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  1. Wow. Tomorrow War was filled with stupid.
  2. If you haven't played either, start with Jaws of the Lion for sure. MUCH easier to learn the game that way. MUCH. Also, much easier to set up and play. We are playing Jaws with 2 people. It works well (and one of us has no role playing experience).
  3. It is 100x easier than regular Gloomhaven. But yes, it can be overwhelming. However, it does a good job of walking you thru the game for 10 or so scenarios. The best way to learn that game is to play it (though watching a few play videos might help).
  4. I watch them online, nearly every play. Not the actual plays, but results and play calls. I read the statistics on running in second and long, and punting when they shouldn't. I'm not making stuff up. None of this is refuting what I'm saying, but ad hominem.
  5. We don't agree. He's anti mistake. What about the others? How bad do they have to be for it to be on him some?
  6. If you mean coaching... Runs on second and long Passes short of the marker on third down Punting inside the other teams side of the fifty All negative plays statistically.
  7. They are 1-3..... How good do you think they are? I'm not sure what examples you want, other than the record the last year plus.
  8. They are 1-3, after being terrible last year. This isn't about one game.
  9. Nah. Minnesota just isn't that good. No let down, just insufficient coaching and talent.
  10. Not sure how bad they have to get for people to join the anti Zimmer crowd....I was on a plane, and did not get to follow the game. Good teams find ways to win.
  11. ah. Well, sad world we live in, exhibit too many.
  12. I don't think anyone thinks it is.....we were commenting on how bad the filter is, weren't we?
  13. Showing how silly the filter is. We can't swear, but we can use horrible words, even if, hopefully, accidentally.
  14. Mind. Boggling. Unless that pick is a bust....which, sure, they might think that. New regime there?
  15. Should he have taken the inside guy, and let the outside guy run free? I'm not really sure what he should do there. That said, CLUTCH play by the QB.
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