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  1. For $3 i would expect something like that lol. And probably be ok with it.
  2. It was on the full price game.
  3. Just stopped in to say: wtf 2k put commercials into the game after it was released? lol. Who's bright idea was that?
  4. They'll let him coach out the season. I think if they win 6 games, he's sticking around for sure. At 4-5 wins, he's likely still here next year. 3 is iffy. 2 wins and he's almost certainly gone. As for the OP question, this whole season has been baffling. Last year you had guys praising him and saying they'd fight for him all day long. They showed a ton of fight later on in that season when all was lost. And this season? Complete 180. It's bad.
  5. Regarding Ross in particular, they could try giving him a handful of snaps per game and doing some specific things with him. Kind of like Lewis in '03 with Peter Warrick. The guy wasn't a great receiver, but they found ways to get him involved and let him make a handful of plays. Instead it's either 60 snaps or 0 with Ross. The former is not good for the team, and the latter is getting nothing out of a great athlete. It's bad coaching.
  6. Put me in the confused category as well. In addition to the Ross thing, who could be a fantastic gadget player for them, they also have Geno and Dunlap riding the pine in crucial defensive scenarios when street FA's picked up a week ago are in the game. PLUS, those players are making public comments which tells me that Zac, the communication guy, is keeping them in the dark on their role. The wheels are falling off for Zac's coaching career.
  7. Get a multimeter and test for voltage at the switch and fixture. You may also need to test continuity at the switch, bc like you pointed out there might be an issue with the wiring to the fixture and testing continuity is the only way to definitively say it's the switch. You might just start the fixture though in case it's loose wiring. If you have voltage there (with the switch on), turn off the power and reconnect the wiring. You don't need an electrician. At least until you discover that an animal did chew through the wiring. 😂 (my bet is on the switch though)
  8. That's nuts. I haven't looked lately at Menards, but last time i did it was like $2.50 EDIT: $5 here. Wow. That's crazy town.
  9. I think maybe @INbengalfan was talking about a DC position.
  10. Yeah. But they have to try to win it twice instead of just once. the more aggressive teams the last few years have proven that going for it is statistically better from a win probability point of view. kicking 48 yard fg's when you have a 4th and 1 is just not a winning play. It's a different conversation maybe if it's a 25 yard fg.
  11. My brother called me the other day to relate this story: At work the other day an operator got sent home for symptoms, and later tested positive. Turns out he had to been exposed, and found out within a few hours. He ran to a clinic right away and got tested, which obviously turned out negative bc it had only been a few hours. He went to work like normal, for about a week before symptoms showed up. Meanwhile, the entire operations staff doesn't wear masks bc they're tired of them. So at least half their operations staff is quarantined for two weeks, maybe some for longer. He's not sure how they're going to keep the plant running. So yeah, fatigue not great. Ignorance not great. I'm just going to continue staying at home.
  12. They should have never kicked it anyway. You're 1-3-1 - try to win the ball game instead of trying not to lose it.
  13. If so, this serves as the gameday thread
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