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  1. This has been tough for me all week to make a prediction on how I think this game will go. 

    A lot of the concerns I had about this team during the offseason, with the coaches, the roster and overall crap state of the franchise, appear to have some validity. At the same time, the Raiders are also not without their problems, to put it mildly. I do wonder what affect the Gruden fiasco will have; on one hand he was a good offensive coach so his absence there will hurt but if he had created a toxic atmosphere then his departure could give the team a boost. 

    I foresee an competitive but also one where the football is pretty ugly. I'll be optimistic and give us a slight edge since we're at home. 

    Broncos 23, Raiders 20


  2. 1 hour ago, The Helicopter said:

    I'm unsure what's to be gained by firing anyone before the season ends. I have no problem letting it play out and hitting the reset button in the 'off-season'. 

    On this I agree. I don't think it makes sense to fire a coach mid-season absent a major scandal (Mac's SpyGate issue) or if the coach has totally lost the locker room (Mac's personality). Vance was just as bad of a HC as Mac but the atmosphere wasn't totally toxic so he was allowed to coach out the season. 

  3. Even the crew and commenters at MHR hate Albright's list of prospective coaching candidates - as of this post, 69% respond "the list makes me sick" out of the six candidates. Paton is going to lose whatever good graces his has with the fanbase real quick if he goes one of those routes. (Of course, much of the MHR commenters are mentioning EB as a good choice, but I digress). 

    My guess is this was leaked as a trial balloon. The fact they're leaking it says a lot.

    I also wonder if Paton would do a fire and new hire before the ownership deal is settled. I also wonder if we would be limiting our lot of candidates given the unsettled ownership situation. 


  4. 1 hour ago, Broncofan said:

    OMG that's a horrible list.   Bevell shouldn't even be an OC.   Garrett & Turner.....no words.   Marvel at NYG's O record last year under Garrett, and the fact that this year, Kadarius Toney was buried 5th on their depth chart because of Garrett's evaluation.

    Make no mistake, Garrett would be an all-time worst idea recycle hire for any team.   The fact Bevell & Scott Turner are there with him...man.   The fact that it's Allbright has me worried, it's not like he's not plugged in.   Might need to break my rule about no drinks at lunch.

    Yeah that list makes me irate and it’s week 6. I’m having a beer now! 

  5. 17 minutes ago, Broncofan said:

    Mayock had no FO experience.  It was always Gruden in charge, this was his way to get into the GM game.   Draftniks with no FO experience don't get hired.   GM Lynch at least had playing experience, and was recognized as a bright football mind by execs and former players/coaches.  

    TBH, Mayock gets lucky - he'll likely get at least 1 draft to make his bones, and he can lay all the failures at Gruden's feet for the past 3 years.    Davis has $ issues, so he's not going to fire him prematurely.      He may fail badly, but at least he gets to be the guy in charge.  Which honestly, is the way it should be.  We used to say that Belichick was the only guy who could pull off the HC/GM dual job well - even that looks VERY iffy now.

    And Lynch is, at best, the co-GM with Kyle, according to what they’ve both have said publicly.

    But according to SI: Obviously, Shanahan is the one that steers the ship. He is the captain and Lynch is second in command. 

  6. Eric Bienemy will be the Denver media's preferred guy, as with a good sized chuck of the casual fanbase - his time at CU makes him something of a household name and he's from KC who casual fans know is good. 

    Even though he has ties to New England, I might, might be able to get on board with Daboll, just given the success he has had in Buffalo with Allen. One thing that would make Daboll somewhat appealing even with the Patriot ties is that he will not be here with a New England GM as was the case for many coaches from that tree and he won't be given GM powers, as many coaches from that tree have. 

    I just want to see a real HC search conducted. This job is likely to be more appealing now than it was when he hired Vic though not as appealing as when he hired Vance as we were just two years removed from a Super Bowl. 

