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  1. I think Barnett is a double digit sack guy. Partnered with Cox/Jackson/hopefully 1st round DL/Graham, he’ll be a force. And that’ll buy us another couple years to add another DE. Howie is pretty headstrong about the DL/OL. As long as he’s building and rebuilding the team, we’re in good hands.
  2. The Studfeld revolution is upon us bro. We’ll draft a kid to progress along but he’ll be practice squad. I wouldn’t expect anyone else. There’s a reason they gave him a 2nd round chicken tender.
  3. America treating you per the usual, I see.
  4. Anybody not signed yet has recently found out they’re not getting the money they thought they were getting. Now the teams will pounce when the prices go down. Just the 2nd and 3rd tier guys falling in line. Happens every year. There are some diamonds around though at the price with the right teams. Gotta trust in Howard.
  5. It was confirmed per the radio.
  6. NFC East: Now half good!

    Matts loves to lump Dak’s first year into stats to justify him as a QB. He’s not that QB. Everyone knows it. Add in the lack of a running game and recovery from the ACL and the broken friggin back, maybe we should wait to see Carson put together a couple healthy seasons to compare stats. Which we already know, donesnt tell the whole story. Dak has 3 healthy seasons and he’s just a decent QB. Wentz has one and he looks like an MVP candidate. And about the whole injury prone thing. I believe, at this point, he’s proven to be more prone to injury than injury prone. He tends to get himself into more trouble than necessary. If he learns how to not take as much damage and not try to be super hero every play, we’ll see a more durable Wentz. His body isn’t brittle, it’s his style of play that makes him prone to injury. His injury time this year should curb that, I believe. We’ll see. But it’ll still remain that Dak is just decent and relies on Zeke for effectiveness.
  7. 2019 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    No way should we take Jacobs. Maybe we do after leaving the cupboard so thin but it’s so odd Howie hasn’t done anything about such a glaring need and just hope and prey a guy comes in the draft. But I’m really hoping we keep stacking the DL and one of the big DT slip back to us.
  8. Maddox is undoubtedly playing nickel this season. All season.
  9. Yea, I caught myself a few posts later. Top of the secnd page. He’s def in the mix.