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  1. I'm an Angels fan.... Pujols... Hamilton... ugh. I haven't been a real (like I was growing up) fan the past years cause my interest in baseball has dipped and Arte Moreno makes it hard to be very optimistic anyways. But, yeah that Bonilla contract is a doozy. Good for him though. Very smart to take a deal like that. Probably gets taxed a lot less too cause he's not getting all that money at once and its spread over so many years. I'm sure a lot of other players wish they could have a contract like that lol.
  2. Nothing @Woz would hate more for putting all this time into this thread (kudos!) than for an Eagles fan to take it.
  3. Damnit @Art_Vandalay You need to bring it home for Philly.... or @AZ_Eaglesfan
  4. But, yeah... I'm with Solak. I refuse to do another mock on TDN until they change that damn draft order. We would be picking 8th (according to Tank-A-Thon) instead of 19th. After these next 4 games against SEA, GB, NO, and AZ we will definitely be cracking that top 5 which is where we can get to guys like Sewell, Chase and Parsons for sure.
  5. Sewell and Johnson as the future with having Mailata and Dillard as their back-ups would be ideal. Move Driscoll in to guard as he gets stronger from being in a NFL weight room. I kinda wish we didn't give Johnson a 4 year deal and kept it to 3 if I knew he would be one of those injury riddled guys. I love Lane, but that **** is annoying lol. That would be an amazing stable of tackles and would make me confident in whoever is at QB being protected for a long time to come.
  6. Would obviously love that. A couple of other obvious choices I would love would be Sewell and Parsons. As far as Parsons goes I know LBs are devalued in the NFL today. Probably only second most devalued after RB which is an obvious first. I wouldn't mind it at all for someone as talented as Parsons, even though its not the best use of resources in the top 10, because we have just been so devoid of LB talent for the majority of my fandom. If we are drafting a stud player at LB that high, then we are likely gonna keep him in midnight green for his entire career or at least the majority of it. He also has the type of athleticism that he can probably be good well into his 30s. Sewell is one of the best tackle prospects in the last decade and is young as hell. Just to put it in perspective for you guys... he just turned 20 in October and therefore will be just 20.5 when the draft rolls around and won't be turning 21 until just the day (Saturday) before week 6!!! That is amazing. Yes, we just took Dillard and Mailata for his first regular season starting experience has shown good things, but both are far from being sure things at LT. We have two tackles right now that are seemingly always injured. I know Peters will be gone after this year, but I also worry about Lane and his ankle. He's had surgery and it seems to still be giving him problems. I hope its not something that he'll always have to deal with, but he already turned 30 this spring and is no spring chicken. Get it? lol. We need to start thinking about his replacement too.
  7. I think we all are at this point. The reasons for optimism has dwindled pretty low even for the more optimistic fans on this forum like myself.
  8. Are they though? I could see the argument you could make for your side, but this is how I see it. To me the only team that really desperately needs to not win the division for sure is the Eagles unless you're Doug Pederson or Carson Wentz. Eagles have a good amount of holes and haven't got a blue chip talent in a while. The Eagles have made a big move from being 31st oldest roster at 53 man cut downs in 2019 all the way to 19th oldest in 2020. But, we are still the oldest roster in the division at 19th and a lot of our good players are old and a lot of our young players are unproven. Not a good situation. I think both Washington and New York with their 1st year head coaches would benefit from the confidence boost and experience making the playoffs would give them. Those teams have picked high for years now and don't have a lot to show for it. The only reason I could see for wanting to not make the playoffs for them is to tank for a QB. And, I guess that makes sense for Washington. I'm not really a big fan of Daniel Jones either though. But, I'm not sure Washington is bad enough to get high enough for Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields. They might not even get high enough for Zach Wilson or Trey Lance. So what good would finishing like somewhere in the range of say 5th to 18th overall do for their franchise? I mean if they lose the playoff game which they probably will they will pick 19th. They might have a bit of a higher chance at a great prospect of their choosing, but it might not be the QB they want and they can always ride with Alex Smith (please don't die...) this year and next and draft a QB outside the first round this year and then if they haven't seen enough potential draft another one high in 2022 and have the other QB they drafted in the 2nd to 4th round in 2021 be the back-up to whoever they draft in 2022. They drafted both RG3 and Cousins in the same draft back in 2012. Having a great back-up is extremely valuable and after RG3 busted they had Cousins to rely on for several years of good play until they stupidly let him walk out that door and have been clamoring for a QB ever since. I don't love Cousins, but he's probably one of the best QBs they've had, but that is a different discussion. I think Washington fans should be excited whether they win or lose the division as long as their young guys keep showing progress like quite a few of them have these past 2 years. Obviously they are gonna need to get a QBOTF, but I think it would do wonders for that teams confidence, especially the young guys, if they win the division and even keeping that one playoff game they probably play in within shooting distance, but maybe that is just me. The same goes for the Giants, but I just focused on Washington in this post, because that's who you were talking about.
  9. This thread is warranted complaints based on years of having to be subjected to these teams every year.
  10. No offense to Lions fans, but I don't care about their dumb tradition and you really think I care about a stupid Cowboys tradition? lol Like I said there is no compelling reason to keep it going besides the fact that its been going on for many years now.
  11. Thank god! It's about time some of these southern states like Georgia and Texas join us. Maybe we'll be able to get more done in politics if we don't have this whole stupid divide that we have now which was only made worse by Trump.
  12. Threads on the same subject get made all the time. I bet if you look back in FF's archives you will find a lot more threads on this exact topic which speaks to the fact that the NFL needs to end this.
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