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  1. I almost said them, but then I realized that it's almost expected for the outcome of their game to be like that now lol.
  2. Texans come to mind, I can never get a beat on what to expect from them. I also seem to be wrong about the Lions pretty often.
  3. His acquisition of draft picks has been very impressive too. If he's a good drafter, then he's in a great spot to turn this team around quick. I have more faith in JD than I did any of the previous GM's or HC's we've hired since I've been watching. We just need to pair him with the right coach, and being in the driver's seat for the #1 overall pick which assures you Trevor Lawrence (best QB prospect of all time possibly) sets him up nicely to get the next young innovative HC brain.
  4. What's the general consensus on Kevon Slovis? He has good numbers, but I do not see an NFL arm when I watch him play.
  5. When you put it that way it goes to show how bad we really are. Half of our starting lineup barely belongs on an NFL roster and we're shipping away our steady vets one by one. Gase is still the coach of this team. This all just shows that the tank is in full effect and I really do not see us winning more than one game this season, if for only having enough dignity to not go winless.
  6. We need an offensive minded coach for Trevor I feels.
  7. Luckily I think neither will we.
  8. Then if Lawrence decides to stay in school or not play for us, we have no contingency plan.
  9. I have no idea who we're beating with our upcoming schedule either.
  10. I think when it's all said and done, by the time we're on the clock at #1 overall, playing in New York will be a lot more appealing than it is now. JD didn't stockpile all this draft capital and cap space for no reason. He's far from done I would assume, as not only will Darnold yield at least a solid day 2 pick, but we have the ability to take on undesirable contracts and gain even more draft capital. We are going to be in a position for a rapid rebuild this go around, and we already have the franchise left tackle entrenched which gives us one less position to worry about. Same concept applies for HC candidates, this is a great opportunity for any new coach to truly put his fingerprint on the team. I really hope we get a progressive offensive minded coach that can make Lawrence into a 5,000 yard passer year after year (i.e. Kingsbury/Murray in Arizona).
  11. Better to have both in hand than neither. You do not get rid of Darnold until Lawrence is a Jet.
  12. That was much earlier in the season than we're currently at now. 0-7 is a big enough sample size to declare that we are far and away the worst team in football.
  13. In all reality, this game will give us our closest look at Eric Bieniemy, someone who I'd say is a strong candidate for our next HC vacancy.
  14. I think the opportunity for him is better in NY than Jax to be honest.
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