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  1. Did I miss something? What did Fournette do outside of a few offhand comments? Didn't Yann get into a twitter fight with Tony Khan while still on the team? lol
  2. I think that this misses the point of the question..........unless you had some seriously impressive foresight. I think Palmer fits in this tier for sure. Others: Burrow Winston (his hype train slowed a bit over time but at one point he looked like he was going to be the next Luck-tier prospect to many.......though I'll note that I personally wasn't a fan) Jamarcus Russell (overhyped due to his arm talent but his arm talent was undoubtedly impressive) Bradford Pre-injury Tua and, at least for me personally (and this will be a somewhat hot take):
  3. Agreed. However, both were number 1 overall picks with personality and turnover problems that caused them to squander great physical talent.
  4. I think I like Carson Palmer a bit better as a Bledsoe comparison. I'll also throw in Jameis Winston=Jeff George, though I think George had more arm talent than Winston.
  5. Kellen Moore will definitely be in the mix
  6. Really, really like the hire. The coordinator hirings make up for the uninspiring GM hiring.
  7. Pittsburgh v Seattle My dad is a huge Steelers fan, and I was very young, so I didn't know that the Seahawks got screwed.
  8. well, taking that upside PLUS keeping all of the additional draft capital that acquiring Watson would require, keeping the cap space that we would have to use on Watson, etc. We have more holes to fill than QB.
  9. After watching some tape of Elway recently, the similarities in playstyle between him and Patrick Mahomes were surprising to me. Another that stood out to me was Archie Manning, who I think had a similar playstyle to Matt Stafford. I'm hoping that others who are more familiar with old school QBs can share who they think current NFL QBs compare to in terms of playing style/attributes.
  10. kiiiiiinda sounds like Khan told Baalke "if you can get Urban Meyer here, the GM gig will be yours"
  11. Jags signing Aaron Hernandez confirmed
  12. I think most people, myself included, assumed that McDaniels had to have some sort of gentleman's agreement to take over NE within ~5 years, because otherwise his bailing on the Colts would have been career suicide. Thus far, the Colts thing has proved to be damaging to his HC prospects, as he's gotten 1 interview since, and it's with the most desperate team in the league.
  13. eh, if there's one thing we know with Jalen, he's very good at adapting and dealing with adversity. They'll be fine.
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