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  1. Bengals/Vikings

    I think they'll bring the focus and energy against zims team. They'll probably keep it closer than the bears game because the NFL is weird. But in the end they're still going to get beat.
  2. Great news

    That is good news. I had assumed something happened to him as well. Good to hear he's ok.
  3. RIP AIM

    I spent so much time on this during college. I wonder how many people were still using it to this day.
  4. If the Bengals left Cincy...

    I probably just wouldn't watch anymore. Lately the Bengals and nfl haven't really held my interest.
  5. Draft watch

    $8 million for one year compared to $8 million average over 5 years is a big difference in risk. It's practically no commitment and that isn't a big salary to absorb for one year. What'll be really interesting is if Ced gets his 5th year option, or if he even gets there.
  6. Draft watch

    The only time it really doesn't make sense to take the option is if the player is really bad. The contracts are cheap relatively and it's very little commitment. It's rare when a 1st rounder only goes 4 years on their contract. Why did anyone get upset about it?
  7. John Ross to IR

    @fluhartz lol
  8. The new 2018 head coach is...

    People say that literally every year, including Browns fans. And yet..... well, we know how it has worked out. Doesn't really matter until someone can unseat the Steelers.
  9. The new 2018 head coach is...

    It's strange that hasn't worked out better. He didn't do a bad job in Oakland.
  10. The new 2018 head coach is...

    I was actually joking with someone that they're probably going to announce in late December that Marvin signed an extension in August that they didn't announce and intend to honor.
  11. The new 2018 head coach is...

    I was never really that impressed with Jay as an OC. He did ok, but i thought Hue was better. More creative for sure. But anyway, yeah we know none of that is happening. How often has Mike hired a college coach?
  12. If you had your druthers, who would be your top HC candidates for the 2018 Bengals? Who would be your coordinators?
  13. Bengals/Bears?

    I'm sure there's some that could probably stay, but i agree that it's probably not a great idea. It's best to start over in this case, otherwise you run the risk of culture carrying over from one regime to another.
  14. Bengals/Bears?

    Duke's done a good job. I wouldn't replace him. I think that would be a mistake. Their problem has been on the talent development end, and certain positional coaches making bad choices when lobbying for certain players to be drafted.
  15. Bengals/Bears?

    Debating whether i want to watch this dumpster fire later when gamepass posts it...