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  1. I get it, but I’m sure with the kind of guy Bazemore is he would give it if Rondo was asking for it, so I’m just gonna guess he didn’t push for it.
  2. Montrezl Harrell with 22 points on 9-11 off the bench to beat the Raptors by 15. And this happened.. 😂👏🏻
  3. Did well being on Steph a lot defensively and hit the corner threes. The threes not in the corner didn’t look that good. He does, but he probably drags his feet and we don’t do it enough in the early going.
  4. You’ve already seen my thoughts. Not overreacting to one game for any team. We’ll see where these teams are at in Feb/March. Fortunately for us we don’t have to play you guys till mid January, Feb and March. The March one being the only one in Utah.
  5. I just didn't get the hate. Obviously his shot needed to be worked on coming into the league and he was an undisciplined player, but you could see the special talent he had as a playmaker. But, yeah he's way more confident than Zo. I'm glad both of their shots have improved. Both of them deserve credit for working on their form. Let's just be glad the Warriors didn't get him, cause that would've been rough.
  6. That might be fair, but the Clippers beat you with Kawhi on the sidelines and Paul George playing the most mins of any player in the playoffs.
  7. The reason why you guys should probably be the favorite to get the 1 seed with Murray and Leonard out. Rudy has his issues come playoff time, but he's one of the biggest floor raises for regular season.
  8. Didn't realize he's only played 1 game in the NBA, but we can do the 3 year rule like NFL.
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