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  1. 2019/2020 trade rumors or suggestion thread.

    He can have moments, but from all the years of watching him in Sac, he doesn't have the drive to be consistently good on D and he is 134th in eFG%. He just isn't a good player.
  2. 2019/2020 trade rumors or suggestion thread.

    No he is not.
  3. XFL Fantasy League

    I'm just doing a small 4 man league with some buddies. $10 winner take all. Looking to find some beat writers on twitter and haven't found anything yet. XFL needs to embrace the fantasy aspect if they want to have any kind of success. Gambling and fantasy are the cash cows of football.
  4. XFL Fantasy League

    I'm in an XFL fantasy league with some buddies (its only 5 teams with a minimal roster 1QB, 1RB, 1WR, 1TE, 1 Flex 3 Bench. Anyone else doing a league? Anyone have some tips or ideas about who to take?
  5. 2019 Bold Predictions

  6. Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

    A lot of people have complained about the over sexualization of the halftime show but I’m proud of Shakira and JLo for showing they still got it. They put on a great show, represented for the Latinx community, and we even saw Shakira five a shout out to her Lebanese heritage during the performance. Add on that both women are in the 40s with kids and I was extremely impressed. I think we gotta move away from this idea of protecting our girls and empower them to challenge what society expects from them and let them grow into what they want. They can do what they please with their bodies just like those two amazing performers did. People weren’t BnMing about Adam Levine being shirtless during his performance last year. 🤷‍♂️ /rant
  7. The Official XFL Thread!

    Watching? Hell im trying to find a website to host my fantasy league for it.
  8. Weekly Bets Thread

    Feel like you gotta bet over on National Anthem
  9. 2019/2020 trade rumors or suggestion thread.

    http://www.espn.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=txfrfl3 Who says no? Everyone?
  10. Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

    Are we watching the same thing? Sherman was definitely early and that should have been PI
  11. Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

    I know what he is doing. Just the side he picks seems to have a tendency of losing in these title games. It’s a joke.
  12. Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

    Mattress Mack bet the 9ers? Confirmed Chiefs win.

    Want to keep the Kobe thread at 24 pages so I didn’t want to post this there but this is kind of a crazy stat I was told by a buddy: Kobe is only the 3rd ever NBA MVP to die. Ever. Literally all of them are alive outside of Kobe, Wilt, and Moses Malone. That’s crazy to me.
  14. What if the Patriots drafted Mahomes instead of Brady

    Agreed. Now if we put Tannehill in that time period. Watch out!
  15. Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

    Mattress Mack is trying to bet the 9ers. so Chiefs by 8

    Between GM and coaching, the Kings aren’t sniffing the playoffs
  17. Kobe Bryant has died in helicopter crash

    Usually @mission27 is a pain to read but for once I fully agree and I’m glad to see him articulate a real argument instead of being smug. I don’t think Kobe gets a pass and I have never given it to him. It’s definitely part of his legacy but I also think that make him evil. We aren’t all good/bad. His mistake is just much larger than most of ours but I think the good he has done for people is also much more than us. I read stories like the one below and I understand that other athletes might have similar ones but to me it shows he was someone who actually seemed to care about people, particular kids, more than I realized.
  18. Kobe Bryant has died in helicopter crash

    I think Titanrick put it perfectly. I always held that over him as well but he seemed to genuinely attempt to make a concerted effort to be a better person from that moment and I think he would have been huge for the women's game. It's such a shame that we won't get to see that now.
  19. MKE Bucks Thread (46-8) | All-Star Break

    Knowing that Kobe was a mentor for Giannis and how Giannis seems to want to embody that mentality, I expect him to go absolutely HAM the rest of the year. He is gonna play with a whole new purpose.
  20. Kobe Bryant has died in helicopter crash

    I grew up hating Kobe with every fiber of my being. He routinely ended the Kings seasons in our hay day. His elbow fouled Mike Bibby’s face in 02. He drained game winners against us. I’ve watched him drop 30+ live against us. He was a big part of my childhood and adolescence. I grew up a Laker hater. It’s part of my DNA now. But I respected the hell out of the man on the court. What an amazing talent. What dedication to his craft. He wasn’t a perfect player. He wasn’t a perfect man. But his death has been shocking and devastating. Then to find out that his daughter was in the crash with him was gut wrenching. I couldn’t imagine how hard this is for the remaining family members. You could just see the love he had for Gigi below. As a father, this hit on a whole new level for me. RIP Mamba and Mambacita.

    Khris Davis 2.0
  22. The (Potential) 2020 Draft RB Class

    On the flip side of that is the fact that he will probably finish his degree and perhaps that is more important to him. Since RBs do have a short shelf life, maybe he is thinking more about post-career and making sure he knows what to do and how to handle his chickens. (Note: I do understand he can finish his degree after playing or even during the offseason but he may not want that).
  23. The (Potential) 2020 Draft RB Class

    Minnesota? Yeah they spent a 3rd rounder on a RB last year and Mattison did really well. Baltimore? They also spent a 3rd last year on a RB. Doubt they use premium picks again on the position with Edwards and Hill there. Buffalo? Did you not watch Devin Singletary? Tenn only uses a premium pick if they let Henry walk (they won't). Atlanta needs another RB. Their backfield is a wasteland and Freeman is washed. Pittsburgh used a 4th on Snell but maybe they decide they want something more because he didn't seem like he was anything more than JAG. Miami needs one. Right now there are probably 2 spots where a guy could step right in but it was the same way last year. The RB position is so deep in football right now.
  24. Astros cheat-Lunhow/Hinch fired-Manfred clueless

    That kind of pressure could melt any player though. Sometimes people regress a bit especially if they had insane numbers like Altuve/Bregman have put up. but as an A’s fan, I say contract the team. 😉
  25. TACT XIX: Totally Worth A 1st, Thanks Oakland!!

    Vegas is a hell hole.