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  1. NFC East: Now half good!

    At least you have a built in, NFCE especial, excuse for Haskins. He doesn’t have to be prove he’s good until he has a decent surrounding cast. It’s fail proof.
  2. I quickly looked how fast we could get out of B-Rex’s contract and it’s pretty iron clad. We’re with him for at least until after 2020. And even then it’s a 8M cap hit in ‘21. We could afford him but that’s a heavy contract going forward. With Carson on the horizon, I don’t think there’s a way. But Howie has done some magical ish in his life. I fully expect another DE in here come September but maybe just a veteran rotational guy.
  3. So much Clowney speculation. I wonder if Howie is even making call.
  4. NFC East: Now half good!

    Unless new school voters get involved with all the analytics, he doesn’t get in right now. He’s at the end of his prime but could still see about 5 or so more years of effectiveness. He would need a good amount more sacks when all is done. (50?) Would need to pile up pro bowls. It’s going to be hard getting all pros with Donald around. There’s not many DTs in and the most recent ones are Sapp and Randle and those are tough careers to be compared to. I think, for Cox, it’ll come down to these next few years. If he can get a lot of sacks, nab an all pro, multiple pro bowls, a SB wouldn’t hurt, then he’s in.
  5. Chris Long retires

    Go figure he hung it up because they signed Jackson. With how deep we are at DT there’s no reason for Graham to kick inside, limiting Chris’ snaps. He’s maintained that he needs a decent amount of snaps to do what he does. Flow of the game, setting up guys and what not. But tremendous guy. Retirement well deserved. Hope he continues to hang around Philly from time to time. City is better with him in it.
  6. Bucs sign Ndamukong Suh 1 year deal

    Gotta be weird now sharing a locker room with one of your multiple stomp victims.
  7. NFC East: Now half good!

    Sure but now we’re throwing ish stats at the wall and watching them try to stick because.....”it’s a slow time of year”? Cmon cuz. Even I think you’re better than that.
  8. NFC East: Now half good!

    Not really the point of the post bruh.
  9. NFC East: Now half good!

    For real. Mahomes notwithstanding, (even though he had arguably the best QB season of all time in his lone starting season :lol eyeroll:) lets take some of the best QBs of this generation, statistically compare them to Dak in handpicked categories, in which they had down years, and try and elevate the guy. Not to mention these QBs, in those stats listed, have like 8-12 better seasons on their resume. People will go to great lengths to try and tell everyone that this guy is good. Nothing like I’ve ever seen. Meanwhile, if someone is good, I don’t need to be told over and over and over again. It should already be clearly apparent. Which it clearly isn’t. The guy is a decent QB. With room to grow. Why do people feel the need to beat you over the head with stats that try to prove it. Seems very insecure to me.
  10. It’s pretty simple. If a poster on this site had an actual “source” or a person of information that was actually legit, why in the world would they post it here and gather random internet fame? For every poster that says, “yea, I got the news from a source I can’t disclose” and is right, there’s 50 that we’re wrong. Eventually, someone’s going to hit the lottery and be right. Now, if for some odd reason this is actually an actual source close to the Eagles, theyre not exactly smart for letting any info out to a rando. And honestly, if anyone was getting fed info from someone actually knowledgeable they’re much better served getting it to some sort of media outlet. What’s the gain by telling some internet dudes on a little football discussion board? Not that anyone would take you very serious. I’m sure any body first starting out wouldn’t be taken seriously until there’s a track record. My buddy at work told me Harper was signing with the Dodgers. He said he had a source. Some Comcast higher up that may be privy to such information. Big CEO guys tend to run together and share information. And maybe that’s an actual legit source but I laughed him off when he said it and laughed even harder when he was wrong. And I know and respect the guy. Not that I even responded to this little nugget but why would anyone take any credence in anything someone says here “with a source”?
  11. @Hockey5djh, come talk to ya boi! Called that ish.
  12. https://www.bleedinggreennation.com/2019/5/17/18629563/rasul-douglas-philadelphia-eagles-weight-room-training-offseason-swole-picture-cornerback-nfl-news Rasul putting in some work this offseason.
  13. Yea, season def seems rushed. I can understand if it was indeed rushed. They gave the viewers a couple special moments and then had to wrap EVERYTHING up in 6 episodes. They should have had a full season or even just got someone to take over after this season, collaborate with GRRM and finish the damn thing right. Oh, in my scenario Jon and Dany are both killed off. I feel he’s been manipulating the whole time. Just don’t know the payoff. Because he’s the new three eyed raven? I don’t buy it.
  14. NFC East: Now half good!

    You’ll learn to hate him. Funny, even though I never hated Romo or Witten. Probably because both are pretty good dudes.
  15. NFC East: Now half good!

    Sure but to repeat it at least a couple times because of an emotional outburst to rub in a loss to your biggest rival is what I’m referring to. Kind of the definition of letting your emotions get to you.