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  1. Jets trade Christian Hackenberg to the Raiders

    Why the heck was he ever drafted in the top-100?
  2. Eagles cut Kendricks

    Crazy, i mean why now? They can afford him another year and want to make another run at a SB
  3. MMA Thread

    Interesting to see Eubanks and Lauren Murphy fighting bc they hated each other on TUF Also 226 is still STACKED
  4. MMA Thread

    I mean its early but yea. So far its pretty meh outside the ME Its funny bc the fight night before this PPV is STACKED
  5. The tWo Hangout

    Ugh...that’s what i was afraid of.
  6. MMA Thread

    I just want confirmation about his hands. If he didn't in fact break both hands, then I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for this one but yea he is usually uninspiring.
  7. The tWo Hangout

    So i have a question: I was wondering how does a speeding ticket affect your insurance? Like if we went to court, pay the fine and goes to driving school, does that take things off the record? My wife got pulled over doing 52 in a 55 but it was a school zone so when the flashing lights its 35mph and she got pulled. What also hurts is she is in fact a teacher and was otw to work so she has seen those lights before but with her Mom just getting home after a 2 month stint in the hospital and now several more months/years recovering from brain trauma so she isn't firing on all cylinders yet. My wife knows she did wrong and fully takes responsibility for it but if you have ever met the 2 of us and went driving with us 10 of 10 of you would say I'd get pulled before her. She wouldnt do anything to knowingly put anyone else in danger and she is kind of struggling with this(having been her 1st parking/traffic violation in 11 years of driving) and worried about the increase in our insurance.
  8. Jaguars forum stats

    Settle down Tug. Not like you'll be sitting right next to one unless you find yourself in your wife's doghouse and in that case you should be damn-lucky to be in the dog park lol
  9. Jaguars forum stats

    Why?...I mean why?
  10. With an actual draft pick, the Jags pick Tanner Lee

    Everyone thinks finding a Tom Brady in the 6th is easy. Hell even a ton of 3rd/4th round picks dont last 2 years
  11. Popularity contest is the only reason. Everyone knew this guys before he ever put on a Jaguars jersey but he isn't better than Telvin or Yan
  12. Ranking the roster - #4

    I love Telvin but the constant pressure that Yan/Calais bring help make Telvin incredible too.
  13. The tWo Hangout

    Was he really? Also I'm still pissed about that Jack call
  14. MMA Thread

    I don’t remember specifics but he dominated. Remember thinking well maybe he has to fight Twood again...Ugh
  15. Ranking the roster - #4

    I agree, and i get the thought process. Just figured if Lee was up there I’d put those 3 too. I went Yanny again