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  1. I would like to go ahead and deny that. I'm not going to give Peyton Manning much credit for Denver's 2015 success, and I'm not going to give Tebow any credit for Denver's success in the year where they lucked into the playoffs. Both were among the worst QBs in the NFL at the time and rode a defense playing out of their mind into the playoffs.
  2. Smith confirmed that he came in for a visit here interesting
  3. His video makes me think he’s probably going to take a year or so off to spend some time with his family, but hopefully somewhere down the line he’ll be interested.
  4. Wild career, and one hell of a comeback. I know he’s said he doesn’t want to get into coaching but I hope he changes his mind down the line.
  5. Yeah but Peyton in 2013 still had more years left in the NFL than Tebow......
  6. And what did Denver do with Tebow when they signed Manning, knowing that they could probably swap him out for some valuable draft capital?
  7. With or without Smith, if Minshew is on the roster come like....week 4 of this season I will eat my shoe. Preeeetty sure he’s gone.
  8. I'm honestly curious as to what the last class was that had "good QB depth" in the later rounds going into the draft lol 2012 I guess, though I would argue that Cousins as a prospect wasn't leagues ahead of a Mills/Newman type guy.
  9. While I doubt that I agree with Mccorkle’s politics, what he did in 8th grade is an absolute non-story.
  10. Simms desperately trying to influence Shanny to not look extremely wrong on his Mac Jones predictions lol
  11. When? Pat F and Brevin Jordan were the top TEs left and even Jordan was gone by 51 lol I guess we could've settled for Tremble later on but there's a huge drop off imo Also we added 2 lineman later on and it's a much deeper OL class than TE class.
  12. Believe he is already claimed
  13. Jaguars claim Leighton Mccarthy, OLB, FAU
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