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  1. I know this sounds absolutely crazy, but could this really get to the point where Watson says trade me to to jets, that's the only place I'll go, I don't care how much money I lose, I'm never playing here again, I'll sit out. Again, totally crazy but he's already made a lot of money and could continue making money with endorsements regardless of if he's playing or not.
  2. But this is a one in a million chance. Whens the last time a cost controlled, young, top 5 QB became available? We have ammo, I get it would be great to use all of those picks and hope most of them pan out but the reality is, it's still a crap shoot. This is a bokefide franchise QB. It's a no brainier.
  3. Meh, I prefer Wilson at #2 and Waddle at #23
  4. Then I'm a fool because if Deshaun Watson costs #2 overall this year, next year's Seattle first, 2023's first and a 3rd this year I'm making that deal in a heart beat. We'd still have a pick in every round this year and next plus whatever Darnold yields in a trade. We are talking about getting a top 5 QB at 25 years old who is signed on a decent contract until 2025 and we actually have the ammo to get him while also being to build around him.
  5. I think just about every jets fan on this board would give up 3 firsts for Watson without blinking.
  6. And if they don't get Dubois, still knowing they have the ammo for either Barkov or Eichel when the Sabres suck again and he requests a trade.
  7. I agree with you, the one point I'll make is when you have an unhappy player of any caliber who is publicy voicing his disdain, the owner/front office sometimes opt to trade that player and get it over with before it causes any more harm. Us Jets fans went through this with Jamal Adams. Adams obviously is not the caliber player that Watson is, but he did some damage once he decided he wanted out at all costs.
  8. No lol, just a slightly optimist Jets fan who last week thought there was 0% chance of Watson being traded to now there being maybe a 5% chance he's traded.
  9. Something very noticeable is how much time Rodgers has, he has a truly elite o line.
  10. I'd bet @KingOfNewYork would have some good insight into that. He usually has good info on what type of systems coaches use.
  11. I forgot that under new rooney rule requirements head coaches have to interview at least one minority candidate for all coordinator positions.
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