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  1. Aren't Seattle still an almost exclusively Cover 3 defense? If so, considering that a large part of Ramsey reportedly being upset with the coaching staff is because they put him in too much zone coverage, I can't imagine he'd be all that happy in Seattle, and 2 first's for a near on 2 year rental is an awfully steep price to pay
  2. Ravens Fan Introduction Thread

    Welcome @AussieRaven! There's a number of Ravens fan on the Aussie Rules forum I post on, so its not like I'm alone in being both Australian and a Ravens fan I just noticed that there is an @aussie_raven77 too.
  3. 2019 Baltimore Ravens Roster Tracker

    Someone has to be the 53rd man on the roster
  4. Yeah this. EDC is a self-described pick w**** so I don't see him giving up so much draft capital for an established player regardless of how fun it would be or how much it makes sense to us fans
  5. It is a word and you spelled it correctly
  6. WTF? That has the be intentional grounding
  7. And apparently have had 20 teams inquiring
  8. On the second one yes, but on the first one I don't think he was supposed to be the guy covering the deep third First one, with Jefferson in the short zone Second one:
  9. Huh? How do you get pass interference within 5yds of the LOS? Not that it matters with how easy they ran it in on the next play
  10. I'm not sure the first time was on Jefferson, but that one definitely was
  11. Surely they should have known that there wasn't enough time to run the whole set of motion etc
  12. Smith and Carr are bigger priorities to find replacements in the draft for. Plus I think your expectations for what a 4th CB should perform like are a little high considering I frequently see worse coverage from other teams' starting CBs than what I've seen from Averett today