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  1. Preseason week 1: Lions @ Raiders

    Is drop kicking against the rules? It may be Joseph’s only option. Let’s hope Gruden is as good as we all hope and he brings Steven Seagal in to show em how to bring a guy down the right way.
  2. Preseason week 1: Lions @ Raiders

    Yup, the moment I saw how it was called I thought of Joseph. Some murmurs about the refs just trying to set a precedent during the preseason and that they will only call the most flagrant hits during the regular season.. I guess we will see, there’s just too many grey areas in the game now.
  3. Preseason week 1: Lions @ Raiders

    Someone else said it first, but Hall has a hell of a first step.
  4. Preseason week 1: Lions @ Raiders

    Anyone else remember the rumors that Gruden told Mark to get Cook? Gruden really liked him out of college and now we know why. He looks pretty damn good. Also a very nice scramble drill by Switzer and he looked pretty agile on the slant he ran the play before.
  5. Preseason week 1: Lions @ Raiders

    Hurst gets pressure and Hall bats the pass down. Pretty cool.
  6. Random Raider Stuff

    Anyone else seeing all of the "leading with the helmet" penalties? I'm worried about Karl Joseph. The dude made his living lowering his head for the big hit. I'm thinking that a high percentage of those hits would definitely be called a penalty with this new rule..
  7. Camp Cuts

    This was my instant realization, but I'm thinking that contractually, the Raiders probably saved some cash by cutting him this early. I'm not going to lie.. it's gonna be weird to see a right footed kicker after all of this time.
  8. Las Vegas Stadium News

    Some credit to Mark is due. Not a football guy and he knows it, but things could've gone WAY worse on the business side. There were plenty of reasons to be sceptical when he inherited the team but I think he's easily passed the test and earned some respect around the league.
  9. Training Camp 2018

    Fun storylines this off-season! It's going to be an interesting season to say the least.. Things I hope are reported during Training camp: Mack participating (with contract extension) Cooper looking fast and has lost weight (I think he put on too much weight last off-season) Nelson and Carr hook up often (Nelson relied on chemistry with Rodger's for success. Very important that Carr and Nelson get on the same page with route timing etc..) Gruden lets his inner Chuckie loose (I feel like JDR was too casual and was too hands off) Hurst takes 1st team reps (Vanderdoes will still be out and Hurst taking this role could be huge for the DL) Miller wins RT spot (not guaranteed but I would bet on it) Melifonwu takes major steps forward (what is he going to amount to in NFL?) So many other things I don't have the time to write up.. Definitely more interested in this training camp than last.
  10. Random Raider Stuff

    Whoa! Hot of the wire from an inside personal source.. Hackenburg has been cut! Totally unexpected, and I guarantee this will shakeup the off-season. My inside source says Gruden was in LOVE with Hackenburg and Reggie went behind his back and cut him. All those tension rumours during the draft were TRUE! Huge internal power struggle going on in the FO.. Gruden was so angry with this cut that he personally showed up at Mark Davis's house and gave him an ultimatum.. ME OR REGGIE! In retaliation Reggie is fielding trade offers for Mack out of spite! I'm doing to bring my personal inside source another 30 pack tomorrow.. I'll let you know how it goes!
  11. Jordy Nelson signed. Crabtree cut.

    Fun debate to read! I'm gonna cop out and be right in the middle of Frankie and G. The fact is, it's hard to compare the two because they are VERY different receivers. MB is like THE living embodiment of what a Split End is supposed to be. Most of the true "#1" WRs in NFL history were Split End, so it's easy to understand where Frankie is coming from with his "#1" WR argument. This is why I agree with Frankie that Coop may never be a "true" "#1" WR. I think that last year Coop was trying to be something he wasn't. Remember last off-season when there were a bunch of reports about how Amari had beefed up? Shame on the coaching staff for encouraging it, because it took away his best asset. He lost his shifty route running just so he could MAYBE fight off the press/win more jump battles, things SPLIT ENDS do well.. Instead the solution should've been to put him as he was where he would succeed, where he wouldn't be jammed and where he'd have more open field to use his speed/shifty skill set, THE SLOT! I only hope the damage isn't done and he worked hard on getting his agility and route running back to where it was in his first season. If he does, it's a lock that Coop will have more yards than MB. Again, Frankie is right that MB is likely to face the #1 CB on the opposing defense. However, I think this is more of a scheme decision than a decision based on talent. And yes, MB will force some blanket coverage because you have to respect his speed, but you know that the second the defense moves their #1 CB/start blanketing Coop, Carr is going to float one to MB. The definition of a mutually beneficial relationship. All of this tied together, who benefits the most from MB? COOP! Because he is benefiting from MB does that mean he is a lesser receiver? NO! It means we have a team who is using their assets to benefit the TEAM in the best way possible.
  12. Rnd2 pick 25- DT P.J Hall

