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  1. Unless you consider that they will likely get a new HC, have 4 first round picks in the next two drafts, 90M in cap space, and division that's wide open.
  2. On top of that risk a serious injury and end up falling like Tua. If you're the consensus #1, you take it because the future is not guaranteed. In my eyes, Fields is a step below TLaw. He's worthy of the #1 pick, but going from TLaw to Justin is going to hurt.
  3. I'm sure the same could have been said for the Bengals, Cards, and Browns before: perennial losers with an image problem who still drafted the #1 projected QB. If the Jets remove Gase, I'm sure that will help things a ton.
  4. Yes - I did. The AFCE doesn't deserve it because they aren't nearly as bad. The Jets are not turning anything around, but the Pats can easily do so and the Dolphins are above water right now. As for the NFCE, they are staring at a 7-9 division leader.
  5. That's some serious cherry picking. Having 5 wins vs 2 wins outside of your division is a big difference, especially when you consider we are 6 weeks into the season. Quite frequently? The questions was "How many times over the last 20 years have the non pats teams been as bad as the 4 teams in the NFC east right now?", not "How many seasons do you think the rest of the AFCE was average to below average". The closest was probably 2018, but that result wasn't something I'd say was frequent.
  6. Yeah - I never thought I'd root for a terrible Jets team ever in my life, but we've already hit rock bottom. We might as well get TLaw while we are here.
  7. Not really. The Dolphins and the Bills are both .500 or better and only a fool counts out BB. Jets are the only dumpster fire in the AFCE. The NFCE has 4 terrible teams with only 2 wins outside of the division between the lot.
  8. Couldn't? What's forcing them to give up Q? I like Connor Hughes, but that's just some click bait talk.
  9. He's not giving up on Q, just trying to add more top end talent to a team that is severely lacking in quality players. I doubt Q goes for less than a first and a third given his talent, youth, and contract.
  10. He's gonna be real mad when he gets swapped to the Jets for Crowder.
  11. Good look for JD. He's doing right by his vets.
  12. The way I see it, Gase has been an HC for 4 years already and is on his 5th. He's proven without a doubt that he can't coach a team. Everyone who leaves his touted system goes on to be successful elsewhere (Landry, Tannehill, Robby, Parker, etc). The dude is a dud. Joe is on his first year as GM, so I'm not ready to rule him a bust.
  13. Well they just got there. Gase had his shot. Joe can stay.
  14. I'm about it just to change the atmosphere in the locker room. The way players are playing on the field is signalling to the rest of the league that we are a joke franchise and it will burn us badly in the offseason. Nip it in the bud now and hopefully by December we look less like a joke and more like a project (ala the Dolphins last year).
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