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  7. AAA's Week 6 Picks 

    Tampa Bay at Philadelphia
    Miami vs Jacksonville (London)
    Cincinnati vs Detroit
    Kansas City at Washington
    Minnesota at Carolina
    Houston at Indianapolis
    L.A. Rams at N.Y. Giants
    L.A. Chargers at Baltimore
    Green Bay at Chicago
    Arizona at Cleveland
    Dallas at New England
    Las Vegas at Denver
    Seattle at Pittsburgh
    Buffalo at Tennessee

    Survivor: Indianapolis (BUF, DEN, LAR, CLE, TB)

  8. Standings after week 5:
    55 broncofan48
    54 jsthomp2007
    53 bMiller031
    52 Joe_is_the_best
    50 Cutler06
    50 broncos_fan _from _uk
    49 AnAngryAmerican
    49 broncosfan07
    48 French Fan
    46 Broncofan
    36 Orangecrush151


    Survivor survivors: AnAngryAmerican (BUF, DEN, LAR, CLE, TB), BroncoFan (CIN, CAR, DEN, CLE, DAL), bMiller031 (BUF, DEN, LAR, GB, NE), Joe_is_the_best (BUF, BAL, TB, DEN, NE), French Fan (GB, DEN, LAR, CLE, TB), broncosfan48 (CIN, BAL, LAR, DEN, ATL)

    Survivor graveyard: jsthomp2007, Cutler06, broncos_fan _from _uk , Orangecrush151, broncosfan07, broncosfan48


    Week 6 - highlight your pick for the winner of each game in bold

    Tampa Bay at Philadelphia
    Miami vs Jacksonville (London)
    Cincinnati vs Detroit
    Kansas City at Washington
    Minnesota at Carolina
    Houston at Indianapolis
    L.A. Rams at N.Y. Giants
    L.A. Chargers at Baltimore
    Green Bay at Chicago
    Arizona at Cleveland
    Dallas at New England
    Las Vegas at Denver
    Seattle at Pittsburgh
    Buffalo at Tennessee


  9. This could go one of two ways. 

    One, it could be a total distraction and mess that completely derails their season and makes Sunday an easy win for us.

    Or two, it could galvanize the locker room and lead the team to understand the only way to move beyond the distraction is to win on the road against an archrival. 

  10. 1 hour ago, Dbrog24 said:

    You know for as much crap as Scangarello got, and don't get me wrong he made some boneheaded cutesy plays, but I have to wonder what our football team would look like with him now. Obviously he had good chemistry with Lock and you would hope he would keep trying to innovate to see what could work and what doesn't. Yes, it would be embarrassing at times, but jesus...watching Shurmer's gameplans are outright appalling. Then again, I suppose all of this is irrelevant because Vic would have never allowed it to happen. I definitely hope we either get an elite QB through trades or get an owner who pushes innovation.

    Scags leaked some unflattering things about Vic - all of which I believe were true, even if spun in one-sided way - to a national “reporter” who deals on gossip, pot-stirring and hates the Broncos. That was the end of it for Scags; Ellis/Elway had to side with their HC or risk becoming an even bigger embarrassment league-wide. 

    Now, Scags hasn’t exactly distinguished himself in stints following his ouster from here (although going back to SF is ideal for him), but, I do think he and Lock together would have been a far better match. And when the postmortems are written on Vic’s, Shurmur’s and Drew’s tenures here, all of which are a little more than 3 months away, that will be a common theme. 

  11. 4 hours ago, jolly red giant said:

    Who knows - maybe Paton brings back shanny and Kubiak to run the Cousins offence.

    Very doubtful. For one, Kubiak doesn't want to coach again and Mike is happy being an informal (but important) advisor to Kyle and John in San Fran. 

    Two, and more importantly as pertains to us, I think this team needs a complete changing of the guard rather than try to get the band back together and try to relive the glory days of seasons past. 

    I think this team needs a complete cleaning of house and a fresh start. A new owner with a new approach. A new team president with NFL experience to help the new owner. An entirely new coaching staff and some more fresh blood in the FO to work with Paton (who is almost certain to stay for 2022 at the very least even with an ownership change). 

    I think we need a coach who is young and has fresh ideas about the modern NFL. But not too young as to be green and out of his depth, like Vance. I think he needs to come from the offensive side of the ball, have experience under multiple different HCs and have had success under them and with various groups of players. I think we need someone who can relate to modern players but also command their respect. He shouldn't be afraid to delegate to his coordinators but should also have his hand in, and influence on, everything rather than be solely focused on one side of the ball, like Vic. Previous HCing experience should given weight, but not an absolute requirement. And he cannot, under any circumstances, come from the New England tree. 

