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  1. Broncos QB Battle

    Sounds like Paxton really impressed yesterday; he went 12/12 working with the ones and the twos and had some "wow" passes. It's clear the staff wants Paxton to win the job but he has to prove to his teammates and coaches that they can trust him. Saturday night is going to be huge.
  2. Broncos QB Battle

    Yeah that still doesn't sit well with me. Sandy is one of the few, the only other I think of being Woody, who pre-date Elway in Denver. You'll like MHH; they have a good almost daily podcast and website with both free and premium content. Like I said, they offer what I call "sober" analysis.
  3. Broncos QB Battle

    Yeah I really like BSN, and not just BSN Broncos but all their coverage of Colorado teams, pro and college. I think the guys at Mile High Huddle, which is part of Scout.com which is somehow connected to CBS Sports, do an excellent job. I don't always agree with their analysis but they certainly approach from an unbiased, honest, professional perspective. I second Troy Renck and Mike Klis, they're very well connected, and Sandy Clough on The Fan has been great for decades. I remember listening to him in the car when I was a little kid. All three aforementioned personalities are real journalists.
  4. Broncos QB Battle

    ^Sarcasm is lost on this one. Luv ya, TBE6
  5. New Forum, Who This? - Introduce Yourself!

    Welcome PFM18. Having been here for over 11 years, I think you will find this forum to be a sanctuary from the drab, dribble and inane refuse that permeates the other fan forums out there. Not to mention the local media. As far as myself, I am a life-long Broncos fan and a native Coloradoan. As a proud Italian-American; you will learn that I am as coarse as sandpaper. I am a gun-touting, flag-waving right-winger. I am unabashedly pro-capitalism and I say exactly what I am thinking at all times. I make an ungodly amount of money and drive a BMW. I like blonde girls and was in a frat in college. Welcome aboard. May God have mercy on your soul.
  6. Musing From Broncos Training Camp

    Then I fire Kollar too.
  7. Broncos QB Battle

    I don't listen to anything negative about the Broncos. I ignore it. It's all FAKE NEWS! AHH!! We're going to win the Super Bowl this year. Clearly, despite what entities on the radio (one of which is literally a subsidiary of the franchise) and local TV (who under the age of 65 watches that?) say, we're in for a long year. We made too many mistakes this last year. We could have hired a real head coach. We could have retained a Hall of Fame defensive coordinator. We could have filled real needs in free agency. We could have drafted the best player rather than reach for need in the 1st round. Things are going to get ugly around here real quick. It's going to be 2009-10 all over again. Sans the heartburn, nausea, insomnia and occasional vomiting, I'm looking forward to it.
  8. Musing From Broncos Training Camp

    Dear God. Another one? If I'm Elway I fire the entire strength and conditioning staff tomorrow.
  9. Expectations for the Broncos this season?

    This region is going to come apart at the seams if we don't make the playoffs. They'll be turning cars over in west Aurora (and not just for the normal reasons); it will get ugly real quick. I remember Mac's Broncos being booed off the field by half-empty stadiums at halftime in October! I remember fans staging ticket/jersey burning demonstrations on corner Colfax and Federal.
  10. Broncos QB Battle

    He's insufferable.
  11. Random Thoughts

    I'm not wild about not having a sticky-ed Random Thoughts thread but I guess that's the way that goes. Anyway. I was out at the bar tonight and this guy asks, "I know you're a Broncos fan but would you vote for Tom Brady for the Hall of Fame?"
  12. Musing From Broncos Training Camp

    The 49ers media was pretty rough on both Siemian and Lynch at the joint practice today, here are some excerpts from the MHR camp Twitter feed.
  13. 53 Man Roster Projection

    I think the last spot on the OL depth chart will be between Stephenson and Schofield. The appeal of Schofield is he can play G and T, Stephenson is only a T. If we keep 9 OLs, I think it's Bolles, Watson and Sambrailo as OTs, Paradis as C, and Leary, Barbre, Garcia and McGovern as OGs with McGovern as a OG/C, leaving the last spot between Stephenson and Schofield. I'd wager Schofield gets the nod because of his aforementioned versatility but he and Garcia are the healthy scratches each week to get down to the game day roster of 46 if everyone else is healthy.
  14. Broncos RB DeAngelo Henderson

    I disagree with you on Butt, I think he's going to be pretty good. I don't think he be a game-changing TE a la Gronk or Kelce but I think he has a nice long career. I think he's a 700--800 yards 6-7 TD per year guy in his prime. That's nice production out of a TE in an offense that is going to spread the ball around to the top 3 WRs, at least 2 RBs and the FB.
  15. Musing From Broncos Training Camp

    Since he was drafted Elway has said Butt is a "August or September" guy. I think it's most likely he goes on PUP and comes back in week 7. I think the same goes with Carlos Henderson. Kelly I'm with you, I think they just stash him on IR to save a roster spot and put Sloter on the PS.