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  1. The rest of the IOL in this draft were levels below AVT (I liked Dickerson but he has a bad injury history). The trade up makes sense.
  2. Agreed 100%. Don't understand why it's such a big deal. Jacksonville is his hometown too.
  3. I'm not buying this narrative. Darnold is his own problem. I'm on record saying that his on-field awareness is awful many times. I was team Baker that year all the way, was crushed when he went #1 overall because he was the only QB I was sold on. Luckily I'm just as sold, if not more so, on Zach Wilson as I was Baker.
  4. They changed his mechanics which led to the jump in accuracy, then they added Diggs.
  5. We have a 5 man competition at RG already (Lewis, GVR, Levin, Feeney, Clark).
  6. No that’s why I love it. I like the all-out approach and I like the guys we got quite a bit. Peep Jason Pinnock on IG, dude is built like a tank.
  7. Andrew Berry has done a fantastic job building that team period. All the more impressive is how he’s doing it at such a young age and how well his analytics approach has worked. Browns are serious threats to KC this year.
  8. This is the third Revis connection from this draft already (trade up to 14, MC2, now this). Honestly didn’t know who Pinnock was this year but he’s got plus size, plus athleticism, and plus ball skills. He’s an analytics favorite. Definitely a worthy gamble. I love that our DB room is going to be an all out competition amongst 5th-6th rounders playing with something to prove and a chance to make a name for themselves as a starter in the NFL if their hard work pays off.
  9. That’s why this pick rang familiar!!! I remember reading that months back. I like this pick even more now. He’s a pure nickel for us, same role Jevon Holland is gonna play for Miami. He definitely has upside there, he picked off Sam Howell and played well against Dyami Brown when Duke played UNC. I like where we’re at at CB right now.
  10. Probably a rusher, I liked this kid I’m surprised he went undrafted. Did he have a character or medical thing?
  11. He’s gonna be a thumper. I have a feeling we’re gonna generate more pressure with blitzes than we used to as well.
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