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  1. Movie News/Buzz Thread

    I need to watch this again.
  2. This makes a lot of sense. The MCU has never been about throw-away one-offs. They're always building.
  3. After re-watching the movie, i was wondering what the point of that was. Why couldn't she tell the rest of her team what the plan was? Why make it secret? Just to have the Poe mutiny scenes?
  4. Bringing the abstract
  5. The Technology Thread

    Thanks. I usually have some time around Christmas to mess around with stuff like this. I may try it then.
  6. What Song Are You Listening To?

    Had an urge to listen some old school Will Smith this morning. Nightmare On My Street
  7. The Technology Thread

    I really want to like Ubuntu. I used to use it as my main OS in college when my laptop started to not age well. But fast forward 10 years or so, and the last time i tried to install it on my PC the boot process was ridiculously long. There was some sort of snag between my motherboard and that particular version of the OS that put it in a loop or something. Not joking, it would literally take 10 minutes to boot. That's not a figurative number, it's a measured number used to troubleshoot. I finally decided it wasn't worth my time, kept W10, and moved on with my life. Maybe i'll try it again in 5 years with a new computer and see how that works.
  8. Different fruit toppings, whipped toppings, etc. Been a while since i've been there, but they also have other typical breakfast foods like hash browns, eggs, sausage, bacon, etc. Probably waffles.
  9. What movie are you watching v1

    I have a harder time rewatching it now that they've evolved the character so much. It's still fun, but just doesn't seem as fulfilling. But i feel that way about most of the origin movies, save Iron Man. Iron Man is still a really fun watch and holds up well.
  10. Also, i like iPwn. I think you should keep it.
  11. I never said i was creative or liked my moniker but touche
  12. It's alright. I don't mean to bag on you guys. I just like the actual names, because they show creativity. The acronyms and abbreviations could just be anything. Love you too.
  13. You should have kept it man. In 2 years people are going to be wondering what ET stands for. Just my personal preference.
  14. Acronyms as usernames are kinda lame, if you ask me. Especially when paired with numbers. Agreed with @Tyty, keep it.
  15. Stock Investing

    I second everything @ramssuperbowl99 said. You are doing great. You probably feel a little behind because your neighbor has a camero in the driveway of his $400k home even though he and his wife are both teachers. Don't worry, they're broke. You're not broke. Keep doing what you're doing, start investing heavily with all that money you're not paying in payments, and you'll financially independent sometime in your 40's or early 50's.