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  1. Chiefs vs Colts: Divisional Round

    Andrew LOLk.
  2. NFC Wild Card Philadelphia @ Chicago

    Coffin corner!
  3. Well there’s uninspiring and there’s...that.
  4. Ideally, that shameful display will spare us that nonsense next season.
  5. All I’ve heard about all season were dropkicks. Turns out they’re pretty lousy.
  6. What are they gonna do, put the game in Wilson’s hands?
  7. Hey Bill O’Brien, that’s what you do when you only need one yard.
  8. We all knew this was coming. You can only bottle up these jerks for so long.
  9. Who’s your playoff bandwagon team?

    I really want it to be the Chiefs, but the thought of KB failing his way to a ring sickens me. I’ll go Chargers I guess.
  10. The Scranton Stranglers The Bangor Kings
  11. The Charlotte Queens The Nashville Hot Chickens The Houston Problems The Buffalo Wings - credit @SmittyBacall for beating me to this one.
  12. SNF GDT: Win and In Edition - Colts vs Titans

    Oh my! Holy damn. Every time I decide I’m about to go do something else...
  13. SNF GDT: Win and In Edition - Colts vs Titans

    Number 25 has been cut mid game.