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  1. That was an awful offensive series. “Smart and accurate” Teddy B was neither on that series. I still think that when you have a cerebral QB like Teddy and he gets concussed you need to rest him an extra week. I would have rested him this week especially with a home division game next week.
  2. That was the Dan Reeves offense before Elway won the power struggle and he and Shanahan got control of the play calling.
  3. It’s the physical talent versus football ability thing with him. The guy is a unquestionably a very good athlete but the football IQ and, I think, to an extent, the desire isn’t there.
  4. They look lethargic. Typical for how we usually start in these dreaded 11am east coast games.
  5. Paton was well regarded, yes. But, again, he comes from an organization which hasn’t been to a Super Bowl since anyone here has been alive. They’ve always had a good, very good at times, roster and mediocre coaching. Mike Zimmer is fine, but no one is confusing him with the Reids/Patons/etc of the world. I’ve also never said Paton is totally incompetent. What I’ve taken issue with is passing on Fields - much as I think PS2 will be very good - the only reason I said was justifiable was if they were certain they were going to land Rodgers. And, as I’ve said, the statement about the go
  6. I wish I could be more optimistic about this game. As has been pointed out, the Steelers are severely lacking in several key areas that should be exploitable. The problem, however, is that the Baltimore game looked far too similar to what we've seen the previous two years of the Vic regime; poor clock management, inept play-calling and an overall poorly thought out game plan. Were the first three games a mirage or was the last one? The Steelers are an inferior team to the Ravens right now, but I do think they are still a superior team to the Giants, Jags and Jets. I agree with the
  7. AAA's Week 5 picks: Survivor: Buccaneers (BUF/DEN/LAR/CLE) LA Rams at Seahawks NY Jets at Falcons Lions at Vikings Saints at WFT NE at Texans Dolphins at Buccaneers GB at Cincinnati Broncos at Steelers
  8. We have a thread for it. 😄 But no one should really read too much into the game today. We won 3 games we expected to win and lost one we expected to lose. At the quarter pole, I think we’re about where we all thought we’d be. Looking forward, we have a few games that look a little more winnable than we thought in August and a few they look a little more difficult. We’re not a doormat and we’re also not a Super Bowl contender. Is that different than what anyone thought?
  9. What’s concerning is that, for this franchise, that target - barley plus .500 and a WC contender - is now the upper end of the stated goal. George Paton comes from a franchise where they were always a bridesmaid and never a bride. These aren’t the Bowlen/Shanahan/Elway/Reeves Broncos anymore where the Super Bowl is the goal. It’s a team where the goal is “to play meaningful football in November and December.” What we can hope for is for a new owner - whomever it may be - to reestablish the Super Bowl culture around here.
  10. I was really just speaking about the fan base in general, not singling out anyone here. Even as one who is a skeptic of this team, as currently constructed, I’m not surprised at the loss, nor should anyone be. We have flaws, we’re improved from we were last year and the last few years. But we’re not a contender. And going east to play at 11am against a wounded bear in the Steelers has me worried. They’ve looked like hot garbage the last 3 weeks, yes, but they also went to Buffalo and beat the snot out of a legit Super Bowl contender in the Bills in week 1. They have a HOF coach and
  11. Two days ago people were saying the Ravens are beatable because - after 3, maybe 4, dropped TDs last week - they needed a HOF kicker to make a record breaking kick to win against the Lions. The truth is, and there is no bigger Broncos fan than me, this team has deep flaws at critical positions and they were exposed today. The Ravens are a very good team, with an elite HC and a QB who is impossible to game plan for. They are good in all 3 facets of the game, very good. We, on the other hand, have a good defense, a mediocre offense, a crap coaching staff and the worst special teams in the
  12. If ifs and buts were candy and nuts… but I do think Drew might have been able to make it with Scags and his system. No way to prove it. But the problem today wasn’t Drew, or Teddy (who has been passable at the very least), but again with the coaching staff and supposed leadership of this franchise. Vic, bad clock management (again), Shurmur (again) can’t adapt, McMahon (oof).
  13. He was the “hot GM candidate” and all we were fed during the off-season was that he waited for the “right opportunity,” maybe it was just he wanted a six year guaranteed deal in a nice place to live and raise his kids. Paton gets fired tomorrow, Ellis et al still owes him 8 figures.
  14. It’s not a weak schedule the rest of the way. We’ve already played the 3 easiest teams on our schedule.
  15. Don’t call me a troll when I go against the grain and point out shortcomings this team has. I’ve been right far, far, far, far more often than not and you’ve been here long enough to know that.
  16. Yeah I’d fire him tomorrow. Total crap by George Paton to retain this coaching staff.
  17. Man did we just dodge a bullet with that face mask penalty. Did not affect the play and it was a totally blown coverage. Our weakness against TEs remains.
  18. Throw in an OC who doesn’t know how to ease in a QB who has all of what you mentioned to go with his shortcomings and it’s a recipe for disaster. If I’m Ellis/Elway/Paton I fire Shurmur tomorrow and make Munchak the OC; this is is criminal what he (Shumue) is doing. Despicable. And in a game where the defense is balling out.
  19. Shurmur is so awful. Call a running play on first and ten you f****** moron. You have a nervous QB and an offense out of rhythm.
  20. Has anyone checked in on Klis and Mackey from 9news? Are they able to cover the game with their boy Teddy out? (just asking, please don’t personally attack me).
  21. Looks like Drew is about to play. We will replace one set of problems with a whole new set of problems.
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