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  1. Trade Help Thread

    I wanted some insight on a dynasty trade offer. My buddy asked me for advice but I know some of you have more experience: He gets: C. Davis and AP He gives: Kamara and 2nd round pick RBs: Fournette, Kamara, Blount, Stewart, Mack, Connor WRs: Crabtree, Hill, Thomas, KBenji, Ty. Williams, Moncrief, T. Smith, R. Woods
  2. AFC Re-Alignment

    Jerry would never let that happen. Would cut into his revenue.
  3. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    Got screwed by Cohen doing absolutely nothing in this last game. Does John Fox hate him now or something?
  4. Packers at Dallas: LP's and DF's

    Jerry has actually made me hate this team with his BS. Playing both sides of the coin. If he wants to silence his players then he shouldn't have "knelt" with them in solidarity. Forcible silencing your employees is forcing conformity not solidarity.
  5. Monday Night Football: Vikings @ Bears

    Bears need to get Cohen in space. Vikings need to get run the ball more. They are getting 3-4 each time. Just keep pounding away.
  6. GDT WEEK 5: Green Bay @ Dallas

    We can compete with any team. Winning is a different story.
  7. Packers at Dallas: LP's and DF's

    Williams is back on my **** list. Stone handed mouth breather strikes again. Where is Plan. We need to add TWill to his dead to me list.
  8. Packers at Dallas: LP's and DF's

    Dak should get a gameball. He played well. After having a lot of well deserved criticism the last few weeks, he came out and threw the ball really well.
  9. GDT WEEK 5: Green Bay @ Dallas

    We need a new defensive coordinator. Too many times has this **** happened. Just need to get rid of Rod and move on. His defense hasn't done anything against a legitimate offense.
  10. Frank Gore: HOFer?

    Frank is sure to continue moving up the rushing list. He just passed Dickerson and has Bettis within his sights. Do you think that will be enough for him to get in? He never lead the league in rushing. No AP 1st team finished. Best finish was 3rd in rushing in 2006. He has 5 total top 10 finishes in rushing in his career. I live in CA and many of my friends are 9er fans and all they've talked about is Gore being a HOFer and I pretty much disagree. I don't think he has done anything HOF worthy. Just hall of consistently very good. Thoughts? Other arguments to add to either side?
  11. Trade Help Thread

    If you can do McCoy for Green or Nelson then I'd take it. I'd prefer Green since you already have DAdams.
  12. GDT WEEK 5: Green Bay @ Dallas

    He has already been proven innocent. There are no charges and whether or not he beats the suspension (which is highly unlikely), people will still label him an abuser.
  13. GDT WEEK 5: Green Bay @ Dallas

    I'm calling BS on this. I didn't see anyone on this site saying we would be bye week contenders let alone laughing at you making that point. This is like the 3rd time I've seen you use this phrase but people have done nothing but applaud your earlier posts. Its like watching Dave lose his mind each week we don't win. This is going to be a real tough game and there just isn't any way that I see us winning it. It would take an amazing game by the DL. If the Packers OL is still banged up maybe, we can put some pressure on Rodgers but I see him taking apart this defense quite easily. Zeke should honestly just take the suspension now so we can start next year fresh.
  14. Trade Help Thread

    Ouch. You definitely need some RB help but you don't exactly have the depth at WR to throw Pryor away either. Any way you can trade Gurley to land two really good RBs? I'm sure someone will bite. Gurley's schedule will get tougher from here on out.