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  1. It’s all about tv ratings. As you said more teams will be in playoff contention down the stretch. The last week will have a huge amount of games with playoff implications so fans will be watching other games besides their teams. Not to mention two more sellout stadiums at playoff ticket prices. As palooka said from a competitive and an overall quality of playoff game perspective, there will be a significant dropoff.. but will any fan be complaining when their team sneaks as the 7 seed?
  2. I was under the impression the 17 game season doesn’t begin until next year? 14 team playoff this season though.
  3. The 20 mil a year is around the right price to look past that though right?
  4. I had thought it was simply a lack of talent so far this season.. but seeing Morrow lining up opposite Hopkins (even though it was zone) really has me questioning his game plan.
  5. This wrestler breaks it down really well.. "toxic fandom" is a real thing and forums like these breed it. It's not intentional but the posters here are a true minority in how familiar they are with the organization.. and as this guy says, familiarity breeds contempt. Check it out.
  6. I would like to add that the first episode of Hard Knocks is on Aug 6 and will be on Tuesdays until Sep 3rd for a total of 4 episodes.
  7. Luckily, I've known my girlfriend for a long time so I've learned her tastes. The lamps may have broken, but I knew they were only going to be temporary. Now I know exactly which lamps I want to buy because I've had some time to think about it.
  8. Ok lets simplify this. Lets say you just moved into a new apartment, but don't any furniture for your new living room! You only have $5,000 dollars that you can spend. What do you do? Do you spend all of it on a top of the line TV and luxury couch? Or do you budget and fill out the whole living room with decent lamps, a couple good coffee tables, wall decor and some knick knacks. You can make the room completely suit your personality, and feel comfortable, instead of being an empty room with a nice TV and couch.. and Wow! Surprise! You did a really good job budgeting and have some leftover cash! Unfortunately, it's not enough to upgrade the budget TV and couch, but I know! Let's save that money and start upgrading when there's some good deals! Whoopee! Life's awesome!
  9. Pretty confused to login and see my posts from last year quoted.. still stand by those posts BTW. I'm also ready to admit I'm a FAN and can't dedicate anywhere near the amount of time the PROFESSIONALS can spend researching football. Also want to add that I'm the original raiders4life and was on the original forum well over 10 years ago (closing in on 15?). Sorry that the (now) generic name caused confusion.
  10. It all makes sense, Mayock knew that to get value trading down NOONE could know who they truly wanted. He tried to smokescreen with the Murray / Haskins rumours to try to get someone to bite. In the end the three superstar players were taken and there was nobody left that anybody was willing to give up the bank for. The Redskins obviously didn't take the Haskins bait and Ferrell may not have even been there at 15.
  11. I would've agreed with you when it was first announced, but now im not so sure. As an NHL fan I've been amazed at how well the Vegas Golden Knights have done attendance wise. I know last season may be a bad example because of the success they had on the ice, but this season they are just a slightly above average team and they are currently not only selling out every home game, but are putting more people in the building than there are seats. I have family in Vegas who weren't hockey fans and are now die hard VGK fans. They hardly even followed sports before VGK.. I guess im trying to say that it can't be underestimated just how many people actually live in the Vegas area and how much they have been dying to be represented in the major leagues.. I'm not saying that the Raiders won't have the most fans of an opposing team in their stadium. They might. But don't doubt the Vegas locals jumping on the Raider bandwagon. Especially if they have success in their first season there.
  12. So Ansley went back Tennessee as a DB coach? Odd that he would go back to the college game in only a lateral move. Especially since he had a DC job lined up before joining the Raiders. Makes me think that its possible the Raiders were "pushing" him out of the door.. giving him a chance to find a new job before getting officially fired. All speculation of course.. I can't find any info on his contract for the Raiders. Was it only a 1yr deal to begin with?
  13. The Raiders are literally the red headed step child of the NFL.
  14. But you've said the Raiders will lose 44-14 every week..
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