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  1. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    He's got some James White to him, I'd take a flier.
  2. 2020 Head Coaching Candidates?

    Who has Daboll ever developed? EDIT: nvm, misread. A lot will depend on how Allen turns out for him, but you're right about the rest. I remember Jets fans not liking him lol
  3. Probably Stephon Gilmore from the Pats
  4. San Antonio/Austin - if any state deserves three football teams it's Texas Portland Is OKC a viable market? Don't know much about the city other than they're supporting the Thunder pretty well
  5. PFF - where do you fall?

    Same way they had Mike Pennel graded at 87.something while he wasn't our best DT.
  6. PFF - where do you fall?

    Their whole premise of grading is based on how often they make efficient impact plays. Frequency plays a huge role in their grading, it's all based on an effective outcome on a per play basis, so I'd guess that would give the player a positive mark regardless of assignment. Depending on who you ask that would make the system either flawed or not.
  7. PFF - where do you fall?

    Oh the employees def have it, I just didn't get to see it lol. They didn't have me doing very much. I honestly dropped out before I could make it to the final round because it was too much of a time commitment with my job and training, but I was watching Big 10 college games and analyzing positional assignments. I didn't get to grade anyone, just basically identified who is on the field, where they line up, and what their assignment was. Basically everything that comes before the grading.
  8. PFF - where do you fall?

    I interned for them for a brief period of time... it's extremely complex what they do, definitely holds some merit because as far as film watching goes, they are paying attention to every detail of every player on every play. However I don't fully agree with their they use verbiage for positional assignment, it's overly complicated. Also it's pretty hard to evaluate without all-22 film which I was not given. My biggest question about their process would be how they lack insight about teams' playbooks. It's not always easy to determine a player's responsibility on a given play. Still, it's a great model, not a flawless one but it's the best out currently. I think they are just scratching the surface too, I feel that they need to partner with the NFL/NCAA to improve the quality of the model with more insight to the teams playbook and scheme and it will get better as the years go on. Went with option 2 and that seems to be the consensus.
  9. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    No he posted it yesterday or the day before, I saw as well. He definitely has some fat to lose, he has a lot more than your average RB. But Bell's a big dude to begin with, training hard every day and has plenty of time to lose the rest. As long as he's under 240 then he'll be fine.
  10. Jets fire Mike Maccagnan.

    LOL who said that?
  11. Jets fire Mike Maccagnan.

    Anyone else think Maccagnan looks like a Simpson's character?
  12. Top 5 AFC/NFC Teams post NFL Draft?

    AFC - Pats, Colts, Chiefs, Browns, Chargers NFC - Bears, Cowboys, Rams, Saints, Eagles
  13. Miserable Hot Takes

    Vernon Gholston.
  14. You can also argue that he overachieved with the little talent he was given.
  15. Chiefs Trade for LB Darron Lee

    Do you really think the Jets would just settle for a 6th if teams were willing to pay more? This is clearly his market value in NFL circles. The Jets couldn't even get a 5th out of KC, that's how little the league thinks of him. Lee is overrated, only having one small stretch of good play and getting popped for PED's after, and really wasn't a good fit in our 3-4 defense. He needs to be a 4-3 WILL where he can simply attack and flow to the ball, he isn't a downhill type of player. Not a strong run stopper at all. Not to mention, we drafted his replacement in Blake Cashman and he's going to walk for nothing next year. Now we don't have to pay him the $3.4 mil he was due either, so I don't hate the move. It's pretty non-consequential.