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  1. I don't care what the stats showed. He played well in that game. That was the game where I thought this guy has a chance. Plenty of wow throws and he showed a lot of escapability. That Dallas team went 13-3 and had a really solid defense (Wade Phillips). Favre went 5 for 14 with 2 interceptions in that game.
  2. True. It drives me crazy when people say he fell because nobody needed a QB. That's just false.
  3. Top 10 offense. Name the best skill position player he had on those teams? Sammy Winder? Vance Johnson? 14-7 in the playoffs in his career. Several clutch drives/plays. 9 time Pro Bowler. Started in 5 Super Bowls. Can’t look at the stats compared to today’s game. The game was different. The dude was great. As a Packers fan, I think he was very similar to Favre.
  4. What were his stats in 2019? I’d be surprised if they weren’t much better. Of course, that was about the only year he stayed healthy.
  5. King isn’t bad. He’s up and down—mainly connected to his health. He’s solid when healthy (2019), but he’s injured a lot. At least he’s good at picking off Kirk Cousins.
  6. He carried a lot of average teams to the Super Bowl. As a Packers fan, I respect the hell out of the player. Easily, top 10 QB all-time for me. Too bad his first title was against the Packers—when he mostly handed off to TD.
  7. From what I understand almost all contracts are written with that language written into them. That the team can convert roster bonus, etc. into a signing bonus.
  8. He had over 1000 yards (receiving and rushing) last year. In the right scheme (Packers, 49ers) he’d be really good.
  9. Looks like 2y/$18.5m + up to $500K in Pro Bowl incentives ($250K in Pro Bowl incentives for both years)
  10. Reggie White. If you weren't around then, you probably wouldn't understand. Free agency was new. Guys like Reggie had never become available to other teams. The circus surrounding his free agency was crazy. Many NFL teams recruiting him like college teams recruiting a 5 star.
  11. 1 Tom Brady 2 Joe Montana 3 Peyton Manning 4 Johnny Unitas 5 Brett Favre 6 John Elway 7 Aaron Rodgers 8 Dan Marino 9 Drew Brees 10 Roger Staubach 11 Steve Young 12 Bart Starr I consider modern football starting in 1960. That's when the AFL was created. Most of the teams currently in the NFL started in 1960 or earlier. Around the same time, the NFL became more prominent on television. With a couple more good years, Rodgers will likely move past Favre and Elway. With another Super Bowl title he could move as high as #4. Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes, and Dan
  12. Even if he beats the record, I'd probably still consider Ahman better (I won't get into Jim Taylor and Paul Hornung). Ahman toiled in Seattle for a couple of years and had an unfortunate injury while in his prime. Ahman had more speed. He had more power. Jones is a bit better catching the ball, but Ahman was no slouch. Ahman was a better pass protector. Jones is better with ball security. Ahman was a beast, and underrated by most outside of Green Bay. The last two years by Jones don't compare to Ahman's best years.
  13. Interesting topic, but it's brutal as a Packers fan. I think the Packers would have gotten beat in 2007. I really liked their chances in 2014. I think we beat the Patriots earlier in the year, but that wasn't playoff Tom. It's probably unlikely that we would have lost to the Jets in 2010. Actually, that was the year we beat Pittsburgh, so I guess not so brutal. New England vs. Green Bay in 2011 would have been interesting too. We were 15-1 in the regular season and New England won their last 10 games before losing to the Giants.
  14. I watched a few of his videos last year. In hindsight he was wrong on some guys. For example, Simms really liked Ryan Finley. I enjoyed watching his analysis though. With you on the dislike for Florio.
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