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  1. This. The trade should never have been made in the first place, but it was. The question NOW was....what to do now. They probably got info that the wouldn't sign here (not in a way they could manage everything). At this point, trading him makes sense. Now trade more players.
  2. Just watched Hercules in New York. Ugh. But, needed to kill a bit of time while I kept myself off the computer.....Ugh. So bad.
  3. Closed out my position today (it was in my short term trading account) at a nice profit!
  4. After this year they will have three good, and four bad, years under this coach. That's top 10 material?
  5. you're him? huh. that makes sense now that I think about it. Don't give away your stuff on dmsguild, charge something.....really. Your time is worth money.
  6. might have shaken the wires lose t in the fixture..... If you know how, take it down, then see if the switch is sending power
  7. Btw...I sell d&d stuff... https://www.dmsguild.com/m/product/332887
  8. I'd fire any scouts that love how we've picked OL over the years.....
  9. I'll add to this....but..... Trade anyone over 30 that has a market. My priority is 1-3rd round picks, guys that were drafted high but haven't worked out (but I think might, no idea who that is) and salary relief (in that order). Fire Zimmer. Find an offensive minded coach in the off season. Make Kubiak the temporary HC (maybe he show something....). The team has been good 3 of 7 years (assuming they stay bad this year). Tell Kubiak to play the young guys more, rotate as you can. Draft the best QB on the board with the first pick. Trade up from round 5-7 to get more picks (depends on if I can deal any vets, etc). use any picks past round three on WR, DL, and DB (maybe a TE). Use the 3rd round pick on DL or OL, whichever is better at that spot.. If I can cut Cousins at the end of the year, do it, but I need to know more about how that works. If it kills 2021, fine, if it lets me off the hook in 2022 (if I can really only have ten million in dead money in 2022, its a deal). Heck, try to deal him to Dallas. Throw in whatever vet over 30 they want. If I take back salary, it has to be off the books to a large degree in 2021 (I see no chance this works, btw, but I try). I'd even throw in late round picks to make it happen. If I have money, sign the best OL I can as a FA. Preferably LG or LT. If sill have money, sign the best DB I can afford.
  10. That might explain why they are worse, but they are still worse. I guess we'll see next year if all these coaches are worth the money.....I have my doubts. And, in looking at a post above a few spots, three good years, and four bad or mediocre years isn't good enough. Being good every other year isn't good enough.
  11. After this year, they'll have missed the playoffs more than made them while Zimmer is here...... over time, the team has gotten worse under Zimmer, not better. I've said all along that one reason he's viewed as a defensive genius is that the defensive backfield was veterans and first round picks (or 2nd) for the most part. Now that they are young.....and the GM has spent more draft capital and FA capital on offense, the defense isn't good (at all). A genius should do better than this.
  12. If it's a rebuilding year.... Why? Clearly someone in leadership didn't think that through well....
  13. I know some people on this thread are more traders than investors......but I'd read the free basic investing advice on Motley Fool..... And, I didn't worry about my future until my mid 30s. You don't need to be nervous at all. Really.
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