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  1. Probably. I think a hidden key outside somewhere would have been the more economical option.
  2. The Travel Help Thread

    Scott's is just international.
  3. I expect him to lose haha
  4. That's good. You don't want Bodine starting. He'll be ok occasionally, then all of the sudden just watch defensive linemen run by him without even thinking about touching them.
  5. Home Improvement/Remodel Thread

    I was wondering if that's what you did. I probably would have just eyeballed it and sunk the screws in hard to bury them in the wood lol. I most likely would have split a few 2x4's.
  6. Is Groy going to play center? He's listed as a guard. Just seems like Bodine is the assumed starter since he turned down a long term/starting deal with the Bengals to go to the Bills.
  7. The Car Thread

    You'll end up paying off the car well after you get rid of it. You'd have to do the math, but i bet you'll end up paying more interest in the long run.
  8. Should The NFL Implement A Draft Lottery System?

    I think they should ditch the snake format and go auction. Give teams with the bad records more "money" to spend. The money would be fake money, but tied to a rookie pay scale like today so that the #1 highest bid guy got what the #1 picked guy would make today. For no other reason than i think it'd be fun to watch the stupid money phase. Some team blows almost literally every dollar they have to take a QB. And put the teams execs in a pit like the NYSE used to have their traders in to make it more chaotic.
  9. Can the Giants seriously pass on a QB at 2??!!

    Eli is 37, looked kind of bad last year (albeit on a really bad team), and may only have another year or two left. They have to go QB. If the new guy sits a year or two, fine. But they could bomb the next two years and pick #7 and #9 for they know. You don't get the chance to pick at the top of the draft often (unless you're the Browns).
  10. Home Improvement/Remodel Thread

    yeah i was going to say, this should only be 2-4k depending on the labor rates in your area. Unless the city or your insurance company mandates the use of a particular company, get a few quotes. It isn't a complicated repair and should only take a small crew one day.
  11. Hokie Mock 1.0

    Carlos is the only one i'd say definitively. Depends on how it goes, but this team keeps guys for way too long. I could see Geno and AJ on their last legs still battling it out in 5 years (i could also see Geno just saying "peace out" in a few years). Andy though, i bet he's still around. He'll still have years left. But i take your point. 5 years is a long time. The landscape of the team will change by then.
  12. Bodine is gone!

  13. Bengals sign Matt Barkley

    Think of it as the WR's making the QB's weak points better...
  14. Hokie Mock 1.0

    Or a center. Cuz i have my doubts they'll spend big money on a center too. As sad as that is.
  15. Alcohol Thread!

    Not a big fan. They remind me of lemonade, and then i just want lemonade because they're not enough like lemonade.