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  1. In his most recent column Jeff Z's "spicy take" was that we'd sign one of those 3 instead of a big name WR. IDK if it's based on something he's heard from an insider or just what he's surmised from public statements in the same way some of us have, but I figure it's worth notin
  2. A few other WRs based on his data: I assume Waddle and Toney are WR3 and WR4 in his data, but I don't see graphs for them that he's tweeted
  3. Interesting, because this tweet based on aggregated data from a bunch of mock drafts says the opposite
  4. That may or may not be true, but before worrying about whether the 5th or 6th guy in the DI rotation is is a JAG or not, we actually need more than 1 player at EDGE
  5. @Ray Reed depending on how much you are willing to backload the contract, I was actually wrong about a contract for Allen Robinson ruling out getting mid-tier FAs at other positions. Here's an example contract Brian McFarland created using OTC's great "Contract Constructor". It's a 5 yr/$100m contract with $55m in guarantees (for comparison, Amari Cooper signed a 5yr/$100m contract with $40m in guarantees last off-season), yet has a cap hit of less than $7m for 2021 With such a contract, it would actually be feasible to sign at least mid-level FA at OL and/or EDGE on a contract like
  6. It can be done through big signing/roster bonuses to backload the contract, but it would basically rule out even mid-tier FAs to address the OL and EDGE positions
  7. PFN's mock draft machine already has it (pick 104)
  8. Looks like the initial report might have been a little premature/presumptuous if it's true that the Broncos preferred move to to restructure/extend
  9. I know he was being investigated for something but I don't think it was ever revealed what for. His partner explicitly stated he has never been violent towards her (although this was after she had leaked some very toxic text messages he had sent her) EDIT: This is what I was talking about
  10. Has he done something besides sitting out of the rest of the season half way through the year because of injuries?
  11. Agreed. It kinda forces you to consider some other names besides the trendy ones pushed on here/social media/reddit/forums when a bunch of players you haven't really looked at or read up about are the ones at the top of the suggested big board
  12. I hadn't even considered that as a hard metric to consider even thinking about who the Ravens might draft. That's some more good work DK 👍
  13. IDK if this beats the last one DK posted, but I think my first pick might just mean mine trumps it (Using the same trick DK used of controlling both LAC and BAL to force through a potential OBJ for #13 overall trade) Pick 13 (via LAC) - Devonta Smith, WR, Alabama Self explanatory pick really. Pick 27 - Teven Jenkins, OT, Oklahoma State Powerful RT who I think could do a good job of replacing Orlando Brown Jr. Played well in big games in 2020, including against likely first round pick Joseph Ossai of Texas. The below video is a cut-up of 5 plays by Brandon Thorn sho
  14. His mother died recently, but because of Germany banning arrivals from the UK in an attempt to stop the UK variant of COVID-19 spreading there he was unable to attend the funeral. I'd guess that is impacting him a fair bit and might be part of why he comes across that way
  15. Just to add to the stats that show that Ngakoue was more productive than most might think https://trenchwarfare.substack.com/p/true-sack-rate-tsr-a-film-project-659 This is a table created by Brandon Thorne, who is one of the main guys on Twitter that focus on line play. Sack Score is a thing he made up that adds up the scores he provides to various types of sacks as you can see in the columns "Rare High Quality" (beat a very good to elite OT 1-on-1) to "Clean-up"
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