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  1. The Search for Coaching Staff Begins

    If they draft a QB at 1.10 (or earlier) who will be, at least at the time he's drafted, viewed as the long-term answer, they keep Case around for a year at his current rate and let him walk in a year, or resign him for a much lower rate to be the long-term backup. The only way I see us parting ways with Case this offseason is if he part of a trade to acquire an already-established player to be the long-term answer (someone like Foles), which I see as highly unlikely. One, no team in their right mind is going to take Case at $18M and, two, I don't think we go the veteran route.
  2. The Search for Coaching Staff Begins

    I wonder what took so long? Good he’s hired, let’s hope he’s ready to go.
  3. Let the Offseason Begin

    Adam Gase is an incompetent hack who got lucky once. Did you see his press conference with the Jets? Made Jim Tomsula’s look good. He will he fired by the Jets inside of three years.
  4. Let the Offseason Begin

    All reports are that Elway is high on Drew Lock, he seems like a passable option, no pun intended, if he lasts until 10. Haskins worries me as one year starters have a bad track record, plus he’s from Ohio St and the history of QBs there is not great. And there’s the Duke kid Jones who was coached by Cutcliffe, who comes with the recommendation of the Manning brothers, 4 rings and 2 gold jackets between them.
  5. Let the Offseason Begin

    Dear God it’s like the NBA.
  6. The Search for Coaching Staff Begins

    I’m not sure if it’s a decision Elway can make with 100-percent independence. It’s likely that Ellis and the trust are putting major pressure on the team to win now, Klis portended as such when reporting that we over-paid for Munchak and are planning an aggressive offseason. I’d wager that the leadership of the franchise, such as it is, is saying that 10-6+ and a playoff berth is a must for next year. A big name free agent or two, a headline-grabbing trade and a bold move in the draft is probably what they’re asking for to draw positive headlines at the local and national levels.
  7. The Search for Coaching Staff Begins

    I'm not saying they are similar as prospects or anything, but David Cutcliffe, who's coaching Jones at Duke, was the OC/QBs coach for Peyton at Tennessee and Eli at Ole Miss. So we know Jones has been exceptionally well-coached and schooled in the mental nuances of the game.
  8. Let the Offseason Begin

  9. The Search for Coaching Staff Begins

    Good and bad news, IMO, in these 140 characters from the organization's mouthpiece. One, tightwad Ellis was willing to open the checkbook to land Munchak. That's good. Too bad he couldn't do that two years ago with Wade. Oh well, I guess we can't put the toothpaste back in the toothpaste bottle. Two, "what promises to be an aggressive offseason," to me sounds like it portends a free agent spending spree. Yes, spending big in 2014 on Sanders, Ward, Talib, Ware et. al. did work out. Problem is, 2014 was something of an exception and I doubt Ellis understands spending big then was different than spending big now. The big ticket FAs who came here then did so with Peyton Manning on the roster who by and large guaranteed, at the very least, a deep postseason run. We don't have that now. They signed for at or even below market value then, to get big-name FAs here now will require us to over pay. Now, I know the franchise needs to a) make some headlines to draw fan interest, boost season ticket sales, regular ticket pre-sales and hopefully get a few more prime time games and b) needs to win now to keep Bill Bowlen's forces at bay. A few nice coaching hires are great, spending big in free agency is not. But from Ellis' perspective, it's win this year or there may not be a next year.
  10. The Search for Coaching Staff Begins

    The former is a valid concern. It will be interesting to see how that band all does in Minny with Cousins, who, coincidentially, was drafted and developed by Mike and Kyle. Hiring Vance instead of Kyle was a mistake Elway knows he made. Good to see he’s rectifying it. Seems like they’re putting a lot of good minds in the room, let’s hope Vic can lead the group. By going with Scangarello we are embracing the newer-age version of the Shanahan way, which is what it appears Elway wanted. Had Gary not been so loyal to his former lieutentents, he’d have the job here. Interestingly, our basic philosophy with Scangarello willc be the same as with Gary but perhaps with more openess to a modernization of that approach. Remember that McVay is a disciple of the (Mike) Shanahan school, he just modernized it with some new concepts that apply the backyard ball approach of the modern college game. If the Scangarello hire comes to pass I like the makeup of the offensive staff, especially with an elite OL coach and Hall of Famer like Munchak on board.
  11. The Search for Coaching Staff Begins

    Vic is the DC in all but name only. They’ll hire a perfunctory DC but it really doesn’t matter. And Donatell is an experienced coach so he being on the staff isn’t a negative.
  12. The Search for Coaching Staff Begins

    What’s so great about Fangio as HC? Please illuminate me. I’m not saying he’s going to be Vance/Mac but some in Broncos Country are talking like we just hit a homerun. Honest observers around the league without a horse in the race have said it’s a very “meh” hire, not a strikeout but certainly not a homerun either. And, just as a reminder, all 3 Super Bowls this team has won have come with Kubiak and Dennison as part of the coaching staffs.
  13. The Search for Coaching Staff Begins

    Good news on landing Munchak and on getting SF to agree to allow us to interview Scangarello. I’m still not wild about Vic and his “death by inches” crap but at least he will help with the defense and be. HUGE upgrade over Woods. Now it’s looking like we will hopefully be able to assemble a halfway decent offensive staff.
  14. The Search for Coaching Staff Begins

    Yes please!! And let it be John Elway.
  15. DEN hires CHI DC Vic Fangio as HC

    Hey now it was on Twitter and they can’t put it on Twitter if it’s not true! All kidding aside, Rapoport is a legitimate source (as Klis, Renck, Schefter, et al that reporters the Kubes to be OC news) and thus this is a valid subject for us to discuss. And it’s not “Elway bashing” to voice the opinion that a certain move would be a mistake.