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  1. You had that coming imo
  2. Free Agency

    McCoy sounds like a great idea in theory. I'm not concerned about the dollars, but i'm curious what length he's looking for. Because at 31 years old, he probably only has another 2 years at most of real effective play. Then it fades fast.
  3. Bengals G Alex Redmond suspended four games for PED's

    How could you tell? He certainly wasn't doing anything spectacular on the field.
  4. Bengals G Alex Redmond suspended four games for PED's

    "Your PEDs made me too jumpy!"
  5. The 2021 NFL Draft is Headed to Cleveland

    Baker Mayfield better repeat, otherwise the NFL may regret pushing Cleveland so hard. Good for them though. Been a long time since there was this much excitement around this team and city.
  6. Bengals G Alex Redmond suspended four games for PED's

    Would've been better if it was Bobby Hart, but i'll take what i can get.
  7. Bengals G Alex Redmond suspended four games for PED's

    Huge win for the Bengals
  8. Best way to learn is through practical knowledge. So the next week or two should be fun.
  9. Offensive Line Projection

    To me it doesn't matter if Boling is hurt all year or not. You've got 3 tackles (Williams, Hart, Glenn), and 6 guards (Jordan, Miller, Hopkins, Westerman, Boling, Redmond) you could reasonable throw into a competition. It just doesn't make any sense to me that you'd transition one of three tackles to guard and essentially declare the tackle position done in the first OTA when the whole line was a mess in 2018. To me it should be Williams at LT, Glenn/Hart at RT, open competition at LG and RG. Just feels like the "competition" of 2018 all over again.
  10. This ain't Bengals Talk

    Yeah new house. And yeah, it sucks.
  11. Offensive Line Projection

    Kind of feels permanent when you have Glenn talking about how the coaches asked him to move to guard.
  12. Offensive Line Projection

    I guess I wasn't just being paranoid There are so many guards on this team though that even with Boling out, this feels like the wrong decision.
  13. Doesn't every kid get this like once every year or two? I know i did. Well played
  14. This ain't Bengals Talk

    @Beck Bristow Just wanted to let you know the pole barn is no more. Well, it's still there, but i'm not. Got all my tools moved over this weekend. Now it's just the garage.