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  1. Don't players who fail the conditioning test typically pass it within the next day or two? While it might mean that Powers gets the first team snaps in the first couple of practices, I don't think think this'll have any meaningful impact on who ends up being starter come Week 1
  2. What a horrible bet from his side. IMO he'd be the favourite if he hadn't added the "less than 1500 yards combined by the RBs" part of it
  3. Brandon Thorn has a particular definition of quality block for his grading purposes - iirc its being 1-on-1 with an elite player. If my recollection is true, it don't imagine there are many of those sorts of blocks given that Cs are the ones least likely to be schemed 1-on-1
  4. I watched that whole gif waiting for him to hit himself in the head 😅
  5. Clowney is basically Pernell McPhee with more name recognition because of a play he made in college
  6. Pretty sure I like this even less than PQ wearing #6
  7. Chill with the personal attacks people
  8. Just an FYI that Webby has decided to take down the old forum permanently now that this version has been live for nearly 4 years. Since the move here the old forum has been left as an archive but that will cease to be the case in about a month's time from when this is posted. If there happens to be an old topic you'd like to hang on to, feel free to save it now - something that can easily be done in most browsers. The easiest way to save a web page is to download it to your computer. In Chrome, open the three-dot menu and select More Tools > Save page as. For Firefox, open the h
  9. I just looked it up - it was an extension in that it added a bunch of voidable years so that they could spread out his salary over 5 years as a signing bonus for the purpose of getting them under the salary cap. He isn't actually under contract for any longer than he already was
  10. "Really wanted" him but would only move up 3 whole spots? 🤔 Sounds more like somebody you'd be happy to have if they fell into your lap
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