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  1. Bengals cut Vontaze Burfict

    Good riddance, league is better off without garbage people like Burfict Hope he doesn't get a shot elsewhere.
  2. Ryan Fitzpatrick signs with dolphins

    He had more sustained success than Fitzy, and undoubtedly has a better career on the whole, but dude had some seriously bad seasons. Happens when you play for 21 I suppose.
  3. Titans cut Blaine Gabbert

    thank god, if this dude is on the same field as the Jags, doesn't matter what team he's on, the Jags are losing. Need him to stay a FA so the voodoo ends.
  4. Raiders release QB AJ McCarron

    AJ or Bortles in Miami?
  5. Steelers agree to 2 year deal with Moncrief

    As us Jags fans knew him, "Mr Reliable" Congrats Steelers, you have thoroughly replaced AB.
  6. godspeed Blake, rooting for you will be easier when I don't have to deal with the stress of having you as the starter for my team.
  7. Antonio Brown traded to Oakland for a 3rd and 5th round pick

    Chucky and the Big Chest himself I'm hyped
  8. Updated: Jaguars sign Nick Foles

    I guess this is the place to put this: If there is any amount of validity to the ARZ Murray rumors (no way right??), do we take a look at Rosen? I wasn't as big on him as a prospect as some, but I'm still intrigued for the right price.
  9. Ravens trade Joe Flacco to Broncos

    Good lord Elway is inept at solving the QB problem. I like Flacco, wish him the best, but this is terrible lol
  10. Alliance of American Football

    watching the Fleet tonight for Mike Martz Gonna be interesting. If football is on I'll watch it.
  11. you and me both, pretty sure it was this exact thread that I was telling people he won't be at our pick even when it looked like we'd be picking sooner.
  12. Matthew Slater, HoFer?

    Kassim Osgood, HOF?? but seriously, probably has a better case than Edelman, but still no.
  13. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    what an absolute disaster of an interview attempt
  14. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    lol waay too soon for this
  15. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    exactly. There are plenty of examples.