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  1. Shurmur is an Andy Reid disciple, more than any other, was there from 1999 to 2008. and the Reid offense, even if Shurmur isn’t the best at executing it, is an ideal fit for a QB with Aaron’s skillset. Drew, on the other hand, is a better fit the Shanahan version is the WCO, which Vic firing Scangarello was a mistake.
  2. All of our starting/key contributor offensive skill position players are either 1st or 2nd round picks - Sutton (2), Hamler (2), Jeudy (1), Fant (1), Gordon (1) and Williams (2) and 4 of our OL - Bolles (1), Risner (2), Cush (3), Meinerz (3) - are top-3 round picks. Meinerz will likely either replace Glasgow next year or, possibly, play RG with Glasgow moving to center if Cush keeps struggling. That group, even if we lose one in the trade for Aaron, instantly makes this team a Super Bowl contender when he arrives. The point about changing the offense to Aaron’s offense, so what? A
  3. Let's not forget about Warren Jackson either. 😉
  4. You can’t project records without specifying who you think the QB will be. Best case scenario - we get Aaron without surrendering a key player and a few premium picks. 14-3 Case 2 - we get Aaron but give up premium picks and a key player or two. 13-4 Case 3 - we don’t get Aaron but we keep Drew, he makes a jump, and we improve markedly. 10-7 Case 4 - we don’t get Aaron but we start Drew who makes a jump but not a big one but we roll with him for the year long as he is healthy 8-9 Case 5 - Drew is the Drew from last year, Vic/Shurmur play it safe and start Teddy who
  5. I’ll disagree. And I’m not a homer but I really, really like the Broncos roster and I think Aaron is drooling at the potential. If he could get carteblanche with the offense and have Vic’s defense, it’s appealing. Every Broncos’ skill position starter/key contributor and 3/5 of the projected starting OL are 1st-3rd round picks and all are young.
  6. Speaking of legacy, and I agree Aaron does care about it a great deal, and thus I’d wager going and winning a Super Bowl with another franchise, something two of his contemporaries have done just recently, is appealing.
  7. I think we go 7-10 with Teddy, 9-8 if Drew starts and takes the next step and 13-4 or better if we land Aaron.
  8. I’m not so sure. Watson’s legal troubles notwithstanding, Rodgers has led his team to back to back 13-3 record and NFCCG appearances. Watson put up Star Wars numbers and went 4-12 last year. And don’t give me the supporting cast argument; Green Bay’s is better yes but not 9 wins better. I’ll take the proven winner, 3-time MVP and Super Bowl champion for 4-5 years at the same price.
  9. I do wonder how much the prospect of landing Aaron played in the decisions Paton made in the draft. By almost EVERY credible account it was very, very close to getting Aaron on day 1. We added day 1 starters at CB and RB and at the very least good depth/rotational contributors at IOL and ILB and then protected the future with late round, high-upside prospects who this year will get ST work and learn to hopefully contribute meaningfully next year when/if some/all the 1-year contract guys move on. These were, as you say, give Vic & Co. a good chance this year regardless of what
  10. Exactly. And KOA is another of the “team friendly” outlets I was told about. My beat reporter friend still thinks the odds are pretty high he ends up here, FWIW.
  11. There is a lot of that, from what I understand. I think there’s just been so much negativity around the team that they don’t want a deflated fanbase going into next year. The thinking (from a PR perspective) is that they want to tamp down enthusiasm for Aaron because a) if we don’t get him, the fans don’t look at the QB situation and thus the season as a lost cause and b) if we do get him, it only serves to boost enthusiasm. Interestingly, not an hour after I made that post I listened to Klis’ segment from Sandy and Orlando this morning, and was saying it’s 60-40 the Packers keep Aa
  12. Interestingly, heard today that some guys on the beat - some of the more team-friendly “reporters” - have been asked to try to tamp down the enthusiasm for Rodgers. The news comes, according to my source, not because they (Paton) doubt their chances at landing him but because a “some higher-ups” want to have fanbase enthusiasm for the team whether Aaron lands here or not. Hence, expect some local media to begin expressing doubt about landing Aaron. Ellis being Ellis it sounds like.
