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  1. Home Improvement/Remodel Thread

    My wife isn't barking yet, so i'm thinking i can comfortably get away with a year from start of project (May 2019). So i have a few more months. No really i'm planning on doing it this week. I'll post some pictures so you can grade my work.
  2. Home Improvement/Remodel Thread

    I'm betting you'll routinely find the tarp loose by one or two corners every day or two. Big long scientific explanation boiled down to this - big tarp = big force over the entire surface, and tape only holds a little force. Also, mice laugh at your tape job. But, there's really no better way. Give it a shot, and expedite that new garage door.
  3. We bought our last one from Nectar (bed in a box internet company). I love the mattress. My wife, not as much (complains about her back aching every now and then). Pros of going mattress shopping is that you can try out the bed before hand. They'll also generally have more models. Cons are that you're relying on your ability to evaluate a mattress in 5 minutes time, without the help of thousands of internet reviews. There's no perfect option.
  4. Home Improvement/Remodel Thread

    What's the fun in that? Besides, if i screw it up too bad, i can just cut it out another 6" to either side and then hire someone out.
  5. GDT: Week 11 Bengals @ Raiders

    I didn't think they were actually enforcing blackouts anymore?
  6. GDT: Week 11 Bengals @ Raiders

    Oh did they actually enforce the blackout? It was supposed to be on in the Dayton/Cincinnati area. https://506sports.com/ EDIT: wait, that makes no sense. It was in Oakland. Why wasn't it on?
  7. Home Improvement/Remodel Thread

    Finally had time this weekend to get all the pieces cut and installed. Now to procrastinate on the mudding (probably start later this week).
  8. GDT: Week 11 Bengals @ Raiders

    You forgot - John Jerry is still bad Otherwise i agree. Got some good games out of a lot of guys, which is a positive thing moving forward. They need that going into next year so they know who to build around.
  9. GDT: Week 11 Bengals @ Raiders

    i'm not saying it was the wrong decision, because it wasn't. And i'm not saying that Finley couldn't still develop into something in this league, because he could. But man, he's been dreadful two games into this season. This will get said a lot this week, but the Bengals could have won this game with Andy. If he's like this for another two games, i'd throw Dolegala out there and see what happens. We know he has the arm talent, but is likely deficient with his mental game. Still might be worth seeing what they have there.
  10. GDT: Week 11 Bengals @ Raiders

    Nope, nope you are not getting a like for that.
  11. GDT: Week 11 Bengals @ Raiders

    Running game is fixed?
  12. Draft Talk 2020

    It's true, 80% of QB throws in college are ungradeable. There's just not enough competition for the elite teams for NFL scouts to get a good bead. That's why we see a lot of busts. But Burrow has some really good traits, had shown a penchant for the big play this year, and has the mobility a QB in Cincinnati will need to have. At this moment, I don't think id pass on him.
  13. Draft Talk 2020

    There are only two things that will change this franchise: pick a transcendent QB, or the Browns sell the team. I agree with that, but he was a fourth round pick for a reason, and he played bad in one game. If they finish with the top pick, he'll have played bad in every game and QB will be priority number one. A great one can deal with a bad RT. A great RT can't save a bad QB, or any of the other pieces you mentioned. But at the same time, you can't guarantee they'll be in position to take a QB next year. When you need one, and the guy is available, you have to take him.
  14. GDT: Week 11 Bengals @ Raiders

    Another week, another slaughter.
  15. Draft Talk 2020

    The answer is the QB still has more impact. Also, disagree that OT is the top need on the team. Dalton is gone. Finley is not good. QB is the top need.