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  1. I know Forbes etc often state their world-wide brand as part of the reason why they are one of the most valuable franchises in the world but I wouldn't be surprised if how much support they have "across the globe" was over-estimated. I'm far more likely to see someone wearing Raiders or Pats gear than I am to see Cowboys stuff if I'm visiting the local shopping centre (or as you guys would call it, the mall)

    Is Sergio Dipp on the coverage?
  3. I don't think I'd ever see the day where that was true of a Ravens franchise. Turning into an offensive juggernaut in the space of a year is surreal
  4. Haha was just thinking the same thing while making breakfast
  5. Best broadcast team in football?

    Harlan and Gannon really shold be CBS' number 2 crew
  6. the shutout, 40 rushing yards and no injuries is all i want from the rest of this game
  7. yeah, its not just that though. there was a pr earlier where he inexplicably cut back into traffic for just a 4 yard gain when he seemed to have plenty of space to the outside, too
  8. pretty sure the Seahawks claimed him EDIT: nope it was Denver
  9. time to find a new return man - thomas has not been good today
  10. This game will get Judon PAID by someone
  11. Is Tashaun Gipson playing? He hasn't exactly done much considering the talking he did during the week