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  1. How can you get one of those cool badges? And can mine be the AT&T girls boobs?
  2. This dude better be making sweet mouth love to a Deer Park water bottle and winning a SB within the next 3 years or is a massive disappointment.
  3. I’m into it. Desperately waiting for the DC hire now.
  4. There’s been plenty being said that Carson was missing guys this year. I can’t believe a coaching staff that would watch film every week and see the OL fail and the WR fail and still pull the QB. At the very least, logic suggests, that Carson was a problem with the offense. So much so that the coach pulled him. When does that happen if the QB is not an issue? Maybe a risk of injury in an out of hand game. But not during a season where you can win the division with a couple more wins. They went with an unproven, undeveloped project QB to start in the twilight of a still possibly successful seas
  5. He wasn’t lying. Everyone and their mom knew we needed speed. Even if, as a neutral fan, you thought Jefferson was the better WR but Reagor had that special speed, Reagor was the pick. The overall difference, as most thought was negligible. It was the pure speed that enticed. I don’t think they were wrong on draft day. There’s a difference between being wrong on draft day and wrong a year later.
  6. You guys in on Kellen Moore? Would be a nice fresh look to the offense. Might prefer Selah so he can bring some of those Shanahan offensive minds here.
  7. We requested an interview with Kellen Moore! hahahhahaahaha, ultimate troll job
  8. Wow, Howie’s got dude brainwashed.
  9. Makes sense. Dude wins a SB with a backup QB and a year or so later you got a couple FO nerds who messed up the roster telling him about what he needs to do. Nah man. If I’m Doug, I’m out too. with that said, I’m glad I don’t have to see that offense anymore. Just such crap most weeks. Nothing inventive, no coaching up players, good or average. A facelift was necessary I think. Problem is finding a guy that wants what Lurie wants. What does Lurie want? Fix Carson, roll with Hurts or draft a new kid? Gonna be interesting.
  10. So relieved those guys are moving on. I like Doug as a coach but I need some fresh ideas in here.
  11. Nerds are always going to be one step ahead man. Truth be told, Howie although a savvy move, is just cleaning up the mess he made.
  12. Doug eluded to it in his post game. “Nates been with us for 4 years.” Kinda like the chubby kid in little league that gets to play in the last game. Wasn’t good enough to play everyday but he’s been practicing and training so he deserves some PT. Convenient excuse really. When you inactive Carson you knew what the plan was. I bet it was a FO decision. Like, cmon...if that was for the division, are all those guys not playing or getting subbed out late? Of course not. So it wasn’t about winning. Then what was it about? You can use the evaluate BS or practice squad guys getting a little taste of
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