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  1. From a realism/cap standpoint trading Judon would make sense (the cap freed up by trading Judon is where Watkins' cap hit goes), but I'd find it tough trading Judon for just a 3rd
  2. Have you ever flirted with being a fan of another team?

    Nope, but I had the advantage of not being American so I could choose my team in the first place
  3. I won't be online when the time for our pick comes thanks to the time difference, so here's my big board: YGM Zach Baun Grant Delpit Ross Blacklock Cesar Ruiz Justin Jefferson Xavier McKinney Kristian Fulton Patrick Queen Denzel Mims
  4. I don't see anyone still available that is worth moving up for. The way this board has fallen so far, if we stay at 28, we'll have the same guys that we see whenever we read a mock draft or play around with a mock draft simulator - guys like YGM / Epenesa / Baun / Blacklock / Queen / Murray / Delpit / McKinney plus the RBs, CBs and now WRs that we don't need to use a 1st round pick on
  5. FFMD tended to result in more trades than you'd see irl because certain GMs/teams just want to make trades for something to do and/or gain extra picks so that they can be more involved. FFMD2 and its lack of salary cap also brings into play that some people will act like the salary cap implications still matter when they make trades, while others won't. That disconnect can lead to a trade like this
  6. Watkins makes sense if you don't take salary cap implications into account at all
  7. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    Memphis RB/WR/gadget player who was used in the slot a lot. Had 38 catches and 36 rushes for the entire season
  8. Just wait for the draft for a WR imo. Given FFMD2 doesn't do FA, I'm not sure there's a WR worth trying to trade for that couldn't cost more than a mid round pick
  9. 4th at the absolute minimum, most like a 3rd probably, because we'd have to replace him this draft with someone like AJ Dillon
  10. Realistically I don't think we'd trade any of them but it can't hurt to see what offers they may bring. I doubt I'll be around for our 1st pick given it goes OTC at 3:20am on Sunday here, but I'll try to leave a big board before then
  11. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    Is that you? But seriously, in a draft class this stacked at WR, I don't see why you'd spend a Day 2 pick on him when there's every chance guys like Bryan Edwards or Michael Pittman Jr could be available in the 4th
  12. Ravens sign former Bronco DE Derek Wolfe

    Add in the $3m for Wolfe, and we're right around $10m in cap space again (not factoring in the amount need for rookies etc)
  13. Ravens sign former Bronco DE Derek Wolfe

    The amount he was going to count against the cap was $5m