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  1. Mystery player (Jaylon?) being negotiated?

    Honestly is LB an important position to invest in with today’s NFL? CB is a much more important spot.
  2. Propose A Trade For John Wall

    Yeah the Wiz will need to dump assets like crazy to get rid of him. I’d be shocked if Beal isn’t a part of a Wall trade.
  3. What's your greatest starting 5 for your fav team?

    PG - Oscar Robertson // JWill SG - Nate Archibald // Doug Christie SF - Peja Stojakovic // Ron Artest PF - Chris Webber // Maurice Stokes C - Vlade Divac // Jerry Lucas
  4. Patriots sign Cameron Meredith

    Lol I love how Ty gets a warning when it’s clear he was being sarcastic but MidIowa only gets a warning despite calling him an idiot and then proceeding to make a homophobic comment. 🤷‍♂️
  5. Daniel Jones is looking better than Haskin

    Really just throwing that word around now aren't we.
  6. The Gerrard hate will not be tolerated here sir.
  7. Trade Zeke

    They also just signed Mark Ingram and paid a 3rd rounder for Justice Hill. They won't be trading for Zeke. The Bills also spent a 3rd on a RB. Tampa spent a second on Ronald Jones. Unless these teams are willing to piss away those investments, I doubt they make a move for Zeke. Zeke's market is basically nothing.
  8. Trade Zeke

    Dave is a teacher? 0_o
  9. Who will be the worst team in the NBA?

    Not really I’m purgatory tho. Young nucleus that’s growing. We will be in purgatory next year.
  10. Training Camp Buzz

    “How many RBs can I carry on a roster?”
  11. Who will be the worst team in the NBA?

    Finally the kings aren’t included on a poll like this!
  12. Let's Make a Big Board #1

    Too early to do this. Injuries and hold outs will affect this.
  13. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    Not the Jazz???!
  14. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    Hey where did Korver end up signing?