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  1. Man it’s going to be super weird not picking in the top five next year.
  2. Adopt-a-Jag 2017 ---- DRAFT

    @mightyrx you up homie
  3. Adopt-a-Jag 2017 ---- DRAFT

    Give me that Jason Myers
  4. The Introductions Thread

  5. Adopt-a-Jag 2017 ---- Sign Up

    I've been well. Good to hear from you wildman!!!!
  6. Adopt-a-Jag 2017 ---- Sign Up

    I'll pick 12th.
  7. The Jaguars media blackout

    I never said, what you just said, I said you said. All I'm saying is, the policy will have zero effect on the field
  8. Just a walk through.
  9. The Jaguars media blackout

    While I agree with the last part, it doesn't seem to binary. You can be a successful team and have access. A lack of access doesn't seem to lead to succes.
  10. Camp Battles: Depth DT/NT

    I assume they'll have a back up NT on the roster. So that means Charles is going to make it. Day also makes it. Bennett comes down to roster math. Would you rather have a ninth D-linemen or a sixth WR? I would put Bennett, Greene, Sterling, and Henne/Allen all in the same boat fighting for 3 spots.
  11. The tWo Hangout

    Notre Dame Jags Rays Magic Adult entertainment That's about all I'm into. Oh and Paw Patrol. The boys love Paw Patrol, and its not bad. Marshal is hilarious.
  12. The tWo Hangout

    Betting on golf is a sucker bet unless you continue through out the year and get luck on a long shot. Who'd you take?