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  1. Weekly Bets Thread

    Wound up making a lot more bets on the XFL than I thought I would after discussing the games with some friends, Saturday I went 2/4, Sunday 4/5. Next week should be interesting, both losing teams, and both winning teams playing each other.
  2. The Official XFL Thread!

    And that’s the over love you all
  3. The Official XFL Thread!

    I have 4x the money on the over so I’m fine but let us pray lol
  4. The Official XFL Thread!

    Man you’re telling me, I sat 10 rows up in the end zone to watch us lose to KC in the AFC championship, 2 tickets $1400. Prices are insane these days.
  5. The Official XFL Thread!

    Oh man if they expand to a team within driving distance, Memphis, Knoxville, Louisville, I would totally drag my fiancé to every game with me and start up a fandom lol such cheap tickets.
  6. The Official XFL Thread!

    I have money on LA so I need Bill O’ Brien to start coaching for Houston right now lol
  7. The Official XFL Thread!

    This game highlights why I enjoy college more than the NFL. The refs don’t determine the game and let people play football. Very refreshing not to see 5 penalties per drive. Hope the NFL is taking notes
  8. The Official XFL Thread!

    While I agree that in the NFL those would be PIs but this league seems more like it’s trying to be its own entity and let them play it out more so than the NFL
  9. The Official XFL Thread!

    I don’t like it as much. I really enjoyed them having all the gambling aspects on the scoreboard in the other broadcast
  10. The Official XFL Thread!

    Something I haven’t thought about before. Absolutely love this idea and it will just make the XFL that much better. Game changer
  11. The Official XFL Thread!

    I would love to see this become a NBA G league type thing except more well covered
  12. The Official XFL Thread!

    He has kept so many plays alive and this drive moving by the fact you just can’t bring him down!
  13. The Official XFL Thread!

    As a gambler I love the O/U and spread being right there and love how much this league encourages it
  14. The Official XFL Thread!

    I’m still not sure who to be a fan of. I’m between Seattle, DC, and Tampa. Maybe I’ll find out after watching some games and seeing which team is most likely to make me suffer lol
  15. The Official XFL Thread!

    This is a bad take man sorry. The AAF folded due to lack of money. Vince has the money to fund this league by himself for 5 years minimum and he also put way more thought and effort into it.