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  1. I sure bet it makes him care about this game more. I so wish we could go get a real quarterback. With George Paton in charge, however, the odds of that (and landing a real HC), seems remote.
  2. I’ve been mulling this as well. One, I do think MM is a good coach but it is right to question the results. Two, I do wonder how much the game plans and play-calling have been affecting the play of the OL play (I think by now we have to agree that Shurmur is an awful OC and Teddy is a limited QB). MM was, not just by friendly media and fans, considered as good an OL coach as there is in the game. Maybe it’s a talent issue? Bolles is an elite athlete but also a meathead. Risner looked like a Quinten Nelson 2.0 his rookie year but has fallen off, why? Cush looks better (full disc
  3. AAA's Week 7 Picks Denver at Cleveland Carolina at N.Y. Giants Atlanta at Miami Washington at Green Bay Cincinnati at Baltimore N.Y. Jets at New England Kansas City at Tennessee Detroit at L.A. Rams Philadelphia at Las Vegas Houston at Arizona Chicago at Tampa Bay Indianapolis at San Francisco New Orleans at Seattle Survivor: Arizona Cardinals (BUF, DEN, LAR, CLE, TB, IND)
  4. Sorry guys, a little late this week. Standings after week 5:65 broncofan4863 jsthomp200763 bMiller03163 Joe_is_the_best59 Cutler0659 broncos_fan _from _uk59 AnAngryAmerican58 broncosfan0758 French Fan58 Broncofan36 Orangecrush151 Survivor survivors: AnAngryAmerican (BUF, DEN, LAR, CLE, TB, IND), BroncoFan (CIN, CAR, DEN, CLE, DAL, IND), bMiller031 (BUF, DEN, LAR, GB, NE, KC), Joe_is_the_best (BUF, BAL, TB, DEN, NE, IND), French Fan (GB, DEN, LAR, CLE, TB, KC), broncosfan48 (CIN, BAL, LAR, DEN, ATL) Survivor graveyard: jsthomp2007, Cutler06, bro
  5. Yeah and A day 2 pick would be what we’d get for Von compensatory wise; he will sign a big deal with whomever he signs as on account of the criticality of his position. Unless Paton breaks the bank for another FA (and he won’t, his history shows that, the big move this off-season will be a trade for a QB). I say let Von finish the year here - he’s a Mt Rushmore Bronco - and take the comp pick.
  6. Could we get more for Von - on what would be a 10-game rental for a contender - than the compensatory pick we would get if he leaves as a FA next spring?
  7. Well should I spend some time trying to breakdown my initial thoughts on the game? No. I have two jobs and a kid. Suffice to say I am not optimistic. Cleveland 30, Denver 13
  8. Allbright is pretty well connected and if he thinks the staff is starting to lose the locker room, in mid-October!, then Ellis/Elway/Paton need to make a coaching change. There are two reasons to make a coaching change mid-season - a scandal (Gruden emails, McSpyGate, etc.) or if the coaches have lost the locker room.
  9. 56 pass plays to 23 run plays. You're right, we’re not that kind of a team.
  10. It’s so weird. I mean, I thought we had such a good roster, we have so much talent and great depth if the staters get hurt. We have the best defensive mind in football. Our OL is finally coming into their own going into MM’s 3rd season. The young guys are only getting better. Teddy B is the kind of QB who might not win you games but won’t lose them; he was supposed to have Pro Bowl or even All Pro potential in this offense. If only someone around here would have taken an honest assessment and pointed out the shortcomings of this roster, this coaching staff and this organization as a
  11. Well it wasn’t going to be Ellis, especially with Mike since they hate each other. I can’t imagine it portends anything and if it did, I’d be more scared with her running the team than if they literally had a chimp throw a dartboard at the phone book to find the new owner.
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