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  1. Jets fire Mike Maccagnan.

    LOL who said that?
  2. Jets fire Mike Maccagnan.

    Anyone else think Maccagnan looks like a Simpson's character?
  3. Top 5 AFC/NFC Teams post NFL Draft?

    AFC - Pats, Colts, Chiefs, Browns, Chargers NFC - Bears, Cowboys, Rams, Saints, Eagles
  4. Miserable Hot Takes

    Vernon Gholston.
  5. You can also argue that he overachieved with the little talent he was given.
  6. Chiefs Trade for LB Darron Lee

    Do you really think the Jets would just settle for a 6th if teams were willing to pay more? This is clearly his market value in NFL circles. The Jets couldn't even get a 5th out of KC, that's how little the league thinks of him. Lee is overrated, only having one small stretch of good play and getting popped for PED's after, and really wasn't a good fit in our 3-4 defense. He needs to be a 4-3 WILL where he can simply attack and flow to the ball, he isn't a downhill type of player. Not a strong run stopper at all. Not to mention, we drafted his replacement in Blake Cashman and he's going to walk for nothing next year. Now we don't have to pay him the $3.4 mil he was due either, so I don't hate the move. It's pretty non-consequential.
  7. Where did he ever have talent without Peyton?
  8. Jets fire Mike Maccagnan.

    Agreed. Better to act late than not at all.
  9. Jets fire Mike Maccagnan.

    Not really mad about any of this. The timing sucks, but no sense in crying over a sunk cost. If it was determined that Mac had to go, then this was a move that had to be made regardless of the timing, and especially if you have the opportunity to bring in a guy that gets along with Gase better and has a much better reputation in league circles. I'm excited about Joe Douglas from what I've read thus far. Eagles fans seem to be upset about losing him and he helped build a Super Bowl winner in Philly in a short amount of time. He has 3 SB rings in total, the guy's been around winners. The media just needs something to talk about and it's easy to pick on New York sports right now. Prior to all this, we were one of the biggest winners of the offseason. At the end of this all, we'll be in better hands.
  10. Jets select TE Trevon Wesco in round 4

    I didn't like this pick at first because I didn't know much about Wesco and couldn't see the reason for taking a TE so early, but after watching him man he is a MEAN run blocker. He's a road grader and will finally give us that blocking tight end we've so badly wanted.
  11. Clowney and Polite on the edge with Leo Quinnen and Anderson inside...
  12. First impressions of Mike Mayock's first draft as GM

    We don't know who's a star yet or not, nobody has played a down.
  13. First impressions of Mike Mayock's first draft as GM

    My biggest thing was this - yes they got a replacement for Mack but Ferrell over a guy like Josh Allen? I like Ferrell's first step and ability to set the edge, but he lacks the same overall athleticism and bend around the corner that Josh Allen has, plus he's a lot more scheme versatile. I was shocked with that pick, but I don't outright hate it. EDGE players are relatively safe picks especially when you're getting one of your top 2 choices in the whole draft. Don't have so much of an issue on Jacobs and Abram but didn't really great positional value there. I like each player individually, two of the toughest players in the entire draft. Then I thought about the Mullen pick and asked myself why they passed up Greedy for someone who's definitely not as talented, but again I see a theme of toughness here. Mullen is scrappy whereas Greedy has already put piss poor tackling effort on tape. Can't blame him there but I would've probably allocated my assets differently. 4) Allen 24) Jacobs 27) Baker 35) Probably still could've gotten Abram here And I like all the late round picks too, no issue with those. Also liked that he took players from winning programs. He's trying to establish the right culture here and for that I give him an A.
  14. The 2019 Annual Draft Game - WINNER ANNOUNCED

    I can't believe I got that right LOL that is what you call dumb luck.