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  1. One of my favorite Panthers ever is Chris Harris. Not saying he was bad, he wasn’t, but he’s not good enough seemingly for anyone to remember him.
  2. Do they? Kane and Dele scything people? The Battle of Stamford Bridge 2016? Poch has a history, so either he was complicit or he was “left stranded” and is ineffectual. Either way he’s a joke. Edit: And let’s not forget Son’s ****ery. Spurs deserve nothing. “To Dream Is To Do!” Keep dreaming. Edit to the edit: I’m sorry, I was worked up and got the motto wrong. It’s “To Dare Is To Do!” I change my sarcastic quip to “How dare you?”
  3. I didn't check the date on this and thought it was about the second leg. What a petulant, amateurish display. No surprise Poch was in charge of it based on Spurs' conduct while he was there. Pathetic. Even worse when Neymar looks like the mature one.
  4. I look forward to reading your annual 32 team breakdown.
  5. I realized something sad last night: due to the way it’s presented, I don’t think I like the draft anymore. I love the process and want a little bit of drama (meaning the picks come to me one by one as opposed to checking the next day), but it’s become way, way too much.
  6. Only through Draftathon, they had US Coast Guard veteran Jim Jimmerson say that.
  7. Yeah, I’m not even trying to keep my eyes open anymore. If they close, they close.
  8. My friend is an Alabama and Bills fan. He's in abject misery right now.
  9. Jets take Jones, just to mess with the Pats.
  10. Well, I quoted the guy saying “jerkin it” with an actual quote from the movie, and here you are drawing attention to the thing you don’t want attention on. I’m going to disengage now, but seriously? Jesus
  11. All this Draftathon stuff is. “NFL: We’re doing things. Now here’s a person.”
  12. I take it you haven’t seen that film. You should, it’s really good.
  13. When will the Nazi child masturbating in the bathroom be picked?
  14. Darn. Oh well, screw it. Fields me bro!!!
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