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  1. I'm Having a Baby!! Advice?

    So my wife and i just found out that she is pregnant with our 1st child! My wife is incredibly terrified despite the fact we were trying and since we are so early in the process she doesnt want to tell family yet but she really wants advice. Does anyone have some advice short of just being there for her? She is paralyzingly afraid of throwing up so the morning sickness has been brutal so far for her and she doesn't want to eat anything but crackers
  2. USMC's "Dirty Dozen" Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    I’d like to vote on it as well Glad i checked the draft thread bc i iust saw i had to take a kicker
  3. USMC's "Dirty Dozen" Dynasty (Draft Thread)

    Kicker Stephen Gostkowski NE @chisoxguy7 is otc
  4. MMA Thread

    The what?
  5. MMA Thread

    You mean WW?
  6. Where to pick this year's rookie running backs?

    I feel like rookie RBs are taken earlier than ADP just because people know a few break out unexpectedly and Duke Johnson isn’t exactly breaking out in that way and likely has a similar ADP. Last year having so many good rookie RBs will make people thirsty for finding one
  7. Rate my Mock Draft Thread

    Figured now that mock drafts are available it would be a good time to dive in and rate each other's mocks before the real deal. Specify settings and team #s so we can accurately give feedback
  8. Auction League Draft Tips

    Okay so this isn't my 1st auction league and i actually won it last year but mostly because of working the waiver wire very well. I want a more well thought out plan for the draft. It is a 14 team league(which is 4 spots larger than last so and idea of how that changes things would help) I put together my list of 196 "draftable" people(14 people x 14 roster spots) and put in ESPN's auction projected costs as a baseline and moved them up/down based on my own projections, but i have like >$300 left to allocate and think that is crazy high considering ESPN had their set for a 10 team league, i would think in a 14 team league, top guys would cost less. Any advice on larger auction drafts as far as the $? Or any in-draft tips?
  9. 2018 Fantasy Baseball Advice Thread

    I'm making a trade in a keeper league. I basically will get 1 keeper back. Who would you rather have: Patrick Corbin to keep at a 23rd or Blake Snell at a 15th? Ks, ERA, WHIP, K:BB, Wins are the SP categories 12 team league
  10. Is it selfish for colleges not to teach pro style?

    This absolutely. The only thing that would suck is if a QB goes to a pro-style offense, that coach leaves and then is left in a gimmick offense. They either have to stick it out or possibly wait to transfer which doesnt look great in some coach's eyes too. College coaches get paid to win. If they can win with running a 5 RB set then they will do it
  11. Auction League Draft Tips

    Anybody? Another thing I'm wondering is about QBs. Like spending a hair more on a QB/TE wouldnt be so bad since we are bidding for FA acquisitions and most likely they will be RB/WRs so is it better strategy to snag a better QB/TE since 14 of them will be started
  12. Where to pick this year's rookie running backs?

    In standard flex/non ppr leagues I have it as: Guice-Penny/Jones-Freeman. And honestly I have all in the 50-65 range Guice will lose alot of catches to Thompson Jones is smaller so likely won't have the GL chances, not a great OL either Freeman likely splits with Booker some and a middle of the road OL Penny has a terrible OL but likely won't have to share too much Every year i try to draft a rookie RB because a few always come with lightning in a bottle and dont cost too much. These guys will fall in that range of likely your #2 RB or flex which doesn't sound great but if they are then you SHOULD have 1-2 legit RBs and 1-2 legit WRs and maybe even a QB or TE so you can afford some high risk/reward. The 50-65 range is early round 5-early round 6
  13. First Rookie Running Back to 1,200 yards rushing?

    Yea Kerryon will lose some carries but given how great he was at Auburn and how him playing through injuries its best for him to share the load for now.
  14. MMA Thread

    I think you're a little too excited there. Wouldnt even say Top-5 this year. Why so over the moon excited for that fight? Just because the threat of a TD is very low?
  15. MMA Thread

    I think that is the only thing you can do IF there is an interim belt to be had. Hopefully Max doesnt actually have a concussion. I want Stephens to win but Aldo is the worlds best "gatekeeper" at this point since he cant beat Max but beats literally everyone else fighting at FW
  16. Lesean McCoy Accused of DV, PED use

    I cant imagine anyone trades a 1st for him anyways. Figured your best bet might be a comp pick
  17. MMA Thread

    Sooooo interim belt next month? Lol
  18. Super Flex League Draft Strategy

    Even Tate vs Kelce is super close though. I do feel like 3 TEs are draftable in the 1st half of the draft in a PPR league and after that they are a crapshoot. Considering you dont have to field a TE spot, you should treat a TE just like he is a WR and that knocks alot of them down.
  19. First Rookie Running Back to 1,200 yards rushing?

    The only one that will sniff that is Barkley. 1200 total yards is more likely to have multiple people involved
  20. Lesean McCoy Accused of DV, PED use

    Wouldn't you rather have a 3rd round comp pick?
  21. USMC's "Dirty Dozen" Dynasty (Draft Thread)

    4.10 Houston DST @tntitans4life17 is OTC
  22. Better Peak Larry Fitzgerald V Sterling Sharpe

    Holy Thread Bump Batman The numbers that Sharpe put up in the early 90s when throwing 4000 yards was unheard of is incredibly impressive but its so hard to compare their primes when they were done in completely different NFL eras
  23. MMA Thread

    Yea the HW fight was pretty boring although nothing like Ngannou/Lewis. Ivanov/Hunt better not be a 5 round fight Sage was ultra impressive on his feet but i just feel like his TDD will keep him from being towards the top on the rankings
  24. The tWo Hangout

    Yea it will more than likely be a case of leaving the kid at the store
  25. MMA Thread

    He's gonna name this baby Dolly. He used a Dolly to ruin his career so lets really drive that home