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  1. I still think Robert Smith is an option and I think if Peyton can assemble an investment group he would good too. My guess is it would be the Manning family + investors. I read a family can buy a team. What I understand is the principle owner must put up at minimum 10% stake of the purchase price and the consortium of investors has to be 24 or fewer. 10% would be about $400m, Peyton’s estimated net worth is only $250m but if the family pooled their resources (remember Cooper is loaded too, he’s an executive an AJ Capital Partners, a real estate investment firm) they probably get to $400m.
  2. The only problem with what you say is that Jeudy is a unique talent who can play across the formation in virtually any role. Hamler is a niche player as a deep threat with bad hands and Patrick is a Sutton clone who can post up and win 50/50 passes. In the red zone, we have Albert O. for that role as well. Jeudy’s loss will hurt, and I doubt even when he returns late in the season (when we will be playing meaningful football games), he will be 100%. This injury hurts big time with a precise QB and in an offense that often deploys based on matchups. Jeudy’s ability to fill multiple r
  3. Shocking that a CB who has missed time with injury in 5 of his 6 NFL seasons is hurt. Luckily it’s not too severe and we look to have good depth. If there is one thing Paton has done as GM, it’s spend premium capital on the secondary.
  4. Urban Meyer already has made waves in Jacksonville - and for all the wrong reasons - hiring the racist assistant coach, signing Tim Tebow, berating everyone under the sun, acting like he’s infallible, etc., etc., etc. If only there had been some clue that a celebrity college coach wasn’t a good fit for the NFL… SMH. We should win this comfortably if last week was any guide. I think Teddy will play at the All Pro level he’s capable of, and, with our litany of depth, elite skill position talent, the best OL since 1998 and having the best defensive mind in the NFL who always has the team pe
  5. I think Von will be gone. Paton wanted him to take a pay cut, he refused and said “honor my contract or cut me” and Paton opted for the latter, in part, from what reporting has said because a) Elway wanted Von retained and b) Paton didn’t want the PR hit of cutting the team’s most popular and recognizable player. I’d be shocked if Paton brings Von back next year absent Von having a 2015-like season. We don’t need Von at $20m when for the same money Paton can sign 3 or 4 Minnesota castoffs who help us achieve the goal of playing meaningful football in November and December.
  6. I wouldn’t be thrilled with either. And some aspects of Jay-Zs past might not sit well with some from a PR perspective; NFL owners and the NFL fanbase are both a lot different than their counterparts in the NBA.
  7. Well, if the team is sold each child takes a 1/7 cut (from what I understand, unless Mr B divided %s in his will different for each). And once the team is sold and they cash their checks, they have no sat whatsoever as they’ve relinquished ownership rights.
  8. Can you post on the same format I make here? Reading that is tough.
  9. What does Shanahan have to do with anything I said? My points were about how Mr. B ran the team, how high he set the expectations, how it was a Super Bowl or bust team. When Elway was here, despite all the mistakes he made during the middle portion of his tenure (I think everyone here agrees the early years, 2011-2015, and late years, 2018-20, were more good than bad in terms of personnel acquisitions), at least he was trying to win and keep the team in Super Bowl contention. Now the GM says the goal is to be competitive during the back end of the season. Elway, for all his mistakes, whic
  10. My boy Vic? Wow okay. Secondly, I've been plenty critical of Elway. You and I have discussed this on here before, I do not like what Ellis and Paton are doing with the "playing meaningful games in November and December" crap, that has to be troublesome for anyone who has followed this team closely and intently for a long time, like all of us here - and I respect the football acumen and true fan spirit that 99% of this forum has, it's why I've been a member here for over 15 years. Why am I the only one who seems to be bothered by that? As I said, Mr. B always said any season that doesn't e
  11. AAA's Week 2 Picks: NY Giants at Washington Denver at Jacksonville Buffalo at Miami Houston at Cleveland Cincinnati at Chicago San Francisco at Philadelphia New Orleans at Carolina LA Rams at Indianapolis Las Vegas at Pittsburgh New England at NY Jets Minnesota at Arizona Atlanta at Tampa Bay Dallas at LA Chargers Tennessee at Seattle Kansas City at Baltimore Detroit at Green Bay Survivor: Cleveland (LAR)
