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  1. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    Late reply but thanks for filling me in. Are you more disappointed in your FO or Ngakoue in this situation?
  2. Whew..... and a back-up d-line of Curry (hopefully) - M. Jackson - Ridgeway - Barnett
  3. Brian Poole is another slot and he would've been extremely nice for the 1/5M he got.
  4. If we trade for and lock up Ngakoue. I will lose it. Edit: Not gonna get my hopes up over a Jason La Canfora tweet and a cryptic social media post though...
  5. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    I feel you. Is there a reason Ngakoue wants out of Jacksonville? I haven't paid close attention. He lose respect for the front office?
  6. Eagles trade for CB Darius Slay

  7. Eagles trade for CB Darius Slay

    That quote got messed up lol
  8. Hell to the yeah!! I wanted Byron but he picked the sunshine and no state tax lol I’m hard...
  9. Eagles are not picking up option on S Malcolm Jenkins

    No problem. Yeah its probably gonna come down to who can give him his nice last pay day, but I'm not sure that Washington is the best fit.
  10. I'm just saying what their averages will be, but yeah I kinda expected his to be lower the first year. Should we front load Slay's deal if we trade for him? Make it more manageable to get out by year 3 with minimal cap hit if he is declining?
  11. Problem is we already threw 12 million at Javon, 5 million at Mills, 6 million at McLeod. Slay also has effort problems sometimes and tackles like Darby. He can be sticky as hell in coverage, but @ninjapirate does have a point on him getting close to 30 and he's a guy who relies on his athleticism at corner. He doesn't have the size. Don't get me wrong I'd love to have Slay this season and he would be a big boost to our secondary at least for the next couple years at least, but I get the apprehension. That's why I wanted to get Byron cause they are gonna want similar money, but Jones is a couple years younger, better tackler/hustle, and wouldn't cost like a 2nd round pick or something in return. Damn... I still can't get off us missing on him lol. We still have the room to trade for him and give him a similar deal to Byron (maybe like 15 million per?), but yeah.
  12. Eagles release Malcolm Jenkins

    still one of my favorite moments brady's tackle "attempt" will never get old lol
  13. Jenkins had 8 PBUs and 0 INTs? Judging things off box score scouting is so dumb anyways. Guess its good we passed on Byron Jones cause of the lack of interceptions lol.
  14. Eagles are not picking up option on S Malcolm Jenkins

    I believe we saved 4.7 million? But, it wasn't really about that... Jenkins wanted a nice extension and to be one of the top paid safeties. His decline has already started and we are trying to get younger. We signed McLeod who is younger, played just about as well last year, and accepted a 2 year deal for 12 million which is a nice little bargain.