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  1. There wasn’t any warning signs about his immaturity and character at UGA?
  2. So much for the rumor that Clowney was lazy in practice. 🙄
  3. “ #99 Clowney on the sack for the Titans”!🤔😆
  4. Shots fired. Clowney in Casey’s old “99”. 🤣
  5. I have heard the rumors bout him but when “the lights” are on the guy does play hard.
  6. Nice deal for both sides. Really wanted to keep Henry on a team friendly deal. 😎
  7. I am already mentally preparing myself for a delayed or cancelled season.
  8. Hopefully they can bring us that elusive championship: I want to see a NFL champion parade on Broadway before I am in a wheelchair. 😆😳
  9. I do not believe there will be football this fall. 😫😞. No way to “social distance” on a football field.
  10. I was on Kap’s bandwagon coming out of Nevada. I am cool with him coming in as a backup on a team friendly deal.
  11. I understand both sides and I will miss Casey’s leadership at this point in his career, however he hasn’t been the same player for at least 2 years. I hope calmer heads will prevail at some point down the line and he retires a Titan. Good luck next year Case except week 1. ✌🏾
  12. Welcome back Spiff. I remember you from the old site.
  13. To wear the #1 at LSU is an honor. He is legit. Nice pick JRob.
  14. I can see it now. Zone read with Wilson at RB and Henry at QB. 😳
  15. A friend of mine is throwing a draft party on Zoom. I can’t get a DUI partying virtually. Bring on da tequila!!😆🔥🎉🤣
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