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  2. Strategy for Drafting in the Backend?

    Not a fan of Edelman but that's just me. He is being drafted at his ceiling most of the time.
  3. Harry Giles. Has potential to be something special.
  4. Who should I drop?

    Guice got first team reps. He is in line to continue that. Injuries could happen to any RB. The Redskins felt Guice was healthy enough to give him 10+ touches. If the choice is between AP, Royce Freeman, and Justin Jackson then I'm dropping AP before the other two. Royce has been getting favorable treatment and has split first team reps with Lindsay. Justin Jackson has been getting first team reps in preseason splitting with Eckler. They are more likely to have the ability to play and give you upside than AP in my mind.
  5. Who should I drop?

    He also has Guice now to deal with and a healthy Chris Thompson. His upside is severely limited. Guice got all the first team reps last week.
  6. Strategy for Drafting in the Backend?

    I'd go WR/WR if I'm right near the turn in a PPR then RB/RB unless someone falls to me in the 1st. Julio / OBJ Aaron Jones / Chris Carson
  7. Barkey is gone at #1, who do I take at #2?

    Reports can say whatever they want. Snap count doesn't lie. Over the last 3 years Murray has scored 26 TDs. Now he isn't going to be THE goal line back but he will definitely be taking away some inside the 5 touches from Kamara.
  8. Who should I drop?

    Drop AP. Easy decision in my mind
  9. The Next Gronk?

    Easy money.
  10. Quarterbacks

    No way he has less volume that he did last year. I know TD% was insane but I think the volume will counteract the regression in TD%. I like Wilson as well especially bc he gets the 9ers and Cards D twice a year. Plus his D is going to regress and I think he is going to have to throw a lot more this year.
  11. Barkey is gone at #1, who do I take at #2?

    That’s where I think you’re wrong. Kamara usage with the 1s in preseason combined with Payton’s comments about him being “soft” (check Evan Silva’s podcast for more info) show he isn’t going to be a guy that gets 80% of snaps. Most likely it’s 70/30 where Latavius Murray is getting a lot of those goal line touches. This recent Cam injury might also make him less likely to run which opens more options for Mc as well.
  12. Quarterbacks

    I mean Big Ben is always a guy who is going to be able to put up big numbers. I know there is worry about attempts regression and lack of talent but I think he still produces like a Top 10 option at QB. Trubisky had a stretch last year that was amazing and his running ability helps a ton too. The other thing about Darnold is that Adam Gase offense hasn't exactly been a dynamite one. If their pace is slow, that could really hurt him too.
  13. Plant Your Flag!

    Not feeling the Kerryon love. He is looking more and more like a 2 down back in this offense and has a few dudes taking touches away. Also not a big fan of Mark Andrews. He just isn't on the field enough and we've seen that through the preseason with the #1s. I'm playing my flag on Tyler Boyd. I expect a big year. Putting him in the top 15 of WRs for FF.
  14. Quarterbacks

    Early schedule looks good for guys like Dak and LJackson. Ryan plays 13 of the 16 games in a dome this year so that's nice for him. I'd avoid Stafford, that team wants to establish the run and their offense is not going to be built to throw. Darnold has some tough matchups this year so beware. Rivers is always Mr. Reliable.
  15. Barkey is gone at #1, who do I take at #2?

    PPR or Standard? PPR McCaffrey Standard I'm probably still going McCaffrey tbh but its splitting hairs.