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  1. Bill Barnwell of ESPN who is supposed to be quite good at predicting trades according to the cast of NFL live feels it will be Carr, first and second in 2022 plus a 23 first with Rodgers and and a GB fourth in 2023 going to the raiders. On the show they talked about a qb being returned to GB as a need for GB. This is basically the trade I outlined a few days back on this thread. PS if I was GB and trade him I also despise him for forcing our hand. And I think he does get traded if its not reconciled. And since I have come to despise Rodgers (speaking as the GB FO here) I may even tak
  2. From NFL Now on @nflnetwork: On @BobMcGinn’s “Krause” report and Aaron Rodgers’ warning #Packers prospective free agents for quite some time he wasn’t expecting to be back in Green Bay in 2021. The above is from Mike Garafolo It seems this may be getting uglier than it already is. If this kind of stuff is being leaked out it looks like it's only a matter of time re his trade . If I was a GB fan I'd be pretty damn upset with AROD. Not sure which side leaked this out but I think it does real damage. Imagine AROD working the phone and telling potential Packers to be -
  3. So agree re the defence. It just seems to me they are a bend but not break defence. Likely as you pointed out due to the front. I wanted a big good DT in this draft but maybe that was just a pipe dream. Anyway my point is that this defence being a bend but not break one seems to be on the field a lot due to itself. Hopefully the offence can control the ball this year and at least get them the rest they need. I loved the Williams pick. He is premiere and with MG III we should be really able to run it. Crap with a qb we should be able to pass too. I know it hasn't looked good in a long
  4. Sorry for my obtuseness, my apologies. You may be right as it appears heavy D is the direction the FO went with. Just have strong doubts but who the hell am I. I hope whatever we do it works out. But re the SB I think you have to acknowledge that Mahomes OL was a shell of itself. They have now really addressed those issues in a major major way. God how I hate the chiefs!! I'll believe in their decline when I see it.
  5. Now we know why pot shouldn't be legalized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao His offensive line was decimated. It reminds me of us facing the Seahawks in the superbowl. We were so fn banged up it was pathetic. Don't fool yourself stopping Mahomes is no easy task. Wait and see. This team needs to score 30 points a game on average in our division. I think we are a 7-10 win team and I don't think that's a good thing..............
  6. I keep seeing speculation as to what we offer. Stuff like this and man it's a lot. Not sure it ends up being enough. Carr coming over would entice me a lot as GB. Does Carr and three first outdo an offer like this? Not sure. Man in a way I would have been way more content with simply drafting Fields. I think in a year he'd be well on his way......We are going to get into one hell of a bidding war and as the NFL Guru posted the loser rests in the cellar to be there a long, long time
  7. But does GB need any leverage?. A-Rod has mentioned the LVR as a possibility. I can see them including Carr in a package and at least two if not three firsts. If I was GB I would want three firsts at least but who knows what offers are tabled. If GB is not sure Love can play this year with quality then you would want Carr. At the end of the 21 season you can resign Carr if your read on Love is no good or let Carr loose if Love is ready to step up. I think the Carr option is key as it keeps them competitive in the Conference still. I get that GB seems in a hole but A-Rod is a premiere
  8. You may be right but I'm tired of hoping on the same guy and I was a big big fan of his originally. Something new would have been nice. This is a good team and don't get me wrong as I previously had said this current cast of players is just wasting their time. It's I just don't see true success without a legit qb. I see us actually winning 7-10 games but really is that what these guys deserve when a legit qb gets us over the hump. I do hope we get Rodgers somehow........
  9. I already posted that it looks like the Rodgers situation will likely end with the Gm deservedly being canned. If I was Paton I would hate to have to explain to this ownership or more importantly new ownership why I didn't select Fields. More importantly if I was said ownership (current/new) I would ask him to explain why Jones wasn't selected as well. My thinking here is if you dislike Fields so much wouldn't you value Jones skills assets - like what the hell is inbetween? I'd be asking like wtf kind of qb do you want? Do you really think teams are just going to hand you a qb? And do y
  10. So I'm king stupid. You said replacement - is he fn Von like or not? So stupid that I actually think this is the greatest assembly of talented players who are wasting their fn time......Not getting over the Fields debacle anytime soon. I'm calling it the greatest draft blunder in bronco history bar none!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. It's like being drilled in court by an attorney.............."well isn't it possible that".............yeah sure virtually anything is possible and it would be oh so nice. Is it probable - we'll have to wait and see
  12. I read your original post and took it to mean he will be as good as Von. I take it you are saying you hope he becomes a starter. That I can buy into but getting another Von in round 7 well I hope you are not suggesting that. Sorry if I misinterpreted your original post.
