2. No, lots of people are appropriately placing Lawrence where he belongs, at the top of the conversation for best QB prospect of all time. Darnold was never in that conversation, he was not even the first QB taken in his draft. He was a young QB with not that much experience and developed a tendency for INT's when we drafted him. If we are in a position to take Lawrence, it means that Darnold did not play up to where we drafted him for the third year in a row, and Gase is likely gone, meaning that JD and a new coach are gonna want their own guy. And when you consider that Lawrence is arguably the GOAT QB prospect, I do not think we will be looked at in any kind of negative light for pulling the trigger on that kind of move. If anything, it might be seen as another shrewd move by Douglas. Plus, Darnold may have some trade value in this scenario. Lets not forget that after Lawrence won the National Championship as a true freshman, they were already talking about him as the #1 pick in the draft whenever he would come out. The only thing that stopped him from doing it again was a magical season from Joe Burrow. If he does it again this year with a lesser supporting cast, he's #1 overall lock with almost no kinks in the armor. And if we're #1 overall, it's for a reason.
  3. If we're in any position to take Lawrence, you take Lawrence and trade Darnold to the highest bidder.
  4. The reason why we've added so many of them is to see if hopefully one or two stick. Lots of low risk, low expectation, high reward type of guys. If they don't, then we need to go back to the drawing board. CB is far from a stable position beyond this year.
  5. That actually makes a lot more sense when you put it that way. On a one year deal, the cap implications are much less consequential. We easily have the room to do it this year too.
  6. Not close at all. Chase is way better.
  7. Not to mention, we'd have to give up a draft pick, which JD clearly likes to stockpile. I think Clowney is much more realistic but even then I'm not sure I want him on our team at his price tag. I really wanna see what we have in Zuniga. I have a renewed interest in UF players as I am trying to get into their sport law program.
  8. One of my favorite players I've ever scouted. He's such a dog. I actually did a franchise mode in Madden and paired him with Mims in the 2021 Draft and turned Darnold into a HOFer lol. I, like most, like the trade. It was best case scenario if we had to trade Prez. It's really annoying dealing with players that don't want to be here. But another feather in JD's cap, he just keeps acing every move. Side note 1: Le'Veon earned some respect from me. I hope he has a great season with Becton paving the way. Side note 2: I still want Gase out of here.
  9. Yeah I can't agree with this either. If we are picking 1st overall, it means either Darnold had a season-ending injury or just completely crapped the bed. Both instances would mean we need to take Lawrence. That being said, I don't see that happening. I see the Jets being closer to an 8-8/playoff team contending for the division more than I see them as the worst team in the league.
  10. JD gave out all those one year deals to get ahead on the comp pick game I’m sure of it.
  11. This is pretty much exactly how I feel. His route tree at Baylor was my biggest concern coming in but he seemed to put that to rest at the Senior Bowl, although it was only a small sample size. Route running is something that can be taught and Mims seems to have a feel for it already. Not without flaws but I see him having a short learning curve and acclimating himself quickly. The physical traits are already there.
  12. Yeah I couldn’t help but think that be an Becton, being training buddies and all would man the left side of the line and become absolute maulers together.
  13. Which our new oline should help with.
  14. Also Becton was drafted to be our franchise LT. No way he plays RT.
  15. jetjuice

    Day 3 Steals

    I love that we got Bryce Hall in round 5. The only blemish on JD's draft was passing on KJ Hill on multiple occasions. Either speaks to the perceived depth of the slot WR position in the NFL, or he had a bad physical. Chargers got a good one though.
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