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  1. I tuned into the game last night for one drive and saw Price give up a pressure that led to a sack (they converted on third down ultimately). Thought it was kind of funny.
  2. They're going to need to draft a safety too. Smh
  3. Didn't we have a What If thread? Been searching for it for 10 min and can't find it.
  4. And i say that because they have a crap ton of money, and have a history (short, albeit), of overpaying FA's. Overpay your own guy.
  5. I agree with your latter point. The former, i'd say that the number is immaterial. You can't afford to let a guy like this go. Or even be unhappy. They should have just paid the man whatever it took.
  6. I'm not nearly as emotionally invested in football as i used to be. So i can say with complete sincerity that if Dalton goes off, i will be wildly entertained.
  7. Looks like it'll be on locally for me. Might actually watch a few quarters. Discuss.
  8. I really can't get in their head on this one either.
  9. I can see why they didn't overrule. Messy replay angles.
  10. couldn't watch the game (Lions). Anyone have a replay of the play?
  11. Hope springs eternal for everyone on the eve of the first game
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