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  1. Broncos QB Chad Kelly arrested

    Some guys just don't learn.
  2. Luck comeback player of the year?

    Well Doyle hasn't played since week 2 and Lion's fans can attest that Ebron is far from a reliable target.
  3. First head coach fired

    Todd Bowles won't be gone until the season ends if he does go. Hue deserves it the most but Jerry Jones doesn't shy from drama. I expect Garrett to be gone by December.
  4. Jets Sign Rishard Matthews

    Pryor was hot and cold, but if Matthews is all cold I can see us cutting him and resigning Pryor.
  5. Jets Sign Rishard Matthews

    I'm not mad.
  6. Around The League

    Yeah, but you pay a premium for the prospect that he could be a top 5 receiver. Once the mystery is over and he's shown to be a middling talent, the value is no longer there.
  7. Around The League

    Macc probably heard that, laughed, and just hung up.
  8. Raiders trade WR Amari Cooper to Dallas

    Raiders are going to have a fun draft this year.
  9. Luck comeback player of the year?

    Anyone criticizing Luck right now hasn't seen the games. TY has been out most of the season and the next best receiver (this can be Ebron or Chester Rodgers) has feet for hands. He's essentially weaponless and willing the offense down the field. I really hope he can find himself in a better situation because he's being wasted in Indianapolis.
  10. GDT: Vikings@Jets

    Anyone concerned with Darnold's arm strength? I don't know if he's just trying to add touch to the pass, but his long throws tend to float and come up short.
  11. GDT: Vikings@Jets

    I knew we we're gonna get blown out but we held off longer than I thought. I think Darnolds going to struggle in the cold windy games until he gets acclimated. He tried to add to much touch and the wind too over on a bunch of his deep throws.
  12. GDT: Vikings@Jets

    So Teddy would've been able to play WR too? Incredible.
  13. Andrew Luck. If his guys drop less of his 60 passes a game, he's gonna break this record.
  14. GDT: Vikings@Jets

    As long as you have Thielen and Diggs, you're gonna have the advantage. Those guys are incredible.
  15. GDT: Vikings@Jets

    That's a pretty poor excuse in my book. You're an experienced NFL center - just get the muscle memory down and you should be good.