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  1. That's fair, but knowing the NFL they will probably keep all that fine money for themselves šŸ™„
  2. I think forfeit Bills game, HEAVY FINES to everyone, owner, GM, coach, and all players involved. Also loss of one draft pick, although I think anything above a 3rd would be excessive.
  3. I'm gonna take em in a couple teasers, the Jets are just so so so bad. Teaser: Cards +5, Ravens -2, Seahawks +4
  4. Our defense is awful. Missing Dean bad, clearly. If we keep playing like this on D we are gonna wind up 3-3 after playing the Steelers, Bills, and Texans in the coming weeks
  5. What kind of dirt does this man have on the owner to still have a job??
  6. I pretty much only do teasers and player props these days. Only thing Iā€™m consistently successful at. That being said, I feel this, Vikings freaking killed me by not covering +14.5, had them in a ton of teasers. Went from a +1500 week to like a +200 week. Kirk Cousins is my biggest enemy
  7. Tailing this, I like it. I also have Saints in the last leg of two teasers: 49ers +3 āœ… Jags/Titans o32 āœ… Saints +4 and Seahawks/Pats o35 āœ… Seahawks +5.5 āœ… Saints +4.5 LET'S GO SAINTS
  8. David Johnson vs Ravens, Jonathan Taylor vs Vikings, or Terry McLaurin vs Cardinals? I think I'm leaning Taylor
  9. This game will probably be gross imo, only things I'm on is Hooper over 34.5 yards and over 3.5 catches with Njoku out
  10. I don't really understand how Rams is a pick em, and Colts are a 3 point favorite against the Vikings. I'm gonna hit a Vikings/Rams ML parlay, pays 4-1
  11. 5-0 on teasers week 1 that was nice. *knocks on all the wood* My favorite 3 team Teaser Iā€™m taking this week: Rams +12.5, Packers +5.5, and 49ers +5
  12. Saw Clay Travis bet Lions +6 and instantly bet Packers -6
  13. Man with Adoree out, the CB position is gonna be a PROBLEM the next two weeks
  14. On Judy catches at 3.5 and yards at 40.5 and Titans ML tonight. Also Daniel Jones under 243.5 passing yards, Steelers only allowed that many 4 times all last year
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