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  1. Different argument. Tebow is a great example of someone just having that intangible winner/clutch trait, which is why I agreed with the comparison. Watson is another great example of a guy who just has it in him, but unlike Tebow, he's an actual QB.
  2. And that man also won a playoff game. Winners win.
  3. And this my disconnect - I just don't see Wilson as a level above Fields as a prospect. I haven't watched Wilson like I watched Fields, but man Fields in his last two playoff games was a sight. He left it all out there and showed that he can play under pressure (yeah, he lost to Bama, but he played well when you watch the game). There isn't a game on Wilson's record that matches what Fields did against Clemson last year. I just can't discount Fields ability to play big games and come out on top.
  4. Fields has a pro grade arm and mobility, and is physically about the same size. I don't see what he can't do that Zach can. If we're talking about some twitch trait or hip mobility, that's whatever to me. Field's can throw the ball all over the field and can run if needed, the rest is game processing. And I'm just comparing Wilson's hype to Rosen's. People were enamored with Rosen, so much that they wanted him over Sam (and Mayfield), and I think it was because he was the dark horse candidate. Everyone wants unearth the next Mahommes, but I'd rather go the safe route and draft the guy who
  5. I feel like Wilson is just a hot name. Fields has all the same tools except he is isn't a one year wonder and has a winning pedigree. Field's performances in big games really sold me too. He's the guy who can carry a team and leaves it all out there every game. I want that. I think Wilson is new Josh Rosen.
  6. I don't like Wilson - I want Fields - but will gladly eat crow. Hope you guys are right.
  7. I'm rooting for Sam. He didn't get a fair shake here and I while I think he still has a lot to grow, I always liked his drive and demeanor. Good luck man, and I hope you kill it in the NFC - take Brady down a few notches while you can.
  8. So do we keep him and hope he goes up in value throughout the season? If he lights it up, do we give him the tag and trade him for high value, or do you keep him and see if he can repeat? On the other hand, he could always tank in value even more. Tough spot.
  9. I'll go on record as "for Fields".
  10. I love to see. Fitz is becoming the GOAT journeyman QB. ...or is he already?
  11. Hopefully we can do that and still give up only our #2 and SEA first for Watson (and whatever in 2022), and not all three this year.
  12. And he was also having his big passes dropped. It wasn't his usual jaw dropping, walk all over your defense performance. But he was doing all he could considering the circumstance.
  13. He might not have had a great performance, but considering his OL and bum toe, I think he's done all he could. He's played his heart out there.
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