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  1. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    Judon's a classic "leaves in FA and ends up a flop" Raven imo
  2. Transfers & Rumors: Deadline Drama!

    It seems Chelsea's loss will be Tottenham's gain
  3. Transfers & Rumors: Deadline Drama!

    Piatek from Genoa for 40m Euros
  4. Transfers & Rumors: Deadline Drama!

    This is about all I've seen
  5. I intentionally left it out as I figured giving up 154 in the first trade down cancelled it out when I was just working what the trades were to see who the players we ended up getting from pick 16 were. I probably should have put it back in when I added in the first line of my post saying that it was listing all the trades we made
  6. Oh, and just for references, these are the trades made in the draft: Baltimore - 16 & 154 Buffalo - 22 & 65 Baltimore - 22 & 215 Tennessee - 25 & 125 Baltimore - 52 & 125 & future 2nd (Lamar Jackson trade up) Philly - 32 & 132 Baltimore - 65 Oakland - 75, 152 & 212 Baltimore - 75 KC - 86 & 122 In total: Gave - 16, 52, 154, 215, future 2nd Gain - 25, 32, 86, 122, 132, 152, 212 If you only look at the trade involving pick 16, and the subsequent trades involving the picks received from it, then you get: Gave - 16 & 154 Got - 25 (Hurst), 86 (Andrews), 122 (Young), 212 (Senat)
  7. You must consume different media to me then because I haven't seen people call him underrated. I've seen people marvel at his disruptive ability - to have a number of PBUs, rush the passer (his 3.5 sacks is something like 3rd in the NFL for safeties, plus 6 QB Hits) etc - but that is not the same thing. Unless you're saying that all the randoms on Twitter count/have influence? This says to me two things - 1) that you either misbelieved that he was a center field safety during the draft process, or that you have a very rigid interpretation of what a "safety" should and can do in the NFL, and 2) that considering everyone complains about Tony Jefferson that we could use his skills If he wasn't worthy, then who in your eyes was? How often does he need to show he can cover deep before it's good enough for you? A few snaps? A few games? Multiple seasons? Because there are certainly plays from this season that show pretty good deep coverage ability, even if it isn't his best attribute
  8. I agree with you that its not as simple as picking Derwin James over Hayden Hurst, but this does not make sense to me. What does where he was drafted have to do with the fact that he's actually played very well in the NFL in his rookie season, to the point he is an All-Pro and likely DROY (in a year with a number of worthy winners)? Draft position doesn't equal success, and if anything being drafted lower than where many thought he should have been would lower the hype around him
  9. Transfers & Rumors: Deadline Drama!

    Looking increasingly likely Sarri will be reunited with Higuain
  10. Bears to hire Chuck pagano as defensive coordinator

    The rest of the NFCN has some pretty good DCs in their own right
  11. Greg Roman promoted to Ravens OC

    It'll be the second option
  12. Broncos name Vic Fangio their next Head Coach

    Such a weird twist of events. You'd think that after the Broncos were blocking Kubiak from interviewing for OC jobs elsewhere because they wanted him to be OC in Denver that stuff like his offensive philosophy and who he wanted to hire beneath him would have already have been discussed and agreed upon
  13. BTerp has expressed my thoughts exactly. I was not expecting this to happen at all because John is loyal to a fault to his coordinators, and it seems this only slightly changed. Hopefully whatever changes are made to the offensive coaching staff will be to help develop Lamar as a passer and the offense next year won't double down on the running game
  14. Nobody could have. Denver was blocking all interview requests for OC positions as he was still under contract in his front office role. Elway wanted him to be OC regardless of who was hired as HC. EDIT: I take that back. Apparently Kubiak and Elway had differing opinions on offensive staffing so he won't be taking the job
  15. Good listen (as expected). Interesting that Ken didn't find that the so called tips (from Stanley's stance as to what the play call was) that were reported in the news were actually tips. I wonder if it was just bragging by the the Chargers players or if they saw something even more nuanced than Ken could see?