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  1. Week 13: Oakland at Arrowhead

    Thompson is small, but not little, and plays big!!
  2. OL Stephen Wisniewski

    You guys do this all the time...this post was to be about Wiz, then it became.... Houston this, Houston that., who was better six years ago, bla lbla bla. Hard to take any of this blather seriously.
  3. Week 6: Texans at Arrowhead GDT

    We NEED a LB with an attitude, not just conversation BS.
  4. Week 6: Texans at Arrowhead GDT

    Thought this was supposed to be an 'attacking' style defense??? Those four up front couldn't properly attack a taco stand...then the LB don't fill...face it: We're just not very good on either side of the ball with our big guys. Is it attitude, coaching, or talent...or a serious combo of all three??
  5. OL Stephen Wisniewski

    Liked Wiz coming out of college. He'll slip into the center psn and anchor it for awhile, if he has anything left in the tank. I too am concerned why he was available??
  6. Game 5: Colts at Arrowhead GDT

    As unfocused as we seemed to be, and as poorly as we played, I would imagine Andy got their attention and 're-focused' in preparation this week. Expect to see a different team than last week.....jus my thought.
  7. Mecole Hardman

    Agree.....if he can learn to 'track the ball' like TH, it'll be awesome. Making good progress....seems tuff enough, too.
  8. Jalen Ramsey

    as always....next man up. That wasn't hard, was it.
  9. Jalen Ramsey

    Seems as though all these CB, that are suddenly now available because they are pissed with their current team, come with wayyyyy too much diva baggage. Their past actions gives you a peek into what they will probably bring to a new locker room. Do we want/need that????
  10. Eric Berry

    Somebody please have a come to Jesus meeting with Berry, resign him for a week, and let him retire with dignity as a Chief. A year or two removed, he'll be a hell of a coach, imo. Try to keep him tied to the organization....
  11. Hill under investigation for Battery

    lmao let's see how yawl feel when he catches the ball and runs.. Several TD's later, he'll "be fine". What a strange bunch we are!!
  12. Hill under investigation for Battery

    I think I understand the NFL's position on these things, generally; I also generally understand the courts and how they look at evidence. It's not their (courts) job to look at evidence and try to make it 'fit' a crime, which they have not proven beyond reasonable doubt. In the courts, it's supposed to be black or white; innocent or guilty based in pure facts, with no fragmented suppositions or inuendos to question the voracity of the 'find'. The NFL, on the other hand, is all about the gray area, with little concern for the fringe 'black or white facts' of the issue. Politics play a much greater role with the NFL and their "perceived reputation"....makes it impossible to just look at pure facts. Said that, if he is determined to be 'not gulty' in the courts, and the NFL STILL suspends him for their unclear reasoning, he is being punished for being innocent in a court much higher than the NFL's song and dance approach to these things. Not sure how they (NFL) squares this up.
  13. John Dorsey

    Is it just me, or is the only thing constant year after year the coaching staff and how they develop turnstile players?? People keep coming and going, and yet we keep winning. How bout .."Nice job, Andy"??
  14. Hill under investigation for Battery

    This went from a post about Hill to the last 7 posts being about Kraft. Talk about hi-jacking a post. It's why I don't come here often, ...I know...who cares??
  15. So long #50

    We did....cap space. Be patient.