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  1. Congrats Fulham bro. Is it @SalvadorsDeli? I can’t keep up anymore.
  2. Why stop there? Athletic Club Washington Washington City DC United (wait...) Real Washington DCFC Dynamo DC Washington Red Bulls (or RB Washington)
  3. Washington FT/FT Washington? I can dig it.
  4. Nuance is certainly not his strength.
  5. This reads to me like a spiteful stab at the media who would refer to them as The Washington Football Team when they would sporadically decide not to use Redskins. “Oh we’re the Washington Football Team are we?! Well now we are.”
  6. Also helps that Adam Silver seems like the best commissioner in American sports.
  7. Thanks, I’ll check it out. From the film and what I’m seeing on Reddit they used to be the big bads with fans everyone loathed. It’s pretty exciting that they’re back just based off that.
  8. So Leeds are back! I get the feeling this is exciting, but I’ve only been watching since 2010. All I know about them is from the Brian Clough movie. Fill me in.
  9. Atlanta was 29th in sacks last year. I realize those aren’t everything, but they certainly help you get off the field. Will Dante Fowler alone change that, cause they didn’t do anything else. Unless they take their defense more seriously how can he?
  10. Where do you figure Grealish ends up?
  11. I once had a dream that was the cold open of a TV show, like a procedural drama. The teams were playing and suddenly the stadium starts getting bombed from above. People screaming and running, complete chaos. This was years before the movie was released, but it the tone was a lot like that scene from The Dark Knight Rises. The camera zooms in on Julius Peppers and another guy who may have been Mike Minter as they take cover on the sideline, and Pep says, "Man, they better call [insert whatever the name of the show was]."
  12. Dear UEFA, do I have the product for you!
  13. With a Shanahan at least. My dad and I used to joke we could rush for 1000 yards under Mike in Denver. A RB succeeding in. Shana-system should have no bearing on success elsewhere.
  14. I don't disagree with your overall point, nor the spirit of it, but I will suggest that the number of soccer players who can decide a game all by themselves are few. Let's say you took the undisputed greatest striker in the world, "The Bosnian Diamond" Edin Dzeko, and gave him little to no service; he's going to have a long day. Heck, just look at Messi with Argentina.
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