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  1. I'm so glad im not in Tax. I'll gladly take my sucky month-ends to not have ridiculous tax season hours. Best of luck to you Pwny!
  2. The fact that Pena is calling her out can be kind of sold...I mean not great but no one called out Amanda
  3. Me too! Idk why everyone just assumes no one is there at bantamweight for her. Dont get it twisted, Nunes probably wins but GDR has alot of success on the feet. If she could stop a few more TDs it could get very interesting
  4. Do people think he walks thru Askren? I mean I dont think im betting on anyone in this one but considering the punches he's taken in 4 oz gloves, I feel like he wont just get murked in 2 rounds
  5. True and it definitely will be an interesting fight but Izzy has obviously gotten better too. Right after the Marvin fight he won a UD vs Tavares which seems strange too. Now we'd all expect a finish from Stylebender
  6. Polish Power v Old man Glover announced for 266 and Gregor Gillespie v Diego Ferreira on May 8th.
  7. Its crazy that Sewell could fall outside the Top-5 too
  8. Agreed. If Paul takes a calculated approach he should win pretty easily
  9. Interesting, dont know much about the scheme. Does the announced change make us change our draft plans much? Increase our chances of LB or DL? Does Barmore fit a 3-4 better? I know we signed alot of DL guys
  10. Holland wants the Izzy fight but the 2 are similar in the sense that Izzy shouldn't be going to LHW because he is just too small for the larger dudes with good wrestling much like Holland at MW.
  11. This was my first thought as well, he has every right to be pissed but dude you tied your next fight to this big payday and now you say its off? Thats just foolish.
  12. I think people hate Usman because of his fight IQ...like of course he wont go into Burns world or stand and bang with Jorge but would anyone do anything different if they were in his shoes? As far as the KO stuff, since he moved to WW, all but 1 of his wins has been by KO/TKO. The fact Burns tagged him is a factor but you could also say there was no threat of a TD so Burns could throw freely. Also fun fact, Jorge Masvidal has a loss on his record vs Raphael Assuncao?
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