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  1. Can you blame him? Retire at 31, millions of dollars, presumably already has a job offer at Newsmax where he doesn’t have to take a physical beating? Not a bad gig.
  2. He’s doing the lord’s work i always thought to myself “hey I bet a bunch of NFL players are morons, but how could I ever know which ones?” and then Beasley initiated a moron roll call
  3. Yeah, this whole thing has been an unpleasant wake up call as to how many people that otherwise seem normal have wacky anti-science views. It’s especially disappointing for guys who are in my age range and have sooooo many resources at their disposal to know all of the facts that they need but instead stay willfully ignorant.
  4. They’re thinking that they need to know all of the facts and have to make the best decision for them time to hit TikTok for the most up to date vaccine info
  5. If only there was a way to avoid testing positive for COVID
  6. I’m with you here. Recently made the switch from a 7 to the XR and for the first week or so I felt like “old man yelling at cloud” about various changes that had been made lol. I missed the home button, thought the phone was too big, the iOS was 2fancy4me, etc i have since come around. Phone is still kinda big for my liking but I have adjusted.
  7. I just don’t see the point in trading for a guy that likely doesn’t want to play for us and wasting his last years of productivity in rebuilding years. With Urban’s philosophy of wanting to supposedly win now, I wouldn’t be shocked to find out that we inquired about him, but it just doesn’t really make sense to me. I’m never opposed to bringing in a talent of his level, but we just weren’t the logical fit for what he’s trying to do at this point in his career
  8. As long as we continue to stay far, far away from their strength and conditioning coaches
  9. You’re going to have an A+ view of me sweating profusely below
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