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  1. Ohtani looks even more real now.
  2. FWIW, Duquette predicted we sign Darvish and Alonso, not that it means much, but Darvish is definitely needed.
  3. M's declined the options of Gallardo and Kuma. Thank god. Frees up quite a bit of cap room, but were also expected with how both pitched. Now let's try and bring in Darvish or Otani with that money.
  4. It's pretty heavy, tbh. But Seattle needs to fix the OL, if nothing else then to try and get a few more years out of Russell.
  5. To get rid of Lane we gave up a second round pick and a 5th, even if Brown sucks more than Rees, the trade wins by that alone. lol
  6. Anyone playing their career mode and your player for the life of them won't turn forward? My guy backpedals, side shuffle, etc. but won't move completely forward unless he has the ball or is running toward the opposition who has the ball.
  7. Don't really care if I got in on Square late, it's going to make me a great return.
  8. So where does Jacob Eason transfer to. I wonder if he'd go to WSU.
  9. This guy offered me Stefon Diggs, Martavis Bryant and Tarik Cohen for Julio, and Derrick Henry. Am I dumb for actually wanting to accept it?
  10. Some PSU CB's for Micah Parsons, what's going on there?
  11. Mike Leake with another great start. Seems like he'll be a solid arm for next year, and if all stays the course, he'd be a good addition for a playoff push. Not like our pitching could've been much worse.
  12. QB- Jameis Winston WR-Julio Jones/Amari Cooper RB- Leonard Fournette TE- Jimmy Graham W/R- Devante Parker W/R/T- CJ Prosise DEF/ST- Arizona K- Caleb Sturgis BN- Derrick Henry, Carson Wentz, Derrick Henry, John Ross, Eric Ebron, Cooper Kupp 7th pick, 12 team league H2H
  13. He's been a top 5 valued player for us. Really hope he can stay productive next year, a hitting catcher is pretty damn valuable, even with his K's. But I think that'll always be part of his game unfortunately.
  14. The guy who has a great case for MVP. Sale has been ridiculous.
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