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  1. Is 117 total yard and TD enough? OK, if not we'll go waaaaay back to December 22, 2019 where he had 189yards rushing, 90yard receiving and 2 TDs. Considering his injury - he's 4 games removed from that (if you even consider his two limited snap count full games).
  2. What? Until his injuries, he had elite production. It's two games since his ACL tear and he's on a limited snap count - let's wait until he's back to 100% to judge. Henry just went 58 yards on 17 attempts - is he washed too?
  3. I think I figured out the Raiders offensive plan: Pass to Darren Waller.
  4. Yeah, he has the ability and is definitely a great athlete. What was most frustrating was he'd make the circus catch and drop the gimme. I wish him well in MIN.
  5. Pretty good idea IMO. We need DE depth with Lawson gone, and trading picks for a replacement doesn't really seem like a great idea with a rookie QB at the helm.
  6. It's Zach Wilson's first year, so I'm not expecting us to be SB competitors. Rather keep our picks and wait for next year when we have a better idea of our potential.
  7. Man, no two minute offense for Zach? Lame.
  8. At what? Being positional? Adams is not some prototypical safety. He's lead his team in sacks (9.5) and TFLs (11) last year only playing 12 games. There are definitely OLBS/DE's producing less and getting paid more. Who cares what position Adams plays, he produces. Getting 17.5M (9.5M guaranteed)/year for a defensive playmaker is as good as it gets in today's market.
  9. Then it's not a bad deal for SEA considering how much the Colts played Leonard.
  10. Anecdotal but on my one visit to Munich, I ran into a club bouncer who was a Jets fan. This was like in 2016, well past the Rex era, so it was pretty shocking that any I met was a Jets fan, let alone some random dude in Germany. If I had to take this sample and extrapolate, I'd guess all of Munich is Jets fans, if not all of Germany.
  11. Russell Wilson. Though, even as a Jets fan, having Zach at #5 seems a bit generous.
  12. This system had a top 3 DL in SF. We don't even know what we have.
  13. C'mon it's not like he needs the reps. Coming into the NFL, QB is probably the easiest position. If he holds out until preseason it won't be much of a loss, so who cares. He can pick up the playbook and chemistry on the bus ride to Carolina Week 1. It's basically the Joey Bosa situation and will all work out fine.
  14. Do we really need a 3rd? Have we usually found gold just sitting there between 96th and the 140th best players? We traded up for a top play at a position of need than waiting for him to get scooped, and it cost us dudes who are estimated to be maybe top 10 at there own positions.
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