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  1. MMA Thread

    Yea BJ Penn needs to go away from fighting. He lost to Denis freakin Siver who was 1-3-1 his last 5 fights and Penn is now 0-5 and looks like he is fighting with a stick up his arse. Watching him fight Edgar was the painful experience
  2. MMA Thread

    Lee v Iaquinta should be fun this weekend and Edson v Hooker should be fireworks too. Pettis v Font and Miller v Oli round out a solid free card
  3. MMA Thread

    So what happens to Lawler and Askren?
  4. Just a reminder, this thread works a whole lot better when we work together. Give someone advice and then leave your question as well. I have some already but I think I can be trusted to return the favor: Non-PPR need a RB/WR and 2 WRs: Alex Collins vs Buffalo Chris Hogan vs Houston Juju Smith-Schuster @ Cleveland Marquise Goodwin @ Minnesota(Rhodes Island?) Will Fuller @ New England Cooper Kupp @ Oakland Non-PPR League need 3 WRs Odell Beckham vs Jax(Gotta start right? Even with Ramsey) Doug Baldwin @ Denver(Chris Harris and a knee injury?) Will Fuller @ New England Marquise Goodwin @ Minnesota(Again Rhodes all day?) The first one I'm confident in the team as a whole but the 2nd I'm concerned because Kerryon is my #2 RB. The 2nd could be easy if Baldwin doesn't actually play but the results might be tough to swallow.
  5. MMA Thread

    Terrible is a strong word. Even PPV cards are usually just a few good fights and even some of them disappoint. I think free cards are good for people wanting to see young up n comers This next one for instance should be a good card
  6. MMA Thread

    What did Khabib do that was so disgusting?
  7. MMA Thread

    As someone that never pays for PPVs, I kind of like the volume of the free cards lol
  8. MMA Thread

    Why has this happened twice to them? Also that sucks as that should have been some fun fights
  9. MMA Thread

    He might not believe in ring rust but he needs to believe in his inability to handle training
  10. MMA Thread

    Yea, he may not be a choir boy but everyone knows he is loaded and public perception would make him appear guilty
  11. Who to Start/Sit Thread: Help Us, Help You

    So apparently our playoffs are a 2 week endeavor. I'm down 27 and with Conner and Gordon out I need guys to perform Cam Newton vs New Orleans, NO is hot and Cam is struggling Josh Allen vs Detroit, Detroit has nothing to play for and Allen at least is running a lot.
  12. Who to Start/Sit Thread: Help Us, Help You

    I'd go with Wilson actually assuming Breida is out.
  13. Who to Start/Sit Thread: Help Us, Help You

    I'd go Brady. Dallas's defense has been pretty strong lately.
  14. Who to Start/Sit Thread: Help Us, Help You

    Why Stills? Also I’m surprised you like Gus over Dalvin
  15. MMA Thread

    So he threw almost 200 punches in 5 minutes?
  16. MMA Thread

    Max walks around at 180?
  17. Who to Start/Sit Thread: Help Us, Help You

    So despite losing AJ Green, Cooper Kupp and Will Fuller I have made it to the finals but I have some questions. Despite his recent struggles, I do feel like Kamara has to be my #1 RB I need a RB, flex and #2 WR, non-PPR league Aaron Jones vs Chicago, they just shut down Gurley Gus Edwards vs TB, he gets volume and has a good matchup but if he's not scoring or catching passes his ceiling seems to be 20 carries for 80 yards Dalvin Cook vs Miami, doesn't get a ton of carries but might be game determined. Does catch some passes though, solid matchup Adam Humphries vs Baltimore, very tough defense and he let me down last week Josh Reynolds vs Philly, great matchup but 2 bad weeks in a row Curtis Samuel and Kenny Stills are FAs too I'm thinking about Jones, Cook and Reynolds but the WR spot is the toughest.
  18. Who to Start/Sit Thread: Help Us, Help You

    I think the Steelers D was the right play fwiw, but I think you won!
  19. MMA Thread

    We all need to start calling him Marty now lol
  20. MMA Thread

    Conor loves to talk, we all know this. What does Dennis have to talk about? As soon as he mentions it, Max can say Dennis has lost 4 in row. Not a fight with words Dennis wants to pick
  21. MMA Thread

    Isn't smoked a strong word to use? He beat Max 5 and a half years ago and it was by decision. Yes it was unanimous and 30-27,30-27,30-26 but since that fight Conor was finishing everyone at FW inside of 2 rounds. I know you love Conor and what's not to love with him at FW but the rematch is something that has to happen. Maybe its just semantics but when I hear someone got smoked I think they got knocked the eff out
  22. MMA Thread

    This and JJ never got a chase to throw a flurry of punches. She doesnt have legit KO power in single legs/kicks so she needs combinations but couldn't land without getting hit with harder shots.
  23. MMA Thread

    Because it was 6-7 years ago. Max was barely old enough to buy a drink
  24. What's Been the Story of Your Season Thus Far?

    Whats the scoring like?
  25. 2019 NFL draft where the jags pick at 32;)

    #7 in a Jaguars jersey just screams Byron to me even though it isn't