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  1. MMA Thread

    Why does Till wanna fight Perry?
  2. No kidding? Strong is being treated like he has proven something in the NFL and he hasnt
  3. MMA Thread

    Didnt realize RDA usually fights with a quick turnaround
  4. MMA Thread

    I love Cerrone but is it better for the UFC of he lost? Like is he ever going to be the contender we want him to be?
  5. Official Jags Nostalgia Thread

    This seems like forever ago. Was beautiful to watch. Shame our backup QB back then is better than what we've had the last almost decade
  6. Alright everyone, there seems to be a divide among fantasy owners when it comes to QBs. 1. Do you start your best no matter what? 2. Play matchups? 3. Or is there some gray area there? I would like to hear from everyone about decisions you've made(both right and wrong) with QBs this season to gauge whether or not playing your best all the time works or if playing matchups really is better. What do you say? My 2 QBs: Dak Prescott(6th) vs Matthew Stafford(10th) Week 2, i started Stafford vs NYG(a slightly better matchup) than Prescott vs Denver. Result: Prescott wins 15.9 to 13.2 Week 3, started Stafford vs Atlanta over Dak vs Arizona. Thought Arizona was the more difficult matchup but so far ATL has been tougher. Result: Dak wins 22.9 to 16.5 Week 4, better QB has the better matchup so unable to determine a pattern there Week 5, started Dak vs GB over Stafford vs Minny. GB is rated slightly tougher but Dak wins 29.7 to 15.2 So far at least with mine starting the better guy has been the way to go. What say you? Ps, this isn't to compare Tom Brady to Andy Dalton, you want to keep the guys relatively close in rankings
  7. Give up on Andrew Luck

    Even if it was easy it doesn't seem like he is playing this year. With the way the Texans are playing i think the Colts would be out of it by the time Luck MIGHT get healthy and even that is a big if
  8. 2018 Draft headed to Dallas

    It will get overturned
  9. 2017 Survivor Pick'Em

    I figured Atlanta would have beaten Jay Cutler just fine and were up 17-0 but Super Bowl
  10. Marshawn Lynch suspended 1 game

    He should be lucky that's all he got
  11. Probably comes down to which offense makes less mistakes
  12. 2017 Survivor Pick'Em

    @Jags did you not make a week 6 pick? Looks like we have 3 left and all on the brink
  13. MMA Thread

    Yea OSP is definitely more exciting
  14. MMA Thread

  15. Mike Mitchell Hit on Alex Smith

    Sorry but I'm not buying the fact he just tripped and fell low into Smiths legs