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  1. Good call there coach...*eye roll*
  2. What was Jalen so pissed about
  3. So much for a pass rush vs a bad OL
  4. What is coach decision mean if he’s not hurt?
  5. Yannick out...awesome I wish he was holding out still
  6. Chiefs @ Jags WEEK ONE GDT

    Yea Jones is one of the largest guys on the team, even if he didn't drive him into the ground it probably wasn't going to end well for the QB
  7. Chiefs @ Jags WEEK ONE GDT

    2 things: 1. Congrats on the win, even without Hill your offense looked incredible 2. Were you at all surprised Jones didn't get flagged/fined for the hit on Foles? I mean it wouldn't have impacted the game at all because we scored on the play and no one really cares about fines but did you expect one to come?
  8. Does the NFC get overrated?

    I feel like there are simply alot more teams in the NFC that if they won the SB, you wouldn't be THAT surprised whereas the Patriots have ruled the AFC for quite a while. So maybe the AFC is alot more top-heavy but half the teams in the NFC wouldn't surprise me if they hoisted the Lombardi Trophy
  9. MMA Thread

    Gaethje.v Conor, make it happen!! Justin took little to no damage and Conor is as fresh as he could be since he isn't fighting anyone. Make it happen!!
  10. MMA Thread

    Yea unfortunately it gets the better of him way too much. He has cardio for days but he just has to survive the 1st much like Tony Ferguson too
  11. MMA Thread

    So disrespectful! Losing to Tony Ferguson, the #1 contender and probably the #2 is Gaethje isn't terrible. He probably will never get another title shot though
  12. MMA Thread

    Wow Cirkunov v Crute was awesome! Well that's one way to survive Hughes, just poke him in the eye LOL Duffee didn't learn a thing from the Mir fight. He is winging punches big time, nothing crisp or technical at all Idk if Hall's TDD got a little better or if Shoeface can't breathe and therefore he cant finish a TD. The look on Hall's face when he won was priceless lol. He thought he lost It was definitely close, yea ACJ had control a lot and secured 4 TDs, but he didn't exactly do anything with them Didn't realize Hall/ACJ were friends, I feel like the UFC should know better to not have Hall fight his friends. I get its business but you know Hall doesn't have that killer instinct to kill his friends Hall, I love you bruh but Izzy is way too high for you to where you won't get that fight Cowboy I get it but I think the ref saved you
  13. Devin Singletary...

    Plenty of college RBs get 1500 carries and are durable then but the shots they take are bigger/more painful and as soon as their is a chink in their armor, its probably the beginning of the end. Kevin Smith is a prime example. I know he's a smaller dude, much like MJD but its going to be tough
  14. I know its easy to say whether or not we win has to do with Gardner but the defense has got to step up to help the young man. Last week they looked pitiful vs a team without its best WR. The fact Sammy Watkins made us look foolish is inexcusable. We have to go to get to Watson early and often. Much like last week, Houston will be throwing a lot
  15. The Gardner Minshew Thread: All Hail the Stache

    I don't even know he was getting odds right? I mean you had to expect Foles would get hurt AND he'd throw well