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  1. Free Agency Thread

    Kings would sign him. He can be our 3. 😂
  2. Athletics Acquire Jeurys Familia

    This thread is heated. btw Familia with two scoreless innings for the A’s today.

    Melvin cost us this game. Just terrible management.
  4. The Milwaukee Brewers Thread - Woof woof woof woof

    As a non-Brewers fan, I didn’t like it one bit. Just like with Gurriel getting applauded. I think it’s a bit tasteless. It also showed to me that it didn’t take much (did he really do anything outside of a bland apology) to get past what he said. I think just having him come out and pitch would have been fine. No need for applause let alone a standing O. I know the applauding can be seen as just showing support for a 25 year old player but like Rams said, I could easily see it being other reasons as well. Im not saying he is racist or that he even still believes in what he tweeted out back then, it’s just a bad look on the fan base in my mind. If he had come out and everything had been status quo and he pitched without the standing O, then I don’t see it as a big deal. Like Rams outlined, it’s tough to tell intent of every person in that standing O. Combine that with prior issues of discrimination in the city and it’s not a good look.
  5. NBA Top 75 Players: Who Is #67?

    LOL at WCS and Randolph being on the poll.
  6. Free Agency Thread

    I liked the Knox pick a lot for the Knicks. That’s a NY thing though. Look at the Jets. NY fans boo pretty much 90% of the time. I don’t care what teams have done in the past. If I don’t like the prospect, I don’t like the prospect. Hell the Spurs could have drafted Bagley and I’d still trash the move. I dont question these last two signings. They make sense in the fact that Mason hasn’t looked good, so we got a back up PG in Yogi. We had no stretch 4s so we went out and signed one. The problem is, we still have no god damn SF! No one that can fill that role. The kings get blasted because they make dumbass moves.
  7. Wow. So young. That’s terrible news.

    Edit: took it to the Brewers thread instead
  9. Free Agency Thread

    I’d critique whoever picked that early. He was easily the worst player of the alleged top 5. None of his stuff seems to translate to today’s game. I’ve said it over and over. He can’t even use one ******* hand. He is a great athlete but that doesn’t matter if he has very little skill. Vlade literally just wanted someone who came to sacramento. That’s it.
  10. Athletics Acquire Jeurys Familia

    Hand doesn’t have 4 more seasons of control. Also $3M isn’t much to eat. Doubt it would have had a significant impact on the prospects. They got 2 players not even in our top 20. We have a decently deep system but Wahl and Toffey are easily replaceable.
  11. Athletics Acquire Jeurys Familia

    Wahl Toffey and International $$$ for Familia. Meh. I liked Wahl but it’s whatever.
  12. Free Agency Thread

    Kangz making moves. Lured a FA away from another team!
  13. Indians acquire Brad Hand

    Shut up you god damn nerds. Tribe are taking it all!
  14. Who Should I Keep?: Post Your Keeper Questions here.

    Honestly I’m keeping MThomas over Gronk
  15. Rate my Mock Draft Thread

    Honestly if you have to wait on a QB, I love Tribusky this year. I think he takes a step forward. Improved weapons. Better coach. He could be a guy to target late to pair wit Luck. Id be real worried with those RBs though. Lewis is probably in a 40/60 time share. Lynch had a rough season. Fournette is very injury prone and got ridden hard last year. I’d try to make a move for another back.