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  1. What do you think of the five first round rookie QBs so far?

    You said second half of this season. So why did you just lump in 2 games outside of the parameters you set to begin with? Add in game 9 to his 3 game sample and you get one bad game, on mediocre game, and one good game. Still not seeing "atrocious".
  2. One year can be attributed to dumb luck. Consistency will prove if he's good or not.
  3. What do you think of the five first round rookie QBs so far?

    Sam Darnold left week 9. Since coming back hes 40/62 64.52% 423YDS 3TD 1INT going against the Bills and Houston. Are you sure "atrocious" is the description you want to run with?
  4. Do you think that Brady has fallen off?

    So Brady was the guy who held the #1 scoring offense to just 7pts in the second half of SB51? Wait, no he was the guy on the defensive stop to seal SB 49. You could see how he had to drag a top 10 defense into those SBs each year. And those SB losses? BBs defenses were leaking like sieves. #5 in Points Against last year? Atrocious. How can you expect an elite QB to drag such a mess to a championship win? At least in 2016 BB managed to field a respectable #1 defense in Points Against. #2 and we'd be wondering why he's even employed.
  5. Do you think that Brady has fallen off?

  6. 2019 Head Coach carousel

    Ain't no market like the NY Market. We can definitely afford to overpay to have Rex at DC again, and frankly I'd take it.
  7. TNF: LA Chargers(10-3) @ KC Chiefs(11-2)

    Huh? He was on fire until that pick.
  8. 2019 Head Coach carousel

    I very much believe that Bowles is a great defensive coach because all those players love and respect him. It's just that he's one-sided. You're right; we either need a pair of great minds or a coach who's willing to overcompensate his coaching weaknesses with talent (e.g. a offensive minded coach loading the defense with elites). I'm probably the least picky when it comes to the new HC. At the core of it, I just want to see a philosophy change. We shouldn't be looking to just score more points than the opposing team, we should be trying to score a boatload of points. I want us scoring so fast and so often that defenders' heads are left spinning.
  9. Am I the only one that thinks without BB, Brady doesn't win 4 of his 6 SBs (36, 38, 39, 51)? Panthers were a middling offense, but Eagles were top 10, and Rams/Falcons were #1. Sure without Brady, BB isn't winning those games either - so it's a two way street - but it's not like Brady carried BB to six titles.
  10. Around The League

    I mean, Tannehill, Darnold, and Allen have all been sidelined multiple games with injuries already, so they might've had their due. I say bring it to the AFCE and give Brady some time off.
  11. 2019 prospects and outlook

    It would be perfect if we could trade down and snag OL WR WR in the first three rounds (no particular order). Only choosing one WR in the top 3 rounds and hoping to find an Antonio Brown is not a strategy I trust Mac with.
  12. Around The League

    Without a doubt. I think Cannon will be a nice gadget player in a better offensive system. He's got great explosion, quickness, and can catch the wheel/seam route. I'm still high on Robby and Enunwa. Separation has been a huge issue, but they've been productive in non-Bates systems, so I think we have more to work with than we are seeing on the field. I'm on board with you for a true #1, but we'd have to trade for it. Best I see is Ty Williams, everyone else is either aging (Tate) or a huge risk (Gordon may not even make it through the offseason). We can take flyers on guys like Kevin White and Funchess, but I think our best shot is the draft. The pass rusher market might be the best market this year.
  13. Yeah, aside from Baker, the rest of the 2018 QB class are on some garbage teams. Long run I think Darnold will pan out. Allen though looks like the real deal if he can limit his hero-ball tendencies.
  14. Around The League

    Nagy is also ridiculously creative. There are no situational players in his scheme. Cohen runs the inside zone, the counter, the end around, and even flea flicker. Nagy had the heaviest goaline set imaginable with two DTs in the backfield for a bootleg pass. That's some McDaniels-type play calling right there.
  15. New football league, the AAF, debuts next year

    No NYC teams? Is Red Bull Arena booked for too many sweet 16s or something?