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  1. CP3 in 3 games versus the Lakers 33 mins.... 8 points (1-4) 32 mins... 11 points (3-11) 34 mins... 13 points (6-13) MVP... my ***. Maybe the most valuable (dirty) player.
  2. He's lost his strangehold on it, but obviously he's a top contender for it. I think he's shot like 30% or something from 3 the past couple months. I'll be happy if he wins though.
  3. fr fr... somebody needs to knock Paul out of mid air if we play him in the first round
  4. I mean they'll beat the Rockets and we could lose to the Knicks for sure. That would put them 2 games ahead with 3 to go. I wouldn't even mind going to the play-in at this point though. Schroder might only get to play in the last regular season game and Bron still isn't back yet. I'm not really sure they need more time off. Bron has to start playing on that ankle for full games. That thing is still gonna be sore to start its just the nature of that type of injury. Schroder could probably use some conditioning so an extra game to get acclimated can't hurt him.
  5. Suns fans have nothing to complain about compared to us on Friday lol
  6. Steph couldn't go off against bad Lakers teams.... dude be bricking it up in Staples. In 34 career games versus the Lakers he scores 20 PPG on 42.5% from the field and 35% from three.
  7. I know it has but its never frustrated me before cause usually its happening against my team lol. And, yeah I was just talking the other day like I'm not sure why people think Drummond is gonna play big minutes when it matters most. He'll still probably get a big more than my liking. I'd like to limit him under 15 mins max.
  8. lol how did he miss that lay-up man? he's so trash around the rim for a big
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