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  1. They might be interested but chances are much higher that its some hedge fund guy or someone that no one has really ever heard of. Which honestly I don’t really care who owns the team as long as they give the resources and support the GM and team need.
  2. NY Giants at Washington Denver at Jacksonville Buffalo at Miami Houston at Cleveland Cincinnati at Chicago San Francisco at Philadelphia New Orleans at Carolina LA Rams at Indianapolis Las Vegas at Pittsburgh New England at NY Jets Minnesota at Arizona Atlanta at Tampa Bay Dallas at LA Chargers Tennessee at Seattle Kansas City at Baltimore Detroit at Green Bay Survivor: Cleveland (Denver)
  3. Didn’t see this posted but might of missed it, will be interesting to see if Glasgow misses any time and who replaces him.
  4. What I really don’t get is why you put so much stock what people say on social media or on the radio. As if the majority of those people have enough brain cells to form any kind of coherent thought. Gotta tell you, anytime I don’t hear music on the radio I presume any of the hosts or callers are probably complete idiots. If all you care about is for the team to be ran like Shanahan would, I also gotta tell you that name hasn’t been associated with winning championships in almost 23 years so maybe try picking a better model. Are the Giants good? Definitely not, but in the past that
  5. If Albert O didn’t fumble it earlier it’s probably 24-7, I’d say I’m far from a Teddy fan but he’s played good and the offense overall has played great. If you can’t tell the difference between a 2020 offense shooting itself in the foot with negative plays and penalties and this offense actually converting and staying on the field well you should probably just stop posting for the sake of looking like an imbecile.
  6. Dallas at Tampa Bay Philadelphia at Atlanta NY Jets at Carolina LA Chargers at Washington San Francisco at Detroit Pittsburgh at Buffalo Seattle at Indianapolis Minnesota at Cincinnati Jacksonville at Houston Arizona at Tennessee Denver at NY Giants Miami at New England Green Bay at New Orleans Cleveland at Kansas City Chicago at LA Rams Baltimore at Las Vegas Survivor: Denver
  7. If Giants need Montee Ball to give them motivation then yikes. Franchise has 1 trip to the playoffs in the last 10 years, if one drunk bum of an ex-player is what motivates them then you can probably write this off as another losing record.
  8. He also got fired because he only won 1 playoff game in the 10 years after Elway retired. So while he was a good coach his time with the Redskins showed the game passed him by.
  9. But it sure buys a lot of cocaine.
  10. Actually if you’re gonna be semantic Shanahan has coached 2 SBs and Vic and Shurmur have each coached in 1 so while he definitely has the upper hand as a HC to act like he’s some coaching god is dumb. Dude has 1 winning season and blew a massive SB lead, you put him on a pedestal like he’s Bill Walsh. He may very well never sniff the SB again or he also could end up winning more than his dad but until then he’s a coach with a losing record.
  11. The fact that insiders think both QBs will start multiple games is not indicative of success. Lock can’t stay healthy and can’t overcome turnovers and lack of production and Teddy is who he is, a journeyman, fringe starter who won’t flat out lose you games but won’t steal a win either. Neither one of those choices should inspire anyone. I respect where you’re coming from AKRNA but it’s a dated philosophy, while you don’t need an All-Pro QB to win the SB you do need the starter to be at least above average.
  12. It would take a hell of a lot for either QB to be even remotely average and even then 9 wins isn’t bringing Fangio back. It’s playoffs or bust.
  13. Mm no he’s been here long enough over the years to tell. Decent OL coach/ST coach but obviously not Gibbs, pretty bad OC though. Neither of those are reasons why he was let go which can’t be discussed here. He had a choice, he knew the rules so am I supposed to feel bad for the man?
  14. Dennison didn’t look good ever, homeboy got carried by Kubiak and even though Kubiak’s system got outdated and didn’t evolve with the times but he was still a very good game planner and had a good sense for the game. Dennison had none of that and is an imbecile to boot.
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