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  1. If the Vikings pick a WR at 14, as some of you are saying you would, the OL will continue to be awful. The DL? They might have 2 starters next year, if both of their players that missed last year come back good......I can't believe anyone really thinks taking a first round WR over a player you believe is a legit starter on the OL is a good idea for the team. Should KC take a QB with their first pick, if he's the highest rated player on the board? Should Baltimore? How about Buffalo?
  2. You still haven't answered the question.......they have no 2nd. Their best defensive players are all old or missed significant time with injury last year. Significant. How many starting OL has this FO drafted past round 2 that were even serviceable? Picks after round three or four are not likely to be starters at all.
  3. They already have Jefferson on this roster........so, I'll ask again, how do you plan to fix the OL, DL, and other positions? Or is next year a punt year for you?
  4. So, how does the OL or DL or S get fixed then? Because it's a team game, not a matchup of individuals like the NBA. Would you take a WR over a starting DL or OL?
  5. The poster said they'd take BPA, regardless of position......basically. I'm asking if they'd take a WR over a starting DT or OL.
  6. You'd take a WR over a starting OL, because he's got a higher grade? Or over a DE or DT that would be good, if not great? How do you propose fixing the roster, with no 2nd, then?
  7. I'm leaning trade back, if possible.....or DE or OG. Not sure any QB left is a franchise QB (but if they think one is, they should take him).....but right now, DE is the biggest need (well, DT is, but not sure about the pickings).
  8. we gave one away last year, when we bought the house and it was left here.....someone took it.
  9. That's what I do also.....and my receiver is old, so no HDMI.....so, two remotes (alas, I don't have one for my receiver, so I have to get up and adjust the volume).
  10. If you have optical, use that over AV.... as for your issue, no idea.
  11. What difference does it make? I mean, I watch the games, who cares who the sponsor are of divisions? How does it actually effect you?
  12. And yet, the circumstances when they do are all about how great they are? Five times they need excuses? How many times does it need to happen not to be their issue at all? And NO, it is not like D-day. Good god.
  13. I'd argue they need a coaching change.........not personality change. This leadership has gotten them not to the playoffs more often than to the playoffs.
  14. This is how you get by having an OL that needs help.... fast passes. Who knew that was allowed?
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