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  1. MMA Thread

    I like it. Couldn’t remember if Lee moved up or RDA down. Both look like they peaked at their divisions though. Glad to see Lee moved up
  2. I'm Having a Baby!! Advice?

    Calm down Bob Some of my best friends are Texans fans
  3. I'm Having a Baby!! Advice?

    Did anyone make use of a mini fridge so they didnt have to go downstairs to get breastmilk/formula in the middle of the night? Any recommendations? We dont need anything big at all
  4. 2019 NFL draft where the jags pick at 32;) (Update: pick at 7)

    The drops and change of direction sounds like Matt Jones to me Hands for a WR is one of those things i feel like you cant teach. And it should be the #1 thing you look for when sifting thru the WR class and kicking guys off your board
  5. The Official BDN Thread

    You think running all short crossers on 3rd and 17 is bad philosophy?
  6. I guess thats good for us getting an extra million...looks disappointing though
  7. Other than those 2 i cant really think of any. As mediocre as alot of other guys are he isnt better. Arizona maybe as a short bridge before Murray? He might actually be better than Rosen. If Cam Newtons shoulder isnt right he could start in Carolina
  8. MMA Thread

    Yea agreed. He fought a great fight vs Till but he just lost to Wonderboy and a close one to Maia
  9. MMA Thread

    Very interesting fight but i dont think it gets Cowboy the title shot he wants which is unfortunate. If he beat Conor it would
  10. Everything Free Agency: Duval Edition

    Were you expecting Flowers to have gotten more? As far as the bargains, there really aren't many guys left we can afford anyways
  11. Redskins sign OT Erick Flowers (1 year, $4M)

    So you're saying you want Eli to play all 16 games? I thought Giants fans wanted his era to be over?
  12. Green Bay expected to sign Za'Darius Smith

    Never been in the winter, only visited family the other 3. The winters are brutal and will deter some people that maybe have lived in warm weather climates their whole life but in general I like it up there. It's hardly the deterrent the way people think
  13. Ryan Fitzpatrick signs with dolphins

    You know I think I remember hearing that only once or twice
  14. Ryan Fitzpatrick signs with dolphins

    This is a dangerous game to play here because he either plays so great you honestly think about re-signing him and then he plays like you cant believe you ever bothered to call him about possibly signing him in the 1st place. If he starts all 16 games, it wouldn't surprise me if he won enough to not get the #1 pick
  15. 2019 NFL draft where the jags pick at 32;) (Update: pick at 7)

    While its never a bad thing to see this, I feel like if he was remotely that good he would have seen the field some last year right?