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  1. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    I know it's hard to imagine anything less than a stellar season from him, because that's all we've seen. But i guarantee he is human. The thing is that we have one season's worth of data points on the guy, and thousands of seasons from other QB's. The odds are in favor of the guy throwing 39 TD's or less. Is 35 the floor? No i don't necessarily agree with that, but i haven't conducted a thorough study to say with any solid reasoning what the floor is. But to put into context what you're saying: Drew Brees has 4 seasons of 35+ TD's. Just four. And tons of his seasons are 30+ TD's, but amazingly that's still not his floor because he threw just 23 two years ago.
  2. Buying a House

    Good for you. And he accepted i assume? Seems like a ballsy move on his part to ask for all that in this housing market. You could have said yes...for an additional 15k on the purchase price. Let him finance his list of demands haha.
  3. Buying a House

    I would agree this is probably accurate a large majority of the time. On the low end you could also have someone who had some trouble a few years ago but has since cleaned it up. The score still sticks for a while. But for the most part year, low score likely means troubled finances. Of course, low score =/= zero score. Which some institutions treat as the same, but they are most definitely not.
  4. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    I think we see a regression to 10 wins or so. I expect we've seen Pat Mahomes best statistical season of his career already (or close to it). Not that he's going to be bad or anything, but a regression to a more normal 35-40 TD's should be expected. Even without Hunt and (assuming) Hill they should be formidable though.
  5. Buying a House

    Carrying a balance and having unpaid debt would not only impact your utilization negatively, but also the amount of debt, so even in this hypothetical the person is going to be dinged. This sentence: is not just unlikely, it's wrong. A credit score is indicative of how able someone is to pay off debt they incur, and the more spending money someone has at the end of the month, the better position they would be in to pay off those debts. It would make no sense for the score to increase as someone's spending cash decreased. People with disposable cash are exactly the type of people creditors want to collect interest from. I think it's more accurate to say there's little to no correlation between credit score and cash on hand. The credit bureau's have no idea how much $$$ is in someone's bank account. It's a formula designed to tell lenders how well people have paid off debt in the past. So like i said previously, it won't tell you how much disposable income someone has. That's why underwriters are still a thing, and why when you apply for a big loan the lender doesn't check your credit score and off you go. A loose comparison would be saying you know many wins QB A has just from looking at his QB rating. There's some loose correlation, but the two statistics are different.
  6. Yeah i've always thought her and quicksilver's origin felt more like Xmen. Not necessarily born with the outward power, but it's buried there. Then you have the whole thing that Gamma Rays unlocked Caps and Hulks abilities (with the serum), and the two Snaps unleashing Gamma blasts. Those things are going to come back in some significant way, IMO.
  7. Buying a House

    Yes. Also, a credit score has nothing to do with being able to afford something. It's a measure of well you pay your debts. It doesn't equal dollars in any meaningful way.
  8. Shazam

    Like the grasshopper from Bug's Life?
  9. So perfect time to bring Xmen into the fold then.
  10. Buying a House

    Strange request
  11. DC Movie Universe

    I rewatched Batman Begins and TDK over the last few days. I kind of see what you mean now. I still enjoy rewatching them, but my desire to rewatch them has gone down quite a bit with so many good Marvel movies out there.
  12. The Technology Thread

    I have an iPhone and Pixel 3a. I don't see the similarities at all. Swipe up on iPhone brings up the menu to change quick settings. Swipe up on Pixel 3a brings up recent apps or the app drawer. Swipe down is the same as every other Android (notifications and quick change menu). I think it's fine. (grave digging post i know) Really came in to say i got the Pixel 3a. Upgraded from the Samsung GS7. I like the gestures feature. The camera is as good as advertised, and the phone is very snappy. No doubt due to the light UI. Only issue i'm running into is that i unlocked the bootloader, which is preventing me from downloading some apps on the Play Store. It's obnoxious, but not unworkable.
  13. Bengals OG Clint Boling Retires

    It's bad. The only potential saving grace is a heavy increase in play action under Taylor, slowing down that pass rush. Otherwise yeah Dalton is in trouble.
  14. Boling Retires

    So now we know the reason. @INbengalfan gets it right again