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  1. Jets coaching McBride in the senior bowl. Hopefully they really like him and he's one of our 2nd round picks.
  2. That's kind of depressing, because all of us contribute here on our spare time. The guys who actually run the team get paid millions and spend thousands of hours doing it.
  3. Stop that, that's a dream scenario and I am gonna be disappointed when it doesn't happen.
  4. Correct, but he got a second opinion hoping he could play sooner but wound up getting surgery 4 weeks ago. So the doing the math, would mean that in 3-4 weeks that would put his return at 7-8 weeks which is what was said from the beginning.
  5. Bcton had surgery on Sept. 21 which is almost exactly 4 weeks ago. The return timetable was 4-8 weeks minimum. Becton being the large human he is, 7-8 weeks would be a reasonable recovery period after knee surgery. He's pretty much right on schedule it seems, barring any set backs. Also, Zach Wilson is far and away a more talented QB prospect than Mac Jones. I think if most jets fans could muster a wee bit more patience they will see that fairly soon.
  6. Why do you hate to say that you think the jets will win? Lol. I think this game is the first one we actually have a chance to win convincingly.
  7. I feel bad for jags fans, alot of them thought they hit the jackpot with Meyer. He's been a disaster thus far.
  8. I wanna see Michael Carter get going and Zach get comfy with some short passes to move the chains in the first half. If that works let Zach sling it a little in the second half.
  9. It's not him not knowing all the routes, it's him not knowing the different developments of every route. The shanahan system has multiple outcomes of every route that don't materialize until after the ball is snapped and the QB and WR take what the defense gives them. If he doesn't know where to go on his route it will lead to a ton of miscommunications. https://jetsxfactor.com/2021/09/15/denzel-mims-new-york-jets-depth-chart/amp/?__twitter_impression=true This explains it well.
  10. But, what has been reported is Mims is struggling remembering the different nuances of the plays in the playbook. If he's out there running the wrong route even 2 out of 10 times and those 2 mishaps result in picks are you cool with that?
  11. I'll be at this one, hoping it's gonna be a loud one and we can pull out a W.
  12. Didn't he practice at LT when Becton was out with a concussion the last 10 days or so of camp? Hopefully that's the case because it should make it a little easier for him.
  13. But if we stayed put and Min took Darrisaw at 14 and another team took AVT then what? We still got Elijah Moore who it sounds like we were prepared to take at 23 and Michael Carter in the 4th who we would have taken in the third. AVT has been compared to Qunten Nelson. I'm totally good with the trade, JD got his guy.
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