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  1. The Rams Watch: Move On Up

    you hate to see it
  2. Jaguars to start Nick Foles

    I understand the move, it's probably the right move in the spirit of "lets try to salvage the season!" but ultimately I don't think it's going to do that. Foles isn't going to fare well behind our line and Minshew needs more experience. If we lose another game or two I hope they go back to Gardner, because it'll hopefully be his team come next year.
  3. and really, where do we go from here? We'll finish out maybe 8-8 with Foles assuming he doesn't die behind this line immediately after getting back, and if/when he proves to not be a legit 16 game starter (as he never has been his entire career), we'll have some kind of QB controversy next year? Feel like that will almost certainly end with us cleaning house staff wise (if we don't do that after this season), which will again leave the QB situation completely up in the air. Idk maybe this game just has me super depressed (and it certainly does) but really the outlook just doesn't look very good to me long term.
  4. and boy did the bottom collapse. We had a one season window and here we are now, pretty much a completely different team.
  5. Honestly the only thing I have confidence in is whatever we do, we will bungle it and ensure that we suck for the longest amount of time possible going forward. This season is over, I'm sure next season will be no different. Really just exhausting to get my hopes up every year for the same stuff.
  6. god dammit it just really sucks to see Minshew Mania end in darkness like this. Foles isn't going to save this season, but they're gonna go to him
  7. even though we should've had the ball at the 2 yard line both on the Chark catch and on the DPI the next play
  8. all while being held on damn near every play
  9. no downfield pass attempts yet fix that flip
  10. Trade Deadline Rumors

    ok who is giving ATL a first for Schaub
  11. jags and 4th Q takeaways name a more iconic duo
  12. no way Denver pulls this off
  13. missed the DoG but I WILL TAKE IT