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  1. I appreciate that for the most part, people are using spoilers for stuff not yet in the show. Thank you. At least there is one place I can come on line and talk about the show......
  2. I think this makes a big difference.....but I also think it doesn't happen if they are thinking of getting rid of the GM also.
  3. This makes sense to me. I'm not sure I LOVE Cousins, but I don't hate him as a player for a winner (but the new coach has to pound on him to be more aggressive). I'd love to see Cook traded....that's too much money for a RB, especially one that can't stay healthy. The extension was a mistake, time to undo it. I'm torn on Spielman. Overall, he's been ok (with, imo, too much emphasis on late picks instead of more 2nd or 3rds). But, he's not been great. He's been downright awful at the OL (or coaching or both). It's also hard to say how much the CB decisions are purely his, or some of Z
  4. I guess the oaths were mentioned in the show......of course, they could have troops that didn't apply to, to protect prospective Aes Sadai (sp?) from getting killed on the way.....it just seemed off to me.
  5. Your first point is my only real issue....they are a day from the Tower (I think) and no one knows? Also....either Moiraine's spies suck, or she knows people are there already and we just haven't heard...
  6. I think the bond is hammered home very strongly. My wife hasn't read the books, it is 100% clear to her. It isn't subtle at all. Great episode, really. I like the quiet moments here a lot. We actually get to care about the characters, unlike Foundation where no one cares about a single character...
  7. The defense lost this game.....and you want Cousins gone? #firezimmer
  8. I never thought they'd lose. Not the whole game.....unreal.
  9. So, the Vikes will win and Zimmer keeps his job. Sigh.
  10. I mean, really, kick it there and all you need now is a FG.....
  11. What was Campbell doing not kicking the FG on 4th down?
  12. I still think the Vikings win. I still fire the coach.
  13. What's this week's excuse for the "defense?" I'd blow it up. Completely
  14. Bradbury went about where projected. Calling him some chase is an exaggeration. He's just not worked out for whatever reason.
  15. I'd sure like to see Davis get a shot at this point.
  16. No one I know feels they need the shorts or anything outside the show to understand it.
  17. So, not just this week.... But overall, the defense isn't doing it's job...
  18. I was potentially wrong. They still need OL. Or better coaching, or both.
  19. I didn't only blame that, and if it came across that way, my bad. Clearly I was wrong when I said defense, defense, defense in the draft thread. Once again, the OL was not good enough. Between the scouts and coaches, they've failed again there.
  20. I think most of us expected a loss, given the defensive issues. That makes the margin, again losing a game they could have won, frustrating. The OL needs to be better.
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