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  1. Seems like this is how this stuff starts. It’s ridiculous then improbable then possible then rumored then likely then fired. Can’t never stay never. Its certainly knee jerk and unlikely but if the rest of the season is an absolute train wreck, players start complaining publicly, coach loses locker room, it’s a possibility. Be stupid to retain a guy with no future. Especially when this team will be turned upside down next year with the draft picks and veteran guys being dismissed one way or another.
  2. Sounds like what analyst say about terrible white guys.
  3. He’s got some Ben Simmons in him. Offense does him no favors id agree. But he’s got to be better. Haven’t seen enough 1st round splash. He’s just a guy as of now. Not deserving of a starting role.
  4. Our schedule is hella easy from here on out IMO. We might still be bad but we’ll look better if I were to make a bet.
  5. Good to see he’s back in a decent mental state. People really struggle with it and personally I don’t fully understand it. I’ve been depressed and have bouts of anxiety like the rest. Never to the point of hurting myself or not being able to do my every day tasks but I can see how it can be and it’s not fun. Like a mental jail where you can’t escape your thoughts. And although I can’t fully get it, I’m glad he’s ok and took the time to get right. Theres a pretty big stigma about football players and men in general that we have to be mentally tough at all times and it’s not very fair. When you’
  6. Another 30 burger on the best defense that never was.
  7. Jags doing Jag things. Blew that 4th down call. Just go up a TD. Now you’re losing.
  8. The time to trade was before last season but I’m glad he’s moving on to a team that’s doing something. Hope he gets some more post season success. Stand up guy on and off the field. Was a really good Eagle for a long time. Our best modern day TE so far. Not exactly the TE we wanted all the time but was smooth on routes with very dependable hands. He’s earned his free beers in Philly. He’ll be welcomed back after his career forever.
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