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  1. But if we stayed put and Min took Darrisaw at 14 and another team took AVT then what? We still got Elijah Moore who it sounds like we were prepared to take at 23 and Michael Carter in the 4th who we would have taken in the third. AVT has been compared to Qunten Nelson. I'm totally good with the trade, JD got his guy.
  2. AHAHAHAHAHA he's definitely getting blocked.
  3. I never really did research on Moore because based on his draft grades I didn't think he'd be available in the 2nd nor did I think JD would take him at 23. Now that we have him and I've watched some more of him, I love this pick. I think he quickly becomes Zach's favorite weapon, he just simply gets open all over the field.
  4. You're correct. Heard it wrong on NFL network.
  5. Michael Carter's (DB) uncle is Darelle Revis.
  6. Weaver is still available. Not sure if he's a fit in our defense?
  7. This made me laugh way harder than it should have.
  8. Wow, offense heavy. It's gotta be that they have much higher grades on these offensive players than they do on the remaining D players.
  9. If JOK or Ojulari fall another few picks would you trade a 2 next year and a 4 this year to get back into the second?
  10. Zach wilson has some weapons.
  11. Panthers would be nice in my opinion. Only drops is back 6 picks. Maybe we trade them 34 and a late 4th for their 2nd and 3rd?
  12. Pauline says we are leaning Ojulari. I take everything with a grain of salt especially hours before round 2 kicks off but I would like that pick.
  13. If we stand pat I think the pick is either Ojulari or JOK.
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