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  1. Yeah, but I get it. I didn't believe it at first either and I don't think people wanted to. When there are anonymous sources its usually gonna be taken with a grain of salt unless the reporter is considered very reputable. It kinda comes with the territory.
  2. I'm happy dude is gone and I supported him for years. Pretty sure there are other players on the team who feel the same.
  3. Yeah everyone can see he could use a break. I’m sure he won’t let them bench him though. Would be like the exact opposite of the Kawhi and PG story on TheAthletic about them being late to flights lol
  4. Randle an all star.... Clarkson probably 6MOTY, Zubac a key part of the Clippers rotation, Lonzo shooting 39% from three on almost 8 attempts, and Ingram is on the door of the 50/40/90 club right now 😎🥲
  5. I’m confident we take the Jazz in 6 games or less come playoff time.
  6. They don’t have Schroder or AD and the team is exhausted from that Finals run. Doesn’t excuse the bad shooting from distance though.
  7. Lakers Jazz likely gonna be ugly. Not looking forward to it.
  8. After Ford its whatever. The 5th round picks are cool though. Seumalo is worth more than a 5th. PFF had him as one of the best pass blocking guards last year and he just turned 27 years old, so he's in the prime of his career. Plus, he has the versatility to play basically every position on the line.
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