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  1. 5e for me, though I'd like to play Patfhinder 2......
  2. I like it a lot, but no longer have a license. We are using Roll20, but The Foundry releases next week, I may try that for $50......
  3. Embarrassed for my alma mater.
  4. Did you copy and paste that from last year, and the year before? I predict I will not, once again, be drafted. Despite being eligible for 37 years now.....
  5. I can't imagine worrying that billionaires might not make more money.
  6. I was tempted, but I can't see how I'll play it for years. And, I'd rather find another D&D group than another 'haven group....
  7. My GH group is on hold, for obvious reasons right now. How is TTS for GH overall? None of us own TTS, but a four pack isn't too bad.....
  8. If you are a D&D geek, or similar....I launched a YouTube channel. Or, if you know someone that is. Oh, and a website too......which has poetry, Portland recommendations, and gaming stuff. https://mikesixel.com https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoowgkaWqTe5r7CJ2W8ygdw If this kind of thing is frowned upon, let me know...or just delete it.
  9. I'm not sure what you are arguing. Are you talking last year, or this coming year?
  10. I get that part, I don't get the part where anyone thinks this is a good idea......but, then, I've pretty much not agreed with Spielman's approach to the OL ever, so no surprise. I hope to be very wrong.
  11. Only active 2 games, and people think he's going to be a good starter this year........
  12. Obviously O'Neill has been very good.....but, if Hughes isn't healthy this year (you can't predict injuries, so I'm not judging them on that), it won't turn out to be a good draft......Just a reminder that no matter how much everyone loves those late picks, they just don't often turn out to matter all that much...
  13. I still find it odd how much everyone here (and in viking land, maybe) is counting on Samia when he didn't play last year, and wasn't even dressed some/many games.
  14. This. The IOL is going to kill this team, AGAIN. No real surprise to me......if Kirk is on the ground (or getting hit, or dumping it off all the time) and Dalvin is hurt again because he's hit all the time....well, everything else is meh to me. They needed an OG....that can start now.
  15. Other than, you know, the Seahawks actually winning the SB, or even getting there.....this team isn't close to that good.
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