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  1. If it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right
  2. Lets party like it's week 1 2020, boys. 2 straight weeks of not losing! Bonus game: Predict what Urban will do off the field/say in a press conference that will find a way to make headlines this week!
  3. I've never said a bad thing in my life about Matthew Wright
  4. Yup. Obviously when you're a gadget QB, you're not going to get the necessary playing time to make progress in terms of reading a defense and decision making. He's still clearly farther along in doing both of those things than Jones, though. Too bad Mullen is perhaps the most stubborn man in college football. The season for UF is lost now, so now is the time to knock out AR15's growing pains so the team can make a legitimate run with him next year, because that's prooooooobably going to be the final year that UF has his services.
  5. Farrell and Manhertz are both more than capable blockers. If we draft a TE late, I’d want a pass catcher to replace Hollister
  6. I am highly interested in seeing where you’re going with this
  7. Yes, the whole team is going to bring their respective wives on the field in a showing of solidarity against Urban
  8. You said that with no legitimate evidence and then also said that Meyer has “made an effort to bring in his guys over other players” with Hyde being your only example. Trust me, I, rightfully, could not care less about Carlos Hyde. I do not like seeing him carry the football, few fans do like seeing their RB3 get carries. You suggested that Hyde was the subject of some sort of grand conspiracy that involves faking injuries.
  9. Did Rhule completely change the culture in 4 games? If not, Carolina should’ve cut ties.
  10. I mean, maybe. Rhule inherited a 5-11 team and the team’s win total with him year 1 improved by 0 games, all while plugging his roster with his guys, which is something you claim to care about Meyer inherited a far worse 1 win team, and you’ve written him off for not matching Rhule’s accomplishment within 4 games. Oh and also you’ve also now criticized him because he signed one of his former players as RB3 lol
  11. How many did they win last year? How about the year before? I’m sure you were calling for Rhule’s head after he led the Panthers to just 5 wins in his first season, especially after just signing a bunch of his own guys, right?
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