  12. 1 hour ago, lomaxgrUK said:

    Also, I do wonder if there will ever be a time in the rest of Josh Allen's career where we all don't think, "why Elway - why?"

    I think we all know and to an extent, understand why Elway didn't pick him. Another strong arm QB from a small (Football) school with accuracy issues - Lynch clearly impacted Elway.

    But the guy is an absolutely dominant NFL QB now, and all we got for missing out on him was an oft injured, non-game changing pass rusher. 

    It was Elway's job to put emotion and past mistakes aside, and to analyse the talent in front of you. He failed to do that.

    It's going to go down as Elway's biggest ever mistake in Denver.

    Yeah it’s a real bummer. 

    That said though, I’m not sure Josh would have developed the same way here as did in Buffalo with a significantly inferior coaching staff and a rudderless organization. 

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  13. 39 minutes ago, BroncoBruin said:

    Paying big money to Kirk Cousins, ugh. Kirk is like the best version of what we get from Teddy. He brings more of a vertical threat and we’d probably score a couple more points per game, but he’s the same kind of 3rd down scaredy cat and without a consistent run game that’s going to mean a lot of punts. 

    I agree. But we have to remember Paton was also part of the team that brought Cousins in for record guarantees and he has already demonstrated a proclivity for pursing player to whom he has ties. 

  14. 2 minutes ago, BroncoBruin said:

    I don’t know why Mike Munchak is not getting more criticism. That was supposed to be the big coup of the Fangio hire, bringing in a HOF caliber coach who could rebuild the OL which had plagued the team for years. They are underperforming again. With the subpar QB outlook and being thin at receiver, this offense really needed a stable OL. Didn’t need to be amazing, just solid. I think that was a reasonable expectation. 

    Agreed. Mike Munchak, along with Teddy B, Noah Fant, Dalton Risner and George Paton all seem to immune from criticism. All of them deserve a lot of blame for where we are now. 

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  15. 12 minutes ago, BroncoBruin said:

    Would be fitting if the Broncos go QB in this bad looking upcoming class after passing up better opportunities in 2018 and 2021. 

    If it’s not Aaron Rodgers, it will be Kirk Cousins. They’re so, so, so unlikely to draft a QB in the first round after passing up on Fields. I’d be shocked. An ownership change might change things but a tiger can’t change its stripes and it’s even more rare to see a GM change his ways. 

  16. It’s just like this team is poorly coached, poorly led, has a middling QB (and an even worse backup), the “talent” is overrated, the off-season additions are mediocre at best, it doesn’t play well in the morning in the eastern time zone, is riddled with injuries and has a boot-licking media that does everything it can to convince the fanbase that the powers that be have turned a pile of chicken s*** into chicken salad. 

    Too bad none of the members around here pointed out these problems before today. If only someone could have made an honest assessment of the team. 

  17. 1 hour ago, BroncoBruin said:

    I mean, Teddy had a ton of room to run there…

    He’s also a week removed from a concussion and shouldn’t IMO have been playing. I don’t fault him for not running there and risking his season/career. 

    EDIT: a better game plan and better execution and we wouldn’t have had to rally the way we did. 

  18. 11 minutes ago, BroncoBruin said:

    I don’t know why I was optimistic today. Steelers haven’t won a home game and they’re desperate and Tomlin might be a HOF coach. But man the team looks terrible outside of special teams, which is pretty funny. 

    Tomlin is easily a HOF coach in my estimation. I think he’s a better coach than several who are already in the Hall. 

  19. 6 minutes ago, lomaxgrUK said:

    Same old story really for our Offense.

    No aggression from the QB or playcaller, ridiculous drops, awful penalties and poor timed missexecuted blocks.

    We know with the lack of talent we have available, we have to be precise. We've been the total opposite.

    The only real surprise has been our Run D. The lack of talent on our DL is so frightening. They are playing 3 yards beyond the LOS within a second of the snap of the ball. 

    And against a banged up Steelers OL. 

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