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  1. General News Thread

    Didn't someone on twitter predict this hire right after we fired Hackett because Flip has some sort of tie to Coughlin? Could've swore I remember that, and that could play a role in his hire as well.
  2. General News Thread

    who do you think is the best QB we can sign and still invest a 1st in a QB? Flacco maybe? Bridgewater?
  3. Broncos Hire Rich Scangarello as OC

    wait what? if this is satire forgive me but A. He's not a former QB B. Former backup QBs get coaching jobs literally all the time at this level
  4. General News Thread

    I'm fine with getting him, just need to draft somebody too. Cannot bank on Foles.
  5. Jaguars hire John DeFlippo as OC

    Much preferred to Bevell or Mccoy. Lets see how this goes.
  6. Packers hire Nate Hackett as OC

    he has one season calling plays under his belt and he did a pretty mediocre job
  7. Packers hire Nate Hackett as OC

    about as good an OC hire as Lafleur was a HC hire so I at least admire the consistency.
  8. Greg Roman promoted to Ravens OC

    Roman's offenses have never really sustained beyond a season or 2, wouldn't expect this to be much different. Obviously have to hope that Lamar's career ends up better than the last 2 QBs Roman developed tho
  9. not sure if srs he would be out of a job for like 5 mins
  10. yes yes that was me and I completely agree with you if your overall point here is "teams reach on QBs every year so if we want a QB we're just gonna have to reach on someone because the only QBs worthwhile in this draft will be gone by round 2 regardless". Daniel Jones is not a 1st round prospect IMO but I'd agree with you that someone is taking him round 1 so if we think there's any chance he's the guy, we gotta take him. That being said, I'd rather we just go all in and move up like 4 picks and get Haskins. He's a significantly better prospect and this FO should be desperate for a win.
  11. AFC Wild Card: Chargers @ Ravens

    Flacco warming up?
  12. AFC Wild Card: Chargers @ Ravens

    are we all prepared for the Flacco comeback and SB run?? Stay tuned
  13. No, if only because I think a trade will be do-able without involving Ramsey at all. Would rather give up the picks tbh.
  14. let me go on record saying BIG nope on Daniel Jones before round 3