  12. Standings: jsthomp2007: 9 Joe_is_the_best: 9 broncofan48: 9 broncos_fan _from _uk: 8 Cutler06: 8 French Fan: 8 bMiller031: 8 BroncoFan: 7 broncosfan07: 7 AnAngryAmerican: 6 Orangecrush151: 6 Survivor survivors: AnAngryAmerican (LAR), BroncoFan (DEN), broncosfan07 (DEN), bMiller031 (LAR), broncos_fan _from _uk (LAR), Orangecrush151 (DEN), Joe_is_the_best (TB), broncofan48 (LAR), French Fan (LAR), Survivor graveyard: jsthomp2007, Cutler06, Week 2: NY Giants at Washington Denver at Jacksonville Buff
  13. You said Teddy could be an All-Pro in this offense. I can’t find the quote now since I’m on my phone but you said it. Maybe I’m alone, certainly seems like it reading social and listening the radio, but the Broncos are no more. Mr. B’s Broncos one that this team is a Tiffany franchise, an elite franchise, a Super Bowl or bust franchise, are gone. Mr. B said every year we don’t win a Super Bowl is a disappointment. Now it’s Montfort-esque low expectations of “playing meaningful football in November and December.” This philosophy leads to decisions like retaining a 12-20 coaching staf
  14. Lawrence will be extremely good and he showed flashes yesterday of being an elite QB but also showed rookie struggles. Both has to be expected. I’d be elated if I was a Jags fan but also know you have to be patient. I’ll certainly take the Jags’ QB situation over ours - an elite prospect who checks every box vs a physically limited veteran journeyman and young guy with a high ceiling and low floor who couldn’t even beat out the limited vet in the preseason “competition.” Even if Meyer flames out as an NFL HC or gets another one of his mystery health problems and retires, Kahn is com
  15. I don’t disagree with anything here and you seem to largely backup my points. It’s not so much what I read on here but what I’ve seen on social media and hear on the radio, people are crowning this team after one game against a decrepit opponent. People are even saying we’ve found the long-term answer at QB with Teddy and that Paton should extend Vic now. My suggestion is to enjoy the win - I sure am - and get excited for the next two games, we should win both handily. But also remember the past and look at this team. Maybe we go 13-4 as one person I heard today stated. Maybe
  16. There is a lot to like from yesterday. Granted, as most here have said, it was not against a high-quality opponent. Like I said yesterday, we were playing a team coached by a Belichick assistant, with a below-average QB, their best player not anywhere close to 100% and one that doesn't have even below average offensive and defensive lines. Our next two games on the schedule are also very winnable against two rebuilding teams with rookie QBs; I thought if we would lose one of the first three it would have been yesterday. So getting the win yesterday was good and will go a long way towards achie
  17. My concern, the second it happened, and I’m not an MD like yourself was precisely what you said - a guy who relies upon foot speed and quickness, this can be devastating. Now, that’s when I thought he had a broken fibula (and perhaps tibia as well, given what I saw on TV), but from what you say it sounds as though this could potentially be as bad.
  18. Well it’s always better to win than lose. Teddy was efficient as expected, we ran the ball well and the defense played splendidly. Thad said, I don’t think we have a super bowl team, as some do. Or an all pro QB, as some do. I don’t think Vic is a great coach, as some do. We beat a team coached by a Belichick assistant, with Daniel Jones at QB, Jason Garrett as OC and with their best player playing at (maybe) 50%. Again, nice to get a win, one that helps us get on a path where we can achieve the franchises’ now-stated goal of playing “meaningful football in November and Decembe
  19. Just saw that. Watching the play live and on replay I was sure it was a break, likely a bad one.
  20. You mean like after that last one where the checkdown was covered and Teddy got sacked? Super Bowl, All-Pro caliber stuff right there.
  21. Agreed. Vic is coaching for his job and has his hand-picked QB in there. He has to go for it. Lets hope Jeudy can rehab and make a full recovery. Hopefully this will focus him to recover and improve. From what we heard last year, he spend the offseason getting stoned out of his gourd.
  22. Probably. At least a broken fibula if not a tibia as well, right at the ankle joint. And for a guy who makes his living on foot speed. Ouch.
  23. You’re right on that. Even still, that hit Hamler in the hands and would have been a TD. That’s 99% on Hamler.
  24. Oh God that’s awful for Jeudy. That ends his season. Heart breaking…. Damn.
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