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  1. I just made a post in the Broncos forum about this very topic, based upon a conversation I had with friends an acquaintances, all serious, informed football fans, this afternoon. The questions was, top-10, unranked, just the 10 best, current HCs. There was unanimity on Belichick, Reid, Carroll, Tomlin, Payton and Harbaugh. After that there was debate.
  2. Who are your top 10 head coaches currently active in the NFL? I was having this discussion this afternoon with some friends and acquaintances at the bar. Everyone’s list had Belichick, Reid, Payton, Carroll, Tomlin and Harbaugh but after that it got tricky. Rivera, Gruden, Shanahan and McVay got some love but no unanimity. So who makes your top 10? Not in any order. But just general top 10.
  3. Do you think Risner’s shoulder has been bothering him all year? I’ve heard some people critical of his play; Orlando Franklin on The Fan, who is far from a hot-take artist, said he’s not seeing the same player he saw last year and suspects he’s injured. He said that following the Jets game. Again, I’m not an OL expert but at the same time not a neophyte, and I haven’t seen the same player I saw last year. Maybe just a sophomore slump?
  4. He really has had a fascinating career hasn’t he? A 7th round pick out of the football factory that is Harvard, he’s played on 8 different teams in 16 years, made over $71.5 million and is raising 7 kids, all of whom were born in different states. I’d love to have a beer with him just to hear the stories he can probably tell. Or if he wrote a tell-all type book about his experiences in the league I’d preorder it the day I could.
  5. Now I’m not the OL expert that several of you are but I didn’t see a noticeable decrease when Risner was replaced by Schlottmann midway through the last game. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
  6. It's just good to see what a fun offense this group can grow in to. It'll really be something to see next year when this group has some more experience under their belts and we get Sutton back.
  7. Nice win, @Joe_is_the_best. You're 100% right I shouldn't have picked against the Broncos. New York (NYG) at Philadelphia Kansas City at Denver Detroit at Atlanta Cleveland at Cincinnati Pittsburgh at Tennessee Carolina at New Orleans Buffalo at New York (NYJ) Dallas at Washington Green Bay at Houston Seattle at Arizona San Francisco at New England Jacksonville at Los Angeles (LAC) Tampa Bay at Las Vegas Chicago at Los Angeles (LAR) Survivor: Los Angeles Chargers
  8. Agreed. The play call for a deep pass late, and I don’t mind being aggressive, was foolish. We ran the ball well, keep at it. Mike and Gary were great at that, as you point out. Can’t give a Belichick team late life.
  9. What a difference a few weeks makes. Team was very well prepared and, props to Vic, he designed a great game plan. Mac is not a good OC absent Brady, but we knew that, but I’m not taking that away from Vic. McManus is an elite kicker. Drew’s numbers were ugly but he played a lot better, IMO, than the stats show. Last time we won in New England was 2006, this was huge for a very young and injury-riddled team’s confidence, even if it wasn’t the prettiest football, that’s where the real value of the win comes, looking long-term.
  10. We might not be having a game now... Although I'm sure Kraft/Belichick will work out something with the league for their benefit. 😠
  11. Houston at Tennessee Cincinnati at Indianapolis Atlanta at Minnesota Denver at New England Washington at New York (NYG) Baltimore at Philadelphia Cleveland at Pittsburgh Chicago at Carolina Detroit at Jacksonville New York (NYJ) at Miami Green Bay at Tampa Bay Los Angeles (LAR) at San Francisco Kansas City at Buffalo Arizona at Dallas Survivor: New England
  12. I heard this this morning and I can’t really say anything that you guys haven’t already said. He just let everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, down.
  13. I gave up on watching ESPN outside of live games a long while ago. I will turn into the SVP Sportscebter occasionally but ESPN has become such horrific garbage I don’t even waste my time anymore as all it does is make me angry.
  14. I think Tomlin is much more of an exception to the rule rather than a comparison to the average new, first time HC situation. He took over the most stable franchise in the league, with a stacked roster that included an in-his-prime franchise QB. He wasn’t going into a 2-14 team with a bare cupboard and a reputation for changing the key leadership positions every few years. And I don’t say that to take anything away from Tomlin, who I believe is an exceptional HC who would have found success virtually anywhere. But he’s not the best comparison for the average situation in the league for a rookie HC.
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