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  1. NBA GDT | '19-'20 | All Hail King Zion !!!

    Khris Davis 2.0
  2. The (Potential) 2020 Draft RB Class

    On the flip side of that is the fact that he will probably finish his degree and perhaps that is more important to him. Since RBs do have a short shelf life, maybe he is thinking more about post-career and making sure he knows what to do and how to handle his chickens. (Note: I do understand he can finish his degree after playing or even during the offseason but he may not want that).
  3. The (Potential) 2020 Draft RB Class

    Minnesota? Yeah they spent a 3rd rounder on a RB last year and Mattison did really well. Baltimore? They also spent a 3rd last year on a RB. Doubt they use premium picks again on the position with Edwards and Hill there. Buffalo? Did you not watch Devin Singletary? Tenn only uses a premium pick if they let Henry walk (they won't). Atlanta needs another RB. Their backfield is a wasteland and Freeman is washed. Pittsburgh used a 4th on Snell but maybe they decide they want something more because he didn't seem like he was anything more than JAG. Miami needs one. Right now there are probably 2 spots where a guy could step right in but it was the same way last year. The RB position is so deep in football right now.
  4. Astros get the hammer dropped on them-Lunhow/Hinch fired

    That kind of pressure could melt any player though. Sometimes people regress a bit especially if they had insane numbers like Altuve/Bregman have put up. but as an A’s fan, I say contract the team. 😉
  5. TACT XIX: Totally Worth A 1st, Thanks Oakland!!

    Vegas is a hell hole.
  6. TACT XIX: Totally Worth A 1st, Thanks Oakland!!

    Btw y’all hating on jersey and I wouldn’t mind it just for the gambling aspect. I wish I had fanduel gambling. I don’t have anything here in CA. 😂
  7. TACT XIX: Totally Worth A 1st, Thanks Oakland!!

    Did a half last year to prove to myself that I could. It was tough but I completed it. I think a full might kill me though. Good luck to you man!
  8. The XFL; Will You Be Watching?

    100% I'm going to be betting on it too.
  9. Giants hire Joe Judge as Head Coach

    He is until the 14th.
  10. Giants hire Joe Judge as Head Coach

    Don't judge a book by its cover.
  11. Rank the MVPS of the 2010s

    Then why bring up Brady 07 when you didn’t have to jackass.
  12. Rank the MVPS of the 2010s

    Brady 07 wasn’t this decade
  13. Which player do I keep?

    Jones got 23% of his yards when Calvin Ridley didn’t play. If you have to pick now then go Henry and Fournette.
  14. Dynasty and Keepers Offseason Talk

    First I think Hunt stays. He is a RFA and I don’t see the Browns not matching. They can do an original round tender or 2nd round tender and no one will touch him because they’d have to give up the pick. But that doesn’t necessarily kill Chubb. He has still been getting a ton of touches. Kitchens seems to be the bigger issue.
  15. Dynasty and Keepers Offseason Talk

    If someone is offering a 2020 first, take it and run