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  1. We have Von’s right for only one more year, 2021. If the legal stuff goes away (which I think appears possible, if not likely) I wouldn’t be surprised to see Paton offer him a restructured contract with a 2 year extension. In 2023, Von will be 34, same age as Ware was when he retired. I envision something where the money remaining on his deal - $17.5m - and an additional portion, maybe $5.5m, is guaranteed but spread out over the 3 years to mitigate the cap hit and give us a way to move on in 2022 should Von significantly regress this year. I say the deal is 3 years, $40m with
  2. According to Spotrac, we have $16.8m in cap space with the NFL’s projected cap of $175 (that is not set in stone, yet, and the exact figure will be announced sometime in February). We can save the following amounts by cutting the following players: Von Miller - $13.2m Jurell Casey - $12.2m AJ Bouye - $11.9m Kareem Jackson - $7.2m There are others at smaller amounts but those four represent the top-4 in savings we could get. I would say it’s a safe bet that both Bouye and Casey are gone, saving us a total of $24.1m, which is huge. Also worth noting is
  3. One, I think McDaniels is going to hang around until BB retires and then take over unless there is an absolute perfect situation for him, which I don't think he will find. One, he's still young and can wait, two, he wouldn't have to move his family and, three, staying in New England allows him to be the jerk he is and be tolerated by the fans, media and higher-ups. It also assures he would likely get considerable say in personnel.
  4. I know we all love the draft but, before the draft, we have free agency. Let's use this thread to discuss that topic now that we have our GM in place. For those who are newer and may not know, there are two great websites for following salary cap information - Over The Cap and Spotrac - use those websites to keep tabs on things. As regards the cap, Mike Klis shared some good news for us regarding the 2021 free agency period, we've been able to roll over $17.788 million to the 2021 cap, giving us more room even with the revenue downturn that will lead to an expected cap decrease.
  5. We do have an opening for the Matt Russell job... But I just got a text alert, literally as I was typing the above sentence fragment, that Kubiak announced his retirement from pro football.
  6. I’d be all for that as well. Unfortunately we have Pat Shurmur as OC and he quite clearly prefers to run mostly 11 personnel, rarely use the RBs in the passing game and employ a 60/40 to 65/35 pass/run ratio. If Paton decides to move forward with the Lock/vet journeyman route next year (which should result in Lock winning the starting job), I’m on board with keeping Shurmur just to give Lock and the young offense a chance to succeed. However, if we trade for an established vet (Watson, Stafford, et al) then I’d have problem finding a new OC. All that said, it’s a moot point because
  7. Here’s some of the stuff about Bieniemy past. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cincyjungle.com/platform/amp/2019/1/6/18169793/bengals-coach-search-chiefs-eric-bieniemy-vance-joseph-broncos There might be more, I’m not going to speculate, and teams are sensitive to PR issues when making a high-profile hire. My concerns with Bieniemy are far more about his ability to be a NFL HC. I don’t see it on his resume, as I outlined earlier, and if he doesn’t get an HC job again this year, it should raise a red flag.
  8. Yeah there’s some in the media - and all across the media, you mention two of them and you’re spot-on - who have an agenda on this issue. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a head coach not give an endorsement to one of his assistants when interviewing or getting a HC job. Kyle was just talking about Robert Saleh before he was hired. I wasn’t surprised to hear that at all but, unlike Bieniemy, I think Saleh is going to be a good HC.
  9. I was really just being a smartass. I don’t blame Watson for wanting out of Houston given the mess the organization is and if McNair/Easterby lied to him, he has reason to be upset on that alone. I do worry about the precedent this could set, however, and it’s one of the many, many reasons why I cannot stand the modern NBA.
  10. That organization is a dumpster fire as well. Now, I don't like Michael Lombardi at all, but he wrote a scathing take down of the whole structure in The Athletic. I wonder if that was a warning to McDaniels to not take the job; Lombardi has long been a Patriots apologist in general and a McDaniels fanboy and apologist in particular.
  11. He played at Alabama and Houston is run by Patriot Way guys. It's also been reported that Watson, who has a no trade clause so he will have to sign off on where he goes, prefers Miami. I don't know why he doesn't reach out to Davante Adams, Aaron Donald and Travis Kelce and see if they can all take their talents to South Beach and form a super team.
  12. I don't want anything to do with Bieniemy. I see a coach who is the epitome of the hot coordinator who completely tanks as a HC. One, Andy Reid is the real offensive coordinator on that staff, it's his scheme and he calls the plays. Furthermore, the team also has Matt Kafka, who QBs coach and passing game coordinator; it's unclear what Bieniemy even does. Two, he has one of the most talented QBs to ever play the game, in any era, and a compliment of elite skill position talent surrounding said QB. Before he went to KC he was the RBs coach in Minnesota when they had Adrian Peterson;
  13. This is terrible. I won’t pass judgment on Von or the situation but it’s not good for anyone. Hoping this gets resolved.
  14. Embrace it! I was a sophomore in high school when we beat Green Bay for the first Super Bowl win. I was stoked for the kids who got to see us win another during their formative years.
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