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  1. WEEK 1 @ OAK TOWN

    Has Ellis demonstrated he can hire good football people?
  2. WEEK 1 @ OAK TOWN

    This. Every one wants to blame Elway for the mess we're in. And I don't think that blame is entirely misplaced. For a long time I've been an Elway defender but its been one big mistake after another. And while it's fair to blame Elway do you really want Joe Ellis, Joe freaking Ellis, making the decision on a new GM? Think about that for a minute. Woody Paige, who has real sources beyond the Broncos PR team, reported last year Ellis was a full-throated supporter of hiring McDaniels and that he didn't want a Shanahan, Mike or Kyle, back involved with the team so we hired Vance and then retained him, over Elway's objections. It was Ellis, not Elway, who didn't want to pay Wade $2 million a year to stay on as DC. Elway has made his mistakes, a lot of them and a number of them big ones, but to think firing him will cure our problems is 1000000000% wrong. And, until we go back to the playoffs and get into contention for championships again, it'll be all we hear on the radio and elsewhere. But Ellis is the problem, or at least the biggest one, and until he is removed from any and all positions of power in this franchise nothing is going to change. And, remember this, after we wait another 10 years for Brittany Bowlen to finally take over as a real owner do you think she's going to remove Ellis, the guy who basically secured her controlling ownership of the team? Doubtful.
  3. WEEK 1 @ OAK TOWN

    Need points here! Whole different game even if we just get 3.
  4. WEEK 1 @ OAK TOWN

    Wow who would have guessed that establishing the run when you’re on the road is a good idea. Took Scangarello 3 quarters to figure that out.
  5. WEEK 1 @ OAK TOWN

    One, I’d go one rung in the ladder above Elway, though that’s debatable around here since Ellis seems to have some fans and those who think he’s doing a great job. Two, those reports are what you get when you have a sychofantical media that parrots team talking points and cheerleads for ratings/page views.
  6. WEEK 1 @ OAK TOWN

    I was asking before the call was made, maybe there was a delay in the post appearing. I was asking almost rhetorically if that was an option worth trying. I wasn’t questioning the decision after it was made.
  7. WEEK 1 @ OAK TOWN

    Try a 64 yard field goal off the dirt?
  8. WEEK 1 @ OAK TOWN

    Sure haven’t seen anything to suggest otherwise.
  9. WEEK 1 @ OAK TOWN

    Flacco looks like garbage too, getting the ball out too late, making poor reads and over-throwing his targets.
  10. WEEK 1 @ OAK TOWN

    Wow this is ugly.
  11. WEEK 1 @ OAK TOWN

    What terrible clock management right there, and for a team with a veteran QB and experienced coach. That’s a Vance/Siemian kind of mistake I thought was behind us.
  12. WEEK 1 @ OAK TOWN

    Ouch. Down 14-0 on the road. That’s not good. Ugly start to what will probably be an ugly season.
  13. WEEK 1 @ OAK TOWN

    Make an adjustment and help Yiadom out.
  14. WEEK 1 @ OAK TOWN

    Oh no now James is hurt, our $50 million RT.
  15. WEEK 1 @ OAK TOWN

    And then a stupid penalty. Undisciplined play, the mark is a poorly-coached team.