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  1. Or like, ya know.... “To preview the 2020 NFL season, we asked more than 50 league executives, coaches, scouts and players to help us stack the top 10 players at 11 different positions...”
  2. That Mahomes contract is all you need to know. When you get a franchise QB you are confident in, you sign him up and figure out the rest later. Granted, Mahomes is on a different level than Dak but we can’t all have a Pat Mahomes. Dallas should be bending to his will, swallow the pride, sign him to the deal he wants and re-evaluate in 4 years. Bottom line, you give your QB a deal he’s comfortable with. Or you run the risk of him walking out and then you’re starting all over again. Dallas can be in contention to win at least the division for a few years. Are the willing to give that up for a few million?
  3. ESPN released some poll they took around the league and Wentz is ahead of Dak. So, again, everyone thinks Wentz is better than Dak except Matts.
  4. Matt Rhule brought him around the old stomping grounds. He wasn’t in even a little danger. This dude is charmin soft.
  5. He’s just like every other bumpkin that goes to a big city for the first time. “I was scared”. lol, good stay scared.
  6. You think Matts would make a reddit thread about it?
  7. The bickering has become uncomfortable. There are lines guys. Lines that shouldn’t be crossed.
  8. Dak’s more of a dumb-dumb than I thought he was.
  9. Dak’s gonna do more damage to the Cowboys than the winter of 1886. Amirite? Hehe...right? I mean, cmon. Sheesh. Read a book, would ya?
  10. Damn son. Dak with 10 TDs in 8 games on the road. Dudes got mental fragility.
  11. Mack, Bettis, Faulk, Cutler, Palmer, Moss all demanded trades while young or in their prime and it was granted for one reason or another. Adams doesn’t owe squat to anyone but himself. Players know that it’s important to take care of themselves and money isn’t really an issue worth talking about when it concerns another man. If Jamal wants a contract and the Jets won’t give it to him then by all means should he request to find a team that will. The Jets can play hard ball. They obviously have that right. He’s their property if he wants to play football. But it makes no sense banging your head against the wall when a guy decides he isn’t going to play with that team anymore. If and when it comes to it, like Williams and Ramsey and everyone else I listed, the more level headed thing to do, if you’re not giving the player the contract he wants, is trade him to a willing team. Adams has put out a list of teams that he’d sign a new contract with. If you think the Jets can negotiate with another team and expect top compensation you’re fooling yourself. No team off that list is giving Joe a first when they know Adams won’t either play or re-up with them. Why would they? It would be a waste of resources to just watch a guy walk out after trading for him. So, Adams is absolutely going to get what he wants, whether you think it’s right or not. He’s going to get a fat contract from the Jets or he’s going to be traded to one of those teams on that list and get a fat contract. Or maybe a team off that list inquires and works out a deal and maybe Adams will agree. But the Jets won’t trade him there unless there’s a prior agreement from Adams. You asked me for examples of younger guys who demanded a trade and got it. I’m asking you to give me examples of players that held out and ended up retiring instead of that team trading them. Talk about something that never happens. Those guys always get contracts or get traded. It’s just how it works.
  12. Malcontents get traded all the time. It’s not new. And usually, if said malcontent has no interest in signing with the team he’s being traded to, why would that team give up assets full well knowing he’s just a rental? I’m not giving up draft stock so Adams can just leave or hold out in a few months. That’s why there’s usually deals in place before the player gets traded. Eventually, you just have to trade or release the guy. Even in Bell’s case, they just waited a year. What is a player worth to you who won’t play? TO had a list, Clowney had a list, Adams has a list. Happens more than you realize.