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  1. 49ers fear Jimmy Garoppolo has a torn ACL

    Assuming he comes back 100% getting 1 of those monster defenders would be pretty awesome. Better to happen now than in December. You get a better pick and Jimmy G will be 100% for 2019 season
  2. Report: Gruden causing divide in Raiders front office

    The FO needs to calm down. You cant sign someone to a deal like that and then get complacent yet.
  3. Good news we are still 2-1 but it really sucks to be 0-1 in the division while the Titans are 2-0
  4. But they are still lowering their head
  5. What is Malik supposed to do though? I just dont get it. Question: Why was that Mariota pass along the sideline not ruled a drop if the ball came out?
  6. So hopefully nothing serious by that remark.
  7. General News Thread

    Boomer just compared Josh Allen to Cam Newton lol
  8. He kind of should regret it. I know we are confident in our defense but it wasn't like we were even up at this point
  9. The one Cole dropped was beyond 10 I thought
  10. Man I hope the Titans players talk so much trash. Our team deserves to hear every bit of it. You let them come into the bank and take all your money. Any momentum we thought we had last week is long gone.