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  1. Signing Steven Nelson is mortgaging the future? That’s a bit hyperbolic. I don’t understand even the sentiment of tanking in the NFL. This offense could really surprise teams this year. Sanders, Goedert and the WRs could be a dynamic young offense. The defense could be pretty stout if all goes well and our FA additions perform. But we’d rather play the other side of the coin and purposefully not stock the cupboard because in July you don’t think we can compete. Last year, Dak went down and the division was wide open. One person gets hurt and your chances to get into the playoffs exponentially
  2. “Hey, guys…real quick before the season starts. We’re tanking. So, take it easy out there. If you happen to be very talented, please scale back your efforts and desire to compete and let your stats and play suffer ultimately effecting your next contract. Also, you older guys…sorry this is going to be a 2-3 year rebuild so we’re going to throw you out there preserving the younger guys. Since this is your last couple years in the league, it’s going to be on a losing team and we’ll cut you at the end of the year most likely. Sorry bout that. And Nick and staff, I know it’s your first time heading
  3. This logic is so silly. Did fans think we were ready to compete for a SB in 2017? 2016 we were 7-9. Maybe we were on a decent trajectory but no one thought we were SB ready. Every season is a new beginning. Especially in the NFL. New coaches means a different, sometimes brand new, scheme for the league to adjust to. We have young players hungry to compete and prove themselves. Good veterans that can hold a team together. I don’t see world beaters as of yet, position to position, is but you build on these things. Makes no sense to WANT to tank. And let’s be honest, when have you ever
  4. Football teams are turned around in a season or two sometimes. I have no season to waste or tank or keep a team bad for a few slots in a draft. If we can improve the team, we should do it. Nelson is 28. He’s got 3 good years of football left at least. In that time, he’ll give you decent football while you draft a replacement or fill another need. We’re in no position to shoo away talent. We could draft Stingley and he could tear an ACL first day in camp. We could draft the next Deion Sanders in the 6th round. Hurts could become a top 10 QB and we’d wish we signed a competent CB2. Anything can
  5. Chill out with the dense stuff bruh. Just expressing opinion, which I’m pretty sure this is what this board is for. Anyway, that all makes sense but I’ve seen some nice glimpses of Goedert being a top tier TE but I’m not willing to pay him top money until I know he can do it by himself. I was a little underwhelmed last year but I realize the whole offense was petty crap so I can throw that out. With that said, it’s his last contract year so I understand the urgency to lock him up. And if that’s the going rate, then I guess that’s it. I’m just a little weary though. But to y
  6. I agree. But 14M puts him in Kelce range. He ain’t there. Probably not ever.
  7. Heard we’re looking to lock up Goedert for a long term contract at about 13-14M a year. I feel it’s a bit premature. Maybe you’re getting a “discount” from what his potential is but I’m going to need to see a big year this year to justify that kind of scratch.
  8. He’s gonna have way more rushing yards.
  9. I noticed no one seems to think that Howard makes the roster. I think he makes it. He’s the only real “power” back we have.
  10. Boy did you get triggered. I didnt say anything about us being choir boys. We got our issues for sure. But that whole Lakers/Yankees/Cowboys/Duke ensemble is a disease. Perpetuated bandwagon fandom filth.
  11. Winning not withstanding, same attitudes, same mentality. GTHO! Do 6er fans even exist outside of Philly? Chump *** Laker fans are everywhere. Can’t be that many people in LA. Just spreads like a virus because of all the gold. Weak fan mentality.
  12. One in the same. Same fans, same attitudes, same punchable faces.
  13. “Coach K announcing retirement and Lakers taking a 1st round loss. It’s been a devastating 24 hours for cowboy fans.”
  14. By the way, did we get any official numbers off the books for Malik and Alshon’s release yesterday? It was the 1st.
  15. If it’s player for player I guess you could do worse. Would rather have them ransom a team for a 2nd though.
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