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  1. 2018 53-Man Roster Projections and Discussion

    I agree it was awful. Certainly up there with the worst of the worst. Yet I do have faith in our FO because they changed their approach this year. Instead of raw and unproven from small schools we went the other way this year - proven, team captains, productive, award-winners from big-time programs. Instead of Coastal Carolina and Louisiana-Lafayette, it was NC-State, Iowa and Oregon.
  2. When VJ gets fired

    Here’s the thing for all the fans who want us to go the “hot coordinator” route again to consider - the HC’s primary job is to be a overall leader of the team, to coach the coaches, to provide direction, stability and accountability. Xs and Os are more the purview or the coordinators and, to a lesser extent, the position coaches. That is not to say that HCs don’t have varying degrees of input on even minute parts, Kyle runs the offense in San Fran, BB is very involved with the defense in New England, Andy Reid works very closely with Maholmes and the offense in KC (and did the same in Philly with McNabb) but the HC’s #1 job is not the minutea, his job is far more strategic than it is operational and tactical. That’s why a CEO HC like John Harbaugh should be our top choice. If Ellis is willing to put up the money (and he should be because if we keep losing he’s going to get sued by the Bowlen children and firing him will be their first order of business) we can hire and attract top-notch coordinators to install modern and possibly even revolutinairy schemes. But you can’t have a hack or untested “my way or the highway” kid at the top; we’ve tried that twice in the last decade, both times with disastrous results.
  3. When VJ gets fired

    And Mac.
  4. When VJ gets fired

    Seriously I do not disagree on your evaluations of McCarthy and Garrett. I wouldn't really like each choice, in fact I would be dissatisfied with both. That being said, even HCs who've failed and made poor decisions in prior jobs are much better-suited to adjust, to learn from those mistakes, to change what they did wrong from their prior job. Arguments can be made that David Shaw and Chris Peterson would also be risks as neither has been a NFL HC before, that Jim Harbaugh couldn't make it work in San Fran as he rubbed too many people the wrong way and that Jim Harbaugh has only one ring and got it with two first-ballot Hall of Famers on his defense, but otherwise hasn't won much. Every coach has their negatives and every hire is a risk, to varying degrees. But, it is a safer move to hire someone who has worn the hat and sat in the chair of NFL HC before than it is to hand the keys to a hot coordinator who is totally untested. The Mike Tomlins and Sean McVays of the world are far and away the exception than they are the rule.
  5. When VJ gets fired

    I'm not going to argue vehemently in favor of McCarthy (or Jason Garrett) but we just cannot afford to risk it again with a one- or two-year coordinator who ridden success of some new-fangeled scheme or some elite crop of talent. It's really not a dissimilar position to your stance on McCarthy, because I am hesitant to hire someone, anyone, coordinator, HC, position coach, who has ridden the coattails of an all-time great QB to a HC, or another HC, job. Again, we can't gamble on another one-year wonder who's never been a HC before.
  6. When VJ gets fired

    You always want the hot coordinator. This is nothing new. How did hiring Gary Kubiak instead of your preferred choice of Dan Quinn work out? We won a Super Bowl while Quinn has had two winning seasons, his most successful one being an obvious aberration with Kyle Shanahan coordinating the offense, and now has the likes of Steve Scarnecchia (he of McSpyGate infamy) on his staff. The bottom line is that if you roll the dice on a hot coordinator you more often than not end up with craps (sorry I just got back from Vegas). Joseph was the young, untested, never-been-a-HC before, coordinator. How's that worked out for us? How did Mac work for us? Elway can't get burned again. He has go for a proven HC; go ahead roll the dice on the next-big-thing type for an OC or DC (of course dumping Wade for Woods was clearly a huge mistake, thanks again, Joe Ellis, you cheap, incompetent pile of s***) but you don't gamble on a HC this time. If John Harbaugh hits the street, you hire him. If you can get Jim Harbaugh, David Shaw, Chris Petersen or even Mike McCarthy, you hire him. This team needs an adult in the locker room, not someone has to learn on the job again.
  7. When VJ gets fired

    Why? Because for half of one season he has coached the Andy Reid/Doug Pederson/Brad Childress/Matt Nagy offense that has one of the most elite compliments of skill position talent the league has seen in recent memory? Go back to Boulder.
  8. Broncos VS Texans GDT

