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  1. Aldo vs TJ is 100% the #1 contender fight to make. I know both took damage in their last fight but the timing fits really well
  2. Yea Amosov is definitely taking that. Gonna bet a small house on it
  3. As much as I’ve bashed Islams resume and how much i want Gaethje to get the next shot, if Islam just smeshes Dariush in R1 I wouldn’t hate him getting the next shot. All depends on how the title shot goes. If it is a quick win for Olives/Dustin then the Gaethje fight might be booked before Islam fights
  4. Since the champ is a different person I’m fine with it
  5. Gaethje next and obviously Islam/Beneil after that. Gotta love it *injuries aside*
  6. I love it and I worry too..not sure his chin will be there and not sure he is fast enough to win there but its clear he had a massive strength disadvantage at LW and if he wants a title his best path is FW because he isnt beating Islam
  7. ? No not at all, they will likely keep it standing until the fight goes to the ground.
  8. I dont think his only path is a sub, he is a high level MMA fighter. Should be very interesting no matter where the fight goes As for the bolded, who is saying they should let them be taken down?...
  9. Yea its crazy: 1. How much smaller he looked 2. How the heck Chiesa made 155
  10. That'll be interesting, if Ankalaev gets him down early its over
  11. Olives/Dustin winner vs Gaethje Dariush-Islam Chandler-Mcgregor Hooker vs Olives/Poirier loser RDA-Gillespie What to do with Olives/Poirier loser/Hooker, that one doesnt feel right Usman vs Leon Chimaev v Burns Colby v Luque Wonderboy v Brady/Chiesa winner Diaz v Masvidal 2
  12. Could've sworn GM3 was ranked but maybe that a UFC brainchild bs ranking or I misremembered
  13. Havent they both fought 2 ranked opponents? I'm not disagreeing that Islam's resume is better but I do think its not impressive enough to get a title shot
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