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  1. MMA Thread

    Over who else is left without a dance partner that can pass a drug test?
  2. 1st Round Mock

    Interesting going DL for us and no qb in top10
  3. Yea once we signed Foles it likely took us out of the QB hunt and the rest of our needs dont leave us with great options. I could see us trading down with a QB/DL needy team but not fleece them
  4. The Official BDN Thread

    Whats he supposed to say? Of course he’d rather face Bortles

    If they really want to tank then trading a pick and taking that salary would be foolish
  6. Rank these pass rushers as prospects

    Probably ahead of Fowler and Watt but that’s it
  7. Bears and Packers to open on Thursday Night Football

    Probably would be best to wait for the Browns to get some real on field time before sending them to the slaughter
  8. I was wondering when it was going up. Starting to feel like the real NFL draft. Jaguars are OTC...COMMERCIAL!
  9. Rank these pass rushers as prospects

    1. Clowney 2. J. Bosa 3. Garrett 4. N Bosa 5. Watt 6. Fowler
  10. Saints close to signing Jared Cook

    Best TE he's had since Graham probably although that doesnt say alot
  11. Owners to vote on 4th and 15 on-side kick alternative

    Wouldn’t that be too easy?
  12. Gronk Retires

    Easily my favorite Patriot of all-time which is tough to say since they always beat us but I just loved his kid-like enthusiasm. Love watching guys play with a visible positive passion for the game plus he was more than a pass-catcher. He was an absolute mauler in blocking in a league where some guys would rather run routes, he would truck people, win championships and still get his in the stat sheet.
  13. Jeremy Maclin to retire

    And even he had a decent season with Oakland for 1 year. Injuries got the best of almost everyone from a class most people thought was stacked
  14. Jeremy Maclin to retire

    Yup, yet another one of those guys where we think "Didn't he retire like 2-3 years ago?"
  15. Owners to vote on 4th and 15 on-side kick alternative

    While I dont like the possible change I agree it needs to be more than just 15 yards. In this NFL completing a 15 yard pass isn't THAT hard, although my team cant but still it should be very tough because you weren't good enough for 55-59 minutes of football, you shouldn't be allowed to get something easy.
  16. Owners to vote on 4th and 15 on-side kick alternative

    Exactly, another way that offense will outweigh defense in this league. Not to mention the bogus PI/roughing calls on this "onside kick 4th and 15 thing"
  17. MMA Thread

    RDA rematch or the winner of Edson/Gaethje would be awesome fights for Showtime. He is calling out the right fights for him. Forget the belt and put on a Show-time sir
  18. MMA Thread

    Finally watched Showtime/Wonderboy, its so weird to see 2 strikers stand so close together and neither throws so a few seconds. Also they say guys like Holloway and Ferguson are the ones that give Showtime issues but come on the pressure isn't good but the threat of a TD is the real issue Also WOW just saw the KO. That was freakin awesome even though I knew it was coming
  19. MMA Thread

    Got a chance to watch Barber/Aldrich, glad to see Maycee overcome some adversity and also not be so freakin annoying on the mic but she is 20 after all so ill try not to hold it against her
  20. MMA Thread

    Has Gaethje put on a boring fight ever in the UFC? this one should be no different
  21. MMA Thread

    I'll believe it when I see it bc ya never know with uncle dana But I hope we see them both fight really soon even if its not a rematch
  22. Gronk Retires

    He probably thought so too but Tom keeps coming back
  23. MMA Thread

    I’d be shocked if they did a Lawler/Askren rematch regardless of how you thought it could gave ended for Lawler or if it should have ended for Askren. The UFC never does rematches for peculiar endings

    I just meant the whole trade Mack and wind up with Bosa but was more of a joke than anything