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  1. Random Thoughts

    I was just coming in here to post about this. It's a very McDaniels-esque move on his part, hardly surprising all things considered. Gase is definition of a total jerk, I hope he falls flat on his face.
  2. Random Thoughts

    Well, yeah, from a PR perspective it's been handled terribly.
  3. Random Thoughts

    Here's the thing too, if Gettleman thinks he's the long-term answer at QB, then pick him when you're sure you can get him. Like you, I'm not sure if he will pan out or not but if I was in Gettleman's shoes and certain that Jones is the guy, I probably would have done the same thing. The other part of this whole equation is that Jones is the perfect QB to sit for a year and learn behind Eli. They are very, very similar players and both have the Cutcliffe tutelage. The Giants are a buttoned-up, white-collar, conservative organization, a guy likes Jones - who checks every box from a character/mental side of the game standpoint - is precisely the type of QB that fits that organization's culture, in the same vein that O'Dell Beckham Jr. very much did not fit it.
  4. That's something the Good Morning Football crew was talking about this morning. We got three players - Fant, Risner, Lock - all of whom had first round grades from a handful of teams and analysts and picked up another third for next year. Sure there are some things with which we can all quibble but Elway deserves major kudos for the value he got in the draft this year. That's two good draft classes back to back.
  5. I was with the wife's family on Saturday and had to follow the draft on my phone, didn't get much time to check in here. All in all I'm awfully pleased with this draft. SI gave us an A- and they have the most honest and objective analysis from what I have read (NFL.com gave almost every team an A grade ). I like the players we picked, all are from power-5 schools and all fill needs for us. Do I wish we would have taken an ILB earlier, yeah of course, but that's never appeared to be a position on which Elway places a great deal of emphasis. Remember Danny T grew into one of the best coverage ILBs in the league and was an underrated piece of the Super Bowl 50 team and he was a day 3 pick. I've heard that Hollis can play inside or outside so there is potential there, as there is withe CFAs we signed. We also didn't trade CHJ, which really makes me happy and hopeful that we can work things out with him. I think Fant is the game-breaking TE we need even if he takes a while to develop into a complete player and reach his sky-high potential. I loved the picks Risner and Jones and I've always been higher on Lock than most here and most in the fan base at large. I do like that Elway said the plan with Flacco/Lock is going to be modeled after Favre/Rodgers in Green Bay which seems ideal. The only I wasn't terribly excited about was the WR Winfree but with Matt "pour me another drink" Russell as the second in command drafting a CU player was a certainty.
  6. What the hell kind of trade is that?
  7. I think that’s a terrific pick. I haven’t done anywhere close to the research I’ve done in the past but he was someone I had on my radar.
  8. I’ll say one thing, I’m rooting for Josh Rosen to succeed. It’ll suck he’ll have to try to do it in Miami, another team that’s making a Patriot Way replication mistake, but Arizona did him dirty. I think the Kingsbury/Murray mistake blows up in their face but it serves the Bidwels right.
  9. We have Sutton, Hamilton and now Fant, not to mention 3 other young TEs. I think they need to go defense and soon.
  10. Agreed. Pressure is off, he can redshirt this year. Kind of like Oz did under Peyton (and that worked well in 2015).
  11. Greedy Williams reputedly can’t tackle, that’s not going to fly on the 1950s kind of team Fangio wants. And we’ll see on Lock. He has a better resume and a stronger arm than Oz. And, I wish people would stop forgetting this, we don’t win SB50 without Oz.
  12. I’m liking the draft so far. Not loving it but liking it. I like the value on Lock but it does suck not getting the 5th year option you get for first round picks but there was better value to be had. Still, I like the pick but I was admittedly higher on Lock than most here, but I just have a thing for gun-slingers. I guess they’re going to play Risner inside? NFLN listed him as a tackle and we just spent a 1st on Bolles and gave James huge money in the offseason. Can one of the prospect and/or OL experts weigh in? Also, good to see us keeping with the trend, thus far at least, of high-character guys from P5 programs.
  13. I don’t get the hate for the Fant pick. I can understand the desire to take Haskins or Bush at 10 and that we didn’t get killer value in the trade. But if we were picking organically at 20 and got Fant I think we’d be happy, no? And Rich Eisen is absolutely awful on NFLN. Why not have Kay Adams from GMFB host? Eisen has been horrendous.
  14. Alright I can live with it. Bush would have been a much better pick at #10 but at least we got that late 3rd rounder next year. TE is a complimentary position, not a critical one, and we’ve spent four draft picks on TEs in the last four years now - Heuerman, Butt, Fumagali and now Fant. Let’s hope this one works out better.
  15. Mouthpiece Klis calling the return from the Steelers in the trade was “a nice haul,” SMH.