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  1. Thanksgiving GDT

    Austin Carr, Keith kirkwood, and dan Arnold with TD catches for the saints lol
  2. this thread is still alive?
  3. MVP Race

    Brees completed 9 tight window throws today. No QB has had more than 6 in a single game this season.9-12 121 yards 2 TDs 146.2 QB ratingI'm pretty sure one of the incomplete passes was the drop by Kirkwood before the Kamara touchdown pass. Meanwhile, Patrick Mahomes has the second lowest aggressive stats. In other words, he isn't having to throw into tight windows. courtesy of nextgen stats.
  4. Kamara is top 3, Ingram is top 10
  5. MVP Race

  6. lol, hope ur joking
  7. Week 9 GDT

    Good lord Michael Thomas absolutely abused peters. Someone made a joke that when Thomas grabbed the cell phone it was to call Marcus peters but couldn’t get thru because Peters didn’t have any coverage lmao
  8. MNF Week 8: Patriots @ Bills

    he was definitely down. Plus the ref blew the whistle when he fumbled, and then the same ref says Pats ball? Ok...
  9. MNF Week 8: Patriots @ Bills

    who the hell is this linebacker for the Bills Milano? This dude looks like a freaking animal. Is he this good or just having the game of his life?
  10. Potential Trade Block Players

    Patrick Peterson to the saints would be fun
  11. Saquon Barkley gonna be better than everyone so it doesn’t matter
  12. Saints Watch- Additional First Round Pick (0-1)

    Haha yessir I am, someone posted it on a saints site
  13. Top 5 Receiving Backs in the NFL

    If we are being honest I’m not too tech savvy and have no idea how to post a video, and even if I did idk if I could find one but I’ll try, and if I could change my order I think I might put mcaffrey at 1
  14. Top 5 Receiving Backs in the NFL

    Disagree, we line up Kamara at WR all the time and he toorches DBs on all kinds of routes, even streaks. Anyway... 1. Kamara 2. Christian mcaffrey 3. Davis Johnson 4. Le’Veon Bell 5. James white or Theo Riddick
  15. Top 5 Slot WRs

    I just wanted to mess with u haha