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  1. I’m not sure that’s feasible on our end as Adams will also want top-flight money. Thing is we are getting a cap boost next year but not sure if we can tie up what would have be $50m in cap space for those 2.
  2. Klis said on The Fan this morning that May is the drop dead timeline before the NFL seeks payment. This will be resolved by then, likely much sooner, the question that remains is, is it Brittany Bowlen or a sale? Did the other 6 capitulate and give Brittany the whole hog or did they agree to take their $500,000,000 each and shut up? We know what Ellis/the Trust prefers, so I’m hoping it’s the latter.
  3. If a team does not have a single, principle owner, the league can fine them $10,000,000 per season that the situation drags out. Knowing that Ellis and Goodell are good friends, I have a feeling there is a handshake agreement of some sort in place for the team to have a principle owner within the next 6 to 8 months, before the 2022 league year begins next March. The question is who will that principle owner be?
  4. I have begun to hear some rumors that Peyton is, or, more accurately, would be interested in assembling an investment group to buy the team should they become available.
  5. Hadn't heard that. Thanks for the update. Regardless, the Monforts will never own the Broncos.
  6. One, the NFL has a rule that principle owners cannot own another American professional team. it's why Josh Kronke, not Stan, is the de facto (or at least legal ) owner of the Nuggets and Avs. And two, if they tried to buy the Broncos, the backlash from fans and media would be so harsh the other 31 owners would never approve the sale.
  7. I was both surprised and saddened when I heard this news yesterday. Rest in Peace, Coach. And, Josh, I love that story. Super cool.
  8. We had an elite HC who knew precisely how to manage the roster and all the egos on the team and was a spectacular game-day coach. Peyton’s presence and leadership were worth more than what he did on the field. Our defense this year is good, it’s not the 2015 defense. We have the potential for a top-10 defense this year; the 2015 team was an all time top-10 defense. Without Aaron, we’re not in the Super Bowl discussion this year, I don’t think we’re even in serious playoff discussion, with Teddy at QB.
  9. That's what I've been saying all long, even before we acquired Teddy. Vic will go with the safe and unspectacular vet and 2021 will another wasted season. Barring us landing Aaron, which I still believe is very likely, when camp opens with Drew/Teddy, then I'm looking forward to 2022 with new owner, new HC, new OC and, hopefully, a rookie QB.
  10. Where we drive to is heavy off-road, but when I say "real camping" I mean no one near by, no campground host, no "quiet time," no restrooms, we shoot guns, all that stuff. And it's Grand Cherokee.
  11. I agree. I think Watson is too toxic and that ship has sailed. I do think trading for Aaron is a real possibility, I haven't wavered on that since draft day. I'll be perfectly frank, absent landing Rodgers, I think Vic/Shurmur will go with Teddy at QB, which means a wasted season. If Teddy is announced as the starter before week 1, I'll immediately set my sights on 2022 with a new owner, a new head coach and, hopefully, a rookie QB.
  12. When they're not with cubs, bears, especially black bears, are pretty skittish. Where my buddies and I go camping (up north of Red Feather in the Roosevelt national forest, real camping, not a pay-for campground) they have wandered into our site before. I woke up one morning with my girl in our tent to a bear poking around our canopy where we had a small propane camping grill (all the food was locked in my Jeep) but he caught the sent and was milling around. I took out my .45, thinking I'd fire it in the air but then saw my key fob and just decided to press the panic button. That bear to
  13. Sounds to me like a settlement is in the works. One of two things could come from this - either the seven children have agreed on a single successor (which would have to be Brittany, I assume, given that is what Ellis and the trust have been pushing) or the children all agreed to put the team up for sale and each will take their ~$400,000,000 cut and walk away happy.
  14. He probably does. He was in my hometown last summer to play TPC Colorado, some of the bag drop boys are high school kids that I know from my part time work at the local newspaper and they said he played two rounds last July, tipped them $50/each and said he would be back. Someone else I know saw him at a luxury hotel nearby during the same time.
  15. Be ready to be astounded then. Everything I've been hearing seems like Aaron is just waiting for the Green Bay FO to blink. They will also wait it out, probably into training camp, so they can say to their fans (and shareholders) "hey, we did everything we could to keep him." Even some of the beat writers in Wisconsin think it's just a matter of time.
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