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  1. Week 6: Dallas Cowboys vs NY Jets

    I didn't realize Hairston was banged up. He needs to play if healthy because Tru looks awful out there.
  2. Week 5: NY Jets vs Philadephia Eagles

    He's playing tomorrow. Gase announced he was good to go on Wednesday.
  3. Adam Gase hired to be the HC of the NYJ

    But we got arguably the best candidate on the market so it oddly worked out. If Douglas out lives Gase I'd be curious who he'd pick.
  4. Week 3: Jets vs Pats

    You're right and it's virtually impossible to gauge his creativity and play calling when the QB has milliseconds to do anything. I've said this before and I'll say it again, Gase is using a fraction of his play book because the OL is so horrendous there's no time for any play to develope.
  5. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    I agree, I'd really love to see Bell and Montgomery on the field at the same time as well. Montgomery looked great in the preseason. Throw Herndon out there as well when he's back and Sam will have so many options on short quick passes.
  6. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    And he should barring a complete collapse and him loosing the locker room entirely. I would bet Gase hasn't even unleashed half of his playbook because the OL has played so terribly.
  7. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    I understand the frustration but having your 3rd string qb under center and an o line who can barely give you a blink of an eye to do anything makes it really difficult to get anything going.
  8. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    Cashman and hairston impressive tonight.
  9. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    This line is absolute garbage.
  10. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    Defense playing really well so far.
  11. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    Simeian looking really rusty.
  12. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    My god, this o line is a mess.
  13. Around the League: 2019 Edition

    I'd trade our 2nd right now. I might even do leo and our 2nd.
  14. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    That's why snagging a win Monday night would be huge.
  15. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    Players or coaches or both? Lol