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  1. Didn’t get there today, but he’s still on pace to break the single season passing record by about 1400 yards 😂
  2. The last thing I want to do is make this another Derek Carr thread takeover, but something about that good loser quote really rang true to me. Carr always has the “politically correct” comments after a loss. I’m actually a big Carr fan and have always rooted for him and I’ve always liked how he carried himself off the field.. But remembering his demeanor and how he usually speaks during his interviews / press conferences and looking at it through the “good loser” lens makes me wish he wasn’t so concerned about optics and how he’s perceived and instead would say what needs to be said about
  3. I really got the impression from Mayock that the main reason they grabbed Morrissey in the 7th was because of a lack of available inside OL just as much as it was the actual player. They must’ve had Morrissey ranked way higher than the rest of the IOL prospects, enough so that drafting him made sense, rather than going into UDFA and falling back on a lesser prospect. UDFA is a crapshoot and since the Raiders do already have two centers that are near locks to make the roster, it’s fair to assume that Morrissey and his agent would’ve ranked the Raiders low on their list. Cable apparen
  4. Honestly bro, I was just pointing out the lack of logic (nothing personal) in your criticism of the Moehrig pick alone in the post I quoted. (Maybe re-read it to see how it came off?).. Just seems like you were trying really hard to find a way to criticize every single pick and landed on something that really doesn’t make sense on its own. Now you’re falling back on the Leatherwood pick to justify it and that’s understandable as that pick has and will continue to throw a shadow over the rest of the draft. As others have said.. before the draft many of us would’ve loved Moehrig at 17 and L
  5. Quick thanks to you for all of the Twitter links and vids you posted throughout the draft as well as making all of the threads!
  6. Hey man we’re all entitled to our own opinions and you can be pessimistic all you want.. but it’s mind boggling to me that you just argued that a pick in the 2nd round was bad because they could’ve drafted the same guy in the 1st. That’s just a whole new level of being negative. I mean just for entertainment purposes.. let’s look at the trade value chart. You’re arguing the Raiders should’ve picked Moehrig at 17 (valued at 950) instead of using picks 48 and 121 (valued at 420 and 52 respectively). They got Moehrig for literally half the value/investment than they would’ve if they d
  7. It’s all about tv ratings. As you said more teams will be in playoff contention down the stretch. The last week will have a huge amount of games with playoff implications so fans will be watching other games besides their teams. Not to mention two more sellout stadiums at playoff ticket prices. As palooka said from a competitive and an overall quality of playoff game perspective, there will be a significant dropoff.. but will any fan be complaining when their team sneaks as the 7 seed?
  8. I was under the impression the 17 game season doesn’t begin until next year? 14 team playoff this season though.
  9. The 20 mil a year is around the right price to look past that though right?
  10. I had thought it was simply a lack of talent so far this season.. but seeing Morrow lining up opposite Hopkins (even though it was zone) really has me questioning his game plan.
  11. This wrestler breaks it down really well.. "toxic fandom" is a real thing and forums like these breed it. It's not intentional but the posters here are a true minority in how familiar they are with the organization.. and as this guy says, familiarity breeds contempt. Check it out.
  12. I would like to add that the first episode of Hard Knocks is on Aug 6 and will be on Tuesdays until Sep 3rd for a total of 4 episodes.
  13. Luckily, I've known my girlfriend for a long time so I've learned her tastes. The lamps may have broken, but I knew they were only going to be temporary. Now I know exactly which lamps I want to buy because I've had some time to think about it.
  14. Ok lets simplify this. Lets say you just moved into a new apartment, but don't any furniture for your new living room! You only have $5,000 dollars that you can spend. What do you do? Do you spend all of it on a top of the line TV and luxury couch? Or do you budget and fill out the whole living room with decent lamps, a couple good coffee tables, wall decor and some knick knacks. You can make the room completely suit your personality, and feel comfortable, instead of being an empty room with a nice TV and couch.. and Wow! Surprise! You did a really good job budgeting and have some leftove
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