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  1. Doesn't look good for either of them Also, the alleged payoff happened at Dunbar's attorney's office. Does that make his attorney complicit in a crime?
  2. As much as I understand your logic and somewhat agree with it, it would be a brave move to move on from an All-Pro left tackle so that you can lock up lesser calibre players (even if those players are Pro-Bowlers)
  3. 2021 NFL Draft Prospects

    Great name. I assume that means his parents are great fans of Carthage?
  4. IIRC its a Pats fan site that was basically set up to prove that the Pats aren't the biggest cheaters in the league How else can you justify 'awarding' more points to a player being caught for PEDs (something than US Pro sports doesn't take seriously at all) than "Spygate"?
  5. Interesting choice for what you're changing to. Big fan of surrealism are we?
  6. Was it @AFlaccoSeagulls that wanted to change their username? If anyone wants to get their username changed, follow the instructions in the linked thread. You've got until the end of July
  7. So it's just a coincidence that the details of the punishment are reported within an hour of the Pats signing a former MVP to be their presumptive starting QB? The reason they would want to bury the story is so that less people learn that the NFL decided that what they did was wrong. It makes it a hell of a lot harder to push the "we did nothing wrong" story like in your link when a decision has been made that contradicts it
  8. The story is old but he punishment is not
  9. Was Cam's signing leaked/announced now to try to bury this story?
  10. More than the Ravens being #1 by this metric, the thing that surprised me most is how wrong PFF is on Marlon Humphrey
  11. 2020 RDT

    This is a pretty cool story and sounds like a great idea from Wink to keep things interesting and engaging
  12. Pretty sure that was also before Chuck Clark broke out though.
  13. 2020 ROT

    Should make the IOL position battles more interesting if Skura is good to go from the start of TC
  14. He was so bad you want to cut him again?