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  1. It’s my birthday. Eagles win 34-31.
  2. I didn’t infer there was any “demise of a franchise”. I gave an example of one of Howie’s, possibly his worst, moves as GM. Not getting one of those very good rookie RBs set us back a few picks. It’s undeniable. The picks (4th and 7th) we used for Pump, the pick (4th) we used for Ajayi, and the pick we’ll use next year to get a competent back in here. From a BleedingGreen article: ”And, don’t forget, the 2017 NFL draft class was loaded with running back talent. It’s the class that featured guys like Leonard Fournette, Dalvin Cook, Alvin Kamara, James Conner, and Tarik Cohen. Notable running backs drafted after Pumphrey included Marlon Mack, Wayne Gallman Aaron Jones, and Chris Carson. Even Kareem Hunt was a viable option, as explained (ranted) about at the time: (Douglas has shown some potential but the coaching staff has been reluctant to give him playing time even with Jalen Mills struggling.) The Eagles didn’t complete whiff on the position as they did snag Corey Clement as an undrafted free agent, but imagine what the backfield would look like today if Howie Roseman and crew went a different direction and actually selected a running back who at least projected to be a viable NFL player.” It was almost an entire impossibility that you could whiff on a RB prospect that year.....unless you chose Pump. What a disaster. One I won’t forget soon.
  3. Richard Rogers Designated to Return from IR

    I let you drive a mini van. That’s enough.
  4. Richard Rogers Designated to Return from IR

    lol literally the next story “It was previously thought that McLeod only tore his MCL, and the addition of the ACL may extend the recovery time even further. McLeod wasn't going to return in 2018 anyway, and eyes were on next year for the Eagles' starting strong safety...”
  5. The NFC LEast Thread

    Da hell are ‘tuffies’?
  6. Richard Rogers Designated to Return from IR

    With a torn ACL? Doubt that bro.
  7. Richard Rogers Designated to Return from IR

    So only one of Hollins or Wallace can come back now. If they have to choose, I hope it’s Hollins.
  8. Trading a 3rd for Tate is at most, TBD. Supposedly the guy ends up with 900 yards and 7 TDs for us, was it a bad trade? Howie sitting on his hands then drafting Pump has cost us clearly. We have no RB now and for the future and then had to spend a pick to get Ajayi in here, who (say what you want about Tate but jury’s still out) was never intended for an extension.
  9. The NFC LEast Thread

    He’s been steadily at 70% this year. Again, can’t ask much more of him. He’s really improved from last year, statistically. He’s on pace to throw for less TDs but just slightly. His fumbling is probably his biggest knock. And even that is from trying to extend plays or not take sacks. I guess that’s a good/bad thing. I dunno, season has come down to a handful of plays and although the offense has sputtered, especially in the first quarter, I got to believe Carson is seldom the problem.
  10. The NFC LEast Thread

    Meh, I think most fans think Wentz is the least of our issues. He’s had a couple bad decisions late but I don’t think he’s on any verge of anti-clutch. He’s been more let down by the OL, lack of RB and play calling. It says right in that article that in four losses they’ve scored 17-23 pts. While other QBs that have posted his numbers since 2010 score an average of 32.8 pts. He’s clearly doing his job. I think the biggest glaring difference between this year and last is our 3rd down efficiency. I don’t even have the raw numbers but just watching the games I can tell you it’s been night and day. Blame whomever but Carson, who’s certainly had a couple hiccups, is far from the problem.
  11. Whether it was a bad trade or not, that doesn’t change the swiftness of his assimilation. And we honestly don’t know Howie’s plan with him. Even if he doesn’t resign him, the comp pick should be a 4th at worst. So a 1 round trade down for 8 games of a potential difference maker is ok with me. We lose to NO, LA. Win out, that’s 9-7. That could get us the division. It’s bleak but it’s not hopeless. Plenty of time for Tate to make an impact. That is, if you’re not a complete pessimist.
  12. You guys gotta relax on Tate. There’s a reason why NFL trades dont happen much mid season. Give him a few weeks to get acclimated.
  13. Explain to me why you don’t run it a yard passed the sticks. I need an explanation. What in the actual ****.