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  1. Hopefully this is all legit. Dont want him to go
  2. How do we fix the 2018 Jags?

    Stupid question that I'm sure a ton of you can shed some light on: Is there an interactive site that takes the 2019 available cap, includes the 2018 rollover and then you can pick certain players to cut and see how much $ is left over to sign FAs and extend guys?
  3. How do we fix the 2018 Jags?

    Everyone was so excited about that pick too and now its dumb? I agree the scouts should have done their homework on the next year's crop but stuff happens and guys fall/get hurt/suck/stay in school
  4. Brandon Linder placed on IR; needs surgery

    Depends on the $ I suppose. I'd hate to get cute with signing good OL but its got to come somewhere
  5. 2018 Jaguars Survivor Pick'Em

    I haven't looked at SoS yet but you have to be winning that too.
  6. MMA Thread

    Not sure we can quote that directly on this site for language but screw it lol. Killashaw gonna kill the whole damn thing
  7. Week 10 GDT

    At least the ones he called out and I would laugh at them doing too even though I probably shouldn't
  8. Jordy Nelson announces retirement

    I honestly would love to see him back with a real QB so I'm all for that
  9. Kupp out for the year(sorry Rammy)

    Man that really sucks. Want to see them at 100% for the rematch vs the Saints
  10. How do we fix the 2018 Jags?

    Wash has to go. Draft has to be heavy offense. I know we took Bryan/Harrison for the future but we almost have to think away from BPA and go BPA on the offensive side of the ball strictly
  11. How do we fix the 2018 Jags?

    I dont want Bud Foster at all
  12. Week 10 GDT

    Not surprised by this or much of anything he says anymore. We all kind of assumed he'd leave
  13. Curious to see how this plays out with Ramsey
  14. Brandon Linder placed on IR; needs surgery

    He is so good but injuries are going to ruin him
  15. Like I said a few weeks ago, Marrone has lost the team Seriously, WTH happened yesterday? They dropped 29 on us in the 1st half? I didn't get a chance to watch a snap but it didn't look like the offense was terrible in the stat sheet but we know how that can be misleading