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  1. Gambling could renew push for 18-game season

    Along with even lousier tackling early in the season.
  2. Reckon I'd better get over to Wofford this year for training camp. Now that there's no connection, who knows where that will move to. On the upside, they can get rid of Bersin for good.
  3. CB DeAngelo Hall announces his retirement

    I remember that time he had somewhere between three and five penalties which single-handedly led our struggling offense down the field for a touchdown. Good times.
  4. And on BaseballsFuture...oh wait, baseball doesn't have a future! I kid.
  5. Aw yus! That's the kinda guy I want in charge! 😐
  6. Hardest positions

    Its gotta be corner. Breathe wrong and it's an automatic first down.
  7. Hopefully Tepper doesn't consult stewbums for his decisions.
  8. I haven't seen it. Hope he does away with the sucking up to the NFL for no reason shield at midfield though. That's stupid.
  9. I'm just quoting from the Yahoo article regarding the sale. That's what he said his plans are.
  10. There's a tweet by Adam Schefter (I have no idea how to share those things) that says he wants, "Continuity, stability, progressive thinking on player contract extensions, and not setting the market on free agents. He wants the Steeler Way in Carolina." So it will be the same. Richardson's thing was always he wanted to be like the Steelers.
  11. 2017/18 EPL Thread - City Champs

    I am. 😡
  12. 2017/18 EPL Thread - City Champs

    100 points with the last meaningful kick!
  13. Your Most memorable draft moments of all time???!!

    You generally hope your first round picks will have souls.