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  1. NFL News & General Info Thread

    If anything it's the Eagles trying to do that since that tweet was clearly about the Packers.
  2. NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread #WinItAll4theHAUL

    Not sure why you put that in quotes, because the guy failed A LOT of drug tests at Texas, so its not like its overblown or anything. But, someone is indeed getting a lottery ticket with him on day 3.
  3. NFL News & General Info Thread

    You're concerned about Jeremy Hill? lol
  4. NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread #WinItAll4theHAUL

    Honestly we could go a number of directions. We don't desperately need to fill any hole for this year. If we went with Guice it would be cause he's very high on our board and we aren't intending to pay Ajayi when he's a free agent next off-season which would be smart IMO.
  5. NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread #WinItAll4theHAUL

    I'd bet he's off our board.
  6. Vikings Officially Sign DT Sheldon Richardson

    That’s funny to hear a Bears fan say. I like the Pack/Bears more than any other non-Vikings team. Thought I might have been the only one to like division rivals. People from the midwest too friendly... ya'll should hate each other
  7. NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread #WinItAll4theHAUL

    Site I was looking at was wrong. I think their order was before comp picks.
  8. Vikings Officially Sign DT Sheldon Richardson

    That should be the kickoff game for this season tbh.
  9. Vikings Officially Sign DT Sheldon Richardson

    Sheldon Richardson in a contract year for that Vikings defense is ridiculous.
  10. NFL News & General Info Thread

    The Vikings signing Sheldon Richardson makes that defense even more ridiculous.
  11. Love Vinny no matter what. Dude grew up an Eagles fan and got to help bring the 1st Super Bowl to Philly. That is almost any kids dream growing up. Hope he goes on to have much success wherever he goes. Just hoping its not another NFC East team.
  12. NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread #WinItAll4theHAUL

    That's pretty terrible value for Kendricks. I mean just moving down from #29 to #41 is almost worth that alone lol. Plus, #212 is a 7th rounder and its the Ravens pick.

    That's an understatement....
  14. NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread #WinItAll4theHAUL

    Yes!!!! He's definitely one of my top options. He runs with so much aggression. The city would love him. He was hampered by an injury this year which didn't allow him to be as beastly as he was the previous year which would be the only reason he's sitting there for us. Edit: Speaking of which...