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  1. I think he’s worth a 3rd. Would he net us that? I don’t know.
  2. Hightower was getting open on routes and stuff from the all 22.
  3. He had surgery on his thumb. I think it was supposed to be 4-6 or 8 weeks... i dont remember, but i think he's pretty close.
  4. Damn... might be time for D Jax to hang it up. He just can't stay healthy.
  5. Gallman about to beast on our defense to put the game to bed.... lmao
  6. our play calling in critical situations..... lol
  7. 4-12.... washington or giants 4-11-1 eagles
  8. that was the quickest we got pressure we got all night too
  9. i dont even want that flag.... feels like it would be pity
  10. to hakeem butler of all ppl who was a WR we just picked up that we are supposedly trying to convert to TE?
  11. yeah that was weak... whole play was a disaster
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