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  1. SNF GDT: Eagles at Cowboys

    Wow. How do you not pick that???
  2. SNF GDT: Eagles at Cowboys

    Eagles just haven't figured out how to run the DPI with him yet. Give it time.
  3. SNF GDT: Eagles at Cowboys

    A draw? The WRs are getting open, they just need to make catches. I really disagree with that call. Do that on 2nd down.
  4. SNF GDT: Eagles at Cowboys

    This game is U-G-L-Y
  5. SNF GDT: Eagles at Cowboys

    When he turns he can throw the ball out of bounds in the direction he was looking. There was a WR in that area. He has shown he is strong enough. Then he forces a dumb pass like that. He is playing horribly.
  6. SNF GDT: Eagles at Cowboys

    Then TWill decides to run sideways instead of North.
  7. SNF GDT: Eagles at Cowboys

    Can't take that sack. Throw the ball away Dak. Stupid error.
  8. SNF GDT: Eagles at Cowboys

    Well the Cowboys are still in the East.
  9. SNF GDT: Eagles at Cowboys

    Dak is off. Wentz is off. Dez can't catch a cold. Williams has hands of stone.
  10. SNF GDT: Eagles at Cowboys

    Hasn't done anything helpful to the team that is worth celebrating. His story is great but he needs to start producing.
  11. SNF GDT: Eagles at Cowboys

    They've been pretty bad. Wentz underthrew a TD one the previous drive. He also underthrew that pass on 3rd down right there too.
  12. SNF GDT: Eagles at Cowboys

    Make the tackle and move on. His little celebrations annoy me. He hasn't done anything worth celebrating.
  13. SNF GDT: Eagles at Cowboys

    Brown got really lucky there.
  14. SNF GDT: Eagles at Cowboys

    Jaylon Smith is terrible. Celebrating after a 5 yard tackle. Wasted pick.
  15. Most heartbreaking departure?

    I thought it was when you lost the haul?
  16. Texans RB D'Onta Foreman tears Achilles

    He was a guy I was considering keeping with a late round pick. Knew the Texans would be moving from Miller to him. Hopefully he can heal well and that its not something that is going to ruin his young career.
  17. Texans RB D'Onta Foreman tears Achilles

    How does this affect him for next year? Is it something that will keep him out until midway next year?
  18. Week 1 Overreaction Thread

    Looks like they weren't overreactions at all
  19. Week 1 Overreaction Thread

    And like clockwork it begins. Kareem Hunt is the next Zeke and will set a new rookie rushing record. Alex Smith will throw for 30 TDs this season. Patriots D will be bottom 10 in scoring on a per game basis. Brady will be playing his final season this year. Alright just warming us up for the weekend. Let's hear some more heat checks.
  20. Ezekiel Elliot remains suspended

    That makes no sense. They can’t “wait” to enact the suspension. They’ve been trying to get him suspended the whole time. It is Zeke that is putting it off. If the stay is granted then Zeke will play the rest of the year. Take the tin foil hat off.
  21. BWT: BYE Week Thread

    Bye Week hasn't been beat. Gonna be a tough matchup for yall this week.
  22. The NFC East Thread

    You're just lucky Dan Bailey is injured!
  23. The NFC East Thread

    The one real problem that Ajayi is going to deal with is his knees. It was a reason for his fall in the draft and he has already had knee problems early in his career. As far as Zeke, I don't mind if the Cowboys run him into the ground. I'm of the mind that Zeke is a really good RB but he isn't the best and if we are investing in the OL (which is the right move for any team) then we can't put money into the RB position.
  24. The NFC East Thread

    Honestly SOS doesn't matter. Both teams are facing similar schedules. Only a few team difference. Should be an interesting end to the season for both teams since we have to face each other twice still. Eagles still have Rams, Seahawks, Raiders, Cowboys x 2 Cowboys still have Falcons, Raiders, Seahawks, Eagles x 2 It's going to be a tough end of the season for both teams. But these trials in the regular season will only help with post season chances as they get to prove themselves.
  25. How are those Rookies Doing? Mid-Season Edition

    I see what you did there