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  1. Grant, Craig, Porter are all going to need to step up and hit open shots in order to have a a chance. Also really need to be better at getting to the line(part of this is actually getting calls from the refs). I don’t see us winning the series but these Lakers are not better than the 08-09 team and we don’t have any idiots like Anthony Carter to throw the game away.
  2. Cincinnati at ClevelandNew York (NYG) at ChicagoAtlanta at DallasDetroit at Green BayJacksonville at TennesseeMinnesota at IndianapolisBuffalo at MiamiSan Francisco at New York (NYJ)Los Angeles (LAR) at PhiladelphiaDenver at PittsburghCarolina at Tampa BayWashington at ArizonaKansas City at Los Angeles (LAC)Baltimore at HoustonNew England at SeattleNew Orleans at Las Vegas
  3. Houston at Kansas City Seattle at Atlanta New York (NYJ) at Buffalo Chicago at Detroit Green Bay at Minnesota Miami at New England Philadelphia at Washington Las Vegas at Carolina Indianapolis at Jacksonville Cleveland at Baltimore Los Angeles (LAC) at Cincinnati Tampa Bay at New Orleans Arizona at San Francisco Dallas at Los Angeles (LAR) Pittsburgh at New York (NYG) Tennessee at Denver Survivor: Philly
  4. Not having Barton and Harris makes a big difference especially Harris with his defense. Millsap also looks washed up.
  5. I mean would you rather raise your family in Denver or Indianapolis?
  6. I understand wanting to keep his family safe when he just had a kid not long ago, it probably wouldn’t be so bad if we got even a half season out of him. Safe to say he’s not going to make the Ring of Fame.
  7. It’s disappointing it didn’t get done but I do think part of it is the uncertainty of what the cap will be next year. Klis sure doesn’t help things though, he’s getting Jim Carrey/Cable Guy stalkerish of Elway now.
  8. Well the problem is, what will be the long term health effects should be become infected. Also it seems a bit hard to ask players to take a health risk and also risk infecting their families or be completely isolated for 5-6 months. For me while I miss sports and very much want there to be a football season I completely understand if they don’t want to be isolated for that long from families potentially. The only way I see a season happening is if they expand rosters and can have replacement players ready to fill in should a player(s) test positive.
  9. Not too surprised, he didn’t bother to show up to any team meetings or lifting sessions once Tucker left. IF he transfers again I think that will put him at 6 schools in 6 years?
  10. While I like Harris a lot I do think the team will need to move on from him. Would love to be able to find a package for Beal, but in the chance that doesn’t happen I do think the franchise is working hard at it’s free agent destination image by actively rooting for former players and coaches/front office members who get promotions elsewhere. Have to say I am impressed with Josh Kronke, at first Nuggets and Avs had the bleakest futures of any Colorado teams, now both have brightest futures and championship contending teams.
  11. Definitely fits what Fangio wants at corner.
  12. As opposed to such busts as Aaron Maybin, Quentin Groves, Barkevious Mingo? Epenesa is a far more complete overall DE than just a pass rusher, much more like Wolfe who seemed to work out ok for not being a + athlete.
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