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  1. I can't tell you how many times I uttered those words in my last leadership role.... So, I'm clearly a fan of his already
  2. Wide open division, likely the worst in football, next year. That said, if they keep Kirk, the Vikings will have a huge advantage at QB.....
  3. Just watched Stop Making Sense.... Great concert video.
  4. If it is his shot to be a HC for the first time, he takes it. There are only 32 jobs....
  5. I think Bellicheck indicates you can learn from failure....you just have to pick someone that does (see also Daniel Carlson...). I don't think we have any idea how most of these candidates will really do... that said, I'm not a Quinn fan. Give me a new voice, please. Someone young players can respect and who will respect them, as I think a rebuild is coming....
  6. I'm confused by this reply....did he mention how Diggs felt, or how he felt about the world.....because he didn't mention how Diggs felt at all.
  7. I would move down for another second. Or first next year.
  8. I'm hoping not KC and I'm not sure on the other side. LA, I think. I'll know when I start watching....
  9. Playoff chat..... Not rehashing the same conversation over and over....
  10. Oh, the offenses were great. I hope the next coach in Minnesota was watching
  11. You could have completed those passes the last two times KC had the ball. Yes. I'm bitter. Sorry.
  12. I'm texting with a friend, and we can't figure out why buffalo didn't squib just before the end of regulation....
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