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  1. Rnd2 pick 25- DT P.J Hall

    Totally agree with you and this was what my whole "paylines" idea was trying to get at. Day 1/2 picks are like going to the slot and putting in a bet on all the lines. Your chances of winning are higher, but you pay more for the spin. Chances are you still won't win big, but your chance of a win/hit is better than doing a single line bet (7th RDer). Do agree with you on Hall too. I remember him being labelled as a 4th RDer. However, it's situations like Mike Mitchell's that make me put very little value on pre draft labels. It's all speculation. Maybe my crap shoot comment should've been narrowed in scope.. I had meant in terms of media predictions, not necessarily actual draft location.
  2. Rnd2 pick 25- DT P.J Hall

    It's funny, Mike Mitchell is probably THE player that woke me up to what the draft (and the media's coverage of it) really is. It's a crap shoot! Everyone is guessing and the little things they talk about (hand size!) only improve a player's chance to be a success by a very marginal %. Every media person was BAFFLED by the Mitchell pick. I remember Mayock saying he knew almost nothing about him. Like daine said, maybe the % chance that he would succeed when drafted was lower than other 2nd rounders, but he's had a better career than a LOT of the "sure fire, high motor, NFL ready studs" that the media pumps up. It's all a show, albeit a very entertaining one, but don't get caught up in the circus. You don't walk away from the slot machine until the wheels stop no matter how long the odds are. You can change the paylines you're playing to slightly improve your odds, but the odds of winning are always a long shot, yet you always think "this is the one". Big picture, this is what the draft really is. The intricacies and details (combine stats, d1 player etc..) may increase the number of paylines, but once that draft card is sent in, the lever is pulled, and those wheels on the slots start turning.. We can only hope that this is the spin that's a winner. Now, the good thing is, by the time those wheels stop in a losing order a year or two later, and the player is a consensus bust, we forget how much we had really invested in that spin. See? There's already a few more slots in motion.
  3. Mark Davis not happy with Reggie(R1trade down)

    To each his own. I think St. Brown could be a contributor, but I would be surprised and impressed if he ends up the #3 and puts up numbers let alone #2. And I think he probably has a better chance of flaming out of the league in three years. I try not to get too caught up on prospects because of how many times I’ve been burned and let down so maybe I’m being pessimistic. Someone like Johnny Lee Higgins ended up disappointing me by burning out, but he had more impact than most 3rd rounders do. I just hyped him up in my head for some reason.. probably because those were dark years as a Raider fan.. Don’t even get me started on how much Chaz Schilens let down people on here, but for a 7th rounder he definitely exceeded expectations. Back to Bryant.. There was some video of him talking about hitting bottom and going back to his hometown. Got together with his family and cut certain people, out of his life.. Even coached some HS football. All the things you want to see, but it could’ve just been a fluff piece and I’m blinded by wishful thinking. I honestly could be wrong about em. But this is why we all love football right? So many variables/opinions/strategies and everyone of them is right until proven wrong.. Or are they wrong until proven right?
  4. Mark Davis not happy with Reggie(R1trade down)

    You're going to be kicking yourself when St. Brown doesn't put up 500 yards in his career and Bryant does more this season. The chance of drafting Marques Colton type impact in the 6th/7th is probably less than 1/1000. Not saying Bryant will end up close to Colton by the end of his career, but betting on a 6th /7th RD pick to make an impact is a long shot to say the least. In the end, watch some of Bryant's recent interviews. He's saying all the right things. He may be putting on an act, but imagine waking up from the life he was living, going back on to life on the straight arrow, and then the team you return to decided you weren't in their plans. It makes the demand for a trade make a whole lot more sense.
  5. Random Raider Stuff

    http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/04/30/report-police-called-to-donald-penns-house-in-domestic-violence-investigation/ Not sure if it’s really enough to affect his season, but I know the NFL is pretty hard line on this kinda thing. “Violent” seems like a bit of an overstatement, a dude of his size could’ve really done some damage if he wanted to. I remember him losing his temper one game and smashing his helmet into the bench and he always was quick to temper on the field.. scary stuff
  6. Random Raider Stuff

    I’ll admit that I didn’t watch much of the Seahawks last season, but it’s always hard to judge OL play with a mobile QB behind them. I definitely remember plays where Wilson was overreactive to pressure that shouldn’t have affected him. I feel like a QB that never had the option to run would’ve gotten the ball off, whereas Wilson actually makes it harder on the OL by changing the DL’s point of attack trying to buy an extra second. Guess I’m trying to say it’s easier to protect a stationary object than a moving one. A good OL makes a QB look better and a good (pocket) QB makes an OL better. Also, don’t take for granted just how hard it is to find good OL players and coaches have less and less time to actually get their hands dirty to coach em up. Check out this article and be thankful our interior OL will be set for the next couple years. Very informative. https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2017/11/2/16596392/offensive-line-crisis-league-midseason
  7. Random Raider Stuff

    Justin Fargas ran for 1000 yards with Cable as the OL coach.. That fact alone is impressive. McFadden had his best year with Cable, Michael Bush looked like a stud under Cable, Lynch had his four best years with Cable.. He definitely knows how to get the ground game moving. Pass protection is a different story since he had a carousel (Russell era) in OAK, then an unorthodox QB in Wilson in SEA. I never understood why everyone hated the hiring.
  8. 2018 Draft Thread v.2 - DONE AND IN THE BOOKS

    I’ll admit I haven’t looked up the value #s of the other trades. Random thought, would as many people here be complaining if Reggie hadn’t traded back in the Hayden trade?
  9. Rd. 5- DT Maurice Hurst

    I’m stoked on drafting him, stoked where we got him, and stoked for Hurst as a human being. I can’t imagine what his life has been like since the diagnosis and I was feeling for him the further he dropped. His condition is no joke, but his talent and potential was simply too hard to pass up.
  10. 2018 Draft Thread v.2 - DONE AND IN THE BOOKS

    Per analytics guru Seth Walker.. The first trade was only a 7th rd pick from being completely equal on the original draft pick value chart. Everyone needs to take their goggles off regarding the trade, it was a good trade.
  11. Rnd2 pick 25- DT P.J Hall

    So athletic! Ready to see this guy stunt outside the DE.. Don't think I saw any stunts in any of the clips I watched, but he seems built for it. Hope Vanderdoes is healthy and will be in on run downs. Rotation is huge for DL and Hill got pushed around a bit defending the run.
  12. 2018 Draft Thread v.2 - DONE AND IN THE BOOKS

    If you do some research you’ll see that Seattle didn’t actually draft players that fit what Cable has said is his preferred set of measurables. Gruden has also hinted that Cable got the short end of the stick in Seattle.
  13. 2018 Draft Thread v.2 - DONE AND IN THE BOOKS

    Surprise surprise! The guy has the measurables. I remember that after the senior bowl there was a lot of talk about em. If he were in a top flight program, I wonder how much higher he would’ve went.
  14. 2018 Draft Thread v.2 - DONE AND IN THE BOOKS

    I like hall, thought he was going to be on the board still in the third. Time to dig a little deeper into em! Some good competition for Vanderdoes, felt like he played way more snaps than he should’ve too.
  15. 2018 Draft Thread v.2 - DONE AND IN THE BOOKS

    Yup right after I posted I felt like Oliver was too low on my list. He is pretty likely to be the pick. Honestly think it’s either Hubbard, Green, or Oliver.