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  1. Copeland Suspended 4 Games

    League seems to have a zero-tolerance policy on PEDs. He's going to have to sue the supplement manufacturer for his lost game checks.
  2. LB Avery Williamson out with torn ACL

    I don't get the flack for having guys out there too long. Freak stuff happens all the time. This could've happened in practice or the first snap of preseason. It'd be crazy if it was something like your franchise QB taking a big sack, but he was taken out by friendly fire in the 2nd quarter. I won't get up in arms about that.
  3. Patriots WR Josh Gordon reinstated

    Gordon has failed so many drug tests that he's looped back to 00 for game suspensions.
  4. LB Avery Williamson out with torn ACL

    This was from our one of our dbs colliding into his knee. They will be the death of us.
  5. #JetsNewUnis

    The black alternates are the best uniforms in Madden. I've definitely changed my mind on the look.
  6. What would it take for the Giants to make the playoffs?

    Another Wentz injury and a Zeke holdout.
  7. Training Camp

    I'd be surprised if we aren't top 5 in passing yards allowed. Only thing that can save us is if our dline can get consistent pressure.
  8. Training Camp

    Meanwhile QWill has ended up on the ground more times than not.
  9. Training Camp

    I don't think Vikings will ask more than a 7th - he's pretty much primed to be cut right now.
  10. Training Camp

    Treadwell looks like a cheap trade. With our receivers, he might be worth the flyer.
  11. And he was already doing poor in practice. It's not like that preseason game was a fluke.
  12. Memorable Special Teams

    Mike Westhoff was a ST genius. Once he left, we didn't have a decent return game until Roberts caught fire last season.
  13. Jamal Adams or Derwin James?

    Jamal's biggest weakness is that he's been on the Jets. We've had zero pass rush, an FS who can't stay healthy, and arguably the worst corners in the league since he's arrived. He does it all for us - defending passes, stuffing runs, and sacking QBs. He's a one man defensive machine.
  14. The last Jets QB to throw over 4000 yards was Joe Namath.
  15. Favorite Watching the GAME Venue?