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  1. Random Thoughts

    An interesting point about the WR discussion is to think who was the last truly elite WR to have won Super Bowl? DT won SB 50, Marvin Harrison was on the Colts in 2006 when they won but run down the list of recent champions, how many of those teams had a truly elite WR? There haven't been many in the last 20 years. If you back to the 1990s and before you see Michael Irvin, Jerry Rice, Torry Holt and Issac Bruce but in the most recent era, the most pass-happy and pass-heavy period in NFL history, the number of elite WRs with Super Bowl rings are few and far between. Elite WRs like AB and OBJ get a lot of headlines, help win fantasy football leagues and make a lot of money but are they a key ingredient to championship formula? Recent history says no.
  2. Let the Offseason Begin

    Usually Joe Ellis is up front at these press conferences but at today’s he was no where to be found. Guess he’s realized it’s bad for team PR for him to be out there front and center.
  3. Random Thoughts

    I would say it was longer than that. From 1998 to 2008 he was dominant, he had two years in that span, one the broken ankle injury in Philly year and '99 in SF which I believe was a year Garcia was hurt, when he didn't put up big numbers but aside from that he was pretty darn elite for the better part of a decade. His peak years, 2000-2004 he averaged 89 catches for 1,293 yards and 13 TDs and even then the game wasn't as pass-happy or as friendly to the passing game as it is now. After Jerry Rice, T.O. was the best WR I've seen play. He his size/speed/strength combination was unheard of during his time (he was bigger than Shannon Sharpe and A LOT faster), he was an elite blocker, he played through injury and he never took a play off.
  4. Let the Offseason Begin

    I don’t know too much about the advanced analytics and all that but didn’t Paradis rate as a top C from PFF the last several years? And, as I said in my post, he’s a team captain with a Super Bowl ring, those guys don’t grow on trees. If yob want to value RT as more important than C I can agree with that, as I can about concern over his broken leg. I still think for the same price I retain Paradis before I sign James. But that’s me.
  5. Let the Offseason Begin

    Has someone else been posting under my handle? First someone says I called JuWan James injury prone and now I'm lionizing Mike Munchak?
  6. Let the Offseason Begin

    HUh? When did I bash Ju'Wuan James for being injury prone? When did I even mention any thing about any injury as related to him?
  7. Let the Offseason Begin

    Even with all his hip problems, Paradis never missed a snap until he broke his leg. I don't see any correlation there. Well Tom Brady never missed a start before or since he tore his ACL in 2008, I don't think one fluke injury made the Pats suddenly question his durability. And since we can't be critical of what the GM does, or at least question it, maybe we should just shutdown the forum.
  8. Let the Offseason Begin

    So life has been pretty busy with a newborn at home but I have been keeping up on what's been going on. I guess Kareem Jackson is an okay signing, not wild about the price but you always overpay in free agency, should at worst be a solid outside CB. What I don't get, however, is signing Juwan James for more than it would have cost to retain Paradis. I don't see how adding an above-average RT while allowing our elite C, who was a team captain and has a ring, makes us a better team. Is McGovern going to be the pivot now or are going to comb the wires for a journeyman type. The bottom line is does Flacco+James+Jackson make us markedly better than Keenum+Roby+Paradis? We've moved some players in and let some players leave but I'm not sure we've really improved.
  9. Let the Offseason Begin

    Any rumors? Free agency starts on Monday and we’re supposed to be aggressive.
  10. Now that you’ve traded Case Redskins Super Bowl bound?

    Look Case is a great guy who works hard and provides a positive presence in the locker room. He’s a middling talent, however, and Elway was grasping at straws in signing him since the Broncos are in desperate win-now mode thanks to Joe Ellis’ incompetent executive leadership. We repeated the mistake with Joe Flacco, only difference is Flacco has a ring and a NFL QB physical skill set. Case will be a solid backup acquired at a fair price for your club.
  11. Let the Offseason Begin

    Agreed. And he handled it in a classy way too today from what I heard. Best wishes to him and I thank him for his help in bringing Super Bowl 50 here!
  12. Let the Offseason Begin

    Here's more from both Klis and Renck regarding free agency. First, Klis: Renck also expects some bold moves to be made.
  13. Let the Offseason Begin

    This is exactly right and is a point I have been trying to make around here for a long; the problem has been execution, not effort.
  14. Let the Offseason Begin

    I worry that's not going to be the case. Klis already reported it's going to be "an aggressive offseason" and we've been linked multiple times to Antonio Brown. Remember, the 2019 schedule is made after free agency and before the draft, Ellis is going to want some big moves made in hopes of getting us more prime time and nationally-televised games so buying naming rights is more appealing to potential sponsors.
  15. Broncos trade for Joe Flacco

    Well Case is as good as gone. That's being reported every where; they're going to try to trade him but if they don't get any takers they'll release him. The plan, according to Schefter, is also to "re-work" Flacco's deal to make it more team-friendly. And, unsurprising to most of us around here, Klis was right last month when he predicted an "aggressive offseason."