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  1. I don't know, I've seen an uninspired team make a coaching change and win a few games because the interim coach lit a fire in the team. They don't say any given sunday for no reason.
  2. Exactly, JD wants to hire his own HC and I'll bet he already has feelers out. He wants to be able to tell that coach he's getting him Trevor Lawrence. The team looks completely down right now with no energy and no drive. Let Gase stay for the season to pretty much guarantee the 1st overall pick.
  3. This team just looks completely unenthusiastic. 1st overall pick here we come.
  4. But what if we fire gase, Greg takes over and we go win 4 games? Wouldn't you rather suffer through the rest of the season with gase since it almost guarantees the #1 pick?
  5. Yes, I believe he will get an interview. There's been rumblings in the past that he's had the NFL itch.
  6. I did some research in Matt Campbell last year, loved everything I saw. My list right now is: Matt Campbell, Arthur Smith, Brian Daboll, Joe Brady, Greg Roman. Throw Dan Mullen in there as well.
  7. I see a lot of people praising PJ fleck. Anybody have some good intel on him?
  8. If Doug Pederson gets fired would you guys want him here as HC? I think it would be almost inevitable with JD as our GM.
  9. Really? That's a shame, he was easily one of the most intelligent people on here and I enjoyed reading his posts. He also had a source so we got some great inside info from him over the years.
  10. @Formula 14 is that you jetskid? If so, we missed you.
  11. I would love that but didn't things get dicey with Harbaugh in SF because he wanted complete control? With JD here that wouldn't happen.
  12. There is absolutely no way that Darnold is put on the waiver wire lol.
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