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  1. Saints vs Bucs Fearsome 4-some

    Umm you mean the bucs?
  2. Saints vs Bucs Fearsome 4-some

    It’s close but if you throw in Running backs then it’s the saints easily
  3. 2020 Draft Winners and losers

    I don’t know, that’s why I was asking you. Is Barr still used as a situational pass rusher or has his roll been more of a true off ball linebacker as of late?
  4. 2020 Draft Winners and losers

    Why do you say a better version of Barr? I do think their play style is extremely similar, but why do you think Baun is better
  5. 2019 All-Pro Team Results

    Pro bowl is a joke, it’s a popularity contest.
  6. Who is the best WR in the NFL today?

    Please don’t me have to lay everything out. Saying he can’t maintain the pace without Brees, I would love to see his production in the 5 games he was out and project over 16 games to see in fact if he can maintain the pace without Brees. Confused why I have to explain this
  7. Who is the best WR in the NFL today?

    For people sAying Thomas needs Brees, could anyone give us Thomas’ stat line when Brees was out and Bridgewater was QB?
  8. Za'Darius Smith v. Danielle Hunter

    This year, Smith. Honestly ever since I saw Ryan ramcyzk absolutely obliterate hunter and make him a non factor I thought he was over rated, but then he did that to Khalil Mack and watt also so maybe it’s just Ram is the truth
  9. 2019 All-Pro Team?

    Not having Demario Davis on here is a mistake
  10. Who is the best WR in the NFL today?

    I forget the stat but it showed during the game that michael Thomas already has as many 10 catch 100 yard games that Jerry rice has in his entire career. thomas is the best wr in football. People wanna talk about his speed I don’t care I’ve seen him burn players like Marcus Peters deep. Also give me a wr that can move the chains not the occasional bomb
  11. Who is the best WR in the NFL today?

    Anyways the answer to the poll is Mike Thomas end of discussion. just set the record for catches in a season. record for most catches through first 4 seasons just set the record for most yards in first 4 seasons passing Rice in third and Moss in second. Michael Thomas is the best WR in the nfl and will probably go down as one of the best of all time.
  12. Who is the best WR in the NFL today?

    According to drop rate this says Julio drops less balls than Thomas? Find that hard to believe
  13. Every time I watch a Saints game it seems like the Saints never give up a deep ball because he's always in position to break it up and the other times he's catching INTs. Saw he has like a 92 grade on PFF, is that the highest among all safeties?
  14. Who is the best WR in the NFL today?

    Michael Thomas, Thomas has faced double teams all year because the saints dont have any other good WRs, still beat them, Brees went down and he still torched teams with Teddy, Kamara went out, saw Thomas even get triple teamed some plays, still produced. He's the best WR in football. end thread./
  15. Top 10 4-3 Defensive Ends

    No cam Jordan?