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  1. I mean he had 2 dropped INTs as well. Not a good showing
  2. I don't even know what to take away from this game.
  3. I mean we had a guy streaking wide open deep, the line just collapsed. The throw never should've happened.
  4. ah yes, so it would be a 3 point game instead, when we can't make FGs
  5. I don't mind the play call. That's on Trevor.
  6. you just know this game is going to come down to a 45 yard Lambo attempt that makes or breaks him
  7. Yeah it's going to take time for a FA to get our kicking strategies down
  8. damn it's sad to hear Lambo booed but the guy has to go
  9. LMAO Bevell said "not running enough for you?"
  10. nah, lets keep **** talking him, it fuels him
  11. Trevor taking an absolute beating so far NOT IDEAL
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