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  1. 2020 College Prospects

    Yeah Laviska with one of our thirds I’m fine with that. Before that, however, no sale.
  2. 2020 College Prospects

    I vote CB in that case if the prospects are similarly valued. It's a) a more important position and b) from what I understand WR is a deeper position in this year's class compared to CB. I'm worried we're going to take Laviska at No. 15 as Matt "pour me another drink" Russell's influence looms large. If you look at how many CU players and players with ties to the Patriot Way we have added, it's a fact he wields a great deal of influence at Dove Valley.
  3. Denver Pick at 15

    Given that they have done nothing to address the glaring hole at WR I think it is safe to assume that's where the target is focused in the draft. To many that means a WR, like Ruggs, at #15. But, I'm holding out hope they take a BPA at a position of need - which, in addition to WR, includes CB, OT and ILB - but this off season reminds me an awful lot of 2017 where they basically announced to the world they were taking a LT in the first round and ended up with the meathead. WR is a dependent position and, yes, while we have a glaring hole there drafting a WR in the first round is almost always bad value. I've made this point before, who was the last true superstar, elite WR to win a Super Bowl? If you don't count DT with us SB50, you have to go back to 2006 when Marvin Harrison was on the Colts. Given that, plus the extraordinary depth I keep hearing that this draft's crop of WRs has, going a different round at #15 would be the preferred path, IMO.
  4. 2020 College Prospects

    I'll guarantee that they'll take at least one OL at some point in the draft, wouldn't be surprised to see us draft two, one tackle and one interior. We have 10 picks and I'd wager we turn that into eight players, there is room for at least one OL but like I said probably two from this year's class.
  5. Free Agent Frenzy

    Unless it's a young player entering or still in his prime, a player who has played his rookie contract and is on to his second, that could help us not only short-term but long-term. Good teams have great depth. Elway, early during his tenure, once said, "you can't have enough good pass rushers, you can't have enough good corners..." and I think that applies to a lot of positions, especially positions that are deployed in multiples (like WRs) on every play. Sure, you only need one good QB, one good LT, one good FS, one good K, etc., but at the positions that used in multiples and have high injury frequency, you need depth. I would have no problem if they signed a second contract WR with a fair amount of guaranteed money. We have Sutton. That's it. Signing Hollywood Higgins or Paul Richardson or someone of that ilk makes MOUNTAINS of sense right now, whether or not our window opens this year or next or the year after and whether or not we draft a WR at 15.
  6. Free Agent Frenzy

    I also think that when Wolfe and CHJ took hometown discounts was during a unique time with the franchise when we had Peyton and went on the FA splash, the guys knew they had a window to win and opted to stay here. I do agree that this could lead to a bad precedent and potentially hurt us long-term but we also have to look at the 2013-16 window in context. Even still, really sad to see Wolfe go. And to Baltimore nonetheless, a team I loathe almost as much as the Pats and Raiders.
  7. Free Agent Frenzy

    Wow! Great move!
  8. Free Agent Frenzy

    With Glasgow's contract added to the list, Over The Cap has us with over $21M in cap space. What is going on at Dove Valley?
  9. Free Agent Frenzy

    Culture does matter. I hate to equate 3A high school football in the late 1990s to today’s NFL, but we had a guy who was a junior when I was a freshman, Matt W, he was a RT and backup DE in running situations. The guy had it. He brought everyone together, kept things light but also kept things real. I leaned more, as a CB and ST ace, from him about being an athlete than I learned from every coach and teammate I ever had. He was never a star or All Conference (hell even I was I was All Conference, twice, lol) but when he graduated our lockeroom took a hit. And this was with a group of guys who’d played together since elementary school and my senior class was the most talented collection of male athletes that Berthoud saw until their 2007 state championship team. And we went 0-2 in the playoffs the two years after he graduated, despite our roster being loads more talented than my first two years. Culture matters. Wolfe is this team’s Matt W. We need him. Elway should know that.
  10. Free Agent Frenzy

    A Titan and 2 Lions, we’re going Patriot Way all the way. Makes sense given that Matt “pour me another drink” Russell is only here as he came back out west initially to be a lackey for Mac. Watch us draft 4 CU players to boot.
  11. Free Agent Frenzy

    But he did show something. And for a mid-round, second year player there is hope. He’s never going to be Wes Welker as a slot WR but as a 3/4/5 (counting Fant) he’s fine. I do think we need another veteran WR. Many have touched on this but what worries me about FA is that we’re now forced to pick certain positions at certain times in the draft. That’s been something Elway & Co. have long done and it hasn’t born much fruit. Reminds me of 2017 when we had to take an OT with our first pick and he had to start day 1. I would feel so much better about this off-season if we just added 1 WR and brought back Derek Wolfe. Wolfe is just a Bronco, I want him on this team, he fits what we do, he won’t cost a fortune and he wants to retire a Bronco. Just sign the man, Elway.
  12. Free Agent Frenzy

    As would I. However, I don't see Matt "pour me another drink" Russell signing off on bringing in anyone who went to CSU.
  13. Free Agent Frenzy

    Plus rookie WRs usually don't play like Pro Bowlers their rookie years, barring a few exceptions. Even Calvin Johnson only went 48/756/4 in a 15 games played rookie season and he was the definition of a freak of nature. Michael Thomas went 92/1137/9 his rookie year but he also stepped into a situation with a HOF QB and an elite HC with a brilliantly designed offense. If we can sign a starting WR, be it Anderson, Perriman or, as I suggested Hollywood Higgins, that not only gives Lock another option in the passing game it affords a rookie we draft next month the chance to learn and develop and doesn't put undo pressure on him to be a great player right away. Most of these college offenses today are of a gimmicky, backyard ball style that WRs rarely learn the finer points, athleticism rather than a deep understanding of the game is what makes most college WRs shine. And there's no doubt in my mind that Shurmur is going to run an advanced, nuanced offense that's very unlike what any of these guys saw in college, even the two from Alabama.
  14. Free Agent Frenzy

    Simmons right now on the franchise tag counts as $11.4M against the cap. Odds are if we were to extend Simmons long-term my bet is that his 2020 cap hit would decrease even if his AAV and cash payout this year increase. For example, if we were to give Simmons an identical contract to what the Bears gave Eddie Jackson, Simmons' cap number this year would be only $3.7M, saving us more than $7M against the cap in 2020 compared to what he makes on the tag.
  15. Free Agent Frenzy

    You’re right. They had Glasgow on there earlier and now he’s not on the cap list. My mistake. If we assume half his guaranteed contract ($26M) hits the cap this year (unlikely, it’s probably closer to 1/3), but for the sake of argument, take $13M away from the $28M and we still have $15M. Vannett’s cap hit for 2020 is reported to be just over $2M, thus we still have $13M to spend. Save $3M for contingencies We should be able to sign one more starter. I really, really want them to bring Wolfe back.