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  1. Eric Berry

    Somebody please have a come to Jesus meeting with Berry, resign him for a week, and let him retire with dignity as a Chief. A year or two removed, he'll be a hell of a coach, imo. Try to keep him tied to the organization....
  2. Hill under investigation for Battery

    lmao let's see how yawl feel when he catches the ball and runs.. Several TD's later, he'll "be fine". What a strange bunch we are!!
  3. Hill under investigation for Battery

    I think I understand the NFL's position on these things, generally; I also generally understand the courts and how they look at evidence. It's not their (courts) job to look at evidence and try to make it 'fit' a crime, which they have not proven beyond reasonable doubt. In the courts, it's supposed to be black or white; innocent or guilty based in pure facts, with no fragmented suppositions or inuendos to question the voracity of the 'find'. The NFL, on the other hand, is all about the gray area, with little concern for the fringe 'black or white facts' of the issue. Politics play a much greater role with the NFL and their "perceived reputation"....makes it impossible to just look at pure facts. Said that, if he is determined to be 'not gulty' in the courts, and the NFL STILL suspends him for their unclear reasoning, he is being punished for being innocent in a court much higher than the NFL's song and dance approach to these things. Not sure how they (NFL) squares this up.
  4. John Dorsey

    Is it just me, or is the only thing constant year after year the coaching staff and how they develop turnstile players?? People keep coming and going, and yet we keep winning. How bout .."Nice job, Andy"??
  5. Hill under investigation for Battery

    This went from a post about Hill to the last 7 posts being about Kraft. Talk about hi-jacking a post. It's why I don't come here often, ...I know...who cares??
  6. So long #50

    We did....cap space. Be patient.
  7. Steve Spagnuolo hired as DC

    KC Guy...completely agree with your Fisher comment. Just about the time he begins to show me he is a LT, he goes AWOL!!! Hate that inconsistency. Need a stud out there and he's not it.
  8. Steve Spagnuolo hired as DC

    3-4;4-3....mehhh. Does it really matter if we're not aggressive and creative? I've thought for two years that our front looks more 43 than 34, but with so many packages, it really is insignificant. Aggressiveness and creativity is the key in the scheme, not the scheme itself. Spags brings some energy.....and creativity, and some aggression. Let's see how it all shakes out. (D Ford at DE...really?? Teams will run right at him for 4-6 yards a pop). Next year's breakout star....O'Daniel!!!….should have played more this year, but NOOOOO, play lack luster experienced guys over some one really hungry with talent. O;Daniel will at least play down hill.
  9. It was a Hell of a Run

    This was not a "hell of a run".....that implies that its over!!! This was a hell of a START to a long , hell of a run.
  10. Should we let Dee Ford walk?

    Let him walkl…..he had most of his sacks when there were more than 4 rushing....and if you want 3-5 yards a pop, run right at him.
  11. GDT - Divisional Round vs. Indianapolis

    Stop Mack, fill running lanes, and drop a little deeper with backers, and we should be ok. He'll throw it up for a couple picks if we keep him contained and keep pressure on him. Patrick will come up big with his legs Sat.
  12. Week 17 GDT vs. Oakland Raiders

    Benjamin is one pulled pork sammich from eating himself into a TE role.....
  13. Week 17 GDT vs. Oakland Raiders

    IF, if Andy sat some starters/didn't activate starters to get a look at what our young kids can do with many snaps to prepare for the playoffs; IF that was the intent, I suppose I'm ok with it. As long as he knows what he's doing to get the ENTIRE roster playoff ready, let's roll. That'd better be the case....if not, I'm pissed.
  14. Week 15 GDT: LAC@KC

    Been reading too many of our own headlines....we ain't THAT good. Obviously!!
  15. Week 15 GDT: LAC@KC

    game ime decision as far as I have heard....hope he plays. Like to beat them with their best.