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  1. Eagles release veteran RB Ryan Mathews

    Jets might want to check him out. Our offense can use all the help it can get.
  2. Jets 2017 Training Camp Thread

    If nothing else is remembered of the NFL a century from now, I hope this stays. Top 5 greatest moments in game history.
  3. Jets place WR Quincy Enunwa on IR

    Better than hearing he won't be the same after surgery or something like that. Still, crap news to hear .
  4. The Jamal Adams Appreciation Thread

    There's a guy on Reddit who would stream all the games in HD on youtube - if you change your mind you can avoid those terrible stream sites.
  5. The Jamal Adams Appreciation Thread

  6. Gang Green Intro Thread

    Name (first names only): Aaron Age: 26 State you were born in/State you live in now: NJ/NJ Hometown: Clifton, NJ Occupation or school/area of study: Digital Marketing & Web/App Developments Interests besides football: Does Madden CFM count? Other than I'd say technology including building computers, newest phones, programming languages, and my current kick: block-chain tech. 3 People (dead or alive) you would love to meet: Elon Musk, Oscar Wilde, George Washington Favorite Movie: Sling Blade Favorite TV show: Anything HBO puts out Favorite Musician/Band: No preference Favorite current NY Jet: Darren Lee Favorite past NY Jet: Wayne Chrebet Favorite current non-Jet in the NFL: Eric Berry How many Jets games have you been to?: 3 vs Chiefs, Pats, and Giants. Saw them win all three. What is your earliest Jets memory?: No clue here. Kinda flashes from me watching Elway win the SB to being a Jet fan the next season.
  7. The Random Thread

    I think black and their dark red would look pretty sleek and less like a "stock" color.
  8. Jets 2017 Training Camp Thread

    Well if it one thing we needed more of - it was fringe roster wide receivers / special teamers.
  9. Division rivals that killed you

    Brady is the obvious choice here - but the funniest one was Tedd Ginn Jr. In an era in which we had the best CB and top 3 defense, Tedd Ginn was our only weakness.
  10. Career Year. It's gonna be HUUUGE!

    Alshon should post some top 10 WR numbers this year if he can muster up another 12 - 13 games.
  11. QB Expectations

    QBs will always be over-drafted, so I'm cool with the Hack pick. I don't have anything invested in the guy though. I'm hoping to see more of our defense after last years total collapse and maybe some star potential in one of our WRs. The reality is we are going to be baaaaad and even being considered decent next season will be something to celebrate.
  12. Bears Plan to Start QB Glennon All Season

    Seems like standard pre-TC talk. Never want to hand over the team to a rookie QB before he's even started practicing in pads. Let him prove it and earn the team's respect.
  13. QB Expectations

    It no question the Jets want Hack to be their guy, but he has to make some huge improvements to stop them from picking up another QB next year in FA or the draft. I expect McCown to get us a top pick and nothing else. All I'm watching for this year is to see if any of young guys have stud potential. After all the dust clears, who will be the cornerstone of our team? That's all I'm looking for this season.