    Wow that really does look like that's what BoB was saying. Look, no one wanted Vance as the head coach here. I still, nearly two years later, am wondering what it was Elway & Co. saw in him. Even with Mac I could see what appeal Ellis saw; a young, bright, articulate, energetic guy from the best franchise in modern pro sports. With Vance, I don't see any of that. Nothing in his pedigree or coaching history pointed to the next big thing. That being said, is Vance is bad guy? No, his past at CU when he was investigated for assault notwithstanding, I don't think so. Would I enjoy having a beer with him? Probably. Vance will be gone at year's end. Things are bad but they're not bad enough that there are 20,000+ empty seats. Elway & Co. are going to let him coach out the season and clean house in January. What has me the most disappointed is that this was just another wasted year. A wasted year of the primes of Von and CHJ, among others, a wasted year on Case when we could have drafted a QB, a wasted year with a HC we knew wasn't the right guy this time last year. Just a wasted year all around. Let's hope the draft we had in April - where the FO really did a good job with their new approach - carries over to early 2019 and beyond.
  9. When VJ gets fired

    In the case of John Harbaugh, I don't think it would be that big of a change for him as Ozzie Newsome hasn't exactly been some limp-wristed GM and the two have seemed to work well together. Jim might be a different story as he had an awful lot of control at Stanford, in San Fran and now at Michigan.
  10. When VJ gets fired

    Interesting to think how Chad and Case are polar opposites - Case has everything you want from an intangible standpoint and Chad everything from a physical standpoint. On BF2010’s point, not only way Case evaluated on a team with ideal conditions but also one which played in a division that had the always-mediocre Lions, the Bears with a roomie HC and QB and the Packers without Aaron Rodgers. Our FO did swing and miss on Case, I also said as much before the ink was dry, but I also come back to the point I’ve made that they were hoping on a prayer that Case could at least somewhat be close to last year as they owed the vets a chance to be competitive. I will disagree that Case was the biggest mistake; hiring Vance instead of Kyle was a bigger one. I also think - and again this is nothing against Chubb who I think has a long and productive Bronco career and lives up to being a No. 5 overall pick - that passing on a QB at No. 5 was a big mistake. Whether or not Rosen/Allen pan out is almost beside the point, when you don’t have a franchise QB and have the No. 5 pick with 2-3 well-regraded QB prospects on the board, you don’t pass up that chance. As I’ve long maintained, this team is good enough to win 6 or 7 games, i.e. out of playoff contention by Thanksgiving, but not bad enough to get a top-5 pick where franchise QBs can be found.
  11. Getting rid of Monday Night Football

