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  1. I was responding to a post about passing on OL in round 1.... and 2, given their picks. You have to start somewhere..... I'd take multiple OL this year, but that's true every year. You need 6 or 7......
  2. They've literally never developed a guy not taken in round one or two....... why would we think that can change at this point?
  3. A long term starter is worth plenty at 14. I'd trade 14 for an OL that was a good starter for 4 to 6 years......
  4. If they don't take OL in round one, just plan on a backup QB...... how is this even a debate?
  5. DE is a need. The top need. No one is trading Hunter..... take a DE.
  6. Ouch. But they've proven year after year not to be able to fix the OL....
  7. None of that gives me confidence. Kirk won't make it thru the year if they don't pick an OL in round 1. Because they sure can't pick one later than round 2, they've proven that. But what do I know, I'm no GM/coach that misses the playoffs more than I make them.....
  8. "athletes" in rounds 4+ is good with me. But, as you might guess, I want more OL......
  9. It's a 6th round pick.... worth a shot.
  10. 90% of 6th round picks aren't around after a year or two. Great trade, even if it doesn't work.
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