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  1. Around The NFL: Gameday Talk

    I tried my best.
  2. I am looking for a team to follow outside of the Browns

    We'll definitely welcome you with open arms on the Eagles forum and any other Browns fans that want to adopt us as their NFC team. We have one of the best and most active forums like @EaglesPeteC already pointed out. Lots of users with good senses of humor as @808 demonstrated with the friendly haul busting....... I mean ball busting. I'm not from Philly, but I know Philly and Cleveland (where my Dad is from... sorta... Shaker Heights) are both very much blue collar cities with fans that are obsessed about their football. Neither team would have a SB, but that is okay, cause I feel like it would feel empty to just jump to a 2nd team that already had a ring. Those fans likely won't understand never experiencing that ultimate goal like you do. You also would be able to watch Carson Wentz who probably should've been a Brown. As an Eagles fan who was doubting him a bit coming into this season the dude is incredibly fun to watch and a true leader. Besides that he is just a great dude and almost impossible to dislike. If that doesn't seal the deal, then just watch this 2017 highlight reel which was masterfully put together. Come join us on the Eagles forum and give your new fandom a test run. BTW if I couldn't sway you into making the best decision, then my vote goes for Minny who also has great fans that are hungry for that 1st Super Bowl victory.
  3. The Official Recruiting Thread

    Never met the kid, so I won't call him a headache based on some tweets, but he does seem to act more like a skill position player than an offensive lineman... lol. His upside is obviously why he is rated so high. Hopefully he has an upperclassman that takes him under their wing wherever he goes.
  4. The Official Recruiting Thread

    All good. I kinda also wanted to post about the early signing period anyways since some might not know much about it.
  5. The Official Recruiting Thread

    Besides OSU already having the last in-home visit a couple days ago. That just isn't possible. Here is the recruiting calendar. If you scroll down you will see December. Today and tomorrow are the last days for off-campus face to face communication and he's spending it in Los Angeles for his visit at USC. On Sunday the quiet period goes into effect and the following is what that entails: Since he'll be at USC there is no way Ohio State can visit him since the dead period begins after that on Monday. With that said, they could call him during next week if he wants to get a word in before his commitment which will be from Wednesday to Friday.
  6. The Official Recruiting Thread

    Damn. I really liked Corral from when I first saw his Sophomore highlights. Hope he does good for Ole Miss if that's indeed where he ends up. And, I know. I saw the crystal balls pour in recently. Only have watched soime of a game Emory was in that aired on ESPN and he was playing pretty well. Thought he was gonna end up at OSU, but maybe he knows Haskins is probably firmly entrenched in the drivers' seat for at least a couple years there.
  7. The Official Recruiting Thread

    Think he's gonna be great. Sucks he's going to Ohio State...... like can't you let the rest of us get some great pass rushers. My gut says he'll end up a Buckeye, but I think USC is more likely than Clemson to pull off the upset. My thinking behind that is this. He said that his visit to USC was the best weekend of his life. I know recruits often say good things about every school, but this still seemed notable cause he had been on visits to other big schools by this point including OSU. This was a couple weeks after his first visit. This was from yesterday before he flew out for his second visit. The big thing here is he gave USC his last official visit which comes right before the early signing period. Getting the final word is huge. Like I said before my gut says the Buckeyes win out. The close proximity to family, his closer bond with the OSU recruiting class and longer contact with the staff will be tough to overcome. He did say before the only reason he wasn't committed to the Bucks was that they were in Ohio, so he could decide he wants to move away from home and experience a different area and its obvious he loves L.A./California. Plus, Helton does a good job connecting with recruits and making them feel like they are his sons too which could help ease any concerns the parents have about him going to a school all the way across the country. So, my verdict is USC has a solid shot at him despite not being the favorites which is just about all we can ask for with a 5* recruit from thousands of miles away.
  8. The Official Recruiting Thread

    What happened with him and Florida? I haven't paid much attention to his recruitment since USC parted ways with him and JT Daniels committed.
  9. 17-18 Hot Stove Thread

  10. Angels Acquire Ian Kinsler

    Yep. Sounds like he could be going after Headley now. 1 year deals with Kinsler and Headley. Go balls to the wall in 2018 for Machado if he doesn't sign an extension somewhere after a possible trade.
  11. Angels Acquire Ian Kinsler

    For Tigers fans
  12. Angels Acquire Ian Kinsler

    Billy Eppler the gawd!
  13. THE Official #FireDoug Thread

    I can respect that
  14. The frustrating thing is he did it while mid air. That is just a freak injury cause ACL tears hardly ever happen like that.