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  1. Better than nothing, and next year's draft should be stacked deep.....
  2. Ouch. My gambling in the market has been very bad this year. Oh well.....I guess I'll just watch it very, very, very slowly come back over the coming years....sigh. On the other hand, my stock from when I worked at UHG is killing it, and I own more of that than any other.....
  3. Castlevania (sporadically, since my wife isn't and I rarely just turn on the tv for me) Re-watching Ted Lasso (so good, so very good) For All Mankind (not sure if I like this, really like this, or find it annoying because it isn't as good as it should be) Shadow and Bone (on hold while we finish For All Mankind, then we'll go back) Schitt's Creek (great after a middling season 1) Escape to the Country (English house hunting.....I just like this for some reason)
  4. I've only been playing DnD online lately.....my wife and I like games, but don't seem to play much. Not sure why. Anyway, hoping we re-start Jaws of the Lion and also play more wingspan.....
  5. Except the DB or DE or WR is more likely to work... And, I was merely pointing out that him not working wasn't the worst case outcome, nothing more or less than that.
  6. The amount of capital is not really relevant.....just because you have a lot of money doesn't mean you should spend it unwisely.....and, we'll just disagree on the first sentence. His odds are extremely long, extremely. Whereas the odds of a legit contributor at other positions are decent.
  7. Worst case isn't that he's bad and they have to draft another....worst case is that a legit starter at another position could have been taken (note, I said worst case, not that one was there). The odds of him being a good NFL QB are very, very, low. The odds of a DB or LB or DL being a 3rd round starter aren't great, but they are much, much, higher. It's fine. But not what I'd have preferred they do.
  8. I'm on the "it means nothing about Hunter" train....not one of the other DEs has shown they can be consistently good. Roll the dice on two draft picks and see what happens. Makes sense to me.
  9. That seems very unlikely given history....but sure. It could happen...
  10. If I'd have known they'd get two for one.....let's hope they picked the right two, but 2:1 seems fair (plus a backup QB, that could have been a CB or S that would maybe start).
  11. I just preferred a guy you WANT to start there....but it isn't the end of the world, it is the 3rd round....not 2nd or 1st...
  12. Heh....scheduling is a bear...but I play nearly every week....online.
  13. But at this point....DB, WR, DB, DL are my preferences....
  14. nope, plus I'm also playing D&D on line right now....so I can't pay CLOSE attn....
  15. Recently? The track record after round 1 is bad....
  16. I'd deal back into the 3rd...how many rookies can even make the team?
  17. I know nothing about if they will be good, but I pretty much never do....but ya, I'm happy with those two picks on principle. I don't get the other two picks, but that's ok.
  18. Big fan of two OL....big fan.
  19. He's 24....how long can they wait? I mean, I think he plays this year more than you think.
  20. He's 24? Gonna have to learn fast....all about potential, but he's not young. Interesting choice.
  21. I would have preferred a potential starter....the track record of QBs taken this late is not good.
  22. I've said over and over, I've not scouted this year... Not is it my job to do so. Any starter is worth 14.
  23. Because I'm talking about what the team is doing, you are talking about posters.... Which, feel free, but you might see how that is different....
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