  13. And the Broncos are one of the few (quite possibly only) teams that can afford to take on that salary and more importantly, extend him. It’s a bargain for us. Look bro, I get it, you’re all-time great is pissedoff and it kills you as a fan. I get the pain. I’m a life-long Rockies fan and I heard every deal in the world offered for Nolan. We got far less. Now, NFL and MLB are a lot different but if Aaron wants out, he’ll find a way. And you’ll have to get what you can get for him. It won’t be worse than the Nolan deal, I can assure you that. And I’m saying this as a friend.
  14. Funny we went from the Brown-cos to Patriots-West. Remember Jarvis Green, Laurence Maroney, LaMont Jordan, Jabar Gaffney, Ty Law, Lonnie Paxton, Chevis Jackson, Louis Leonard... wow that was an ugly roster.
  15. That’s interesting. Wonder if that was the plan for the Sunday night opener (usually Giants/Cowboys) because I assume Tampa will play the Thursday night opener. It’ll be curious to see how many prime time games Green Bay gets, it’ll be the max (7) if Rodgers stays but they won’t be the same draw if he’s in Denver (or wherever).
  16. 11/10 tackling, 11/10 instincts.... You name it, he could do it. It always vexed me when John Madden, even towards the end of his career, was saying the Redskins got the better end of the trade; they got Portis, we got Champ and a pick that turned into Tatum Bell who damn near ran down 1,000 yards in the same season (2005) Mike Anderson ran for over 1,500 (Shanahan was incredible). But Madden - who is a NFL legend and I loved listening to him call games - couldn’t ever fully shed his Broncos hate.
  17. Yeah I’m excited about Surtain but Champ is one of the 3 greatest Broncos defensive players in team history (alongside Gradishar and Von) and was a first-ballot hall of famer. Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here. Because he was only part of one elite team (2005) Champ doesn’t get, IMO, the love he deserves from Broncos Country at large but he was a very, very special player and there was not a single flaw in his game, he was elite at everything a CB can do. When we played the Pats during Champ’s prime, Belichick would just cede half the field to him; saying, in effect, “okay, you h
  18. The point about Sutton and Patrick is one I meant to include, they’re similar players who fill one role. Sutton has expense + injury while Patrick is cheap and healthy but not as accomplished. If the deal is 3 1sts (either picks alone or picks + players) + one of the QBs, I think you just do it. Getting Aaron is going to cost us something valuable, be that a young offensive weapon, Chubb/Surtain or just 3 firsts, but it’s worth the price.
  19. I’d rather deal a defensive starter (Chubb) than an offensive starter unless the offensive player is an interior OL. I’ve heard Glasgow mentioned, why I’m not sure, but okay, but between Risner/Muti/Cush/Meinerz I think we can find 3 viable starters and have a rotational backup if Glasgow was included. With Vic we can get away with losing a defensive stud rather than deprive Aaron of you a young weapon. I’d also deal Patrick or Hamler well before Sutton, Jeudy or Fant.
  20. I’m going to go crazy over the next month....
  21. The Barnwell story is behind a paywall so I can’t access it. But I have heard the possibility of a Stokes/Surtain swap being part of a potential deal from several sources. FWIW, I’m personal friends with one of the Broncos top beat writers and he thinks 3 1sts, one of which could be a 1st round picked player (Jeudy and Surtain both mentioned), plus one of our QBs and maybe something extra would be what it likely will take. He also thinks, personally, it’s 95% Rodgers is dealt and the Broncos are where he lands. This isn’t an internet scrub “reporter” either, but a very, very plugged
  22. I just shared what I had heard. I didn’t say that’s the offer we will make, or should make, or one that the Packers would accept. Just repeated back what was discussed on one of the (few) credible radio shows in the Denver market.
  23. Sooner or later the Packers will have to realize Aaron has them over a barrel and will have to just get what they can for him rather than get nothing. Bill Barnwell wrote today, and I don’t have the link but Sandy and Orlando discussed it on The Fan this morning, he says the deal could be Drew Lock + Tim Patrick + 2022 and 2023 1sts. I would be elated with that deal. I still think Teddy is more likely as he’d be a better bridge/mentor to Love but Green Bay could prefer Lock’s upside and his fit in LaFleur’s offense, which is a Shanahan offense.
  24. What do the OL experts here think - @AKRNA, @broncos_fan _from _uk, the others, about Risner (or someone else) moving to RT? Seems like we have a lot of depth inside and some flexibility. But I’d love to hear from our forum experts.
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