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  1. Week 5 GDT: Raiders at Chargers

    But you've said the Raiders will lose 44-14 every week..
  2. Week 4 - Raiders vs. Browns

    Wow.. Just wow..
  3. Week 4 - Raiders vs. Browns

    ..And I just got you to come back into the thread you were boycotting. Seriously though, the amount of people who are posting always goes down when the team is losing and it's to be expected. I just thought it was funny that instead of "I don't even want to go on FF cause everyone will be whining" you pretty much announced that "I'll be in the other team's thread cause at least they will be active and happy". It's like a little kid who didn't make the baseball team but he hides in a tree in the outfield and watches the team practice without him. He visualizes that he had his own team that he was the star of and they beat down the team that cut him. I apologize I'm bored and just drank a little too much coffee..
  4. Week 4 - Raiders vs. Browns

    Just don't get it man.. GDTs are for us fans to enhance our experience during the game. How does boycotting something that was made by fans for fans do anything besides lower the quality of the experience of the fans participating? You're like the kid at the top of the slide who won't let anyone down until little Johnny gives you your toy back..
  5. Week 4 - Raiders vs. Browns

    Raiders schedule has been far from easy.. Super Bowl favorites, to Mile High on a short week, to an east coast early game against an undefeated team. Their schedule from here on out gets much easier and I don't think 8-5/9-4 to finish the season is that far out of the question. The Raiders aren't nearly as bad as some people on here are making them out to be. They just need some red bull in the locker room at the half and they should be golden!
  6. It isn't Gruden's fault. It is on Carr and Cooper

    Does that mean Mark is Jesus?
  7. It isn't Gruden's fault. It is on Carr and Cooper

    Al Davis gave birth? How did I not hear about this?
  8. Week One GDT: Los Angeles Rams at Oakland Raiders

    Very happy with how well the Raiders are playing, without the penalties the game would be way different. Kolton Miller is playing solid. Penn is playing solid. Defense is playing solid (minus the penalties), and the offensive play calling has been A+. Very excited overall as I was super nervous that this could've gone the opposite direction.
  9. Week One GDT: Los Angeles Rams at Oakland Raiders

    More penalty yards against the Raiders than the Rams offense has gained. Both of their scores were largely dependent on questionable PI calls..
  10. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    All you'll ever need.
  11. Week One GDT: Los Angeles Rams at Oakland Raiders

    Tank Carradine is out..
  12. Khalil Mack traded to the Bears (Page 19)

    It's iffy for both sides. If Mack REALLY wanted to be here, he could've gave the finger to his agent and showed up for training camp. If Gruden REALLY wanted Mack he could've called up at 7am every week and try to convince him to take a discount.. Instead both sides went the isolationist route like teenage girls.. "if he really likes me he would've told me so instead I'm going out with the Bears because they said they like me too and bought me a pretty necklace".. this is a dramatic take on it, but yeah, if Mack wanted to stay then he did a really poor job in showing it.
  13. Week One GDT: Los Angeles Rams at Oakland Raiders

    Such a mixed bag of emotions heading into this game and I honestly have no idea what its going to look like. On one hand, the Raiders TC and preseason has probably been the most secretive I've ever seen. No one has been able to guess exactly what is going on in Gruden's mind and how the playbook and schemes are actually going to play out. The starters hardly played and Gruden was doing his best Downing impression with the play calling so I have no idea what the offense is going to look like. This is a huge prove it game for Gruden.. If he comes out of this game with a win he will be back on his pedestal, but if he loses (and badly) he's going to be a huge target of the media and the fans for the rest of the season. On the other hand, Hurley and Goff didn't take a single preseason snap. Will there be rust? Will all if the new pieces on defense gel together? Will Donald be able to jump right in next to Suh and dominate with such short preparation? He did miss game 1 last season do to a holdout.. All said, I'm excited, nervous, hopeful, and yet still dreading the possibilty of a repeat of the Raiders v Broncos MNF opener 10 seasons back..
  14. Khalil Mack traded to the Bears (Page 19)

    Why did they have an elite defense? Did it have anything to do with Von Miller being on a rookie contract?
  15. Khalil Mack traded to the Bears (Page 19)

    With a 60 million dollar down payment.