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  1. Certainly a lot more nervous for this game than I would be against any of the other playoff teams. Eagles really have nothing to lose. Weather does not look great either. Hopefully Lavonte is ready.
  2. Be a fitting end to his era in Green Bay winning a SB in his home state.
  3. There’s no way AB doesn’t have CTE. Personality has changed so much in the last few years.
  4. Hopefully this is the last time we play the Saints on SNF.
  5. Not a good look with Fournette getting helped off. Might be a significant hamstring strain.
  6. Saints just know how to stop our offense. I guess it helps having our former franchise QB on there roster…
  7. Looked like a concussion for Evans after that catch. Godwin out as well now. Need a turnover.
  8. Does not look good for Godwin.
  9. The same guy who suspended him? GTFO.
  10. You must be knew to watching the Bucs because that's been happening at least for the last 10 years...
  11. Walk off. Can’t blame the refs for leaving Perriman wide open.
  12. Agree but they needed a break. They have been on the field nearly all second half.
  13. Those two holding calls on that third down were so soft.
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