  13. Great pick. A 7th rounder replaces our hall of famer. I can buy that............
  14. Not taking Fields is going to smart for a very very long time. Would have preferred developing and owning him for the next 15 years versus the Rodgers route. PS Rodgers has said he'll stay if the GM is canned. Lafleur has said he had no idea Love was going to be drafted last year that the GM went rogue. So the writing is on the wall. He is a terrible gm. A fullback in last years round 3??? He should go and it resolves the Rodgers issue. So now what, hope that Watson is cleared (quite a lot of smoke there). Wilson? Two pipe dreams. I'm not going to get over it. And my son threw
  15. So agree. He is explosive and quick off the get go. Will agree that he doesn't have long speed (he does get run down) but I see many many 30-50 yard runs out of this guy. He was my second favourite back behind Najee
  16. lmao......when the Lions took cb Ifeatu Melifonwu my son commented that it was a great pick and that he would have loved him in Denver but he's had enough of some of the names like our O guys - TE and CB. He's kidding of course as he knows how sensitive I am to names. I'm Italian with an unusual name who grew up in a white upper middle class neighborhood. Man did I get teased - I basically hate white people now - lol
  17. FWIW I was trolling the Lions board and was surprised to see our draft mentioned by a couple of their posters, They felt we were doing real good - a few were upset we took Browning. I got to say we nailed day 2! Funny I had been just talking about Meinerz with my son telling him how he was such a great guest on Good Morning Football that they made him the draft mascot so to speak and and he became a GMFB regular. Just a great, honest, enthusiastic kid. Really glad we are continuing to get players with character. We really nailed day 2 man. I am so happy!
  18. Had we taken Fields we would have knocked it out of the park. Maybe we get Rogers though. I live across the river so I am a fan of all the Detroit teams but have loved the Broncos since Craig Morton was the QB. Got to admit I like this Detroit draft. A lot of attention paid to the trenches (OL/DL). You don't go wrong addressing that.....
  19. STUNNED and BEWILDERED and CONFUSED. So you have arguable the second best qb available. A qb who is arguably better than Howell of next year so I guess not taking him has killed the thought of Howell for next year in a way. There are no real free agent qbs in 2022 save Winston. In 2023 you have Carr, Cousins, Garrapolo and of course Brady and Stafford who both likely will not be available. So what is the plan, hopefully none of these guys? And not trading back when we have so much need. Like Chicago's first next year has no value? Like wake up and die right. Well at least I save $300
  20. I doubt anything happens tonight but I really think it forces our hand to take a qb now as Green Bay will want something back qb wise. I know they moved up to get Love and he is in their stable but don't you think these top 5 qb's surpass him? Sadly though does that put Mac in play for us? I think this GB crap will force our hand to go qb if we hope for a legit shot at him and I think we would have that shot.
  21. Niners and raiders and us are the three teams Rogers wants according to the Score. Wouldn't that be something man........................
  22. Speaking of ceilings this is Vic's ceiling - DC. A great defensive mind, can't argue that but not a head coach!
  23. Welcome ClockworkOrange........ Awesome avatar from one of my favourite titles/movies. Not sure if I rank it ahead of AAA avatar but its got me thinking................
  24. The NFL is on tilt as the 2021 NFL Draft arrives and it’s only getting crazier. ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting Aaron Rodgers is unhappy with the Green Bay Packers and it is at such a level that he does not want to play for the team in 2021. Schefter posted the below at 319pm. OK wtf, perhaps I am already drunk and passed out and dreaming too.................. Reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers is so disgruntled with the Green Bay Packers that he has told some within the organization that he does not want to return to the team, league and team sources told ESPN on Thursday. More on NFL Live
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