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  1. Todd Bowles

  2. Todd Bowles

    It's been reported that Macc's job is safe but Bowles will almost definitely be gone at seasons end.
  3. Todd Bowles

    I would be totally fine with that honestly.
  4. Todd Bowles

    Matt Camball Matt LaFleur Chris Petersen John Harbaugh (if fired) John Defillipo That's my list in order.
  5. Todd Bowles

    I'm not disagreeing with you, all I'm saying is I think those excuses buy him more time than we all think he deserves.
  6. Todd Bowles

    The thing is though, I don't think he's on the hot seat. His first year, he prepared for the draft with mostly the previous regimes scouting department and the draft was not good. Year 2 woody completely tied his hands in FA, bought into fitzmagic and everything imploded. Macc completed the revamping of his staff year 3 and was given full control to finally build according to his plan. In the last 2 drafts we got Adam's who's a stud, Maye, who has played well, missed on Stewart and Hansen got Mcguire who looks like he has potential and Derrick Jones in the 6th who looked pretty good when he got playing time the last couple weeks. This last draft we got Darnold, Shepherd, has he played well? I'm really not sure, I haven't been focusing in him. Herndon looks like a potential steel in the 4th and nickerson who has shown some potential. Some of Macc's trade downs have been abysmal and some of his FA pickups haven't worked out, but some have also worked out quite nicely. I am by no means saying that Macc has done a fantastic job but I think there's just enough good that he's not on the hot seat whether us as fans agree or not. Fans were clamoring for the saints to fire the coach (Sean Payton is 1000x times better than bowles) and GM after the losing seasons they endured, all the sudden they hit on 2 drafts and they are legit contenders last year and this year again.
  7. Todd Bowles

    Todd Bowles is a dead man walking, but does anyone really think that macc gets fired? I don't think there's any chance he gets fired. I think he at least gets this offseason.
  8. Todd Bowles

    LaFleur and Matt Camball are my top 2
  9. Todd Bowles

    I've heard Matt Campball's name thrown around. Supposedly NFL exec's love how he runs Iowa state's program and he has a reputation as a very smart offensive mind.
  10. 2019 prospects and outlook

  11. Around The League

    I hate to say it but this might be a slight blessing in disguise. Darnold is a little dinged up and gets to sit for a game and take a mental breather. The team will go into the bye week and ideally darnold, enunwa, anderson, etc. Can get back to 100% and return for the Pats game.
  12. Todd Bowles

    I think both are pipe dreams unfortunately because I'd love to have either. A name I have seen recently is Iowa state's coach Matt Campbell. I have done some research on him, I wouldn't mind it if he was our new coach.
  13. Todd Bowles

    If you guys want to get a jump on some research on HC options jump over to the browns forum, there is some good info in their thread.
  14. Week 9: Jets @ Fins

    Spencer long sucks!!
  15. Week 9: Jets @ Fins

    Yeah but this is game 9 for darnold. Sanchez was doing that in year 4.