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  1. There was so much to love in this show, overall. Loved the multiple Lokis. Loved there being a female Loki. Loved the bad guy at the end, and some of the TVA stuff. Loved how "our" Loki grew and changed. Loved the tone and feel. And yet, something in this show didn't click for me enough, given how much of it I loved. I still can't put my finger on it a day later......I also feel that from my reading...those that know the comics liked it a lot more than those that don't. The rest is based on me never reading the comics, before or in the future: I'd like to see a lot more fun wit
  2. They are not kidding around trying to fix that awful DL play.....good on them.
  3. sounds like some good news. that's nice.
  4. Risk.....maybe they thought he MIGHT be one, but weren't confident he would be. So, they would take him at 14, but not deal that much to get him.......this isn't some kind of black and white thing....it is more dial than switch.
  5. Right. If they thought he was a franchise QB for sure, they'd have done the deal, IMO.
  6. Better than nothing, and next year's draft should be stacked deep.....
  7. Ouch. My gambling in the market has been very bad this year. Oh well.....I guess I'll just watch it very, very, very slowly come back over the coming years....sigh. On the other hand, my stock from when I worked at UHG is killing it, and I own more of that than any other.....
  8. Castlevania (sporadically, since my wife isn't and I rarely just turn on the tv for me) Re-watching Ted Lasso (so good, so very good) For All Mankind (not sure if I like this, really like this, or find it annoying because it isn't as good as it should be) Shadow and Bone (on hold while we finish For All Mankind, then we'll go back) Schitt's Creek (great after a middling season 1) Escape to the Country (English house hunting.....I just like this for some reason)
  9. I've only been playing DnD online lately.....my wife and I like games, but don't seem to play much. Not sure why. Anyway, hoping we re-start Jaws of the Lion and also play more wingspan.....
  10. Except the DB or DE or WR is more likely to work... And, I was merely pointing out that him not working wasn't the worst case outcome, nothing more or less than that.
  11. The amount of capital is not really relevant.....just because you have a lot of money doesn't mean you should spend it unwisely.....and, we'll just disagree on the first sentence. His odds are extremely long, extremely. Whereas the odds of a legit contributor at other positions are decent.
  12. Worst case isn't that he's bad and they have to draft another....worst case is that a legit starter at another position could have been taken (note, I said worst case, not that one was there). The odds of him being a good NFL QB are very, very, low. The odds of a DB or LB or DL being a 3rd round starter aren't great, but they are much, much, higher. It's fine. But not what I'd have preferred they do.
  13. I'm on the "it means nothing about Hunter" train....not one of the other DEs has shown they can be consistently good. Roll the dice on two draft picks and see what happens. Makes sense to me.
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