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  1. Weren't we just talking about Tomlin being Coach of the Year last year? And now he needs to be on the hot seat after beating the Ravens and Browns for the AFCN title? I don't think so. He's a proven HC. He might need to rework things to get back into the SB, but he hasn't shown he won't or doesn't have the ability to.
  2. I just watched the Ohio Alabama game, and Fields didn't even play bad. If not for Ohio's run game being totally useless and their defense being swiss cheese, he would've shined much more. Considering how well Fields was playing, it's a wonder they even kept running the ball. As for Mac Jones, his stats greatly exaggerate his on field play - so many swing passes that went for long gains and TDs. No thank you. Fields is still my #2.
  3. Honestly, I'm really shocked by the Tampa defense being a top pass defense. I only watched/followed them a handful of games, but it looked like they were getting smoked most of the time. I can only think of their Green Bay game as a game where they bullied a top passing offense.
  4. Only reason I found it was cause I took 20min searching the website. With the new theme I kinda guessed they must have added theming features with the new layout - else why update to the brightest theme ever? This Aint Jets Talk
  5. Nah it's really bright but there is a night mode - allllll the way at the bottom of the site there's a link that says "Theme" with a down arrow. Click that and choose Dark Mode, refresh the page, and boom, it's now easy on the eyes.
  6. I get that, but it's a bit contradictory. The scenario only works if the Jets think Wilson is better than Fields, and the Falcons think that Fields is better than Wilson. Otherwise, we are letting the Falcons take "the better prospect" at our position of need. And that should cost more than an early flyer. I'd rather forgo a second round pick to get the guy we like the most, and not settle for the next best. I'd need more to be persuaded.
  7. I don't see it being so cheap for the Falcons. They are essentially leaping us to get their choice of QB and all it cost them was a 2nd round pick?
  8. 100% yes. Fields is a proven competitor. We can talk about tools all we want, but I really want someone who knows how to win. That's why I wanted Watson so badly. Tools are great, but you can't coach that winner's mentality.
  9. Gase really gonna leave the Jets without ever beating the Pats.
  10. Everyone has bad games. He's still the best of the bunch
  11. Fields needs to check down. It's about running out the clock now.
  12. Was Fields' last TD an exact clone of the previous 60 yard bomb? I'm going in and out of the stream.
  13. It's not about ability. It's drive. I obviously don't know Zach Wilson but rich kids like Manziel and Rosen don't seem interested in being great.
  14. You guys might say it's silly, but I really don't want Wilson. I'm not big on players who's families are obscenely rich (and don't come from a line of athletes).
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