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  1. Abandonment is the Raider way. Doesn’t seem to affect their fandom as much though.
  2. Whoa, Johnson was an Apollo?! Take aim, young man.
  3. I agree. The Hit Stick, Jacked Up, that hit on Reggie Bush, these were so much fun. Then there was the Ricky Manning Jr. hit on a punt returner and Harrison’s hit on Massaquoi. Those were hard to watch even back then. So I get it, but it’s unfortunate what has been lost.
  4. The shot on Cam is all that’s really needed, but injuring Lee in the preseason doesn’t help. The hit he was flagged for on Tremble recently was just good football. His jib though, I don’t care for it.
  5. That's what I said when they called his name Sunday.
  6. I'll happily keep this to football: he's a dirty player and I don't like the cut of his jib.
  7. I hope it IS a touchdown so I don't have to hear these commentators anymore.
  8. Ha HA! I knew I could rely on the Vikings kicker!
  9. Man, **** every one of our receivers. Your job is to catch passes. It's in the name of your position. Edit: Except DJ on 4th down.
  10. If he can't adjust to not having CMC or good pass protection, he shouldn't be getting this hype.
  11. When she struggles over the fire escape to, I don't know, tackle somebody? I laughed.
  12. Once again, why is anyone surprised? Packers games an unwatchable because of things like this.
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