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  1. Well that went on way longer than anyone would've expected. A speedster with bad hands should theoretically be done the moment he loses a step. He must've been doing a lot right in the locker room and on the practice field to have made it this far.
  2. Maybe, but it was way too early to write a book about him transcending the position into something new.
  3. It seems when we anoint rookie QBs who play great, they typically suffer a sophomore slump. When the third year hits, we see who they are or at least who they are going to be. Never forget this was written after his rookie year.
  4. Multiple teams saw something differently than Chicago, including my team who decided to go with Sam Darnold and, just as damningly, the Broncos who decided on Drew Lock. Then again, that also happened to Mahomes. It's going to be interesting.
  5. This stuff is allegedly supposed to be fun. I am not having fun.
  6. I definitely see the advantages for it with coaching. I've also seen thus far that plenty of kids do value having something they can hold in their hands, even if they wouldn't be able to explain it if you asked them. When I taught Of Mice and Men, I had an excellent PDF on Classroom (I say this because, as I'm sure you know, not all PDFs are created equal), but most students wanted an actual copy, which I appreciated. As for me, I'm going to need all this stuff, because my teaching style is somewhat conversational and exploratory. I've got extensive plans that I'm willing to scr
  7. Some people dig that analog. I just finished student teaching and my cooperating/mentor teacher likes attendance books and sticky notes and legal pads. She can use most of the Google apps, she just prefers it this way.
  8. As a City fan I'm terrified by all of them. United have our number, Chelsea do, and uninjured Liverpool has. I'm not excited at all.
  9. Thank you, Foxes!
  10. One of my favorite Panthers ever is Chris Harris. Not saying he was bad, he wasn’t, but he’s not good enough seemingly for anyone to remember him.
  11. Do they? Kane and Dele scything people? The Battle of Stamford Bridge 2016? Poch has a history, so either he was complicit or he was “left stranded” and is ineffectual. Either way he’s a joke. Edit: And let’s not forget Son’s ****ery. Spurs deserve nothing. “To Dream Is To Do!” Keep dreaming. Edit to the edit: I’m sorry, I was worked up and got the motto wrong. It’s “To Dare Is To Do!” I change my sarcastic quip to “How dare you?”
  12. I didn't check the date on this and thought it was about the second leg. What a petulant, amateurish display. No surprise Poch was in charge of it based on Spurs' conduct while he was there. Pathetic. Even worse when Neymar looks like the mature one.
  13. I look forward to reading your annual 32 team breakdown.
  14. I realized something sad last night: due to the way it’s presented, I don’t think I like the draft anymore. I love the process and want a little bit of drama (meaning the picks come to me one by one as opposed to checking the next day), but it’s become way, way too much.
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