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  1. Honestly, just the probability of everyone being healthy at the same time at this point. And also, I’m pretty positive Peters is cooked. They may get him out there again healthy but quickly realize one of the younger guys offers a better option.
  2. I thought we had a chance to get Saquon at the end of the 1st round because I thought teams wised up finally about the RB position that year. Some teams just refuse to let rudimentary roster logistics into their FO. You just don’t know enough about a RB to give them damn near $100M. He works his arse off for 4 years. 4 years, 1400 touches later he’s an all pro multiple times. Earns himself that contract and whoops, falls off the cliff. It’s just too much to put on an average RB body and expect him to keep the production up. Plus, the RB position is reliant on a whole offensive position group to be successful. If you don’t have your OL in order, it’s a futile pick before he even sees the field. Trouble with all of this is that teams fail to realize their window when it’s open. Or don’t understand that they’re only getting 1-2 real shots at it while they’re good. Very few teams have a real shot at the SB for a large stretch of time. If Dallas was going to win the SB, it was the previous 3 years or so. Dak’s rookie year was the year. They’ve been chasing that ever since. Loading up weapons, building up unconventionally and pushing all in. Now, they’re screwed. Even if they want to resign Dak, it’ll be at the detriment to field any functional defense. But there is a correlation. That window. A team that has their pieces in place have the luxury to take a 1st round RB when they have everything in order already. That same window pertains to the QB too. A special, special QB is recession proof. Usually, that QB understands the game so well they can offset a bad OL, lackluster RBs, or average WRs. But for the rest of us, we have to manage the cap in that small window. Use the “cheap” contract of that star RB or QB to go in and win for those 4-5 years. Sometimes you can push the problems off a year or two and make the numbers works. But for the most, if you don’t win in that window, you’re just going to chase it until you start over again. Dallas would be best served trading Dak and Zeke for some premium picks, rebuilding the DL/OL, getting a fresh upstart coach with his own QB to groom. Let someone else pay a huge amount of money for a good QB and RB that may have seen his best years already. Don’t get me wrong. I think they’re both good players. But not in Dallas currently constructed.
  3. I think that’s called being active about a problem. I’m not willing to admit before seeing any kind of case study, there may be more of a problem here. Or maybe more northeast. But every team has had issues. There’s been murder in the west coast. But just as Philly is cheesesteaks and liberty bells, it’s also snowballs at Santa, batteries at outfielders. It’s just an unfair, popular narrative national media continues to troll us with. But somehow it’s cute. Joe Buck will casually lean to Troy and say “watch out Troy, we don’t want any snowballs in here” “Hahaaha, ok Joe,” Troy replies. So dumb. I don’t think I ever remember Joe telling a SF Giants broadcast about someone getting murdered in a parking lot and giggling about it. It’s of the same cloth. Point is, it happens everywhere. I’ve seen Viking fan videos, Cowboy fan videos, Packer fans (the nicest people on earth). We just like to poke fun at Philly.
  4. My original statement, without explanation, is still what it is. The truth. You’re very right. And if the world was perfect and humans were to be trusted then yes a family should be able to go into a rival stadium and be completely safe from insults and abusive language hurled at them. My point is; what’s the risk-reward? You will literally put your family in potentially danger for a football game? Just as much as a cyclist has the right to the road, I’m not taking my bike outing on a busy, narrow thoroughfare. I’ll just take the kids on the backstreets or in a park where I’ll minimize getting hit by a semi. Simple. A family of fans is generally pretty safe outside of a few boos. A loud, boisterous fan is going to get something more. But they all have risks. Why take it? For football? As silly as it is for a fan to physical harm someone over their jersey attire is equally as dumb for someone to bring on potential bodily harm to watch a football game. Fandom is why you’d take the risk. And fandom is why someone would haymake you for it. Fandom is why soccer hooligans exist. People should be smarter with their health is all I’m saying.
  5. I’ve heard of Lurie doling out lifetime bans or pressing charges. But let’s not pretend this is germane to just the Eagles. Just google (team name here) and brawl or fight and every team has a handful of videos. It’s a terrible look but it happens. If the NFL thought of it as a huge problem, they’d issue league wide legislature. Or at least put it on the owners vote. However, it’s avoidable. You’re taking a calculated risk. 9/10 nothing happens. 1/10 someone gets their *** kicked. I’m not swimming with sharks bro. And I’m not chumming the water beforehand if I do. Some people just ask for it. Very rarely does anyone get punched for no good reason. Usually theres some sort of over the top gloating or disrespect. It happens. Humans are humans. Ugly and all.
  6. There’s a lot of things in this world that shouldn’t be. Or events or circumstances that are unfair or unjust. But there’s a way to avoid this. Just don’t go. If I don’t want to get mugged, I’ll stay off the street passed 10 pm. Your chances of getting punched by an Eagle fan on your couch is 0%.
  7. Malik and Driscoll looking like 2 week injuries as well. Eagles hopeful to get some injured bodies back Thursday for the Giants game.
  8. Why people still continue to venture into The Linc with rival jerseys on is beyond me.
  9. I think some youngerish fans are really spoiled on the Eagles. We’ve had a good 20 year run of being mostly competitive or good throughout. That’s some of this forums complete adult fandom. Not saying you are but I think a little perspective is needed. IMO you always cheer for the playoffs. We have had like a top 4-5 winning percentage in this century. It’s easy to just expect to be 8-8 or better every year. But when you start looking across the table and see the WFT, Lions, Raiders, Browns, Jags, Bills, etc. you realize that it’s entirely possible to be terrible for 20 years as well. We should consider ourselves fortunate that we have had a good football team that usually has a decent shot at the playoffs year in and out for the passed two decades. Not hope for a collapse just because we want a new regime that may or may not bring on a possible 20 years of obscurity. It’s like cheering against a president you don’t like. Their success is our success and the next guy is not guaranteed to be any better. I don’t love the FO/coaches right now but when you think about the possible alternative, you have to just cheer for a win. Every week. tldr; We’re fortunate to have a competitive team. I’d rather not cheer for a demise. It could be the start of a terrible drought.
  10. This. I’ll make the playoffs every year over not. Draft picks are crap shoots. Just keep piling up the years of playoffs over the cowboys.
  11. GF just blamed it on the Elliot missed FG. Forgot about that. She’s got a point.
  12. Meh. This is very Cowboys-esque. Pour it on at the end because opposing defense is playing with a healthy lead.
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