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  1. New Orleans still feels like the obvious choice for the late entrants
  2. Still this feels like a week 2 record
  3. Could you imagine? And then he'd defend both belts in the same month lol
  4. Ouch, all fights seem to go according to plan
  5. I didnt see any of it really, im still surprised we were close the whole game. Beating the Titans in TN seemed like a tall order for such a young team. Next 2 games will be huge. Gotta make sure we dont lay an egg
  6. Roughing the passer on 3rd down....not good
  7. Geez did anyone get eliminated in the 1pm games today? I know several people(myself included are sweating the KC game)
  8. Why didnt we kick it away after we scored our FG? We basically gifted them a FG chance that got them 3 more points
  9. Maybe I'm just pessimistic but I totally thought he was faking it
  10. I would be curious though if he fought a pure striker with no threat of a TD for him to defend how he'd fare.
  11. So Usman is next for Colby per him?...what if Burns wins lol
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