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  1. Who are the worst projected starters in the NFL?

    Has to be Nathan Peterman, no?
  2. Raiders Fear Suspension for WR Martavis Bryant

    It's a good thing the Raiders don't tolerate low character guys like Marquette King, though. Can you imagine how much worse the team with would be with a guy like that on the roster? Granted, I suppose Bryant will likely start the season on the commissioner's list as opposed to the actual roster but still
  3. Dumbest Coach Quotes

    a response to "why do you think you were chosen as head coach" (I'm paraphrasing here because it doesn't matter what the real quote is, it's really god damn stupid) Jim Tomsula? "Why? Why not, y'know? Why? Why not? They asked me, and y'know, 'lets go', it's time to schtep in, lets go, why? why not?"
  4. both better than Tanner Lee and didn't cost draft picks tbh I know, I know, 6th rounder and UDFA are the same in a vacuum but they called his name from the podium
  5. Eli Manning on trial for fake memorabilia scam

    bet the settlement was Eli giving over a truck load of "game worn" helmets that he swears are legit this time
  6. Bold Predictions Thread

    >implying Andrew Luck will be allowed to hold a football come January 2019
  7. 2019 Quarterback Class

    man, I'm wondering what some people are seeing in Drew Lock. Obviously he could made some strides this season, but I've seen him hyped as a first rounder some place and am not seeing that. He'll make the occasional really nice deep throw, but seems to have some serious issues with staring down receivers, misses more throws than you'd like, and despite seemingly ample arm strength his throws seem to not have great velocity. Not a fan from what I've seen thus far
  8. Bold Predictions Thread

    Tanner Lee starts the entire season after Blake Bortles disappears after saying he's going on a beer run Throws for 6 TDs to 36 interceptions, Jags still make it to the AFCG and lose in heartbreaking fashion.
  9. After the draft, who is getting cut now?

    they sound like the players you cut in madden who don't become free agents, they just flat out disappear from the game entirely.
  10. Do we overuse the phrase "Could have drafted him later" ?

    We drafted Tanner Lee in the 6th round when we could have signed him on day 2 of UDFA signings
  11. Jaguars UDFA Thread

    bruh he tore his ACL heroically while scoring a TD. Dude's a Jags legend
  12. just watched his tape and frankly I'm surprised someone took the time to put a video of his throws together this guy is freaking horrible
  13. Day 3 Draft Discussion Thread

    ......... who are the Pats waiting on for next year at QB? lol
  14. Final Day Draft Talk

    gotchu guys