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  1. Well straight line, track, in your gym shorts, on your home facility, speed is a very important trait for a QB. Just look at Peyton’s or Tom’s or Drew’s or Aaron’s or Ben’s or Eli’s - 15 rings between them - speed in the 40 and how much that contributed to their success.
  2. I'd prefer the team to be sold. I don't have much faith in Brittany. In a dream world, I agree with @jolly red giantthat a group of investors with Peyton Manning serving as President of the General Partner would be the best. But I don't see that happening. From everything I've read, Robert F. Smith is certainly a candidate and he seems like he would be a solid owner, can't know for sure but much of what I have read and heard about him I like.
  3. The positives on Fields - big arm, good athlete, played in a conference that plays defense - and the negatives - questions about his ability to process information quickly, read coverage, get the ball out quickly and some sloppy mechanics - makes him sound an awful lot like Drew Lock.
  4. This is exactly where I come down.👏 It also would allow us a chance, if Lock fails and Paton cleans house after the season, to find a QB who fits our new HC and OC want to do offensively. If this year we draft an option QB then we might not get a HC/OC who wants that kind of a QB and, in the same vein, if we draft a pocket QB with marginal physical tools (aka Mr. Honda Civic Mac Jones) then we could risk losing out on a HC/OC who wants an athletic QB. I know the Denver media, radio in particular, has gotten a lot of people to just totally hate Drew Lock but I am 100% fine giving hi
  5. What's funny is she was able to do this but the team had repeated COVID problems during the season. Ellis puts her in charge of the team's COVID stuff and after 13 months of screwing up she makes everyone in the organization get a vaccine and they tout it as a major accomplishment? "You have to get the vaccine or you're fired" isn't exactly inspired leadership.
  6. Yeah. That makes sense. All of it. You’re brilliant. How are you not a fn NFL GM?
  7. Haha I read “fired” not “fried” lol
  8. Yeah it makes wonder if they have inside intel from Saleh that the Jets are either keeping Darnold, will make a full-court press for Watson or prefer Fields/Lance/Jones.
  9. Patriots apologist Michael Lombardi said the same. You wonder who is paying these idiots. It has to be Wilson or Lance. I don’t see Kyle going that all in for Fields but any of the three make A LOT more sense than Jones.
  10. Wow! SF trades 3 firsts to move up to #3. I wonder who Kyle has his eye on? It’s got to be a QB, right?
  11. Haha yup! Lol, my parents are from Chicagoland and a lot of my relatives live there. Growing up (I’m 38), all we had was the Broncos and Nuggets so in my formative years we watched Jordan’s Bulls, the Cubs and Hawks until the early and mid 90s so I have a soft spot for all the Chicago teams, Bears included even though for much of my life they’ve never been any good.
  12. I’ve said it before around here but it bears repeating. Paton is playing the long game. I think Drew is worth giving another shot, the physical talent is there, the “want to” is there, he’s been injured both years, got a new OC with a new scheme, had no offseason, lost his #1 WR and had a ton of rookies/2nd year players all across the offense. Signing a veteran journeyman does nothing but muddy the waters, create a media-induced distraction and give Vic - who is coaching for his job - an easy out to go with the safe, boring, unspectacular vet. Furthermore, you don’t want to use 1.9
  13. Yeah I’ll take it. However, the Bears are my second team so I’d prefer Paton to fleece someone else in the same range.
  14. Great job bringing Kareem back. Paton is killing it this off-season and all the radio can talk about is that we didn’t sign a QB.
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