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  1. In Pittsburgh, he’d either wear 8 (with Tommy Maddox’s permission of course), as a tribute to his college number, or 19, as a tribute to the virus that he pretended to be vaccinated against.
  2. “Sean Payton won’t answer my phone calls while he is on vacation, so that’s it, I’m claiming he might not come back” -Ian
  3. I, for one, would love to continue mocking him for both, actually.
  4. Big Ben riding off into the sunset by duking it out with Chad Henne in garbage time
  5. Even if the refs had blown the game in egregious fashion, I don't think an NFL QB should be telling people it's a good thing to throw objects from the stands at them.
  6. The Cowboys also would've had 40 more seconds to score a TD if Randy Gregory hadn't decided to tackle a guy for no reason and get a defensive holding penalty on the 9ers last drive.
  7. Potentially hot take here: I actually do not want people to throw objects at the refs, even if they make bad calls sometimes (and in this case didn't even do that....so Dak doesn't even have any angle here at all)
  8. Steelers giving off some major 2015 Broncos vibes
  9. Shanahan did it multiple times today and infamously did it during the greatest super bowl meltdown of all time I’m also not convinced that it was even that bad of a call. I think Dak probably extended the play longer than he was supposed to. It was ballsy, and it didn’t pay off, but I don’t think it was anything too derpy. but yeah, plenty of OCs who get scapegoated in playoff games end up getting HC jobs afterwards anyway, because NFL front offices aren’t as reactionary as forums and subreddits. Who would’ve thought
  10. Mccarthy should be fired for his team coming out both wildly unprepared to play and for playing extremely undisciplined Moore orchestrated a top 5 offense on the year, doubt he gets fired over 1 play
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