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  1. when we get into these slumps (and its pathetic that this isn't the first huge skid we've had under this regime) we are THE worst team in football. This is pitiful
  2. if we don't clean house after today i don't even know what to say
  3. I don't understand the offensive game plan We seem content to let free rushers hit Minshew every single play and hope that he can throw with enough anticipation to get the ball out accurately in <2 seconds doesn't seem like a recipe for success
  4. that was a perfect endzone throw, should've been PI
  5. we've been dominated by 3 terrible teams in a row.......
  6. and I'm ready to ruin him after 2 seasons 😎
  7. Yeah gutting our entire D to where we're down to PS caliber players doesn't seem like the moves of a man in a make or break year......
  8. I'm going to wait for the rest of the year to play out on Minshew, he's in his second year in his second offense and definitely shows spans of brilliance, sometimes he can just be so frustrating. He's easily the most promising QB we've had since Garrard, though obviously the bar is low. If we do end up getting a new QB next year, or are in a position to draft one, I'm all in on Kellen Moore for HC. He's not perfect but he's very young and I think he really knows his stuff. More likely scenario: we fire Marrone in week ~10, Gruden gets like 2 or 3 wins as interim, roll with him. Gruden has been largely okay as playcaller, but we probably need to clean house.
  9. Who should the next HC be? Do we believe Minshew is the future? Discuss.
  10. absolutely baffling decision by Doug. I just......I don't even know where to start with that
  11. If we get blown out, might as well just can Doug and obviously Todd. Let Gruden take over and see what happens I guess.
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