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  1. Brown to IR

    Or DT because DEs should make great rush DTs right?
  2. Brown to IR

  3. Brown to IR

    I think we've all learned, through the grace of Marvin's terrific teaching, that that's the only thing that really matters. If you've been around for more than a year or two, and have a grasp of what they're trying to do, you have tenure. You can screw up all day long, but you know that playbook man. So talent be damned, you are in.
  4. Brown to IR

    They're all set, thanks.
  5. Week 11 - @ Ravens

    He's just not very innovative. The NFL has moved on, and he's still stuck in 2005. Given this roster and this set of coaches, this could be a 10-12 win team 15 years ago. But it's not 15 years ago.
  6. Week 11 - @ Ravens

    He plays on a team where he's the 4th best slot receiver (behind Green, Boyd and Ross). There's just no reason to throw to him in this current offense. Now, if someone wants to make the argument that this team should spread it out more, play 4 WR's more often, then i'm all for getting him a few opportunities. But as the offense is structured today, it's not smart.
  7. Week 11 - @ Ravens

    I also don’t understand the thing with Tate. Apparently after the game Marvin said something like “he was undrafted for a reason”. Maybe because he didn’t run the route to the sticks? Not sure. But yeah, they need to stop with the nonsense of throwing to Core or Erickson.
  8. Week 11 - @ Ravens

    This team doesn’t understand modern nfl offense. They’ll catch on a few years from now when the good teams have moved on to something new.
  9. Raiders WR Brandon LaFell tears Achilles

    That's because he was with the Bengals during the offseason.
  10. I'm considering switching to apple for my next phone. I like to buy used phones to avoid amortizing my phone 2-3x over with the carrier. I've found that buying used androids usually means i have a really freaking slow phone. Unless i spend $400+ for a <1 year old phone. But i can get an iphone 7 right now for $250, which i'm positive will still be fast. On the flip side, i would miss the open platform of android. Decisions. Both platforms have their pros and cons, honestly. I like them both.
  11. Week 11 - @ Ravens

    I think they were || close before. They're definitely not going to make the playoffs this year, third year in a row. I have to think it happens. But yeah, still doesn't feel like it could be real.
  12. Week 11 - @ Ravens

    Both clubs are probably poor offensively, and we know the Bengals are poor defensively. It doesn't look good for the good guys.
  13. As an engineer, i just consider cool it science. I was actually talking to someone about pressure cookers a few days ago. He mentioned that it was magic. Which of course led me to give him the 2 min rundown on how it works. I'm not sure he was impressed.
  14. Week 11 - @ Ravens

    It would seem odd to me if the defensive philosophy changed overnight. It's what should happen, but Marvin was in charge of the defense before. It's not like Austin was just out there doing his own thing and Marvin couldn't change it. I think we'll see a better defense by virtue of playing an offense that's not the Saints. But i don't think they're going to ohmygod amazing or anything.