    Totally agree with you and this was what my whole "paylines" idea was trying to get at. Day 1/2 picks are like going to the slot and putting in a bet on all the lines. Your chances of winning are higher, but you pay more for the spin. Chances are you still won't win big, but your chance of a win/hit is better than doing a single line bet (7th RDer). Do agree with you on Hall too. I remember him being labelled as a 4th RDer. However, it's situations like Mike Mitchell's that make me put very little value on pre draft labels. It's all speculation. Maybe my crap shoot comment should've been narrowed in scope.. I had meant in terms of media predictions, not necessarily actual draft location.
  13. Rnd2 pick 25- DT P.J Hall

    It's funny, Mike Mitchell is probably THE player that woke me up to what the draft (and the media's coverage of it) really is. It's a crap shoot! Everyone is guessing and the little things they talk about (hand size!) only improve a player's chance to be a success by a very marginal %. Every media person was BAFFLED by the Mitchell pick. I remember Mayock saying he knew almost nothing about him. Like daine said, maybe the % chance that he would succeed when drafted was lower than other 2nd rounders, but he's had a better career than a LOT of the "sure fire, high motor, NFL ready studs" that the media pumps up. It's all a show, albeit a very entertaining one, but don't get caught up in the circus. You don't walk away from the slot machine until the wheels stop no matter how long the odds are. You can change the paylines you're playing to slightly improve your odds, but the odds of winning are always a long shot, yet you always think "this is the one". Big picture, this is what the draft really is. The intricacies and details (combine stats, d1 player etc..) may increase the number of paylines, but once that draft card is sent in, the lever is pulled, and those wheels on the slots start turning.. We can only hope that this is the spin that's a winner. Now, the good thing is, by the time those wheels stop in a losing order a year or two later, and the player is a consensus bust, we forget how much we had really invested in that spin. See? There's already a few more slots in motion.
  14. Mark Davis not happy with Reggie(R1trade down)

    To each his own. I think St. Brown could be a contributor, but I would be surprised and impressed if he ends up the #3 and puts up numbers let alone #2. And I think he probably has a better chance of flaming out of the league in three years. I try not to get too caught up on prospects because of how many times I’ve been burned and let down so maybe I’m being pessimistic. Someone like Johnny Lee Higgins ended up disappointing me by burning out, but he had more impact than most 3rd rounders do. I just hyped him up in my head for some reason.. probably because those were dark years as a Raider fan.. Don’t even get me started on how much Chaz Schilens let down people on here, but for a 7th rounder he definitely exceeded expectations. Back to Bryant.. There was some video of him talking about hitting bottom and going back to his hometown. Got together with his family and cut certain people, out of his life.. Even coached some HS football. All the things you want to see, but it could’ve just been a fluff piece and I’m blinded by wishful thinking. I honestly could be wrong about em. But this is why we all love football right? So many variables/opinions/strategies and everyone of them is right until proven wrong.. Or are they wrong until proven right?
  15. Mark Davis not happy with Reggie(R1trade down)

    You're going to be kicking yourself when St. Brown doesn't put up 500 yards in his career and Bryant does more this season. The chance of drafting Marques Colton type impact in the 6th/7th is probably less than 1/1000. Not saying Bryant will end up close to Colton by the end of his career, but betting on a 6th /7th RD pick to make an impact is a long shot to say the least. In the end, watch some of Bryant's recent interviews. He's saying all the right things. He may be putting on an act, but imagine waking up from the life he was living, going back on to life on the straight arrow, and then the team you return to decided you weren't in their plans. It makes the demand for a trade make a whole lot more sense.