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  1. The Manning Bowl: Broncos vs Colts GDT

    I hate Sanders. Dude has been so hit and miss this year.
  2. I will say this has become pretty funny. I disagreed with what Dave was saying earlier but this hatred towards him because he is from philly is rather funny. Dude has been a fan long enough to have to endure some pretty bad years too. Not like he is just some bandwagoner that jumped on and off.
  3. I apologize on the behalf of the Cowboys delegation for Dave. I think the Rtnl is missing an I in front because he can be very irrational most of the time. I will say, no one know what the easy or hard part of the schedule will be next year until the season gets rolling. You play who is in front of you and that's all you can control.
  4. Strongest arm of all time

  5. So this is going to affect him for training camp most likely then. Recovery time is usually 7-9 months. That is going to suck. I wonder how it will affect him mentally going forward.
  6. 2018 NFL Draft Prospects

    We definitely need a speedster to open up the field more. We don't have anyone that can really explode down the field and make a play. A DJax type of player. How much for Josh Gordon?
  7. From what I'm reading, it isn't a sure thing its torn yet right? So there is some hope that its just a sprain?
  8. Social media brings out the worse in everyone. I think you'll find most fan bases of insufferable fans on twitter/facebook
  9. We need the following to happen to make the playoffs: We need to win out. We need GB to lose one game: Either to Minn or Det We need ATL to lose two of their next 3: TB (unlikely), @NO (likely), and v CAR (possible) There is another scenario that involves the Panthers losing out for us the make the playoffs.
  10. Congrats on the division fellas. Hopefully it isn't a tear for Wentz. That would be absolutely terrible.
  11. Week 14 GDT

    blouses. eagles win the division and cowboys dreams down the drain
  12. The NFC East Thread

    Yall gonna win this game so youre fine.
  13. Living in NorCal I might be able to attend this game if the price drops low enough. Both teams have been utter disappointments.
  14. We are onto Oakland next week. Both teams have been very underwhelming this year. 1 more game of suspension for Zeke. Carr throws for 300 yards and 3 TDs. Crabtree gets 120 and a TD. Cook gets a late second catch that sets up the game winning FG. Dak has 250 yards and a TD.
  15. Yeah basically. There isn't a real path to the playoffs for us now.