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  1. Eagles sign DE Vinny Curry (1 year, $2.25M)

    Glad he decided to take less to come back. Hope this doesn’t mean Chris Long is retiring though.
  2. And some commentary... He that bad Titans fans?
  3. Eagles’ sign former Viking S Sendjeo

    He didn't wanna lose on Thanksgiving.
  4. Ronald Darby returns on 1 year deal

    I think this is my favorite deal this off-season.
  5. Mark Barron signs with Steelers

    Didn't he kinda suck last year?
  6. RB? What would you do?

    I like the idea.... I mean I like Jacobs and the idea of getting more picks along with a guy we want is always an enticing proposition. But, I don't think this is something that will happen. Why? The Raiders hold picks #24 and #27 and are probably the most likely destination for a first round RB. If Jacobs gets past #24, then good chance he doesn't get past #27. Knowing Howie's draft history if he was going to take a RB in the first round he would likely need to be in love with said prospect and if that were the case he wouldn't trade behind the Raiders last first rounder where they could very likely scoop up his guy.
  7. Le'Veon Bell signs with Jets for real this time

    How often in recent memory has a team won a Super Bowl with an elite/great RB?
  8. Nick Foles to the jaguars 4 years 88 million 50 mil grt

  9. 2019 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

  10. FOLES WATCH: Signs with the Jags

    We lose Darby we'll be looking at two 3rd round comp picks next year.
  11. Nick Foles to the jaguars 4 years 88 million 50 mil grt

    Get that $$$$ Nick!!!!!!!!
  12. Eagles sign DT Malik Jackson 3/30M per Schefty

    Mike knows Jackson better than any Eagles beat since he left for a couple years to cover the Jaguars while Jackson was there.
  13. Eagles sign DT Malik Jackson 3/30M per Schefty

    Pretty much. Not to mention it doesn't count against the comp pick formula since he was cut.
  14. Eagles sign DT Malik Jackson 3/30M per Schefty

    Better pass rushing than Jernigan, but worse run defense.