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  1. Your guys played a hell of a game. Moyes is an amazing manager. Unfortunately, the world’s best strike partnership of Dias and Stonesy had other plans.
  2. Cancelo is...I mean what’s there really left to say? He’s a lesson for patience, since last year fans and media alike agreed he should be on his way out.
  3. Those goals were incredible. Weren’t they both made possible by Ayew making amazing runs?
  4. You and your bum knees are welcome here any time.
  5. We’ll revisit this after a couple more rounds of the CL. In my mind, centennial City was the high flying Colts who dominated the regular season but then got stymied by a rough, defensive team in the playoffs. Theoretically, this City is a balanced Patriot team that can give and take. But right now this is all hypothetical. By May we’ll find out who it right, and who is dead.
  6. It sucks when the team brings in competition, especially when the move is inspired by your own bad play. But sack up, man. That's what good teams do. And to cry about it and want to leave? What exactly have you done in the league to justify that kind of action?
  7. I can't tell if it was legitimately something from Doug and the team that made him feel this way, or if Wentz was just too weak mentally to deal with that situation, but it certainly feels like it was the latter. That doesn't instill confidence going forward.
  8. I'm the opposite of a United fan, but with this result can the media stop acting like we give a **** what Adnan Januzaj thinks?
  9. Seeing as how they (and the Saints) repeatedly show the cap isn't real, I'm sure they'll be fine.
  10. Well sure, and I’m used to Typical City. But this may be our best side ever, because of all the different ways they can win, and I don’t see anyone being able to catch them.
  11. That’s pretty much the league I would think. Now to get embarrassed in the CL again!
  12. Oh for sure. And I know I didn’t paint a complete picture. These were early 20 somethings, which doesn’t immediately disqualify them. But I also didn’t see their ***** at the pub or any of the other area bars after Arsenal wasn’t successful anymore. And yes, this was Captain Fabregas-RVP era Arsenal.
  13. If only someone had offered them 100 million for someone who was leaving anyway. Oh wait...
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