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  1. Just an FYI that Webby has decided to take down the old forum permanently now that this version has been live for nearly 4 years. Since the move here the old forum has been left as an archive but that will cease to be the case in about a month's time from when this is posted. If there happens to be an old topic you'd like to hang on to, feel free to save it now - something that can easily be done in most browsers. The easiest way to save a web page is to download it to your computer. In Chrome, open the three-dot menu and select More Tools > Save page as. For Firefox, open the h
  2. I just looked it up - it was an extension in that it added a bunch of voidable years so that they could spread out his salary over 5 years as a signing bonus for the purpose of getting them under the salary cap. He isn't actually under contract for any longer than he already was
  3. "Really wanted" him but would only move up 3 whole spots? 🤔 Sounds more like somebody you'd be happy to have if they fell into your lap
  4. Did Roethlisberger get extended? I thought he just refused to retire
  5. Tyre Phillips also didn't have John Harbaugh apparently raving about him for months prior to the draft either, and yet he still somehow won a starting job. I don't think its unreasonable to assume that Cleveland is the presumptive starter at LG
  6. That's a horribly cherry-picked stat for Lance given the one game he played in 2020 was with very little and Lance basically only played so that the guys on his team on partial scholarships would be guaranteed to get maintain them. If you looked at Lance's 2019 (which is really his only season) I'm sure those numbers would be different. Lamar and Josh Allen had significantly worse completion %s in college.
  7. Expecting to keep doing that is kinda foolish though Just look at all the mid round OL we've drafted in the last couple of years - they should have turned into Marshall Yandas and Ricky Wagners by now, right?
  8. If they were going to "go hard at Safety" I'd have hoped it would have involved more than picking 2 guys who haven't even played the position and still might not, a former 7th rounder who they didn't think was good enough to stay on the roster and an UDFA
  9. https://www.theringer.com/2021/5/1/22415236/nfl-draft-team-grades-picks-rounds-tracker
  10. I would have done pretty well if I was I was trying to guess Philly or Raider picks 😅 Instead I got zero right, which might well be a record low for me in this game
  11. I wonder how many quality safeties in the never played the position before? I know its not uncommon to see CB X is a "zone corner with size and not great hips, so maybe he'll need to transition to Safety" in scouting reports, but how often does that actually work? The only one I can think of is Malcolm Jenkins, but even he played his first season in the NFL as a CB. I fear that this'll turn into a Arizona Brandon Williams like situation (CB who played RB for most of his time in college before being a 3rd round pick in the NFL draft, but could never really find his place), but I'll b
  12. Those numbers point to someone who is explosive but a little stiff. Not entirely what you'd want at CB
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