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  1. I think the traditional blue print for the move up will likely not apply here. Thats why I commented the other week when Atlanta said it was taking calls for the pick. I felt Atl would be stupid to trade prior to the draft. Potentially Atlanta's pick may be the center of a bidding war. Teams like us, Chicago, Washington and the Pats could potentially be interested. I'm sure calls have been made and ideas exist but if someone gets desperate to move up who knows what offer gets made. I think it may be the coolest ten minutes on the clock so to speak . What works in our favour is 9 overall
  2. And perhaps then we make a pitch. I really liked his trajectory prior to his injury in Minny but after last year I am not so sure about him. I thought he would do good last year and he really didn't. But Foles and Minshew don't excite me at all and Jimmy G has one of Locks main problems which is injury prone. It's kind of easy from where I stand why we haven't done anything re qb (though we did make an effort with regard to Stafford). You can still have hope with re to Lock and if we don't get one of the top 4 qbs then maybe draft a Mond or Mills and let that never ending hope keep its wi
  3. There are rumblings that Carolina will outright release Bridgewater. I would usually doubt this but in the NFL its quite the norm. Maybe we are waiting on that
  4. Fields come from a pro ready offence but basically he can run. He is more versatile. Now some may say a qb need not be fast but if you have processed what is going on in the nfl with regard to qb play running and the rpo offence are all the rage and fast is a big plus . Fields is drawing a lot of attention of late for many reasons I and others have already posted about. Not sure why he was downplayed at the start but I saw Brooks and Ross on the nfl network 2 days ago argue why he should be considered for one overall and they were sincere. I tend to agree. Lawrence is great but he has
  5. Speaking of Woody. He wrote the below in the Gazette the other day regarding a trade up with Atlanta. "As for the compensation for that potential move, it doesn’t seem too awful if what Woody provided is accurate. He states that the Broncos would give up their 9th overall selection, a third-round pick in 21, and a 2022 first-rounder while receiving the Falcons' 4th overall selection and a fifth-round pick in return". I strongly believe that Fields won't last past two. I mean if you are processing what you are watching in the nfl these days as far as quaterback play you can complet
  6. lmao...............so lets make him a receiver like Lamar was asked to be
  7. "While top prospects of recent years and legitimate NFL superstars in Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen scored high, Fields blew them both away and scored the highest in the test’s history among more than 6,500 pro athletes. Because of Fields’ borderline photographic memory, there’s reason to believe he’ll have little trouble picking up an NFL playbook". (Just found this but not sure how accurate it is - at this sportsnaut site). sportsnaut.com/why-justin-fields-historic-test-score-is-a-big-deal/ I think the bold in AAA post has been debunked. His coach rants about his ability to
  8. Two great posts and I agree Rattler has potential but remember he got the boot senior year over conduct issues that have been kept hushed. To me that's a huge red flag and was not that long ago. With regard to this years crop I am so high on Fields. I actually would take him at 2 if I was the Jets. I just seem him as a better fit on a crappy team. He has played against way better opposition and has done very well against it and the Jets will need someone who is mobile even if they grab a T at 18. Also I guess today SI came out with an article on Lawrence saying football isn't the end al
  9. Oh for sure. I've thought of that but the analysts are usually pretty good at getting some sort of feel for what a team is thinking. Perhaps Paton is a master at keeping his cards close to his vest Going to be interesting thats for sure.............
  10. So I am under a fn stay at home order due to Covid. Been watching way too much nfl network. Yesterday they did the AFC West and Tom Pelisero who covers us said he does not think the Broncos are too high on the qb's. Didn't really catch if that statement alluded to 4 going off the board in a row or three with the possibility of us trading up and yeah thats quite a big miss by me as 3 off the board vs 4 is huge (maybe another poster saw what he said in its entirety). But I have to agree with the posters who know that a non qb will do very little for this team. We rode Lock last year. I rem
  11. lol. I keep saying this to my broncos buddies. I'm sure with all our connections the niners would say yeah you idiots its either so and so vs so and so. Give us two names and we can decide from there. But my buddies who are more in than know than I say no one in the Sf organization even knows. Apparently Lynch wants Mac and Shanny wants Lance - just what my friends tell me cuz I have no idea. But if that's true my third highest rated qb Fields is available and I would like him oh so much!! And there can't be rules against this could there? Would you even believe what your told except
  12. What bothered me was the fact that Schefter made it sound like they are willing and able to do business now. I have to agree with you though that it's in Atlanta's best interest to wait to draft day and have everyone desperate and ready to throw away too much draft capital. I doubt that would be us (Paton won't throw away our future) but can you imagine those ten minutes if both Fields and Lance are still in play? I would think that what's going on now in Atlanta fielding calls is that they are laying the potential groundwork for draft day but if they are smart I think the price they get fo
  13. So on the nfl network Schefter reported teams are calling Atlanta and Atlanta is willing to deal the pick. This has me worried. Like so many on this board I really like Paton. Love what he's done so far including not getting a qb so far. I also feel he knows we HAVE to have a qb - especially in this division. BUT I don't think he is an idiot. I'm not sure he deals with Atlanta not knowing who is going to be there at fourth overall. I myself want Fields. Not sure if I would settle for Lance (division II school, Wentz college school too - yikes). Have no interest in Mac at fourth overal
  14. I do like that he pulled out of the Stafford sweepstakes considering the haul the Lions got. And there is no way I would have paid what the Panthers paid to get Darnold but you have to acknowledge Paton's interest especially with what we know regarding our Stafford bid. I'm telling you I am still disheartened with the SF move up. It really messed things up with what I really expected to happen. It could blow up our qb chances as I don't expect SF to take Mac, and I expect Atlanta to take a qb and based on what you have pointed out I do not see Paton as being desperate and I doubt that if f
  15. Found out yesterday via the nfl network that Dorsey is a part of the Lions front office. He is responsible for bringing Rogers in for Favre's replacement and he is responsible for bringing in Mahomes as Smith's replacement. So they were in fact discussing the fact that Detroit just may go after a qb to replace Goff as it fits Dorsey's pattern. Just not sure how much pull he has within the organization but clearly the nfl has gone qb mad. Have to have a great one these days or you just move on..................but honestly I kind of like Goff but JS is so right - he is going to have nothing
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