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  1. Boooo rule changes Sincerely, One of if not the worst team in the league If anyone is looking for a QB: Tom Brady and Ryan Tannehill are OTB
  2. Wow thats a big statement because once Khabib is gone, he could rule the LW division for a while
  3. I agree Ortega getting 1 win in 2 years is a big deal but you cant just keep Volk on the shelf either. However, if they do Volk vs CCC, Ortega vs Zabit makes all the sense in the world Ortega didnt just win though, he dominated KZ and on the feet too. I feel like that should be taken into consideration. Ortega's resume is definitely better than Zabit's too. Zabit has Kattar while Ortega has KZ, Edgar, Swanson and Renato all of which are better than Zabit's #2
  4. Unless Zabit gets a fight and looks good really soon, who else gets the shot?
  5. Ortega isn’t taking that fight. He’s getting the next shot. Gotta be Zabit or Max
  6. I feel like people that freeze come fight time and fight with poor fight iq aren't that good...because they tend to lose alot because of those things
  7. Agreed. Both of those teams need alot of help too but some teams value picks more than others. We could get lucky
  8. Michael Johnson is so weird...like he isnt that good but he beat: Dustin Poirier Tony Ferguson Edson Barboza And he probably should've beaten Gaethje
  9. Yea I'm still surprised Eddie didnt get him to the ground, cant remember if he even tried
  10. I certainly dont think its obvious Conor wins. At some point though the punishment he has sustained has to catch up to him though. He took big shots in his last fight too.
  11. I kind of compare Conor/Poirier to Gaethje/Ferguson. Poirier gets hit alot just like Tony but they usually survive and keep coming but Conor/Gaethje offer those bombs that dont allow for recovery or just jack you up ALOT. I expect Conor to finish Dustin too but ive been wrong 10x more than right so maybe Dustin by flying knee in 10 seconds?
  12. ill admit I was confident KZ would win but wow did T-City put on a clinic no one expected
  13. I dont trust Freeman at all I'd probably roll with Slayton. Its really close
  14. Geez thats tough. I'd probably still do Brown but thats me. If you're looking for the floor play though its Claypool probably. Hollywood's floor seems to be low lately
  15. Very interesting because Rojo was one I felt confident in benching lol I guess I expect LF back and TB to be playing catchup
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