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  1. The Official 2019 NBA Draft Lottery Thread!!!

    They are special. Just not the good kind.
  2. The Official 2019 NBA Draft Lottery Thread!!!

    Reddish still shouldn’t be a top 5 pick and my point wasn’t that nobody said it’s a top 3 draft. Good for you. I’m aware there are people who are big RJ fans. And, we’ll see in time if you were right or not.
  3. Anthony Davis Packages: Which Are You Taking?

    Still don’t believe if it’s from Woj about the Lakers or LeBron lol
  4. Miserable Hot Takes

    You aren't wrong though?
  5. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    Lonzo but LA would need to add value. LA needs to just not even think about doing something that stupid.
  6. The Official 2019 NBA Draft Lottery Thread!!!

    you know I'm right
  7. The Official 2019 NBA Draft Lottery Thread!!!

    That random was quoting a credible Lakers reporters that texted/talked to many NBA scouts who said its not a 3 player draft. What don't you get about that? You expect me to have NBA scouts on speed dial for you to hit up? STUDfeld is our #2. Cody is likely a camp arm. Get your facts straight. So is Garland? Doesn't make either a lock to get taken by the Lakers. Could it increase their odds? I don't know. Maybe. Terribly? You funny. D'Angelo Russell and Julius Randle ain't the only guys we've got. Ball and Ingram ain't bums by any means. I'm not as big on Kuzma and Hart like a lot of Lakers fans, but for where they were taken respectively you can't say those aren't solid picks. I'm not sure about our picks last year, but that's not really a knock since they were all really late. But, now that I think about it.... its kinda sad I have to celebrate our scouting department cause that's the only respectable part of the Lakers organization lately.
  8. The Official 2019 NBA Draft Lottery Thread!!!

    Actual NBA scouts disagree with you bro. Just stop. I mean look at your avatar..... lol. You keep talking about this consensus yet are proudly displaying a dude who was selected 4th and wasn't even a consensus top 10 pick. Nah. We ain't the Raiders. We actually have a good scouting department.
  9. 2019 NBA Draft Thread: Little Declares

    This is pretty late, but yeah.
  10. The Official 2019 NBA Draft Lottery Thread!!!

    I know a lot of people that were saying it was a 2 player draft with Zion and Ja before the lottery. Basically everyone has their detractors though. Barrett has a lot and I can see some people being higher on those guys. Just cause you aren't doesn't mean anything.
  11. The Official 2019 NBA Draft Lottery Thread!!!

    I mean every team feels that way. Hurts a lot less for the Lakers than say the Knicks though.
  12. 2019 NBA Mock Draft Thread

    If Culver is there at 10 that's a nice steal. This lottery really screwed Atlanta. I wanted them to get Zion.
  13. 2019 NBA Mock Draft Thread

    Garland praying he doesn't end up in Phoenix lol
  14. The Official 2019 NBA Draft Lottery Thread!!!

    hmm... If the Lakers got #3 it would be only a 2 player draft.