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  1. Kareem Jackson tests positive for Corona

    Well the problem is, what will be the long term health effects should be become infected. Also it seems a bit hard to ask players to take a health risk and also risk infecting their families or be completely isolated for 5-6 months. For me while I miss sports and very much want there to be a football season I completely understand if they don’t want to be isolated for that long from families potentially. The only way I see a season happening is if they expand rosters and can have replacement players ready to fill in should a player(s) test positive.
  2. Antonio Alfano leaves another program (CU)

    Not too surprised, he didn’t bother to show up to any team meetings or lifting sessions once Tucker left. IF he transfers again I think that will put him at 6 schools in 6 years?
  3. Denver Nuggets Thread

    While I like Harris a lot I do think the team will need to move on from him. Would love to be able to find a package for Beal, but in the chance that doesn’t happen I do think the franchise is working hard at it’s free agent destination image by actively rooting for former players and coaches/front office members who get promotions elsewhere. Have to say I am impressed with Josh Kronke, at first Nuggets and Avs had the bleakest futures of any Colorado teams, now both have brightest futures and championship contending teams.
  4. 2020 Broncos Forum NFL Draft Thread

    Or more likely a replacement.
  5. 2020 Broncos Forum NFL Draft Thread

    Definitely fits what Fangio wants at corner.
  6. 2020 Broncos Forum NFL Draft Thread

    I get double dipping in the 3rd but wtf.
  7. 2020 Broncos Forum NFL Draft Thread

    As opposed to such busts as Aaron Maybin, Quentin Groves, Barkevious Mingo? Epenesa is a far more complete overall DE than just a pass rusher, much more like Wolfe who seemed to work out ok for not being a + athlete.
  8. 2020 Broncos Forum NFL Draft Thread

  9. 2020 Broncos Forum NFL Draft Thread

    Lol gotta feel for Jets fans, year after year.
  10. 2020 Broncos Forum NFL Draft Thread

    Great pick if he never has to make a tackle.
  11. 2020 Broncos Forum NFL Draft Thread

    Lol rip Chargers.
  12. 2020 Broncos Forum NFL Draft Thread

    Good job Miami for not screwing up.
  13. Uniforms Next?

    Go back to the old school with some modernization.
  14. 2020 College Prospects

    Here’s the thing on Bolles, its easy to look good for a 5 game stretch when you were absolutely horrible the rest of them. Every year he has shown some improvement then just goes back to being terrible. Hard pass on signing him back. Let some other team sign him like a starter, and let some other team cut him and watch him be out of the league in a few years.
  15. Random Thoughts

    Saying he traded for him because he played for NE is a bad take in this case, mostly cause Cooks is the village bicycle and has been passed around a lot now.