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  1. Roster moves

    Conley can take the top off, Benjamin just takes plays off. No thanks.....
  2. Dave Toub

    Leave Dave alone....he's a terrible coach and nobody likes him. He's horrible....
  3. Chiefs release Kareem Hunt

    Give Ware all week and all the reps to get ready and he'll be ok. West will help, and Darrell Williams needs some touches. We're good!!
  4. Chiefs release Kareem Hunt

    Jak…...good explanation. Makes sence. Thanks.
  5. Chiefs release Kareem Hunt

    It's like ….no out cry from reading the book, but prosecuted to the fullest when the movie comes out!!! Rhetorical, but how could TMZ get the video and the NFL not? Why did the police not act on this and find charges? Many inconsistencies, but since he DID lie numerous occasions about this to the team....I support the team's decision.
  6. Week 13 GDT: KC@LV

    Head into playoffs healthy....please!
  7. Week 12 GDT: Retool & Reconfigure

    If the Chiefs make as few mistakes as the refs make, we win by a landslide. Don't blame the refs. Players playing the game is squarely where the game is won or lost. Step up and get it done, and the refs can't influence anything except the clock.
  8. Week 11 GDT: Chiefs @ Rams

    Would somebody just play some damn defense....please.
  9. Week 9 GDT: KC @ Cle

    Maybe, but that's a different issue, and maybe it should have been, but......that's the rule.
  10. Week 9 GDT: KC @ Cle

    The clock wasn't running, therefore; intentional grounding. With the clock running, NO intentional grounding. Pretty simple. First time I've seen it called, but it is really simple. And correct.
  11. Week 9 GDT: KC @ Cle

    he's clueless.
  12. Week 7 GDT: Cin @ KC

    Unless I'm missing something, it looked to me as though the defense played faster last night?? People coming downhill to the ball carrier or closing with intent on the receivers. Thoughts?
  13. Week 7 GDT: Cin @ KC

    Think I love the depth and leadership....hope he still has some in the tank.
  14. Safeties we should look at

    Yeah....I wouldn't be looking for the Berry of old relative to making big plays and hitting. He's prob lost a step or two, but that EXPERIENCE!!!! He'd get the rest of the DB's in the right placed to make plays, then it's up to them.
  15. Week 6 GDT: KC @ NE

    Jac and Sam....unless I totally missed something, I saw Ragland and Hitchins back peddling and out of position a good deal of the time. Neither showed me that they wrap up and finish the job. You both say they are Thumpers.....need to see it. Hope I'm wrong....maybe scheme, but if it is, they need a "new scheme", cause both disappointed.