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  1. I agree. And Houston was a terrible mistake, Bill O'Brien is an a** and that relationship was doomed from the beginning. And Cleveland is the place where even despair dies.
  2. I got accepted to CU too. I also got accepted to Mines, U of Washington, U of Michigan, U of Illinois and UCLA. I went to CSU because I liked it the best, it was relatively close to home, I had 40-something friends from graduating class going there and it would cost me thousands less than the other schools, especially the out of state schools.
  3. I'm not ready to push the panic button on the ST units yet. The vast majority of the guys playing there aren't going to be on the team a few hours from now. Brock has a good pedigree and he knows what he's doing, I think we will be fine.
  4. Personally I wouldn't mind it. I don't know why Brock has fallen out of favor with so many Broncos fans, we don't win Super Bowl 50 without him. He played very well for us when Peyton was out, kept us competitive, beat New England in the snow to give us home field advantage. That said, I think the best spot for Brock himself would be San Francisco. He has the skill set to run Kyle's offense and is familiar with the scheme having played here under Kubiak.
  5. There was no furor over Trevathan and Malik because they became free agents in March, tested the market, and got paid. As @BroncoBruin said, players love seeing other players get paid, there's no ill-will there even if there is sadness when a brother in arms goes to another team. This situation is unique, and while the NFL is cold, hard business and the players are well aware of that, you can't just waive a guy a week before the season starts, especially one of TJ's stature. For what it's worth, the players are lobbying Elway hard not to make this move.
  6. I obviously have a soft spot for Ty Sambrailo since he's a Ram like I am, but he just couldn't get it done. Frankly, I'm a little surprised he flamed out as badly as he did as he was a good player at CSU in a pro-style system. Oh well. A 5th is good, better than just cutting him and getting nothing. I wish him nothing but the best in Atlanta.
  7. I think Sloter made the team yesterday. I think they keep him on the active roster and then move him to the PS when Paxton comes back.
  8. Oh, and Steven Ridley and Juwan Thompson were just cut.
  9. I think you have a pretty good handle on how things will go down but I disagree slightly here. I think Chris Lewis-Harris makes the team and Lorenzo Doss gets cut. Doss is a poor fit for the primarily press-man scheme we run, he's a better zone CB. He will land on his feet but I don't see him sticking around here.
  10. Wow. Now Mike Klis is saying there is a 95% chance the TJ gets cut. In the locker room this is going to go over like a lead balloon. Good luck, Vance.
  11. I agree. I don't understand why so many in the national media do not see it. I know Richard Sherman has a big mouth, I know Patrick Peterson is a dynamic talent and Marcus Peters burst on the scene last year in a big way. But CHJ is better than all three.
  12. I disagree. I think Bruin is exactly right. You have to understand lockerroom psychology, the guys are not going to just get over it as you say and move on like it was injury. It will be treated as a slap in the face.
  13. This is an excellent point, Bruin. Everyone points to the the Pats any say, "see it works for them," but their situation is unique, to say the least. On the former point, this is the kind of move that would pissoff the lockerroom, especially veteran leaders. As you say, do you think guys like Von, Wolfe and the No Fly Zone will stay quiet about this. It could also be interpreted that this is almost a throw-away year. And a few of those aforementioned players took home town discounts to stay here and compete for world championships. Now, we can debate the merits of Ward's play relat
  14. ESPN is out with their top 100 players in the NFL list. Unsurprisingly, because it's the national media, the Denver Broncos, especially the No Fly Zone, is disrespected. Here are some of the low-lights. Von Miller is #4 overall, or the 2nd-best defensive player, after Aaron Donald. Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers were #1 and #2, respectively. Chris Harris Jr. is #33 overall, the 13th-best defensive player and the 4th-best CB after Patrick Peterson, Richard Sherman and Marcus Peters. Aquib Talib is #35 overall, the 14th-best defensive player and the 5th-best CB. Thos
  15. Here's where my earlier baseball analogy doesn't work - and I had forgotten about it at the time - is that, unless Ward's play totally falls off the cliff this year, he is likely to get another decent-sized contract from another team in the offseason, meaning we can get a respectable compensatory pick, probably not a 3rd but a 4th. So we won't be walking away empty-handed when Ward leaves in the offseason. For what it's worth, Brandon Stokley and Troy Renck were just killing this idea on The Fan. Both agreed it would majorly disruptive to the locker room as TJ is one of the more popular,
  16. Wow. I jumped all over TBE6 a couple weeks ago for floating the idea but I guess now it wasn't that far-fetched after all. Now I do think Justin Simmons is the real deal. That being said, this is almost a baseball like move, he's not going to be resigned this offseason so we try to get what we can get for him now. I'm not sure how trading Ward would sit with me, I think it would depend upon what we get in return.
  17. Anyone who says Trevor's arm is too limited must be watching a different player than I am. I was finally able to watch the first half of the game against the Packers (I was watching the fight on Saturday) last night and Trevor made more than a few impressive throws. He is able to plenty of zip on the ball and his accuracy is improved over last year. I'm not saying he has a Jay Cutler arm but his arm is more than enough to be an effective NFL QB. My feelings for the season have become more positive since watching the game last night. Bolles is awful in pass pro, the whole line sans Paradis
  18. The roster math sucks with Paxton's injury but it's not the end of the world. It's really pretty simple, they will do one of two things either a) keep Sloter and try to sneak a guy who should make the roster through waivers, Jamal Carter, Shelby Harris or Tyrique Jarrett being obvious choices or b) PS Sloter and sign some veteran off the street and no, it won't be Kaepernick because whomever the QB is going to get cut 2-3 weeks anyway and Kaepernick is not worth the PR circus that brings to the team. I know your average The Fan listener thinks Sloter is the next Joe Montana but truth be t
  19. Let it go already. Jaye Howard is not Reggie White.
  20. I haven't had a chance to see the game yet - went to a friend's house to watch the fight on pay-per-view - and had a busy Sunday. But I didn't have to see the game to know that DeAngelo Henderson is making the 53.
  21. No way. He's a lock for a roster spot. The final RB spot on the roster will come down to either RIdley or Charles.
  22. This was surprising. Mike Klis is reporting that we restructured Donald Stephenson's contract. I figured that he was going to be a for sure cut but you don't restructure the deal of someone you're planning on cutting in two weeks. I can't imagine that we're going to keep four OTs so this bodes badly for Ty Sambrailo.
  23. This is a good point. I hear a lot of people mention Trevor is somewhat limited physically. I beg to differ. He's listed at 6'3" and 220lbs, or about the same size as Matt Ryan, who won the MVP last year. He has more than adequate arm strength, which Vance praised a few days ago, and he moves around well. Also remember that he dealt with a significant shoulder injury last year and played through it. You don't have to be of the physical stature of Cam Newton or Andrew Luck to be an effective NFL QB. Tom Brady isn't a physical marvel, in terms of his size, strength or athleticism and he's put to
  24. That looks pretty good to me. I've been thinking along the same lines. I think there's a chance we go with 8 LBs, two at each spot, and 10 DBs.
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