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  1. Goederts hands are effing garbage.
  2. Once again, Agholor can’t track a deep ball. He’s downright handicapped when the ball is in the air and not on a laser.
  3. Tell me Wentz hasn’t been awful this drive. Easy throws.
  4. Inexcusable. 30 seconds to get a play off. Downright embarrassing. Wentz looked surprised why the play was whistled dead.
  5. I’ll take that all day. At least it’s positive yardage.
  6. Big penalty. We aren’t converting a 3rd and 10
  7. Agholor looked to have been open there. Deep corner.
  8. They have like 800 yards in a whole year of games.
  9. This has been the slowest death I’ve witnessed in a while.
  10. I honestly feel better about our D getting a wow turnover and running one in than our offense doing anything.