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  1. Free Agent Frenzy

    Sometimes I wonder about you JS. My son is a bronco fan and a minion like the rest of us fans. Don't see why you had to personalize your response specific to him but I guess I shouldn't have echoed that there are basically two opinions re the signing. Love it and hate it and guess some indifference as well.. I wonder if it was posters like you who ran him off this board to begin with!
  2. Free Agent Frenzy

    So my son hates this deal and we have been texting back and forth about it. I made some points with regard to it on the thread specific to it but I have to admit I have always loved Gordon. Having said that I would have rather drafted a RB then pay this much money for one. But Gordon can catch and the deal is done so I am going to really like it. What a backfield!
  3. Broncos sign Melvin Gordon

    though one of my favourite backs I just don't get this. We have Lindsay (a rock star) and Freeman is not bad. It's too much money too. I would have preferred just drafting a back. I think this means Freeman will be moved. Puzzling but at least we have a crazy dual threat. Also after seeing that idiot Harris' comments about letting the Chargers in on all our defensive secrets it makes me wonder if this isn't a little *** for tat as we will now know all about their offence though Rivers is gone. Ps for some reason it didn't quote what I was replying too which was Counselors post.
  4. Team Building the FUTURE is now!

    You guys know I follow the Lions as I am right next door to them. There line has had issues but Glasgow is not one of them. Good move for us!! Ps still some linebackers out there...……...
  5. GDT Game 15: Here come the Lions

    Well I had no reservations with taking Lock with the first pick (not trading back) figuring qb's are hard to get and if you really like a guy and are sold on him take him. Wow did Elway strike gold on what unfolded. He does do somethings right every now and then. However, if you remember last year I ripped on Lamar saying he would amount to nothing. My son loved Lamar and wanted us to draft him. He told me after hearing my thoughts that if he made it I would have to get his jersey. If he amounted to nothing he would buy me a jersey of my choosing. Well after game two or three I bought one and do wear it. As previously mentioned I always liked the Ravens but was down on them forever after they beat us in their super bowl run. My point is BF2010 buy a Lock jersey, it's better than eating crow (lol) - I know I will be adding it to my Bronco stable very soon!!
  6. GDT Game 15: Here come the Lions

    What really strikes me about Lock is that he is always kind of smiling and joking around at the line prior to taking the snap. Am I crazy or has anyone else noticed this, because I don't recall any other qb doing this to the degree I see it from Lock. What this conveys to me is clearly an abundance of confidence (at game 4 with limited reps) and more importantly that he is indeed having fun out there and I think this is only a positive contagion that spreads to everyone else around him. Man, talk about swagger and positive attitude - got to love it. And finally Hamilton is remembering how to catch a football but it may be to late for him here. PS re Von Miller - lets not forget he has clearly been injured and in my mind should have been sitting versus playing in a few of these games!
  7. GDT Game 15: Here come the Lions

    I used to watch the one o'clock Lions game followed by the Bronco's game but over the last few years it was just to much for me. Felt like killing myself after all the pathetic play I was taking in. Honestly I now usually play games on the desktop with the one o'clock games on the tv and just listening to them. Then I watch the Bronco's and some of the night game. It's getting harder to watch football in general (reffing). Do like Lock though. Did everyone catch Cowher on the halftime show saying we have a future with him. Finally.............. legitimate hope
  8. GDT Game 15: Here come the Lions

    The Lions are a perennial disaster. Re the bold, trust me the Lions hate Patricia. A coworkers brother played on the Lions last year and we got a lot of good info. Patricia is seen as a bafoon. This year with the the trade of Quandre Diggs they lost the whole locker room. I remember even the NFL network analysts scratching their heads on that one. Darius Slay went nuts after that trade. They were still in the hunt when they pulled the trigger on the Diggs trade the first week of November. As I live right across the river I pull for all the Detroit teams including the Lions. But during your Thanksgiving week it got into the air waves that if they lost to the bears Patricia would be fired for sure and likely Quinn as well. All the radio talk shows were kind of hoping for a loss so this would materialize. We were all talking about the imminent firings. Don't know where that sentiment of hope came from but it obviously never materialized! In fact the Lions just printed a letter to the fans apologizing for the season. Funny how Quinn fired Caldwell with a 9-7 record saying the Lions just weren't there and that Fatso would get them there. Now Fatso Fathead says he sees a foundation for the future. Wow Patricia you took a contender and turned them into a pretender, a shell of what you had just two years ago and who knows how Stafford's future will be and this years qb class is not as first seen and likely with no Tua and no Fromm as clearly no one would want him at this stage. The Lions are a mess. When my player source played on a different team and rolled into Detroit to play them he was stunned that no one on his team at the time realized what a mess Detroit truly was. Guess you have to be from around here to see the repeated hopelessness of this franchise. Got my Lions rant out - GO BRONCOS in an easy win!!!!!!!!!
  9. OMG!! What surprises me, maybe even stuns me is that when I heard we were going to Lock two games ago, I thought it was unfair to him. He was so limited in reps that I thought we were putting him in a position to fail. Well there has to be something to that virtual stuff he was doing. I have always been a huge believer in visualization as a tool and whatever Drew did to be so ready well kudos to him. Nice to get the QB issue resolved once and for all and I am rooting for them to win. As far as the draft goes it's bap. Imagine adding a LT or a speedy receiver or just having the ability to go after the best player there! NICE!!
  10. on one of the threads the other week we mentioned teams who were a threat to the broncos - like maybe the broncos are the real threat to the broncos ala Ellis and Elway and 20k not attending. Baltimore was mentioned as was KC and we poo pooed NEP and rightfully so - again the NEP have nowhere come close to their reputation if it was not for that pathetic division which has been incredibly pathetic since virtually 2000 on. Anyway my point is no one mentioned Houston and I think they should have been mentioned as an AFC power. I mean you have to throw in Watson with the likes of Wilson, Mahomes and Jackson even though there showing against Baltimore was pathetic. if this team had a good coach they would really be something but yeah look at what tree O'Brien comes from - the overhyped much like the NEP - futility tree!! i dont know where that line came from either - threats to the broncos - like we are even close - cant see us winning this one

