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  1. Cowboys @ Eagles

    Nah behind them but still a great TE.
  2. Cowboys @ Eagles

    Yeah he’s elite in those areas
  3. Hey... we can re-sign a 31 year old Golden Tate!
  4. Well it was a terrible season boys
  5. I agree. Think he wanted to be loyal and reward his guys which is cool, but he didn’t wanna give up play calling and the one who deserved to get the promotion wanted to call plays and so he left for a team where he could.
  6. Great teams / coaches are gonna have coaches leave for promotions, but they usually make better hires than we seemed to with Groh. Felt like we mainly just were looking to promote from within instead of looking at other options with more experience.
  7. Exactly. Adjustments need to be made obviously, but I don’t think we need an overhaul.
  8. Cause I’m not as reactionary as some of you guys.
  9. I’m not on the fire Doug bandwagon
  10. Rasul should’ve been toasted lol
  11. Obviously but we don’t know which ideas are whose. I don’t think it’s easy to put a lot of blame on Groh. To me the blame goes on Doug and Howie maybe for not trying to bring in someone with more experience.
  12. USC’s 31 yards on 41 plays in the 2nd half last night also disagrees