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  1. Dude that’s serious cheddar. Hope you’re right
  2. GWT: Week 20 Jaguars @ Patriots

    Bouye was making me cringe on Sunday. Had a hard time in coverage on Brown. Hope he is ready to tackle Gronk. Gonna get called for alot of PI likely trying to get around that big body for a PD and you know the refs got that flag pulled before the snap
  3. I am so incredibly excited for this game. I have the same feeling i did last week. Part of me thinks we can do it and other parts think we will get killed. The way the Steeler game went has me very perplexed. If you told me we gave up 42 i would have assumed we lost by 14. I hope our defense gets it together for the biggest game and biggest underdog game in franchise history
  4. AFCCG - Jags at Pats

    How good is your OL? I thought we would get to Ben alot but didnt. Is there any glaring weakness or a pretty strong unit all together?
  5. MMA Thread

    Usman is talking some serious crap post-fight. Baddest WW? Calm down
  6. AFCCG - Jags at Pats

    This is something i hope we keep utilizing. It is a factor we have to use
  7. The ruling on whether or not a guy gets out of bounds and stops the clock baffles me because it seems like different refs call it differently
  8. LeVeon Bell @ His Contract Demand

    Idk it might actually happen. Depends i guess. I dont know if they want to risk losing him if they have a 1 year deal already in place. 19M is alot of money for him though but there is no telling what we get in free agency. If we miss on the best QBs, we will be forced to go QB in the draft and the late 20s is not a great place to be for that
  9. LeVeon Bell @ His Contract Demand

    Glad to see we have 25M because we have people to pay even if we cut Ivory and Lewis we got guys like Ramsey/Yannick/ARob/Jack to pay this year(Arob) or next with the others
  10. LeVeon Bell @ His Contract Demand

    Well having a QB on the cheap helps alot. Makes you wonder if they pay Keenum
  11. AFCCG - Jags at Pats

    Good luck guys, hope that everyone stays healthy. I am still very terrified of playing the Patriots. We struggled to get pressure on Ben and without it on Brady he will pick us apart. Cant expect to win a shootout vs you guys. Need a near perfect game for us. I expect to be a 10 pt under dog. I think we can win and definitely play the "no chance" team well but we need a lot of lucky breaks
  12. AFC South Discussion Thread

    If Luck makes it back 100% it will be alot of fun even though i think Luck is overrated.
  13. AFC South Discussion Thread

    Yea I thought it was strange too
  14. In season news and notes

    I was just thinking about this. There was talk his condition was degenerative but he is balling out right now in year 2