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  1. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    "fill the void left by Diggs"......hahahahahahahaha.
  2. 2020 Draft Talk

    value/schmallue. If you don't draft OL, you wont' win any games. They don't have 5 decent starters. I don't get why people don't understand this simple idea..... If the best value is always a QB or WR, will you always pick a QB or WR? Of course not.....
  3. Will Mike Zimmer be back in 2021?

    My thoughts exactly. 8-9 wins, unless the draft class is epic.
  4. 2020 Draft Talk

    Based on them not spending draft capital on their worst position much? I don't think this will happen. Way too many holes to fill to lose a 2nd or 3rd round pick. They really need to do a better job of drafting immediate, good, starters this year.....much better.
  5. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    If they believe in Samia, he should have replaced the turnstile last year.
  6. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    I'm shocked they are not valuing the OL highly. Shocked. Good luck offense!
  7. Vikings trade WR Diggs to Bills

    That's not what happened. Diggs isn't a random fifth. He's now a known quantity. Not even close to what happened. Or should the Patriots have traded Brady years ago, so they could turn him into a first? Really, this is a terrible, not logical, argument people are making.
  8. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    And the cap in following years? For a RB? When your team has one DB, 2DL, and one good WR? It's a mistake to pay a RB real money.
  9. The Ant-Man Franchised

    i would have blinked. They can't lose all their starters on defense and be good.
  10. The Ant-Man Franchised

    Just above me cearbhell... If you spell it that way
  11. The Ant-Man Franchised

    Cross posted pretty much the same....
  12. The Ant-Man Franchised

    Why trade a starter for a fourth? Is that the proposal? That's nuts. Unless they have a commitment from an expensive player they really want....
  13. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    So, they've lost two DL, a CB, a star WR and ? And have added? The two DL are not on the roster, yes, they can come back, but they are not on the roster.
  14. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    If he's that dependent on the line, then get a great line, and don't pay the RB.......What year has Cook been good in Nov and Dec? Or even healthy?
  15. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    Has Cook made it past week 10 being effective one time? He's a RB.....ugh. Just. Ugh.