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  1. Week 2 GDT: KC @ Pit

    Explain please. PM threw for 10 TD's first two games. Never been done before, then you say the record is 55, but 40 has been done 12 times. WTF do yo mean??
  2. 2018 Kansas City Chiefs Calendar

    good stuff man, thx
  3. A little cap observation

    Good observation, better question. Interested to see how this is explained away. hmmmmmm.
  4. Marcus Peters traded to Rams

    Late to this party, but....if he was that great, how come so little (by some peoples terms) in compensation? And don't tell me the Chiefs got 'hosed'. It was probably a good read on his worth...give some, take away more. My bet is he'll cost his new team two losses with his inability to control his testosterone. Takers???? Bottle of Makers Mark and a dozen good cigars.
  5. Ron Parker gone as well!

    kjs....I don't know how releasing these two jackwagons is a down grade, if you feel the defense was already crap. Sounds to me like the "colon cleansing" is going well. Hard to judge a finished product half way through the 'sausage making'.
  6. Cousin's is a know quantity. There's a book on him. Drafting a QBOF might be in their best interest but will set them back a couple years...generally. I think we take care of business and just get better...control what we can control and just be better at it than competitors....jus sayin.
  7. Ron Parker gone as well!

    ksj....do you realllly believe they're finished??
  8. Ron Parker gone as well!

    good move....clean house and find some players.
  9. Roster Moves

    creating needed cap space........
  10. Nagy Gone to Chicago

    Mehhh, i'd take a 9 game regular season win total and a win in the playoffs. Andy just doesn't or wont keep his foot on an opponents neck. 18 point lead AGAIN and we go "play to not loose" mode. Makes me want to puke. As long as Andy keeps calling plays, in this regard, were screwed. I don't know if he doesn't trust himself or his players, but there' s a big trust issue there that needs to be addressed.
  11. lmao...."Once a bride, always a bride"...as they say!! Glad things are good. Merry Christmas Pard. Go Chiefs.
  12. Wife, who is a 7 year NASM personal trainer, TPI level 3, and Master Degreed in Exercise Physiology, suggests that the shoes may well be the issue. Everybody wants to be sooo much faster, and the shoes are so much lighter, they have NO support in the arches and the foot is flexing far more than necessary or meant to flex. Secondarily, the underlying muscles, the supporter muscles/small inconspicuous muscles, are not getting as much attention as needed for "muscle core stabilization" and underlying strength.. Listen to me talkin like I know something.....lol
  13. lmao...woopsie!! Time?life does move on my friend. Been there, done that! Thank God for "mulligans"........Just thinkin DJ for another year with a "House Friendly Contract", with the possibility of bringing him "In House" in some capacity...coach, talent eval., etc. after next year. Jus a thought. FYI; " Makers" has some competition.......Woodford Reserve!! Same cigars tho...no change there.
  14. Again, as usual....love the analysis. Could take possible exception with a couple, but it wouldn't be significant...so, lets roll. Merry Christmas...D. Hug your bride for me.
  15. Raiders v Chiefs

    The secondary was playing "without peters" today....looks to me like they have been playing "without peters" all year....jus sayin!