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  1. Big Oil aka Rese’s Passes has been nothing short of a god send for the Kings.
  2. Have the Harden/Houston fans melted down yet?
  3. Depends who we are facing. Our starters are poo poo.
  4. Our rotation is trash. Don’t expect anything this year at all. Chapman injury capped that. Built for regular season and not post season
  5. If you don't suspend Cintron the rest of the season, it sets a standard that coaches can purposefully entice players to try and get them suspended. Can't be having that kind of stuff from a coach.
  6. I'm ready to judge whenever. I don't check the site each day but a few people here have me on FB or yall can just shoot me a message on twitter (@twooohnine).
  7. The Washington scandal that’s about to hit is wild. Had a source confirm many of those rumors are true.
  8. The pod that I co-host is doing a fundraiser for Autism Speaks. If any of you would be interested in some dynasty/keeper help, we would love to have you donate even just $1 to the cause and we will enter you into the raffle and if selected we would breakdown your team and league with you and give you our insight with you as our guest on the pod.
  9. My pod is doing a special donation based pod. If any of you are interested we would love to see more people donate, even if it’s just $1 to enter the raffle and have us help breakdown your team and some moves that you can make. So far we have raised about $85 but we are hoping to raise some more in the coming days.
  10. Is this a money league? have you done a rookie draft
  11. If the penalty is that you lose a 1st then I wouldn’t keep any of those guys tbh.
  12. But that's going to be something he has to work with for his entire career in Washington
  13. I'm not saying Terry isn't good. I'm simply pointing out that his most productive games were against non-elite CBs. Same could be said for AJB. He struggled to produce against elite competition as well. If you asked me which I'd rather have going forward, its AJB without a second thought. That doesn't mean Terry is bad by any means. I just think AJB's ceiling is going to be even higher.
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