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  1. Home Improvement/Remodel Thread

    I guess i should clarify. There's some good grass here. Probably 30-40% of the lawn in patches. Seems like there should be a way to keep that, nuke the crabgrass, and replant.
  2. Home Improvement/Remodel Thread

    Any lawn experts here? The drought earlier this year killed part of my lawn. Now i have some crazy crabgrass in its place. I'd like to kill off the crabgrass and replant grass, with as little manual labor as possible. I.e., i'd rather not manually dig up all the crabgrass. I don't have a rototiller, and that seems like an extreme anyway. There has to be a way to kill the crabgrass and plant grass seed without tearing up the lawn. Suggestions?
  3. Unless Cleveland gets on a roll and wins 8 games. oh wait what i am saying
  4. Crowell burying the Browns. How appropriate.
  5. Week 3 Bengals @ Panthers

    That would make sense, and i think Olsen would go nuts. But i don't think they'll utilize Thomas much.
  6. Considering there were only 7 Bengals fans that joined this, i have to assume that means we're the smartest fans here. Or it means we all saw Buffalo in the preseason...
  7. They promoted him to the 53 when Freeman was hurt. Otherwise i'm sure the Bengals would have brought him back.
  8. I also do this on yahoo so i can see the stats of how many people are picking what team. Shockingly, 2% of the crowd is picking Cleveland. A team that hasn't won a game in 2 years. Not shockingly, 66% are in on the Vikings.
  9. Tra Carson must have hurt himself or something. He was going to see carries this weekend.
  10. Must have been a bad week for Tra. I expect gio gets 100% of the work now. Walton dresses and sees 0 snaps on offense. Rawls is inactive.
  11. They should advertise it as a mini-series then. Because mini-series don't suck.
  12. Pass on the TV shows. Except for the original Daredevil, i've never seen a superhero TV show done right. They get stretched out, there's always too much emphasis on keeping it going and not enough emphasis on putting a bow on things. TV sucks.
  13. Captain Marvel (March 2019)

    Exactly my thoughts. I don't really want to see it in theaters, but i pretty much have to if i want to see IW2 in theaters. The good/nice thing about it is you can probably wait until April, see CM in an empty-ish theater and not have a lot of time left until IW2.
  14. The way my team is trending, i'm going to be eliminating myself here in a few weeks. At which point the thread will be a sad funeral, not a happy execution.