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  1. Yea I get that Harris could be a beast but man we lack so much talent elsewhere and have a good RB in JRob. Lets use these 4 picks to fill some huge holes. QB/OL/DL/TE/DBs
  2. I cant imagine Devonta Smith falls anywhere near 25 but id be all over it
  3. @Chops013 if you dont think Wade will be an outside CB then isnt it not ideal to spend a 2nd round pick on a nickel DB?
  4. Let's Fn GO!!!! Also "The Good Josh Allen" part at the end was probably a year old right?
  5. I really should pay more attention to FAs considering we have buckets of cap to spend
  6. True although AJ Brown and Corey Davis are a solid 1-2 to contend with that should keep tanny good
  7. My heart cant take that fight. I want my boy Tony to just stop
  8. yea but its true. Unless he put on the extra 10 lbs in a bad way vs Dustin, he just didnt have that translation in power and the bigger shots definitely affected him
  9. I feel like Ortega deserves it more honestly. Zabit won a close fight vs Kattar and hasn't fought since Nov 2019. I get that Ortega lost badly to Max a while ago but what Ortega did to KZ matters too.
  10. Thats unbelievable, is that right though? Didnt he land like 50 something in 2 of the 5 round each?
  11. Love the video of the 257 headliner where it says Dustin Poirier: Former interim champion...okay thats correct and theres Conor McGregor: 2 Weight World Champion....as if he's either of those things right now
  12. Stipe-Ngannou AND Volkanovski v Ortega March 27th lets go!!
  13. Not a big fan of a trade then sign Zach Ertz. Hasnt he been hurt for 2 years now?
  14. I hear ya but does Khabib even care? He isn’t motivated like a normal person. He just as easily could be speaking to Dana bc he respects him and money doesn’t motivate him now the way it does most
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