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  1. Around the NFL - NFL General GDT

    Rams fans have made me switch up to the Pats. Leggo GOAT.
  2. Fletcher Cox Appreciation Thread

    I dunno man. We’re talking about all time, all time. Jenkins only been here 5 years. Hopkins has an all pro on his resume. Jenkins is invaluable to this defense and maybe contributed more but Hop has some stats to argue for. (5th most ints in history). 12 sacks. Not bad for a DB.
  3. Around the NFL - NFL General GDT

    Awesome. Screw the Saints. Payton’s a nerd. Gets what he deserves.
  4. Did you ask them to get that random, generic , wood baby high chair too that every restaurant has? And what kid options they have for drinks? Crayons and a coloring placemat?
  5. Fletcher Cox Appreciation Thread

    White-Cox-Brown-Simmons Joyner-Bednarik-Bergey/Trotter/Thomas Allen-Dawkins-Hopkins-Vincent sick
  6. We def accelerated the process. Winning, essentially, in year two was pretty amazing.
  7. My GF had been searching for months, going through multiple jobs actually but I hear you. She’d get all hyped up, start counting her chickens, lose sleep at night thinking about it, go through 3,4,5 recalls then they just go with the candidate with more experience anyway. Frustrating.
  8. How do we feel about Jim Schwartz?

    He’s a good DC, there’s proof in that. I don’t love his scheme or thinking all the time. That sticks defense screwed us so much and he never relents on it. Refuses to play press man even when it seems as if it’s neccessary. Rarely blitzes. I wouldn’t say he’s exactly ideal, IMO but he’s been good. We’ve had some terrible luck with injuries, especially in the secondary, and he’s been able to hold the team together with guys off the street. Hasn’t always been pretty but if you gave him the players he needed, they’d be a top 5 defense year in and out. I don’t think you can ask much more than that. Most of us were concerned he was going to be plucked for a HC job not very long ago.
  9. There’s plenty of instances over the years of QBs going for a 1st or more, worth it or not. Garroppolo, Palmer, Cutler, Bledsoe. Bridgewater went for a 3rd even and he’s clearly a backup. Every year there’s a handful of teams desperate for a QB. If a team needs a starting QB, they’re going to pay for one.
  10. Yea, it’s possible. I gotta think a starting QB is way more valuable than a 2 and a 5. Anyone worth trading for anyway. But I suppose a 2 is what teams are thinking. Cooper goes for a 1. Bradford went for a 1 and change. Someone will give a 1 up I’d imagine. No way Howie let’s him walk. I quoted an article quoting Howie in another thread. He’ll do what’s needed to recoup some assets.
  11. The way to maneuver it would be to decline the mutual option so he has no say initially. Tag him. Find a partner all parties adhere to. Let Foles negotiate a new contract. Then we negotiate compensation for a trade. Team gets value for their potential trade asset, Foles gets to go to a place he wants and market money, we get compensated correctly for a starting QB.
  12. He got well compensated already. We could have shipped him off to Cleveland last offseason. He got some bonus money even though he fell short of that snap count money this year. Love the guy, but he got a lot of money for that SB. And got to handpick his option last year. He chose to stay. But now it’s time to do what’s best for us. I’m sure they’ll keep his best interests in mind, but it’s time to cash that ticket. It’s wandering into unprecedented territories with how much we’re doing for him at this point. Any other player getting that kind of respect around the league outside of Brady? From an article “If Nick Foles does fly the coop from Philadelphia this offseason, the Eagles will do their best to get something back in return. While speaking to the media, Eagles executive VP of football operations Howie Roseman said the team would be doing “what’s best for our football team” when it comes to their backup quarterback. That could include signing Foles to a hefty contract extension to keep him backing up oft-injured starting QB Carson Wentz, but more than likely means the team will try to trade Foles or place the franchise tag on him and then trade him. A third option, letting Foles walk as a free agent, is on the table but, since that would not be in Philly’s best interests, that seems unlikely to happen.”