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  1. Random Thoughts

    The lady and I said we would keep the news quiet, only telling close family and friends, but I'm on Cloud 9 so I'm telling you guys - we found out on July 4 that we're going to be parents!!!!!! Little Olivia or little Hayden will be here in early March!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Random Thoughts

    Troy Renck is phenomenal, he should have a daily show on The Fan. He and Zach Bye would be a great afternoon drive time show. I like him personally but Brandon Stokley doesn't bring a whole lot to the table. I'd find someone to replace him (anyone who has gone to CU gets a show on The Fan, so it shouldn't be hard to find someone) and get a new mid-day host. I would fire D-Mac and Big Al, the former is particularly atrocious and the latter is just collecting a paycheck. Then put Bye and Renck on from 3-7pm MST, they can talk about things beyond the Broncos, which The Fan as a whole really needs to start doing, all Broncos all the time is not working.
  3. NFL Coaching Hot Seat

    Vance Joseph is very much on the hot seat. John Elway had to "sleep on it" (his words) last year about retaining him after one season. Many in these parts are saying that if Denver fails to make the playoffs he could be gone. I think it's anything but a winning record and he's gone, 8-8 can save him if we're competitive. I also think Bill O'Brien is safe. McNair is a pretty patient owner and O'Brien is pretty well regarded in league circles.
  4. CARLOS MONARREZ of the Free Press out to get Patrica

    Hey guys, hope you don't mind a Broncos fan in here. I will fully admit I don't know anything about Carlos Monarrez or The DFP but I read that piece earlier today and didn't find anything surprising. As a Broncos fan I know full-well the damage a rookie former-Belichick assistant can do to a team as head coach. I still wake up at night screaming when I think about Josh McDaniels' tenue in Denver. I'm sure fans in Cleveland, New York and South Bend have similar nightmares. Now, maybe this guy is a fraud, but the history of New England assistants is littered one unmitigated disaster after another. I hope for Lions fans' sake it does work out, I've always liked your team going back to the Barry Sanders days. But, just to forewarn you, this is hardly unprecedented given the circumstances. Oh, and that hack Mike Florio at PFT is a well-known Patriots apologist, of course he would write a re-tort like that. I'm sure Mike Lombardi wrote/will write something very similar. Anyway, and I mean this sincerely, best of luck this year!
  5. Random Thoughts

    Matt Patricia brings the "Patriot Way" to New England, with predictable results we in these parts are all too painfully familiar with. The Detroit Free Press reports he's already losing the locker room. And training camp hasn't even started yet. https://www.freep.com/story/sports/nfl/lions/2018/06/08/detroit-lions-matt-patricia/684073002/
  6. 2018 Expansion Draft - Broncos

    Menelik Watson Brandon Marshall Paxton Lynch Max Garcia Jeff Heuerman
  7. The Best Super Bowl Victory & Why?

    I agree 100%. Nothing will ever top Super Bowl XXXII as the greatest sports memory of my life.
  8. Non qb that would help us most

    I agree. If Cravens can be the player we think he can be, trading for him might have been Elway's best move this offseason.
  9. 2018 OTA's

    Let's not go overboard. I think the 2014 offseason where we signed four Pro Bowlers and two future Hall of Famers - Aquib Talib, DeMarcus Ware, TJ Ward and Emmanuel Sanders - has this year, with an undersized, weak-armed QB, some other middle-of-the-road free agents and an on the surface good by too early to really make an evaluation draft class, easily beat. The Denver media is all over Phillip Lindsay because he went to CU. I think he does have a chance to make the team, not because he's the Hall of Famer in waiting the CU homers claim he is, but because our RB stable is so young and inexperienced. I think Jeff Holland and Keishawn Bierria are two "dark horses" who I think not only have a good (very good?) chance to make the final 53 but also make an impact right away this season.
  10. Which draft class will have a larger impact in 2018?

    I think the 2017 class will look a little bit better this year than it did last year. One, I think Jake Butt is going to be a Heath Miller-like TE, never a real super star but a reliable, move-the-chains guy, a red zone threat and a plus-blocker. Bolles is never going to be an elite LT by any means but I think he takes a step forward in his second season, having an All Pro next to him in Leary instead of the turnstile that was Max Garcia will help, as will having a more-savvy, experienced QB and an OC who adapts his scheme to his talent rather than trying to fit square pegs into round holes a la Josh McDaniels Mike McCoy. I think Walker can carve out a niche as a situational pass rusher from the inside and the with attention being paid to the talent around him - Von, Wolfe, Chubb, Shaq, Ray - Walker might see an uptick in production. I don't think he will live up to his production in college or his draft status, but he should stick around as a situational role player. I don't have any faith in Carlos Henderson, who just doesn't seem to have it between the ears, and Isiah McKenzie will rightfully be cut in camp. I think DeAngelo Henderson can carve out a role as part of the RBBC with Booker and Freeman. Chad Kelly is intriguing but that's about it. I am excited to see what he brings but even if he beats out Paxton for the No. 2 job, a backup QB doesn't do much as long as we keep Case healthy. Thus, I think the draft will go from looking like a total disaster to only a disappointment. I think Chubb alone makes this draft better. I fully expect him to impact the defense is a huge way, against both the pass and run, take attention from Von and the others, and a be very positive force in the locker room. Sutton and Hamilton will each see work from the start as WRs and, like Chubb, both will help take attention away from the top-two, the RBs and TEs as well. Their presence on the field helps even if they don't put up gaudy numbers. Freeman I think sees a lot of work at RB and does well, particularly in short-yardage and goal line situations. I think Fumangali contributes but is overshadowed by Butt. Jewell I think is going to become a fan favorite and I think sees quite a bit of action on defense later in the year after making a name for himself as a special teamer. I'll go 2018 but I think there will be a player or two from 2017 that impresses us, at least somewhat.
  11. Broncos decline Shane Ray's Option

    This is interesting. It could mean they want to see him be healthy before offering him a long-term extension, it could mean that they have already decided to move regardless of how he plays next year. It could also mean there's a chance we extend Shaq Barrett long-term to be the third EDGE with Von and Chubb. Should be interesting to watch how things play out over the next few months.
  12. Random Thoughts

    Awesome news man! Congratulations to you and the mrs.

    First of all, welcome aboard. I disagree on a few things. One, we I think we get more than one starter from this draft. Easily. I think Chubb, Sutton, Freeman, Jewell, Yiadom and Hamilton all have the potential to end up starters. Chubb I don't need to discuss. Sutton will eventually replace DT as the starting X and Hamilton has a chance to be the starting slot, or No. 3 WR, which, like No. 3 CB that I see Yiadom growing into, is for all intents and purposes a starting job. We will run a RBBC, most teams who lack that Todd Gurley/Le'Veon Bell/Zeke Elliot type of alpha back, use a RBBC and I think Freeman is the lead horse in that stable for us. I think Jewell has the potential to grow into a starting ILB, or at least someone who sees plenty of action in sub packages. We can all play MMQB and say, "I would have done this instead" and that's entire fine to do, but I think it's hard to be unhappy with this draft.

    After paying our rookies, we will have just over $2.7m left in cap space.
  15. Official Broncos Forum Draft Thread

    It's a moot point now, because he's going to be the next in a long line of Browns QB busts, but this line from the Klis story makes me feel a lot better about our draft evaluation process.