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  1. It’s surprising to me as well. It took him 3 years of sticking to his guns but he’s got the Dak over Wentz debate.
  2. Yea like what? Howie still running this team. Taking a LB in the 1st would be absolute left field action.
  3. I wouldn’t mind an edge if we can trade down and somehow be able to land Collins too. I’m hoping somehow Howie can land Collins and/or Bateman however the draft turns out.
  4. His metrics as a tackler would tell another story. Hope you’re right though. Thought I read he had 20 missed tackles or something.
  5. I have no ill will towards Carson other than he’s not the type of dude I’d associate myself with personally. Seems like a good guy but he’s got those supposed character flaws that just scream d-bag to me. I can’t help but to root against him this year because I’d like for the organization to be right about him. But at the same time, that’s rooting for Jeff and Howie and they’ve become villains here recently so I’m torn. But gonna need that 1st so, Carson can rock on.
  6. Nah, clamped is a strong term but def limited him more than others. If TM gets 50 yards against the Eagles per game going forward, that’s an Eagles win. You have to put it in perspective. He had 10 other games over 50 yards. His games against the Eagles were his, arguably, 4th and 5th least productive games of the year. I’ll take that all day.
  7. I thought he was good outside of a few games and Jim’s defense doesn’t do DB any favors.
  8. Yes! lol They should have taken Darnold. I bet there’s regrets that they didn’t take Chubb or Nelson at this point as well. But yes, getting a franchise QB was way more important than getting a uber talented RB when nothing around him was decent. It actually derailed his career having the OL be so bad. Taking a luxury pick with the franchise in such disarray was dumb. I’m not saying your logic doesn’t make sense. Im saying with their glaring deficiencies, taking another WR isn’t a good move, regardless the talent. We’re clearly not going to budge from our stances and that’s fine. Th
  9. JMatt actually did slightly improve but point stands. JMatt is an oddity though. Exception and not the rule. Guys usually don’t top out their first three years. Point is, the don’t need a WR. They need a LT. And both options will present themselves at 5 most likely. I guess we’ll see what they, as a franchise, deem more important; keeping their young, talented former 1st pick upright or give him another weapon for him to throw to. Its like you’d want Cincy, who just watched the Dalton and good/great WRs era die, sign up for 10 more years of it. I just highly doubt it and t
  10. Am I? I just said Boyd and Higgins are a solid duo. A rookie in a 900 yard campaign should get better no? You’re obviously confident in Chase. And the rest of the world is confident in Sewell. Let’s just call them both can’t miss prospects for arguments sake. And you happen to need a LT. You take the LT. Every. Damn. Time. You may be the only football mind I have regular interaction with that deems the LT as “something you can get later”. The football world has been taking LT and QBs top 3-5 for years for a reason.
  11. Cmon man. You aren’t dense. You know what I’m saying. Forget the prospects. A third good WR isn’t as important as a starting LT or CB1 or even 2.
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