    I know you go on to explain further but I generally agree with this statement except for the fact that I wanted a high pick for a possible qb. Thats why it was important to get a look at Lock and I for one thought it was admittedly to early to do that but the kid looked alright. If we can move forward with him I am not really concerned with where we pick and therefore can root for the wins which to me is only natural. Also that college qb class is not shaping up to be as good as I thought it would be so bap if Lock can continue to sell us .
  12. Week 9 GDT: Browns @ Broncos

    I agree with the Chiefs being a threat. I don't even like watching them when Mahomes is playing because he is so damn good (i get so fn jealous ). Also bestever Jackson may be a game manager at this stage but his improvement in one year and their 12-3 record under him lays the foundation for quite some future. Again I just hate all the glorification of the Pats - they are only a team like so many other top tier teams (top 6-8) who success is based on a pathetic division. Like how do their fans even lay down good money to watch them play the Jets, Bills and Dolphins - what a joke!!
  13. Week 9 GDT: Browns @ Broncos

    While at the gym a few days ago about six of us were working out our jaws more than anything else. The best thing that I heard last night was the commentary during the Pats game because it reiterated what I was saying at the gym. I respect the Pats and was on the GOAT bandwagon for Brady about a decade ago - simply the best ever. But their TEAM success is due to the fact that their division has been brutally awful for over two decades!! The announcers commented on how the Pats have not faced a good D this year and not this type of Raven offence before (has anyone really). The Pats are only a top 6-8 team in this league and many teams in the NFC are way better. It's just due to their pathetically easy schedule that they set themselves up for the home field playoff runs and look what happens when they have to travel outside of New England. And once at the dance its basically a 50/50 shot at winning. I honestly don't know why this aspect isn't dwelled on!!! Also after the draft I really ripped on Lamar Jackson and deservedly took a lot of heat here. I have to admit I was wrong and after game two of the season I ate crow and bought his jersey. I have tried to hate the Ravens for outing us a few years back but have always loved the team. Their great D's remind me of us and time has let me forgive them for beating us out to the SB. Now for us - as much as I want us to lose at this point I can't help but want to win when watching the game. Fant finally came around and a mobile qb was great to see as it gives a glimpse to what this offence should look like. But someone else said it and I scream every time I see it. Why the **** when its third and long (14) and most teams in the league drool with a defensive rushing opportunity for the kill do we send only 3 - like CMON MAN!!!!!!!! Also the simple additions that have improved our D making it even more awesome makes me wonder what Fangio could do with some infusion of nice draft pics but I still think we need a minimum of two OL high draft pics if not 3............
  14. Week 6 GDT: Titans @ Broncos

    with regard to the lottery I absolutely hate it and if you do end up doing it it should only be for the bottom three teams HATE THE FRICKIN LOTTERY!!
  15. WEEK 1 @ OAK TOWN

    I always loved Mayock from his network days. Seemed like Gruden was running the show when he cleared AB to play. Last night though my son showed me what AB released twitter wise. We both commented on how that actually showed AB wanted out from under the Raiders because it would force a counter by Oakland. Today Mayock countered, glad he had the balls to tell AB to F off as well as Gruden. Mayock's draft was questionable but he stuck to the character of the guys he drafted. Then Chucky goes out and gets idiots like AB, Burfict and Icognito who only talked about shooting up a funeral home a few months ago. Yeah Gruden I want to surround my young up and comers with the likes of idiots like these guys and since they are your guys include yourself too as the leader of those idiots! Glad Mayock showed he was in control and not Chucky.