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  1. Slightly odd. Harbaugh has said Knight "made a personal decision" The Ravens placed him on the Reserve/Did Not Report list
  2. FYI going on IR only means needing to be off the active roster for 3 weeks now. I don't necessarily disagree with the point of your post though - he was definitely rushed back too quickly and looks like it might have set him back significantly
  3. Add the ominous sounding "nearing resolution" comment from Harbaugh about Stanley today and its not hard to jump to the conclusion that Stanley is probably going on IR soon
  4. He's QB7 in fantasy but has been a really inconsistent scorer thanks to turnovers. Looking at the one league I have him in, he's been below average in 3 games and the best QB that week in 2 others. Makes it really hard to pick him when I also have Mahomes and Brady on the team (its a SF dynasty league)
  5. Decent day in the trenches (at least according to ESPN's metrics)
  6. You can't challenge it - its automatically reviewed because its a turnover
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