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  1. Well Jeremy Chinn is probably my next jersey, so...although I’m not too silly to give him another year to make sure it all works out. Don’t want to be like the guy I saw back in college wearing a Chris Weinke jersey.
  2. I think I said this last year, here or somewhere else, but do you really want can't miss games on Thanksgiving? The way I see it, the NFL equivalent of background noises makes pretty good background noise. If my cousin wants to go throw the ball for awhile or much younger me wanted to play a pickup game, we could without worrying we'd miss anything.
  3. Huh, so they were consistent. Wrong call last night and wrong call tonight.
  4. Exact same play from last night. Better be consistent.
  5. Well I mean, there was unnecessary roughness. By the offense. But you never call that for some reason.
  6. The refs: We look forward to the day where we’re just seen as seven guys officiating a game. ESPN: Look! They’re all black! So are these coaches!
  7. Damn that was good! Worked out, now don’t miss.
  8. All I know is this is the one team who routinely shuts CMC down.
  9. Not sure if either team is going to be able to run successfully
  10. Love both uniforms. Really good look for each team.
  11. He touched his leg when he was kind of close to the sideline. 15 yards.
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