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  1. He said he’s open to LG. I’m ok with it if he realizes he’s going into camp competing for the LG job and will be a backup, and paid like one, if he doesn’t start there. But I honestly think he can play LT for someone else. But I think he’d need the right situation. Playing next to a reliably good LG on a contending team for starters.
  2. Any body got a canoe to a certain pugilistic endeavor this evening?
  3. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Well, I think the difference is if you think Jeremiah has credible sources, which you’d assume so. I mean, is anything ever “confirmed” from these reports? It’s just reporters asking informed people their “opinions” and it’s usually the expert just telling people what they know under the guise of their “opinion”. Kempski, who’s pretty locked in wrote: “Because of his contacts within the Eagles' organization, Jeremiah is probably as in-tune with the way the Eagles think as any national draft expert.”
  4. Yea, all the retired guys would end up in the coaches pool. I always remembered picking up Keenan McCardell for some reason. lol
  5. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Been some reports that Ruggs is our “homerun” pick.
  6. I remember “playing” Madden 0(whatever)’ and just doing the offseason and simulating the actual season. lol For like 50 years into the future.
  7. You officially are a football nerd my son. *blesses you*
  8. Maybe Joe takes him off our hands. Send the Jets a 3rd and get a 2021 7th or some other junk piece.
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2877407-eagles-trade-rumors-alshon-jeffery-would-welcome-a-move-team-shopping-wr.amp.html Alshonymous would welcome a move, apparently. If the new CBA is reached soon, they can spread out the hit if he’s cut lessening the blow. 16M to 9M or something. Things getting interesting.
  10. He was still 10th in yards per game last year. It’s not like the Eagles were his only good game. Besides, I don’t think anyone is talking a 1st.
  11. The point is, last year before the draft, if the Vikings were asking our 2nd for Diggs is there any real complaints from us? Possibly. But now that you know the outcome, you’d sell your 2nd born for that deal. Diggs has been about a top 15 WR since entering the league statistically. I’m sure he’d be just fine in our system. We’d have weapons at every position. He’d find room. MIN offense wasn’t great last year. It was pretty average. For comparisons sake, we had more passing yards and TDs. They had less than 200 yards more than us rushing with 3 more TDs. They actually had less yards than us total. So, I think he’d be in a very similar situation here. More than you think anyway.
  12. I know this is the age old discussion about draft picks and proven vets but in hindsight isn’t EVERYONE trading a 2019 2nd rounder (JJAW) for Diggs? I mean, who wouldn’t? I don’t see why so much of us get hung up on picks. I’d rather just bite the bullet, spend the draft capital and get Carson a good, proven, young WR while we can and not mess around with this. Get the guy some weapons we can rely on.
  13. I think he’s probably worth a 1st being only 26. But he’s expensive making 10+M for the next 3 years or so. I’d be more comfortable giving them a 2nd and maybe some 2021 stock. Or just give them the 1st but they have to take Alshon.
  14. Pretty much...lol but when there’s smoke. And there’s been smoke around him for a good year and a half now. would be a nice pickup. Stefon just turned 26, already under contract. Already have your QB, LT, RB, TE of the future. Draft yourself another WR this year and all we’d have to worry about on offense for the next 5 years, other than staying healthy, is replenishing the OL.