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  1. +1, and a like, and whatever Mwil's situation is exactly what that service is for. Routine sickness stuff that's easily diagnosed without actually touching the person.
  2. @MWil23 the reason for the wait is because the office will schedule appts for the doctor every like 15 min. The doctor has not real control over this if they actually want to make money (insurance reasons). The problem is that you have a nice doctor, who actually spends time with his/her patients instead of just running them out the door. He or she probably spent more than 15 minutes with you (unless you had an attitude about the wait, in which case, maybe not). And that extra time made them more late for the next patient. It's a terrible cycle. FWIW, i'm not a doctor or involved at all the industry. Just know how it works. It sucks, and i also wish you knew the wait time before you came in so you could delay and do other stuff before coming in. But the medical industry hasn't figured that out yet. They probably need to consult with the restaurant industry.
  3. My team sucks, so i'd rather just get it over with faster.
  4. Bengals vs Rams in the UK

    I'm hoping the coaching staff turnover will bring some guys back. We lost a few recently, and i blame Marv.
  5. Games You Need to Replay

    oh man, forgot about all the Zelda games. Played the two N64 ones over and over as a kid.
  6. Games You Need to Replay

    Games that i have replayed (some once, some quite a bit): Portal Starfox 64 (probably hold my PR in replays with this one) KOTOR (need to replay this on steam, i haven't played it since the xbox days) Dragon Age (first one) Infamous Infamous 2 Far Cry 3 I can't reply games like Fallout 3 or Oblivion or Skyrim. They suck too much time. But the games above are a perfect combination of engrossing, just the right amount of length (most take 10-20 hours, except for Starfox), and have great design.
  7. Bengals vs Rams in the UK

    Also, i did a mod thing and merged the duplicate topics. *pats myself on the back*
  8. Bengals vs Rams in the UK

    Maybe this will spur the return of @LondonBengal?
  9. I don't think it was worth the risk. They're running somewhere between 2-4 guys into the endzone, against a coverage that had 8 guys in the endzone. Not good odds. They would have done it with 11 seconds or maybe even 8-9 seconds had it been their first shot at it. But they tried it once at 16 seconds, saw how impossible it was going to be, and did the right thing. Now...had they known what was about to happen in OT, they probably would have taken two more shots and let time expire without kicking a FG. But you can't do that, because you don't know.
  10. Dolphins to hire Packers ILB coach Patrick Graham as DC

    Anyway, this is a Dolphins thread. I don't know much about the DC candidate. Anyone have some good information (i'm lazy on the google).
  11. Dolphins to hire Packers ILB coach Patrick Graham as DC

    It'd be nice to get the staff on board, officially, ASAP. Because the Bengals scouting staff is so small, they typically count on the coaches to provide their own scouting too. With the senior bowl only a few days away, it's important to get those coaches on the roster so they can attend the senior bowl.
  12. Dolphins to hire Packers ILB coach Patrick Graham as DC

    It's been reported that the Bengals haven't talked to Taylor since their first interview. That Taylor hadn't been informed he would be the next HC. So based on that, you'd have to assume they've done zero work with Taylor to line up his staff. Either nothing is being done, or they're going off their initial list that was presented in the interview. Either way, i'm just frustrated because this is a dumb rule and i want coaches, lol. (honestly though, it's probably more likely they're just straight up lying and they have been talking to each other. that's still frustrating)
  13. Ok with it, for the reason @johndeere1707 stated. A lot of people don't like it. I get it. But i've always believed that a guys ability to design an offense or defense and implement it have 4% on his ability to be a head coach (exact percentage, yes). So i'm withholding judgement until we see how Taylor does. Can he put together a cohesive staff? Can he lead them? Can he lead a locker room? We don't know yet, because he's never done it (and neither has any first time HC).
  14. Dolphins to hire Packers ILB coach Patrick Graham as DC

    So the Dolphins can report this, but the Bengals won't even talk to Taylor. K
  15. Offseason/Coaching Rumors, 2019 Edition

    I'm honestly not sure we know what Hue Jackson is as an OC. He's held that title 4 times in the pros. 1st time was with Washington in 2003, with Steve Spurrier. Spurrier kind of had his own offensive thing, so it wasn't all Hue's. Then Spurrier is fired after 2003 and Hue goes packing with him. So he only had a year. 2nd time was with the Falcons in 2007. That was the Bobby Petrino walkout year. Again, the whole place gets cleaned out after only a year. 3rd time is in Oakland, 2010. Tom Cable gets canned that year, and Hue again only gets one year to implement his offense. 4th time, finally, he gets two whole years to implement his system. And it was really good in 2015 (his second year, the first time he made it 2 years as an OC). What can we draw from this? Probably a whole lot of nothing. As far as all his experience as a position coach, i think it's really disingenuous to pick out some broad stats from the guys under him and make any claims with it. Either in a good or bad way. You need some bigger data sets, and preferably with different players. All i know is, i wouldn't hire the guy as a HC. I'd consider him for OC, but i wouldn't get locked into it.