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  1. Week 12: Jets v. Panthers

    I hate those Fox Announcers. It's like having permanent away commentary. Robby was super hyped after a day of great catches and the dude has the gall to say he should be quiet. GTFO. Pride is all these guys are playing for right now.
  2. Week 10 Winston & Evans out

    Good teams win games they are supposed to win. We aren't a good team. Still SOJ.
  3. FA QB's for 2018

    I'm just not really settled on the young available talent right now. Eli would be a perfect stop gap if this draft keeps looking lousy and the best FAs are Cousins and Bridgewater.
  4. He's getting a lot of work as a receiver, but he's failing to reach the quickness that was expected of him. This guy was supposed to be an open-field killer, juking guys out their cleats, and seeing what I have he doesn't seem to be making anyone miss. Maybe he needs to get up to NFL speed, but this dude is looking like the next Reggie Bush.
  5. FA QB's for 2018

    Anyone interested in Eli if he leaves? His woes are being over exaggerated right now, and he's still a 2-time SB winning QB.
  6. Week 8: I Thought Hurricane Season Was Over

    Were you expecting us to be top contenders after seeing our wins? This isn't some feel-good, made-for-TV movie where a team of dysfunctional but loveable underdogs goes on to win the big game. We don't have 1 elite player right now (Adams and Maye are good but they still have a lot to prove). We went toe to toe with Brady, Gronk, and BB only losing the game to a BS turnover. We lost by a TD to ATL, who may not be 2016 ATL but still house the same talent. MIA was a crapshoot, but that's what I expected all season. I'm never happy about a loss, especially when we could have easily been 3 - 0 these last three weeks, but it was a surprise that we were even in those games. If one thing needs to be addressed though it's how our team can't play in the 4th.
  7. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    Good thing we didn't tank for a top QB because it looks like they are all fighting to be middle of the pack QBs. I'd be OK with passing on this gang of QBs and just go pure BPA.
  8. Week 8: I Thought Hurricane Season Was Over

    I'm not mad. One score from tieing the Pats and beating the Falcons? Sounds pretty good for "the worst roster in the NFL". We aren't going to win the SB this year, but the foundation seems pretty good to build on.
  9. Week 6: Jets vs Pats

    Well, I live less than a mile from the stadium and usually will tailgate then nab any tickets before kickoff. Frequently can get 1-2 for $40-50 each right now at most $70 if I get it for the second level. Jets fans aren't going so prices have been incredibly cheap. This was the only game so far where top-level tickets were over $60 and it's cause Pats fans were doing all the buying.
  10. FA QB's for 2018

    Nothing would be sweeter to bring Brady to NY and have him win his final ring in Green. It would be poetic.
  11. Week 6: Jets vs Pats

    I don't think it's his passion, but his ability. He's just not the monster he once was. Watching yesterday he was the most visible guy on the team with his pink armbands, but he was always jumping around on big plays, slapping helmets, and amping up the crowd. As a player he's ineffective, but he still looked like a team leader on the field. I only saw this game though, so maybe other who go more often can talk about it more. By the way - we gotta get more people to these Pats games. They were just as loud as us in that stadium. Felt like an away game.
  12. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    2/3 you mentioned have a QB to pair with their RB and the Jags have an elite D to keep games close. We have a good D but far from elite and no QB. When the game is on the line and you need to march 70 yards in under 90 seconds your star RB is nearly worthless but your QB is everything. It's about time we brought on a player that can bring us out of a hole instead of having players who can just keep us treading water all game.
  13. The Austin Seferian-Jenkins Fumble/Touchback

    This is my problem with the call. The TD should have stood because it didn't seem like anyone had a clear explanation for why it should be turned over and none of the angles confirmed that ASJ didn't regain control of the ball.
  14. Week 6: Jets vs Pats

    McCown was not as good as he looked on camera. At the game, he was missing a bunch of wide open dudes or getting it to them late. I vividly remember Kearse doing jumping jacks alone as McCown decided to pull down the ball and run instead. The Pats D is terrible and with a competent QB we would've scored 35+.
  15. Week 5 GDT: Jets vs. Browns

    I'll never get mad over a win. We might be forever in mediocrity purgatory but it's nice not being the total joke people thought we were.