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  1. I'm Having a Baby!! Advice?

    I think we sterilized the bottles for our first kid, for first use. Then we never did it again lol. Both kids are fine.
  2. Buying a House

    If we do end up buying the house without AC, i'll have to compare the options. Ductless is a little more intrusive into the living space, but likely cheaper. Won't hurt to get quotes on both.
  3. The Technology Thread

    I hope so. I would imagine the future is some sort of wireless technology so we can abandon the slow cable lines. But for now, that technology isn't imminent for most of the US.
  4. Buying a House

    That's right, you said that. Patience. When a new house hits the market, there's generally a flood of prospective buyers who are having trouble finding something already. Unless you're priced just right or in a hot area, selling within a week is tough. Did your neighbor clean up his yard yet?
  5. Buying a House

    1973. Given how large the other rooms are, it's a little surprising. The pictures make it hard to tell which rooms butt up against each other, so we'll have to wait until tonight to see if rearranging walls allows us to increase the size of the kitchen. In the current layout, there's no space to add additional counters. I would estimate there's about a 2x3 section of the counter that could be used for meal prep, which is laughably small. The rest would be the appliances and other stuff, like toaster, knife block, etc. Window unit AC is an option. I just don't like the noise, or the lack of a central thermostat. Or the inefficiency.
  6. Buying a House

    Simultaneous reply lol. It's not crazy expensive. Thought it would be much more. In my area, it runs pretty much non-stop June through August. Then sporadically in May and September. It can be pretty miserable without it, unless you're in a really shaded area.
  7. Buying a House

    I was just reading this: https://www.thisoldhouse.com/how-to/adding-central-air So maybe 8-10k to add it? Not as crazy expensive as i thought it might be. May not be a deal breaker.
  8. Buying a House

    We're going to see it tonight. That one and one other. Both have a few (maybe fatal) flaws. One doesn't have AC. The other has about the smallest kitchen i've ever seen for a 2200 sq ft. home. But we'll see tonight if there's a way to fix either of these things. Just have to see stuff in person.
  9. Buying a House

    Has your realtor gotten any specific feedback on why there haven't been any offers?
  10. The Technology Thread

    I can afford that. But @Heimdallr has a point - the infrastructure isn't there. I have 10 mbps service, with no real options to upgrade that. So i have no plans to upgrade from my 1080p TV anytime soon.
  11. Bengals signing Darqueze Dennard

    That probably won't happen until closer to camp, or during camp.
  12. That's correct from my understanding too. Verizon and AT&T are in a bit of a race to the moon, so that'll help somewhat. I'm betting 3 years before it's available in all major cities. Maybe 6-8 years before it reaches some of the rural areas. By then we'll be on 6G haha.
  13. Avengers: Endgame

    Lol, yep i'm definitely out. Plus, i can't even make it through one of these movies at night without falling asleep. No way i could do 40 hours straight.
  14. What are you reading? V1

    I'd like to see it, but it's never coming to my town. We'd have to make a weekend out of it traveling to a larger city.
  15. What are you reading? V1

    Makes sense. It's a long, dense book too. If you're a really fast reader, you could make good time. But that one took me about 2 months, and i do 40-50 books/year. Probably wise to hold off. Pretty cool what you're attempting.