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  1. Bill is going to force Brady to run the ball. He is going to leave the box essentially empty and make Tom either throw into stupid coverages or simply hand the ball to Fournette and let him run for 6-7 yards. I also think that's the best chance that they have to win too. Slow this down a ton.
  2. Stopped watching weeks ago when it was apparent the bullpen was toasted. Saw yesterday the Mariners have a shot to end the drought. Want to apologies to Mesa for making fun of the Mariners. Still think it was a bad move but I hope they end the drought. As a Sac Kings fan, I know how it feels. Good luck these next few days!
  3. Thank you for letting us know. We were worried.
  4. Kluge is a tool. This whole thing was for clout off a dumb Reddit rumor.
  5. Priest Homes 3 year highs on the Chiefs at a much older age than Charles: 1555/8 | 62/614/2 1615/21 | 70/682/3 1420/27| 74/690/0 Charles best 3 year stretch (minus one injury year) 1467/5 | 45/468/3 1509/5 | 35/236/1 1287/12 | 70/693/7 Holmes stats absolutely dominate Charles in so many ways. Feels like many have just forgot how much of a tank Holmes was.
  6. Hey can someone tell me who got the blown save for the Mariners tonight? I missed it. Couldn’t have been the guy who is on par with the closer that got sent away.
  7. Pass. Call me when there are roles listed.
  8. My opinion means nothing yet you continue to respond 🥴 hate to see it Mesa.
  9. You were talking about the Toro trade. Now you want to talk about a different one where you gave up another solid reliever who has done a great job with year especially against lefties. You also gave up a nice young prospect who has been hitting pretty well between A/AA this year. You landed Castillo who (already blew one game) and has had declining velocity. You can try to make Castillo something he isn’t (a closer) but theres a reason the Rays were so willing to move on. Mariners had a team that could have got at least the 2nd wild card without giving up a lot. Instead they de
  10. Why do you always have to throw dumb insults out? I get being a Mariners fan is hard but that’s not how normal people have conversations. 3-5 since the trade. Definitely seems better. A team who was just a few games out and can’t afford to lose yet here they blow two games against the Rangers of all teams. One of those losses was a result of blowing 3 runs to the Rangers in the 9th. The other was giving up 2 in the 10th to lose to them. I also fail to see how Joe Smith is on par with Graveman this year. sometimes y’all care too much about value if it just keeps you perpe
  11. Middle of a wildcard chase and you sell your closer. Perpetual rebuilds are fun tho.
  12. Haha quite the extreme. There’s always a chance for sure. I’m a teacher so I’m exposed to a lot through the work day anyways.
  13. Yeah I understand that. I’ve seen that transmission rates are the same. Was just curious about data around children specifically. Appreciate it!
  14. Y’all really care too much about how others perceive you in this thread. 😂 Maybe just focus on the topic? I have my 3 year olds birthday in 2 weeks and we were planning a party with friends (all vax’d) but with the amount of kids I’m worried about any of them getting something. Any word on delta variant and children? I haven’t seen many breakdowns.
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