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  1. Billy Madison vs Tommy Boy

    Yeah the whole premise of the movie is saving the auto parts factory because it's the heart of the town and the town will go down under without it, yet Sandusky is home to one of the world's biggest theme parks. I don't get why they didn't set this in literally any other small town in America. Laziness and/or incompetence on the filmmaker's part, I guess.
  2. Billy Madison vs Tommy Boy

    Neither movie is great but I prefer Tommy Boy. Not a big Sandler fan at all.
  3. Name Change Requests - Open till July 31st

    Master of Suspense
  4. Worst projected starting QBs entering the season?

    Whoever Buffalo trots out.
  5. What is some NFL history you think needs to be revised?

    Wouldn't matter. NE would still be a dynasty.
  6. Which Super Bowls are most likely to go differently with a do over?

    SB LII might go the other way, especially if BB allows Butler to take the field.
  7. Does the road to Super Bowl LIII in the AFC go through......

    I wonder if the OP is contemplating whether the road to the Super Bowl in the NFC goes through Tampa or New York.
  8. How the NFL should go to an 18 Game Schedule

    Why? These players get the entire offseason off. Do they really need more time off? They should be greatful for the bye they do get.
  9. Yep and they barely made it past the latter two.
  10. Where Does Atlanta Finish in NFC South?

    Probably 2nd, maybe 1st. I'd still put New Orleans ahead of them but I think Atlanta is better than Carolina this year. Carolina tends to perform poorly in even numbered years lately and I suspect they'll be on the outside looking in this year. Tampa will be firmly entrenched in the basement.
  11. Referee Gene Steratore retires

    That's a bummer. I wish it had been Morelli instead.
  12. Chicago Bears unveil new alternate jerseys

    2019. NFC North and AFC West play every 4 years and last played in 2015. The game will likely be in Denver though.
  13. Chicago Bears unveil new alternate jerseys

    They most definitely should not be the standard jerseys. Don't fix what isn't broke.
  14. Who have been the worst General Mangers in the league since 2010?

    Phil Emery and Ryan Grigson.
  15. CLE picked for Hard Knocks 2018

    That too! He couldn't make it 2 seconds without being tackled. Can't wait to see this replicated on an NFL field time and time again.