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  1. Plus he does that “run a circle in the pocket” shuffle every drop back it seems like. I don’t know whether it’s necessary every time or he’s just been psychologically damaged by his lack of help.
  2. Is that a challenge, brotherham? We’ll run Mike Davis once McCaffrey is healthy again just to spite you.
  3. Money where your mouth is, Payton. Let’s see Taysom start next week.
  4. He may look like Sid from Toy Story without a helmet, but he looks like Jesse Pinkman in one.
  5. “My name is Ree-shard.” Whatever Richard. You’re not fooling anybody.
  6. They’ve got some songs on the radio now that seem like they’re doing a Springsteen phase.
  7. If Hill is on the field, he’ll have the ball. Everyone should know this.
  8. How does one preclude the other? Will he be too busy writing checks to go to the game?
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