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  1. Week 7 Bengals @ Steelers

    Oh they're going to wreck the Bengals OL. They have a top 5 unit in terms of pressure percentage. So do the Bengals, so that'll be interesting.
  2. Week 7 Bengals @ Steelers

    So probably none of these guys are playing I guess?
  3. PICK EM!

    BTW, @XU Lou @Carson4MVP @MrCincinnati you guys haven't made your picks for the week yet.
  4. PICK EM!

    These underdog wins are starting to get ridiculous. I can't think of a harder year to pick games.
  5. 2017's parity. Why?

    @FourThreeMafia I want to clarify this statement (it's too early in the morning) - if what you mean is that you define parity as maximizing the amount of legitimate super bowl contenders, then i agree with that definition. But i disagree that we don't have that this year. If the early season trend stays, and we don't see some good teams run away from the pack, we're going to have a number of "average" teams making the playoffs. Maximizing the chances we see a 9-7 team win the superbowl.
  6. Week 7 Other Games List

    Pushing refs? Has he done anything this year?
  7. Week 7 Other Games List

    These games have no business being higher than the Pitt-Cincy game. There's a reason the Pitt-Cincy game was moved to 4 PM. Also, i would hope that if Cincy wins this game, they move up like 10-12 spots in your rankings.
  8. 2017's parity. Why?

    The ones i posted, presumably.
  9. 2017's parity. Why?

    6 weeks, 14-16 games/week, 84+ games. It's a good sample size. No one has said they expect it to end this way, but so far this is statistically the highest percentage of parity we've seen in this league since at least 2002, maybe longer. Also, your definition of parity is not correct. All 32 teams can't have a shot at doing something. To maximize the number of good teams that can "do something", you have to maximize the number of bad teams. That is the opposite of parity. Parity is a measure of number of average teams. And there are a lot of them this year, thus far.
  10. Week 7 Bengals @ Steelers

    Granted i haven't been following their injury situation real closely, but from what i heard it sounds like they're going to be pretty healthy. Tomlin doesn't have the same "you must practice" restriction that Marvin does.
  11. Mike Mitchell Hit on Alex Smith

    I've always kind of wondered if anyone outside of Cincinnati or Cleveland felt the same way Rex described in that quote. Guess that answers that.
  12. Mike Mitchell Hit on Alex Smith

    Yeah, so really what the Cincinnati fans are upset about here is that Mitchell wasn't suspended and Vontaze was. Not necessarily that suspensions should exist in the first place for this kind of thing. TBH, i'm not really sure where i stand, other than that the suspension process in this league is questionable at best.
  13. Mike Mitchell Hit on Alex Smith

    Yeah, what if? What if there was another player, who is very similar to the description you provided? What if that player was suspended for a culmination of hits and not one hit? What if that player did a good job of cleaning up his image and still got suspended for a legal hit just because it kind of looked bad? Lastly, what if that player played for Cincinnati and not Pittsburgh? Hmm...
  14. Week 7 Bengals @ Steelers

    On the bright side, Mike Mitchel kind of sucks. So him being out there is fine, unless he happens to be in the right place and head shots someone.
  15. 2017's parity. Why?

    Of the young QBs that could be the next HoF talent, guys like Carr and Luck are staying hurt. We didn't see Manning, Brady, or Brees hurt like this. Other guys like Jameis I have my doubts about. Those are both good points. In the last 5 years or so, we've seen a number of young QB's have stellar seasons, only to fall to the pack due to injury or talent issues around them. From 2000-2010, we had a string of great QB's come along that were head and shoulders above the competition. We're not seeing that on a consistent basis right now.