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  1. Report: Fangio “treats everyone like crap”

    JLC was on with Stokley and Zack yesterday, worth a listen. https://1043thefan.com/category/podcast_player/?a=10030520&sid=1177&n=The+Fan+Interviews
  2. Report: Fangio “treats everyone like crap”

    We didn't talk at great length about it. He said that Fangio's gruff demeanor hasn't sat well with everyone and that he believes La Canfora's sources could be both coaches and players, but mostly if not entirely on the offensive side of the ball. He said what JLC reported is likely true but that, like a lot of national reporters, he made things seem far worse than they were to create interest, drive clicks and page views, etc. He also said JLC has long had an adversarial relationship with the Broncos and thus does like to paint the organization in as bad of light as possible.
  3. Report: Fangio “treats everyone like crap”

    I agree with what everyone says, by and large, but if someone is leaking this, is there not a question of, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire?” La Canfora, again not exactly my favorite reporter, is citing multiple sources in this story. One is almost assuredly Flacco, who is here to collect a paycheck and establish a nice place for he and his family to live (I can’t blame him, why would anyone want to live on the East Coast when they could live here?). Is the other, or another, Sanders? Maybe, but what does he gain throwing his former team - the one with whom he won his ring - under the bus? Plus he’s now living large in SF on a playoff team with real head coach. My beat reporter friend has said there has been chaffing under Fangio. Like it or not, millionaire millennials are the not the easiest people with whom to work; reality is reality. I’m not one to advocate bending over backwards because one or some of them has sand in their panties but I also don’t think it would kill Fangio to remember it’s not 1985 anymore. Pete Carrol is 71 and his players love him. Sean McVay is 34 and his players love him. Both of whom have coached teams to the Super Bowl. Vic, a 60 year old rookie whose never won anything, at any level, ever, could stand to give a little and get a little, IMHO.
  4. Well, surprise, surprise. A 60+ year old rookie HC who is set in his ways and “old school” is not cut out to be a head coach in the 2019 NFL. According to a report from Jason La Canfora - who, to be fair, I have referred to multiple times in the past as a “hack” - Vic Fangio has a litany of problems, most of which surround his people skills, or lack thereof, and things are Dove Valley are once again spiraling out of control. The report is worth a read, the source not withstanding, but a lot of the problems mentioned should not come as a surprise to anyone who follows the organization closely. It looks like, for the second time in a row, the Ellis/Elway/Russell braintrust made a mistake with the selection of a head coach. Perhaps equally troubling is the section that outlines how Scangarello’s offense was a bad fit for Flacco and the former has been unable to adapt his scheme to his available talent, which is a marker of a coach who should not be coaching. Meanwhile, Kyle Shanahan’s 49ers are 8-1.
  5. The Myles Garrett incident

    An “indefinite” suspension for Garrett, which is likely lifted a either prior to or just a game or two into the 2020 season is entirely appropriate. I probably only would have given Pouncey a game, 2 at most, but I won’t quibble with three. He was defending a teammate after an abhorrent act, yes, but he still kicked and punched a guy who was on the ground. I don’t say this often, but the NFL got this right.
  6. Matt Stafford ruled out 1-3 weeks with fractured bones in his back

    Shocking to hear the NFL is investigating the Lions for playing games with the injury report. I mean, one would think that a team with a former-Patriot as GM and former-Patriot as Head Coach would operate with nothing but the utmost integrity.
  7. Random Thoughts

    Shocking to hear the NFL is investigating the Lions for playing games with the injury report. I mean, one would think that a team with a former-Patriot as GM and former-Patriot as Head Coach would operate with nothing but the utmost integrity.
  8. Random Thoughts

    Maybe. But what’s that matter?
  9. Random Thoughts

    Very fair point. Teddy B, who I do and have liked for a long time, is not entirely proven however. Taking over that team, with that coach, in those circumstances is not different from liking Matt Cassell in 2009. I don’t mean that as a slight against Teddy, but the gamble is there. But, again, I didn’t hear that that scenario was ever seriously considered. Hiring Kyle and trading up for C-Mac, on the other hand, we’re very much real possibilities, ones that were pursed, considered and under discussion at the very highest levels on the second floor at Dove Valley. They did not come to fruition but were, nonetheless, very real possibilities. My point was not to play a “what if...” game. We can do that all day and it would be fun, “what if we drafted Dareus, Patrick Peterson or AJ Green instead of Von?” Or “what if we hired Jim Harbaugh?” Or any number of what ifs.
  10. Random Thoughts

