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  1. Dolphins fire Adam Gase and reassigned Tannenbaum

    Oh okay. Unfortunately I think you're wrong as it looks like Cincinnati will hire either Hue or Joseph. Gase and McCarthy are the only ones that have earned another HC right now, though maybe Bowles somewhere down the line.
  2. Dolphins fire Adam Gase and reassigned Tannenbaum

    You don't see McCarthy getting another HC job?
  3. Who's the worst team in the first round?

  4. Best Fits for the Recently-Fired HC's

    With the exception of Gase, McCarthy and maybe Bowles none of these guys have any business ever being an NFL head coach for a long time if ever. Most would be best fit for coordinator jobs or maybe NCAA head gigs. Maybe a front office role for Lewis. McCarthy would be a good fit for Cleveland and Gase would be a good fit for Arizona.
  5. SNF: Chiefs @ Seahawks - WK 16

    That was a great drive. Two fantastic catches.
  6. Week 16 GDT

    Finally the refs got one right.
  7. Week 16 GDT

    They call that but they don't call an intentional grounding in Big Ben earlier?
  8. Of all the possble SB scenarios.....

    How is KC/NE against Dallas good but KC/NE against New Orleans just "pretty good"
  9. Week 15 GDT

    Ugh. Pittsburgh definitely had a horseshoe up their butt this whole game.
  10. Week 15 GDT

    It would be nice if the refs would call one on Pittsburgh for once
  11. Texans @ Jets

    What an amazing catch.
  12. Should Andy be criticized for not starting Mahomes down the stretch?

    No. Smith was playing well last year and I think Mahomes needed the full year to sit and develop. He didn't play that well in Week 17 of last year either.
  13. Road games your team historically struggles at

    For the Bears, San Francisco comes to mind. Bears made a habit of getting destroyed out there almost every game between 1985 and 2013.
  14. Road games your team historically struggles at

    Who's we?
  15. XFL names eight cities for new franchises

    Until it inevitably gets relocated to another city.