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  1. I was listening to someone, forget who, I think it was the radio, who said Donohue was all pissy because he wanted CB Aaron Robinson who was taken after our trade down by the Giants.
  2. This is a better post than what’s being recognized.
  3. I love this kid lol. The more I hear or read, he’s becoming an early favorite. Him doing cartwheels ala Chris Farley, so damn funny. And he’s an absolute unit. He’s like Brandon Brooks thick.
  4. I don’t like Barnett really at all. I actually do like Sweat but will he get enough snaps? He should be getting them over DB. BG is another year older. I don’t see him keeping up a strong pace all year. Still like Cox but don’t expect him to be as dominate as he’s been in years passed. I’m optimistic about Hargrave but until I’ve seen it, I’ll doubt it. There’s just too many questions. We rely too much on pocket collapse. And there’s times where the DTs, even really good ones, just get neutralized. Just don’t see enough to be excited about. I think they’ll be average at best. And our secondary
  5. If our OL plays like they can, we’re going to be at least middle of the road offensively. Maybe top 10-12. Defensively we have some things to figure out. It really hinges on our pass rush. Which I just don’t see being good.
  6. Once Ertz was hitting that 4th-5th round compensation, I’m better to just have him for another year. He’ll be 31 into the 2022 season. He could have a nice bounce back year with a more stable offense, and net us a decent comp pick. Either way, I don’t like being on the opposite end of losing a pro bowl caliber player for peanuts. Unless Zach just plainly can’t play here because he’s upset, I’m happy to have him for another year. Should have traded him going into last year but that’s moot. I mean, only a year has passed since everyone and their mom thought we had the best 1-2 TE situation in th
  7. ESPN guys seemed really surprised Johnson lasted. He’s a pass rusher LB but just really light. I imagine they give him a couple years and bulk him up a bit. Saw a few clips, he’s got some pass rush moves.
  8. Jeez. That was a de-cleating. That’s the kind of hit you take where you’re just done with the play. Parsons just laid there. I’m not going to crawl after the QB to maybe knock him off his footwork. I’m just going to lay here, ok?
  9. Not being a smartass. Do you think Howie is even entertaining Nick’s opinions? I feel like he’d be treating him like when your little brother is helping. Just placating him the whole time. “Great job, buddy!” “Yea, that’s a good idea!” We’re definitely going to look into that. Good eye!.”
  10. Is PFF just running our draft now? you know what....it’s probably better than what’s been happening.
  11. These picks are all over the place. Eagles are going to continue the trend.
  12. This is going to be OL/DL. Howie can’t keep his rep in the positive.
  13. That’s what does it for me. Smith and a 1st is just about 99% better than any one 1st round prospect last night.
  14. Don’t want to be the fly in the onion dip, because I really like Smith, but was concerned with his size and wrote him off. All things considered, getting that extra first, and still landing a playmaker, it’s a homerun I think.
  15. I mean, if you told me last a month ago we’d get a 1st round pick and Smith I’d be ecstatic. Howie SZN!
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