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  1. Couple big injuries for them. Down both their starting CBs. Kinlaw could be a big loss.
  2. That’s a long list but a lot of FP and rest days. Looks like a lot vets too. Maybe just a professional courtesy after a win.
  3. Don’t know if this is exactly news but McLeod is out Sunday. Not sure if anyone expected him to play. I thought it’d be a good month before he was close to ready. Speaking of D, could this be a sneaky good D this year? I can see it breaking that top 10 if the DL holds up.
  4. Felt the same way after the game and I think he had a good snap share. Not promising.
  5. Chiefs or Bucs would be just unfair. Problem is, is that it’s completely doable. Rookie contract 4th year they make like 800k. Give them a 2nd which means nothing to a team like the Chiefs and it’s just cheat code after that.
  6. Kelce is a living legend. He just gets it. Quintessential perfect Philly athlete. I hope he never leaves and lives forever.
  7. N64 is def dating yourself. And this is coming from an older lad. lol
  8. This is pure. Name a top pass rusher with a weak first name. Go!
  9. Giants eat a lot of money so I think they’d need a decent pick. But I think that’s optimistic. Let’s say NY goes 2-5 or so and Barkley continues to struggle. They AINT picking up that 5th year option. The best they’d get is a 2nd. Maybe a 3-4 if a team knows they’re desperate. What a blessing for Saquon but maybe even better for a team that needs a RB. NE, Balt, KC, LAC, TB, any NFC West team all intriguing options.
  10. Bold prediction: Week 2, the end of the Garoppolo era in SF.
  11. Barkley not sure he’s playing Thursday. I know it’s the 2nd game in 5 days and I know he’s coming off massive surgery but he’s toast. Honestly, I thought he was toast after the last injury so this isn’t a new revelation for me. Terrible pick. Wasted his career. Could have been a monster in another jersey. Same sentiment about Barry but somehow Barry stayed relatively healthy. Just a bass ackwards philosophy to get a RB before you have a competent OL ahead of him. I’ll beat this drum for as long as I live.
  12. Makes a lot more sense now. I put way too much confidence in Pete. Whats he a mod of, “remembering to breathe”?
  13. I know. There was a running joke that only like 2 posters understood. Lord, has this forum fell off. I’ll explain so we don’t have to do this for another 8 weeks. I complained there wasn’t a GDT last week so Pete used that complaint to start the official GDT. So, in natural Nabbs level superstition, we have to start all the GDTs like that. If anyone, I thought you’d get that.
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