    As I understand it, from reports published over the years and what my beat reporter friend (someone you all know and respect) has told me from what he has been able to piece together, is that there was mutual interest between Elway and Kyle. One, this was one of Kyle’s dream jobs growing up (the other coincidentally being SF, the two teams with whom Mike won Super Bowls). Two, Elway was highly-regraded in league circles at the time being just a year removed from the SB 50; the job was seen as less of a long-haul rebuild that SF was. Also, at the time, Jed York was seen as a meddling owner unable to decide what he wanted, had been through multiple failed coaches and Jim Harbaugh, who got out of dodge when a better job (Michigan) became available. What’s interesting about all that is how SF and we have almost traded places since both jobs were open in early of 2017. Mike and Elway have (somewhat) patched up their relationship, they’re not the best friends they used to be but they don’t despise each other they way they did in the ~2005-2015 years. Remember their relationship dates back to mid-80s when Mike was an assistant under Dan Reeves. Now, Elway did prefer Vance initially when Kubiak resigned due to health but, he did interview Kyle as more than just a favor to Mike (which some claimed at the time), he was seriously interested in what Kyle had to offer. Same for Toub, in whom Elway did have genuine interest. According to a quote directly from my beat reporter friend, “a tie went to Vance” because of a) Elway’s initial inkling towards him, b) Ellis’ not wanting the Shanahans back in the building and c) Russell’s full-throated endorsement of his college friend and teammate. Those factors led Elway to choose Vance. My friend also says that there is a chance that had both us and SF offered Kyle the job, he chose the latter as he was given a longer contract which meant more job security and far more authority over personnel and the makeup of his staff (both coaching and FO) than he would have received here. Kyle, Adam Peters (our former college scouting director) and John Lynch form a triumvirate in SF, with an owner who is now hands-off, giving the three of them autonomy and a collaborative environment in SF. While here he would have had higher expectations, a more urgent need to win now and much less authority over football operations than he enjoys in SF. Thus, it could be a moot point, but the background story is fascinating and it would have been very interesting had Kyle received an offer from both franchises.
  11. Random Thoughts

    If Elway gets canned, and the team attempts to put all the blame for the current state entirely on him, he gives a tell-all interview to one of the Denver sports media figureheads - Woody, Clough, Zappolo, Shapiro, etc. - goes on the record about the dirt at Dove Valley under Ellis and throws the franchise into chaos. That's also why Matt Russell doesn't get fired, he knows where the bodies are buried. On the first point, you don't spend premium draft capital on a RB unless three conditions are met - one, he is an elite, game-changing talent a la Barkley, Elliot, McCaffrey; two, you do not have a glaring hole at a more-important position (QB, LT, CB, EDGE) with a prospect on the board who can fill that hole; three, you don't have any RB currently on your roster, or a stable of them, who can adequately shoulder a running game. I don't think we meet any of those three conditions let alone all three of them. So, no. Go ahead and draft another back with another of our top-100 picks.
  12. Random Thoughts

    The difference being a lot of the things you mention were never under serious consideration if they were under consideration at all. They weren't going to trade Von, despite what talk radio numbskulls say. There no plans to move up for Wentz and the only way we take Darnold in 2018 is if the Jets pass on him and he falls to No. 5. We interviewed Kyle and he reportedly blew Elway away, Ellis' issues with the Shanahan family combined with Russell's long-term relationship with Vance tipped the balance the other (wrong) way. We wanted to get Christian McCaffrey, Elway tried in days and hours before the draft to work a move up for him but Carolina, when they went on the clock at No. 8, wouldn't budge.
  13. Random Thoughts

    We got to talking about this yesterday at the bar, imagine if two things, just two things, had gone differently for us three years ago. One, we hire Kyle instead of Vance and two, Carolina accepts our trade offer and we get McCaffrey instead of Bolles in the first round? How different would the conversation around this team be if those two decisions would have been made differently.
  14. Random Thoughts

    I think right now he's the front-runner. If he keeps producing at this level, stays healthy and Baltimore gets one of the top two seeds, he will be hard to beat. Taking into account individual contributions, role on the team, team's spot in the standings, I would put my MVP big board as follows. Lamar Jackson Russell Wilson Aaron Rodgers Christian McCaffery DeShaun Watson I'll admit I was wrong about Jackson, I said he would be a bust and that pure athletes never make it as QBs. That said, I still don't believe his style of play is sustainable long-term, but he will certainly give us a very exciting three or four seasons. A key ingredient to his success that has gone overlooked is how Harbaugh was willing to completely rework the offense to fit his skill set and how quickly he has been successful at installing it.
  15. Team Building the FUTURE is now!

    I might have to look that up and give it a listen. Like you, I'm a terribly big Klis fan but he is essentially part of the team's PR machine and obviously well-connected. Interestingly, and unsurprisingly, Nikki J said the same thing last week on Altitude radio that they planned all along to play the long game with Lock and they're sticking to that plan. On the other hand, if you listen to The Fan, which has already switched back to all-QB talk all the time, you would think the team has totally lost faith in Lock and have already moved on. Now, that might be good for ratings as nothing gets the casual fans buzzing like the thought of taking a QB early in the draft, but I think it is also a far cry from reality. Again, it might drive ratings, but there is no way they can be convinced Lock is not the answer after 3 weeks of preseason before he got hurt.