    As had already been stated, MNF is not going anywhere. The money is too much and its existence as an institution means too much to the NFL. That being said, ever since MNF went to ESPN, it lost a great deal of what made it what it was. It's not entirely ESPN's fault; when people used to have 5 channels to watch, everyone watched Cheers on Tuesday, Cosby on Wednesday, Seinfeld on Thursday, Full House on Friday (or whatever) and MNF on Monday. We all watched the same shows, from soccer moms to 11 year olds and we all talked about it at work/school/the hair salon the next day. Now there are more options. But it's not 1989 anymore and, with that in mind, ESPN has really never been able to figure out how to do MNF. Plus, to be honest, the NFL hasn't helped by providing a less-than-stellar schedule each year. Even Sean McDougnah admitted as much, saying, Sour grapes after he was booted from the broadcast? Maybe. But also spot-on analysis of the slate of games the network was given. It's perplexing why ESPN does such a poor job broadcasting MNF because, by and large, their college football broadcasts are pretty darn good. I think ESPN makes too much of the MNF broadcast and they over-stuff it. The latest gimmicks have been things like "commercial-free" halftime show which is really 10-minute long commercial with a musical act and two minutes of the most superficial football analysis squeezed in. Who's tuning into a football game to see some second-rate band/performer sing a song? Or putting Booger MacFarland on a crane and promoting it as a 3 person booth? Do we really need bizarre graphics like yesterday night's video game depiction of Tom Brady jumping off a trailer in the Orchard Park parking lot onto a table? You don't need gimmicks. How long before B-list movie stars and soap opera actors return to the booth? CBS does the best job broadcasting the NFL. Know why? They keep the focus of the broadcast on the action on the field. They want to make a point about Tom Brady having a 29-3 career record against Buffalo, they put that information on the screen in numerical form and maybe throw in a few highlights of Tom throwing touchdown passes against the Bills. There are no added sound-effects, video game crap, musical acts, celebrities in the booth, pregame hosts eating chicken wings or CGI robots. CBS's broadcast might be a little dull at times, and I'm not saying they're perfect, but the focus of it is largely kept on the action on the field. When people have an uncountable number of entertainment options available, what does someone who opts for a television broadcast of football game want more than the broadcast of a football game? If I want to watch my favorite band sing their latest hit, don't I have 93824758439275987439938475 different ways to do that? Why would I tune into a three-plus hour football game to catch it? If ESPN and the NFL want to resuscitate the MNF brand then they need to make it appeal to football fans. As I said before, it's not just anyone who tunes into football anymore with all the other entertainment options available. Make the broadcast appeal to football fans. Give me a crew that keeps the cameras on the field, give me two guys in the booth who can talk football at more than a superficial level and give me intriguing match-ups. On the latter part, if they're not going to be able to flex games, especially later in the year, find a niche. Maybe make all MNF games be game between division opponents (I know TNF used to do that) or find something, anything, to make the games and match-ups intriguing. ESPN should promote the match-ups; it's not the NBA where it is star player versus star player, it's not Tom Brady versus LeSean McCoy the way it is LeBron James versus Steph Curry. ESPN should be good at that, they have so many good analysts and good reporters that they can find and promote intrigue even if it's two last-place teams in a meaningless game in mid-December, and football fans would like that. In short, make the football game you're broadcasting appeal to football fans, not the potential, casual, occasional, someone who might have the TV on, fans.
  12. Ray has never been able to stay healthy and thus get in a rhythm. His weight has always fluctuated and that has impacted what role he can have. I had high hopes for Ray when he was drafted, he had a nice career at Missouri against SEC competition and he tested well. He’s a player I think a change of scenery would greatly benefit.
  13. I think Wolfe is a locker room “glue” guy. DT was as well and you can’t trade all of them. I think DT’s trade was as much about a salary dump and gettting Sutton on the field more. We don’t have a waiting-in-the-wings replacement for Wolfe. As for DT he was much maligned, both fairly and unfairly at times, but he is an all-time great Bronco and someone who was teriffic in the community. Thanks, DT.
  14. When VJ gets fired

    Yeah Chris Petersen is one I would be happy with too, and because I'm a Mountain West guy, I've seen for years what he did at Boise State; he seems like the kind of "I'll take mine and beat yours and then I'll take yours and beat mine," kind of coach and that's an incredible trait. He coaches to his talent not to some predetermined scheme. That's why so many hot coordinators fail, they go in with the mindset of "this is what got me here, this is what worked when I was the X coordinator in Y city, I have to make it work here." I've literally heard coaches say that, "this is what I know so this is what we're going to do." Dan Campbell isn't one I thought of but it is an intriguing option. He did coach 12 games as a HC in Miami and has coordinated under a number of different head coaches. He's also a former player and that builds instant credibility in the locker room which we desperately need as it has become clear the vets do not have much respect for Vance. Another name that is floating around as potentially being available is Mike McCarthy. The only thing that worries me there is that he has had the luxury of having one of game's all-time great QBs who possess a skill set that is not easily replicated. However, with McCarthy (same can be said for Jason Garrett) we know the job and spotlight would not be too big for him, which would be nice after having Vance who is in so far over his head he can't even see the light on the surface.
  15. When VJ gets fired

    We can talk about names, and I would be big on both a hire of Jim Harbaugh and David Shaw, but what I think is important is we put together a list of criteria that is important and do not fall into the copycat game or make our decision before interviews have been conducted, like we did with our last two. Vance was going to be hired because they liked him two years prior (why I do not know, but the Matt Russell connection looms large) and Kubiak was always going to be the hire the day after John Fox was fired. What Elway should do is what he did with that Fox hire - talk to the candidates and make a choice, IIRC, most thought Elway would go for Rick Dennison but he came away impressed with Fox and liked the prior head coaching, and successful head coaching, experience he brought to the table. I do not want to fall into the trap of trying to copy McVay's success in L.A. and try to replicate it here; McVay is, I think, is a very unique situation that is unlikely to be replicated. I also do not like going for the "hot coordinator" route (never have liked that route) because so often that is a result of said coordinator's previous personnel and/or the head coach under whom he worked. Far too often the hot coordinator flames out; I would wager (and I don't have time to really research this right now) but I would say for every one hot coordinator that hits, four fail, and often spectacularly. I really want someone who has previous head coaching experience and, just as if not more importantly, success as a head coach.