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  1. His post with logic reminded me of yours on the same subject without logic that I said annoyed me lol. I thought I clearly said that, but I guess not.
  2. Not against signing Nelson, but if he signed with us it would be on a 1 year deal. Also, Caplan has been reporting for a long time that the Eagles see him as a 2-3 million dollar player and he wants more like 4-5 at least I think. Will be funny if he signs for 4 million somewhere after we gave 2.5 or 3.5 (can't remember) to Kerrigan a pass rusher who will probably only play 50 or so percent of the snaps where a CB2 would play near 100%.
  3. Ahmad Gardner, Trent McDuffie, Mykael Wright, Derion Kendrick, etc... Absolutely has the makings of one. Yep... seeing that just reminded me of how annoyed I was at that post in the Draft Prospects thread lol Just noticed you were the one to like that post too lol.
  4. Wow... this is huge and well deserved. Elite LB. His coverage ability makes him well worth the money.
  5. No. I wish I could blame his awful sports takes on alcohol or drugs.
  6. There's still time after his 2nd contract.
  7. I can't say for sure they've gotten smaller over time, but I do notice sometimes they do seem to vary in size. Most of the time the meat in the minis is way too small for all that bread though.
  8. None of the above, but... Good for her. Hope she succeeds big time elsewhere. Meanwhile ESPN has this lol
  9. Tell that to my friend. Dude has supreme hate for Bron and has singled out Giannis as next in line for his hate. Dude literally said stuff over the past 3 or so days like "Giannis isn't likable either", "Giannis is gonna run the league into the ground", "Boring foreign stars are the worst for the game", "Giannis doesn't deserve any MVP. Never did.", "I think Giannis is the most overrated since Lebron... way more overrated actually. LeBron is ten times better" and this is a dude that never says anything good about Bron. Swear he is the Peruvian Skip Bayless.
  10. a 50 piece chicken mini meal lmaoooo ngl that sounds good rn...
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