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  1. Eagles cut Kendricks

    We saved 6M this year. I believe we have dead money of 1.6 this year and next. And we signed free agent rookie Kyle Wilson out of Arkansas State. Camp body, no doubt.
  2. I'm way low on Walker. I don't think he even makes the team. Season ending knee injury then season ending neck injury to start a career. Not to mention he didn't look very good even in preseason last year. But maybe he turns it around and becomes a good backup. If the neck wasn't too serious then he should be fully recovered from the knee now. We'll see about him but I have my doubts.
  3. Eagles cut Kendricks

    Freeing up that money for Dezz$$$$$. Right @Matts4313
  4. NFL News & General Info Thread

    Yea they said they approached him and he said he'd rather stay. As much as I'd like to move on while his value is high, it was probably the right decision to ask him. Given how Chip handled the team I can see how Jeff wanted to really reverse that approach. And given how well veterans are liking the FO, this could be one of those FA destinations where all big name guys want to play. It was a good move. Plus, there wasn't a ton of guys I was interested in at the beginnng of the second round. I'd like to see if they can move him for possibly more later on.
  5. He was going to be Hicks' backup. Danger is downplaying it here for whatever reason. Given Jordan's health history, the backup MIKE is increasingly more important. They have some shuffling to do but they should be ok. Gerry needs to take a step up this year.
  6. It's depth. It's important. As last year proved.
  7. Eagles cut Kendricks

    The only thing I can think of besides trying to free up money for a FA is that Howie was trying to move him this whole time and nobody bit. And to prevent him being stuck on the roster after being possibly injured, they cut him before he started practicing. So, it's possible they just couldn't find a trade partner. Or maybe the compensation was so underwhelming that they may have given Kendricks the option, ala Foles, to go to whichever team or be cut.
  8. Eagles cut Kendricks

    Yea. I said something like this earlier. If essentially, we "trade" out Kendricks for Hankins and Hankins takes Timmy's contract once Jernigan is inevitably released, this is a massive win. There's got to be a move coming. I don't see why they would have done it, outside of a professional favor to Mychal, when they were compliant for they year.
  9. Eagles cut Kendricks

    I was about to say. I'm not exactly sure how many teams run the 4-3 or even how you consider OLBs when your base is a nickel but it's still not impressive considering the coin he's making on this roster. Again, the dude isn't bad. But it's pretty clear the Eagles plan on using him as their 3rd LB. How do you justify that salary if your plan is to play him 30% of the time. I mean, there's a reason why we were close to dumping all that money into P-Rob this year. Because the slot is our "11th" starter. Even if there's a dropoff of play a bit, is the cost of his replacement worth the savings? I'd imagine so.
  10. Eagles cut Kendricks

    His contract paid him 3, 4.6, 6.6, 7.6, 8.6. He was in the 7.6 year this year. I guess you can spin the beginning of year 4 of 5 the "last years" but it's still too expensive for what we do with him, no matter how you slice it. Bradham will make 2, 9, 9, 9, 11 with the last three years being option years and we use him twice as much as Kendricks. Mychal and his skill set were just not valued at his pricetag anymore. And that was rectified this afternoon. I think it's pretty cut and dry, going forward in his current role, they couldn't justify that kind of spending.
  11. Eagles cut Kendricks

    Kendricks was the 12th best LB in the whole league last year? By what standards? lol
  12. Eagles cut Kendricks

    Kendricks made the 7th most on our team, annually. It's a bad contract. Howie knew it. You knew it. We all knew it. Injury history is a concern. But Howie indentified Nelson for a reason and signed him early. That was his Kendricks replacement. We wont miss Kendricks at all, imo.
  13. Eagles cut Kendricks

    Hicks and Bradham are versatile LBs that can do most what you ask LBs. Kendricks, Ellerbe and Goode can not. They def had to get a little more creative with the subs and packages because those guys were so limited after the Hicks injury. Also why you saw the safety's drop into coverage spots at the line. Kendricks is a good athlete that can't cover. He can make up for some of his mistakes but mostly he's going to get you killed. If you let him fly around, he'll make some plays. But when he has to play disciplined he gets exposed. The defensive playmakers are on the DL and in the S position. Everyone else just needs to stay in their lane and play their role. Kendricks wasn't and isn't a good fit in this scheme. He has value but much more as a blitzer or free lancer.
  14. Eagles cut Kendricks

    The Hicks injury history is a concern but that's why we paid Bradham all the money. Hicks goes down and Nigel will assume the role with Nelson in tandem. With the DL getting so much attention, our LBs are really free to clean up. And they do it well. The LBs are one of my least worrisome positions. Just my personal preference but if Hankins comes on board and basically assumes the Jernigan contract then this worked out swimmingly.
  15. Eagles cut Kendricks

    Odd timing, yes. Odd decision, no. Until we see the other shoe drop. Unless Howie was working on a deal this whole offseason, which is probable. But everyone saw this coming from the jump. Paying a player that kind of money to play 20% of the snaps is a waste of valuable resources. Was Kendricks a scrub? No. Was he worth his money? No. Is he easily replaceable? Yes. The move is just about as inconsequential as you can make releasing one of your "starters". Our nickel is our third LB and that will continue until the league stops passing, which is never.