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  1. So, let me start out first with a possible new play caller. Right now Pederson is the play caller and we don't really have an offensive coordinator. Not even one in name like Reich. We brought in a bunch of offensive consultants to help bridge the gap and provide varying perspectives. Similar to what we did with Reich and DeFilippo. I highly doubt Doug wants to give up play calling duties and yesterday was an improvement over week 1, but that's not saying a lot as week 1 was one of his worst showings. The fact he still hasn't been able to figure out the screen game is mind boggling. How we adapted the offense when Wentz went down to more RPOs and half field reads with Foles was brilliant. Our play calling was more creative then. Now it just seems kind of vanilla. The fact that the Eagles offense was much more creative and great at adapting back in like 2016-2017 obviously makes everyone wonder how much had to do with Reich/DeFilippo's presence in game planning. Like they had a big hand in two areas at least that we know of and ones where we thrived in 2017 with Wentz like first drive game scripts (Reich), red zone coordinating/concepts (DeFilippo). Yes, I know this isn't a new idea/info for any Eagles fan on here. Anybody posting on here is likely a die hard fan that follows the team closely and has heard this talking point before. But, let's look at this in a little more detail. 2017 First Drive Success: Any Score % - 10th (Tied w/ 2 teams) TD Only % - 3rd 2018 First Drive Success: Any Score % - 18th (Tied w/ 7 teams) ..... Colts/Reich - 6th (Tied w/ 4 other teams) TD Only % - 17th (Tied w/ 6 teams) ..... Colts/Reich - 2nd (Tied w/ 1 other team) 2019 First Drive Success: Any Score % - 11th (Tied w/ 4 teams) ..... Colts/Reich - 5th (Tied w/ 1 other team) TD Only % - 23rd (Tied w/ 3 teams) ..... Colts/Reich - 8th (Tied w/ 1 other team) Conclusion: You can take what you want from this, but I think there is at least some analytical evidence that Frank Reich had a positive impact on the scripting of plays for opening drives. Obviously Pederson is still the one calling plays in 2017 and we had more injuries and less talent in 2018 & 2019, but look at what Reich did with Indy. He finished basically better or just as good when he was play calling and he had Brissett instead of Luck for 2019. If not for that he might have ranked even higher last year. 2017 Red Zone Success: TD Only % - 2nd 2018 Red Zone Success: TD Only % - 17th ..... Colts/Reich - 5th ..... Vikings/DeFilippo (fired after 1 season) - 21st 2019 Red Zone Success: TD Only % - 8th ..... Colts/Reich - 7th ..... Jaguars/DeFilippo (fired after 1 season) - 31st ***** It's kind of hard to find red zone stats, so I just used the teamranking.com for the Red Zone (TD Only) stats and I'm not sure how accurate they are, but I couldn't find a good search setting on Pro-Football-Reference that allowed me to see efficiency stats for drives in the red zone. Conclusion: It's a bit harder to make a decisive conclusion here, but I think its fair to say DeFilippo should probably stick to QB coach (where's back at in 2020 with the Bears). He might have helped the 2017 Eagles in what concepts/plays they did when they got down there, but again Pederson is the one calling the plays and that shouldn't be overlooked. Reich however did much better than Pederson in 2018. To be fair Luck started all 16 games for Reich, while Pederson had Wentz for the least amount of starts in his career (11) and also the most injured roster. Pederson got back Wentz in 2019 for 16 full games and was basically just as effective in the red zone as Reich. Colts did it with Brissett instead of Luck which is impressive, but so is the Eagles doing it with the receivers we had last year. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Obviously 2017 was just an awesome season where seemingly everything was going right. I'm sure DeFilippo and especially Reich played a big part in it. It's hard to quantify how much though. Pederson has had to deal with Wentz and a bunch of other players missing time since they left and a decline in weapons. I don't want to overreact to 2 games though. I still fully believe in Pederson as a head coach. I'm not as high on him as a play caller as some of the best in the league, but I still think he's above average and deserves to show what he can do with some more weapons and a version of Carson Wentz that isn't a pumpkin. Pederson did Wentz no favors in week 1, but he adjusted enough in week 2 and Wentz didn't do enough to capitalize. We really need Carson to turn it around before we can fully judge Pederson's offense again. He was highly limited by his weapons last year and now its his QB.
  2. Initially into Gruden/Mayock's tenures I questioned if it would work out. Definitely questioned some of the picks they made which seemed like reaches, but they obviously were looking for the type of football guys/high character players that fit their MO and it seems to be paying dividends now. I liked that they shipped out Lynn Bowden once they realized he didn't fit that. They weren't afraid to admit to a mistake and get something back before it was too late. I'm interested to see how the Raiders progress under them, although I will miss their personalities on TV.
  3. Word. He played well enough in camp to get that 3rd spot. Instead we risked him to the practice squad and got burned by Reich/Ballard. Like I'm sure Roseman had some idea Ertz wasn't in the long term plans, so why not keep a good UDFA find you gave the 2nd highest guarantee to? That's not to say Togiai will be anything special, but did we really need to roster guys like Alex Singleton, Rudy Ford (ST value but still...), Marcus Epps, etc?? This is what Kempski said after the final 53 man roster was announced. I know from listening to podcasts that he wasn't the only beat reporter that was surprised by it.
  4. That's why you just gotta pray we have some coaching staff changes after this offseason. Cause you know Schwartz is gonna push for Gerry to be brought back as a restricted free agent next offseason.
  5. Well yeah... hopefully we can get a good to great LB prospect in round 1 or 2 next year
  6. And not like I'm not aware of Edwards athletic limitations as far as being a coverage LB goes... but I trust him more and he'll probably at least make the tackle
  7. I kinda doubt we are able to make it inside the top 5. I would settle for top 8. We still might be able to still get a stud player there considering the top 3 QB prospects will most likely go in the top 5 or 6 picks like this past draft and its probably bad enough to get some coaching staff changes made whether Pederson likes it or not.
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