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  1. Stokes. I don’t think it’s much of a question. Bigger question is if they go Jaire and Stokes with Sullivan in the slot or Stokes and Douglas with Jaire in the slot or star.
  2. Correct or close. I believe there was 1:43 when the 40 second clock started. New England would have had to hike it by 1:03. Instead, they restarted the clock with 1:23. Ran an extra 20 seconds off the clock.
  3. Not going to happen. I’m pretty sure the dead cap hit for cutting/trading Bakh would cost more than his cap hit next year.
  4. Why “go Jets”, yet also “go 49ers”? I want the Saints in the playoffs more than the 49ers.
  5. James Lofton and Sterling Sharpe are up there too. Elite guys back when the Packers rarely had any.
  6. 1) Ahman Green 2) LeRoy Butler 3) Jordy Nelson 4) Nick Collins 5t) Tim Harris and Bryce Paup On this team Rashan Gary and Jaire Alexander have a chance of breaking into my top 5.
  7. Good stuff. I don't really disagree with any of it--other than I think Savage has had a damn good year. He just hasn't caught enough balls thrown to him. If he did, we'd be talking Pro Bowl.
  8. Convince me that the blindside block call isn’t the worst I’ve seen since Fail Mary?
  9. Convince me that this blindside block call isn’t the worst I’ve seen since Fail Mary?
  10. Their kicker missed 49 and 57 yard FGs. Our kicker missed 36, 40, and 51 yard FGs. All were basically game winning attempts, but we got lucky? Our first miss would have iced the game and came before McPherson’s two attempts to win the hand. Our last two misses would have won it.
  11. I think “used heavily” in year 1 and “great” in year 3 are overstated. He had ~450 yards as a rookie (with a poor catch % and poor yards/target) and just under 1000 yards in year 3. Was that the year Jordy was out, so he was a starter without many weapons around him? I would say he was solid. He wasn’t really great until year 5.
  12. Please no. Who gets to determine blatant misinformation? You? Some "fact checking" site with political bias? There have been numerous posts that were banned by social media in the last year that have turned out to be true. Let's not go that route. Unless I get to decide what gets banned.
  13. Yep. Big penalty. Looked like a bad call.
  14. King and Black were both terrible, and Stokes has his worst game in awhile. Savage finally caught the ball, and Keke went helmet to helmet on Cousins.
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