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  1. NFL News & General Info Thread

    The Eagles had it taken down for copyright claims lmfao..... Howie doesn't want his secrets getting out!
  2. Eagles cut Kendricks

    Hicks? No That would be Kendricks when Hicks was healthy.
  3. Eagles cut Kendricks

    That's just 4-3 OLBs Bradham ranked 7th think Hicks ranked in the early to mid teens for inside
  4. Eagles cut Kendricks

    That's because he was in the last years of the deal when the cap hit was larger. A lot of guys would be making more than him soon or next year when their cap hit goes up like isn't Bradham barely costing anything this year before it shoots up?
  5. Eagles cut Kendricks

    12. Mychal Kendricks, Philadelphia Eagles Coverage: 18/25 Run Defense: 18/25 Pass Rush: 9/15 Tackling: 20/25 Position Value: 7/10 Overall Grade: 72/100 After struggling a season ago, with some calling for the Eagles to move on from him, Mychal Kendricks rebounded by reviving his range and awareness in space. He was no longer the player teams could pick on in the passing game, and he regained his footing as a run defender, often clamping down on the end of the line of scrimmage to pinch plays inside.
  6. Eagles cut Kendricks

    I agree he could be better utilized in another scheme, but he still was a good player last year.
  7. Eagles cut Kendricks

    The contract isn't even THAT bad anymore with how contracts have risen in years since we signed him. He played closer to 28% of the snaps in 2015, but you're expecting Bradham and Hicks (mainly) to stay healthy to result in that outcome. Nelson has pretty much been a special teams player for his career with limited playing experience. Kendricks was actually a good starting outside linebacker last year. That's only if he's hardly on the field cause Hicks and Bradham both stay healthy.
  8. Eagles cut Kendricks

    Y'all remember how the Hicks injury forced us into having to play Jenkins and McLeod out of position last year cause Malcolm had to act a lot as like a quasi linebacker which isn't his forte? Yall remember us trying to use Ellerbe and Goode to not so good results? Kendricks stepping up last year and having one of his best seasons was huge for us. I've wanted him to be replaced like it was coming at some point, but I'm not sure now was the time for it. If we drafted a top LB in this draft, then I would understand it more.
  9. Eagles cut Kendricks

    Where is the photo of Mychal holding up the trophy? And, I give him the benefit of the doubt plenty, but he's not beyond criticism. Unless there's something we don't know about with Kendricks this is an odd decision. Maybe he turns water into wine with the money he saved and I wonder why I ever doubted him. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. Eagles cut Kendricks

    I guess some will justify any move their team makes though
  11. Eagles cut Kendricks

    Jeez the way some of you and other eagles fans talk it's like kendricks was a scrub and this move is inconsequential...
  12. Eagles cut Kendricks

    I don't get it Less concerned with how Nelson fills in as I am our depth.
  13. The idea of getting rid of either right now seems pretty dumb to me. If we can find a way to free enough room to wiggle Hankins under the cap, then fine, but its not very likely I don't think.
  14. He looked better than okay. I really think he can be a nice rotational player for us.