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  1. Man that's stretching back a few years.
  2. There are certainly pros and cons to living in the country, and this is a big pro. No one steals packages off the front porch of a 2 acre lot. It takes some serious cajones to park your car and grab the package. 😂 Also, that really sucks. And also makes me think of the glitter bomb videos.
  3. I didn't read the spoiler because i want to be surprised.
  4. Never posted my thoughts from Friday. I loved the buildup to Walker taking the serum, and the shot of him and the bloody shield at the end. There was some footage of Sam practicing with the shield before the season, and i think we're going to see him in possession of that shield by the end of this next episode (it'd be kind of lame if that didn't happen until ep 6, and we barely get to see him using it). Curious if it'll be taken by force, or the gov strips Walker of title because of the public incident. Also, i'd love for D'Onofrio to come back too.
  5. I will probably forget. But if i remember, i'll throw some 💩 at the wall.
  6. Inarguable to you, but i can still talk at you.
  7. I think if anyone can hedge into the first class over Ken and Ken, it's Chad. I give it a 30% chance.
  8. It's not changing the wire, it's running a second wire to go along with the one that's already there. One wire/switch for the fan, one for the light. As @MWil23 sort of said.
  9. Great signing. Gio still has something to offer this league. Good in the locker room too.
  10. Fedex tracking says my package is on the truck for delivery, but estimated delivery is tomorrow. ????
  11. I agree, and i'll put them on the poll. But with only two more getting in this year, they don't really have a shot. The founder of the franchise is pretty much a shoe in lol.
  12. With the announcement yesterday that the Bengals are finally introducing a Ring of Honor, i'm wondering who your picks would be for the Ring? Assuming Paul Brown and Anthony Munoz are locks, pick 2 from the poll above. If i left anyone off you'd like to see, let me know.
  13. Speculation is that he'll find his way to Miami.
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