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  1. That game always sticks out to me as such a missed opportunity because I think that if we had been able to beat Pittsburgh we easily defeat Seattle two weeks later and bring home the Lombardi.
  2. I still don't trust Russell. One, he came over here to be a yes-man for McDaniels. Why was he retained the rest - Kidd, Xanders, Mac's whole staff - were all fired? We don't know how much pull or influence he really has. It's clear he's the right-hand man for Elway but what has his impact been? I've never heard "Matt Russell pounded the table" for player X or decision Y or whatever, has anyone else? The one thing I have heard is that he was a major champion of bringing in Vance, given their CU ties, and that really, really worries me. If Russell is eventually the GM is he going to hire coaches and sign players who either a) have ties to the Patriot way or b) went to CU? Also, the tweet from Koenigsberg is speculative and he''s also a CU guy. If Ellis is still in charge when Elway decides to move on it wouldn't surprise me to see them simply elevate Russell to GM.
  3. See that really bugs me because I really thought he would be a good fit here. I figured there was a chance for some player movement once the COVID hysteria to abated a little before making any post-draft FA moves. Guess I was wrong.
  4. For some reason I didn't think of coaches for the list. I suppose Mike has a strong argument to be made, we were routinely competitive during his tenure, he's easily the best HC this team ever had and even though he wasn't part of the organization for the SB50 win, his influence was huge on that team as well. Also remember he was not only the HC for the first two Super Bowls, he was on Reeves' staffs during the three SBs we went to the 1980s. I think Mike deserves very, very strong consideration. Given his tenure with the team in multiple capacities, I'd put Mike on the wall, probably replacing Peyton just because of Peyton's shorter tenure.
  5. I think there have to be two locks (lower case L for now) in John Elway and Mr. B. After that, it gets tricky. Champ is the best defensive player in team history, with all due respect to the greats from the Orange Crush era, as evidenced by being a first-ballot HOF'r. But Von has probably been the most impactful defensive player as he was the force that drove us to the SB50 win. Sharpe is one of the elite TEs to ever play the game and was a lockerroom leader and fan favorite on the first two Super Bowl teams. Davis' career was short but also very impactful. You also cannot discount what Peyton meant to the team and the league, even though he did spend the majority of his career in Indy. So there is certainly a lot of debate to be had. I would lean towards game-wide legends whose impact was historically great. Therefore, I would go Elway, Mr. B. Champ, Peyton.
  6. As I said, TNF against the Jets very early on (which are the NFLN-only games, not simulcast on Fox/Amazon Prime) and the MNF week one undercard barely count as prime time games. We’re in agreement overall.
  7. Joe Ellis can’t be happy with this schedule. The week one MNF undercard is hardly a marquee spot, week 4 TNF against the Jets is not a must-see game on a national level. And the one SNF game is on the road against the champs, a game where we are likely to get embarrassed. Beyond that, only two games - week 3 vs Tampa on Fox and week 7 vs KC on CBS - are in the national window (2:25pm) time-slot. While it’s possible Fox opts to show Brady’s return to Denver, odds are their “America’s Game of the Week” will be Dallas at Seattle because, well, let’s face it, it’s Fox we’re talking about. Vs KC in week 7 is also in the national window timeslot but, I’d wager Nantz/Romo are (once again) in familiar Foxboro for Pats/Niners. That’s two “who cares” prime time games plus one where we’re likely to get destroyed. And it looks iffy at best we get any of our Sunday afternoon games nationally broadcast. Empower Financial, or whatever they’re called until they go bankrupt in a couple years, are probably happy they’re also sponsoring the Chiefs. It also shows how inconsequential Ellis is viewed by the other owners. No way, even after a few bad years, would we would get such a bad TV schedule when Mr. B was in charge.
  8. Well, the week one MNF undercard barely counts as a “prime time” game. It is technically but truthfully there’s only 7 teams who are legit hosts for that game. The NFL is going the Titans pretty dirty in that one making them play a game that kicks off at 10:30pm EST.
  9. My god that is a brutal start. Titans, Steelers with Ben back, Brady’s Bucs and then back to back East Coast road trips? Ouch. The bye is at the percent time, we don’t have to go halfway around the world for that stupid London game (no offense, George) and we end the year with three of four very winnable games. Given that we’re a very young team and are going to be counting on at least 4 rookies - Jeudy, Hamler, Cushenberry and Ojemudia - to play major roles, I’d rather have the tougher part early as it helps us grow up more quickly and then be better prepared for a late season run against lesser competition.
  10. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29139332/broncos-drew-lock-working-hard-stay-sharp-lockdown-parents-house Here are some answers on what Lock has been doing.
  11. They're doing everything they can to motivate him. Saying publicly that he and Wilkenson will compete and Bolles isn't guaranteed a starting job and he will have to earn it and the like. Now this. I think it's a likely a win-win. We get a motivated Bolles next year who, if he plays to his physical abilities, will be rewarded as such (either by us or someone else). If he stays the same Bolles then we walk away next March. He doesn't seem to me to be the type that will play for a contract and then, once paid, mails it in. I think Bolles is hungry to do well and win and be a force on the field, I don't think we can doubt or even question his competitive drive and it is not motivated by getting paid.
  12. Moot point now, Elway declined to pick up the 5th year option. I do think what Klis says is true - that now Bolles will be motivated to play his best this year in hopes of getting a lucrative, long-term deal. (Can't believe I just agreed with Klis... )
  13. Dr. Rick Perria (sp.?), a Ph.D sports psychologist is on The Fan a lot and I know he's been contracted by NFL teams. I've always thought Bolles would do himself well going to visit the good doctor, who is right here in Colorado, during the season.
  14. There's others here who can speak on this better than I can, but I don't believe the shift from a zone-based scheme to one that uses more power blocking is as much of an impact on the tackles as it is on the interior lineman. An athletic OT, which Bolles unquestionably is, can thrive in either scheme. Really at this point there isn't much that can be done from a schematic or coaching standpoint to change Bolles, as we've all said, his flaws are very much mental and thus it is up to him and him alone to correct them. It's not like doesn't know what his assignment is on each play, he does, it's not that he's a turnstile who needs his footwork improved, he doesn't, it's not like he needs to learn a new trick or technique on how to handle edge rushers, he has the skills to do that as much as virtually any LT in the league. He needs to be disciplined in his technique rather get lazy and sloppy and thus commit penalties and he needs to be able to shake off a bad play and not let defensive players or the refs or fans get in his head. That's on Garrett himself, not Munchak or Shurmur or anyone else.
  15. The Fan has been off the rails this whole week. And off the rails even for them. The two morning shows in particular. I don't listen to The Drivel Drive because D-Bag Mac is a Skip Bayless wannabe, always trying to stir the pot, last I listened he was calling the drafting of Chubb a "panic move" by Elway and that we should have taken Josh Allen, who I remember him spending every day absolutely killing the lead-up to the 2018 draft. So i'm not sure what that show has been saying about the draft but given that it's D-Bag Mac and a retired O-lineman (who of course went to CU, which is virtually a requirement to work at The Fan) I cannot imagine it has been kind. But anyway, The Fan has been over the top and I don't really understand why. Clough has at least made the point of saying about Jeudy "Love the player, don't like the pick" as he's in the camp of we should have traded up for Wirfs. I think at some point we should have drafted an OT but the fact that we didn't doesn't mean the draft was a disaster.
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