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  1. Week 4 GDT- Eagles @ Titans

    When they come to practice Wednesday Vrabel should have the Vikings Bills game playing in the locker room. No let down game this week.
  2. Week 4 thoughts

    2008 Haynesworth & 2018 Casey. Scary ish.??
  3. Week 4 thoughts

    Landry is a absolute steal. On the strip sack they had Morgan inside and him rushing outside.Pees is calling a pretty good game plan so far each week. LaFluer is coming into his own. I think after Miami he got his feet wet and will only get better. The QB carries on the RPO is going to give defenses fits. Henry is going to be okay, but he has to be a good teammate because Lewis is special in space and is a matchup nightmare. Several times yesterday I said to myself her reminded me of a young Darren Sproles with those spin moves. I agree Jayon Brown is playing lights out this year. Conkiln held up well yesterday against Chris Long primarily by himself. Good to see him back to old form. Lewan got beat bad on that Barnett sack. It looked like he had bad hand placement. Cmon Lewan!! I don't know what it is with Butler but they didn't sign you to get beat every week. I hope he can get it together. I am really impress with how Vrabel has come in and changed this team. Thru the 1st quarter of the season he deserves a grade of A- IMO.
  4. Week 4 GDT- Eagles @ Titans

    Man.. what a hell of a game. Those drops by the receivers kept Marcus from going for about 500 yards passing. LOL! Jennings dropped nearly had me jump thru the TV. I wasn't high on the Vrabel hire but this guy has this team ready to play every week. I have to tip my hat to Amy & JRob on seeing something in him and taking the leap of faith. I really hate Delanie is missing the ride this year but I know he is still happy for the older guys that were here during the Whiz/Mularkey years. A lot of times yesterday I was like Delaine would have caught that. Great win Titans. Don't get caught up in the hype.
  5. Mariota expectations

  6. Week 3 GDT - Titans @ Jaguars

    Game ball to the defense. Casey got another sack today. ?
  7. Week 3 GDT - Titans @ Jaguars

    Titans win! I love it. ????
  8. Around the NFL

    I thought that was Conor Mcgregor. ??
  9. Around the NFL

    Patricia looks like he wishes he had stayed in Foxboro with McDaniel and daddy Belicheck. ?
  10. Week 1 Thoughts

  11. Damn. Hate it for Delanie. Hope he can heal up 100% and give the Titans at least two more good years. First significant injury of his career.
  12. Week 1 GDT: Titans vs. Dolphins

    Game day. Let’s get this ish done Titans. ??
  13. Training Camp Thread

    They have been “secretive” about the injuries not so much overprotective. I’m sure once the season starts and the injury reports they have to be more open. Not saying I agree with Vrabel’s approach but he is da head guy for now.
  14. Training Camp Thread

    I agree. He is saying “suck it up rook”. ?
  15. Training Camp Thread

    I mentioned last week it maybe something mental but u might have a point with the possibility of an concussion. Anyone know if he had any concussions at Bama?