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  1. Thanks, was more a less a question for the group as a whole. I made my drops(i think I’m good now) just wanted to make sure i can make adds if i didnt
  2. Yea i didnt either. I like Ortega because he’s so chill but damn dude these guys wanna learn and you cant show up on time?
  3. When does this need to be done by @pwny? And can we put in claims before getting back to the limit?
  4. Great pick @SaveOurSonics, surprised he was still there.
  5. If we had 1 Top-30 TE on this roster I'd say its unlikely but we dont. I think he makes it too
  6. I agree its way better than cryptic tweets but he signed a contract he didnt understand?... I get that players probably dont understand fully the contract in front of them but shouldn't the agent make it clear to them what he's signing? What are you paying him 10% for?
  7. Yea thats really weird especially in a trade up situation(not that this was) but teams are so bullish with their evaluation that they would sometimes say screw it to conventional wisdom because they are so smart...and in a CYA situation put this in My only question about the language is injury, how does a serious injury play a factor in this?
  8. I'm fine with it, if anything just surprised that 1. We actually are smart enough to not have it for the sake of the players given our history 2. More teams dont do this? seems strange
  9. It was more of a joke than anything...I dont expect Cam to be here next year so the fact he's walking with Trevor feels irrelevant.
  10. Wasnt Diaz outclassed for 24 minutes? Don’t get me wrong the last minute was significant though right
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