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  1. Greater player of all time? Jerry Rice or Tom Brady

    Think of it like this. There should be receivers that are near and around Rice stat wise. He played 30 years ago. In 30 years, with rule changes to help offenses, better sports medicine, increased talent pool, there should exists receivers who's careers are nearly as good as Rice. We have that for every other position (QB, RB, DE, LB, DB) so why not with WR? Why is Jerry Rice's records so unbeatable? It's because he was on another level. The dude was so much more talented and so much more driven than everyone else that replicating his career is nearly impossible. You can't say the same for anyone else in this sport.
  2. Greater player of all time? Jerry Rice or Tom Brady

    Except for the objective fact that Jerry Rice individually accomplished more than any other player in their respective positions. He has honors, championships, record breaking seasons, a record breaking career, and individual records that may never be touched again. If you had to translate Rice's stats to the QB leader board, you would need to Brady to end with 100K passing yards and 700 passing TDs because that's how far and away Rice is from the second best receivers. That's not just longevity, that's dominance. Jerry Rice is literally in his own tier - with and without wins/championships. So then what makes Jim Brown and LT #1 on that board? It's a nonsense leader board.
  3. Never said it was easy, but if KC is able to produce a top tier defense while that offense is in tact, it's certainly in the cards.
  4. Greater player of all time? Jerry Rice or Tom Brady

    What is individual ability? Are you making up subjective leader boards for Rice not to be on?
  5. They were 30 points shy of the 2007 Patriots in scoring, so I don't think becoming the highest scoring team in NFL history is out of play for them. It's the defense that's the issue.
  6. Is Rivers better than any current HoF QBs?

    How about this: "why you shouldn't ONLY be looking at passer rating" when evaluating Joe Namath's inclusion in the HoF. There's a lot more to Namath's story than comp% and int%.
  7. If KC invests into some defense, it might happen sooner than you think.
  8. Has Tom Brady has 3 different HOF Careers?

    I think x0x is a secret Pats homer.
  9. Around The League

    He'll be 22 in June but yeah, he's young.
  10. Is Rivers better than any current HoF QBs?

    The article goes into why you shouldn't be looking at passer rating - because it overrates INTs and Comp% and totally ignores sacks and throwaways. The guy was on of the most talented athletes in football. He had a rocket arm, insane wheels, and a super quick release. He was the best at avoiding sacks and get the ball away; most times at the determent to the oh-so-beloved comp%. He fell off a cliff after 1974 but multiple season ending knee injuries are going to eventually catch up to you. He lost a key part of his game and frankly was playing for some lousy Jet teams by then (the 1974 defense was bad, the 1975 defense was a joke). A joke is expecting QBs in the 60s and 70s to have the passing stats of today because it's the only game they know. By all accounts, Joe Namath was one of the best QBs of his time - leading the AFL in passing twice, NFL once (almost a second time in '74), lead in 4th quarter comebacks 3x, game-winning drives 2x, AFL MVP 2x, and a national icon that played a pivotal role in the NFL's media success. For god's sake, he called the plays in his SB win (SB MVP too by the way). Imagine that - the biggest game of your career, a pivotal games for the league you represent, you just guaranteed a win against the NFL's most dominant team (21 point favorites with a record breaking defense), and you're out there calling the offense at the line. That type of pressure doesn't even exist today.
  11. Is Rivers better than any current HoF QBs?

    I don't see why. Here's a great breakdown of why even his stats are HoF worthy: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/blog/index3ab6.html?p=6003 His stats aren't as pretty as the QBs of today, but that's because the game was totally different. When compared to the QBs of his time, Namath was an elite QB.
  12. 4th greatest player of Patriots dynasty

    There's standard to posting. You can't just post whatever and tell anyone who doesn't like it to just not read it. Remove the Pats from the equation and just think about any topic about a team's 4th best franchise player and where it best fits. 4th best anything doesn't even get a medal, so I don't see why it deserves a thread. Especially since the thread about #2 wasn't much of a hot bed for debate.
  13. 4th greatest player of Patriots dynasty

    So a whole 38 votes, 2 pages of discussion, and a tie for #3 (Law and Vinateri) means there's debate on #4? I just checked the Pats forum and this isn't even a topic there. Doesn't looking for outside opinions presume that you've gathered inside opinion and there's no consensus?