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  1. Tennessee Titans Free Talk Venting Thread

    Really... I am not even upset. I knew they would lose. Pure Malarkey. And I loss in the fantasy semifinals today. 👎🏽
  2. Thanks. I have been out of the loop these past few weeks.
  3. Have the Titans announced where they will be staying and practicing next week yet? I haven't seen anything yet.. This game is a trap game IMO with the distraction of being away from Nashville for over a week.
  4. WK 11: Titans (6-3) at Steelers (7-2) TNF!

    OL needs to spend less time at the Predators games throwing catfish and learn how to man up. SMH.😤
  5. WK 11: Titans (6-3) at Steelers (7-2) TNF!

    First tequila shot down. 😳
  6. WK 11: Titans (6-3) at Steelers (7-2) TNF!

    I got my tequila shots ready if it gets ugly. Hopefully I will not need them.
  7. WK 11: Titans (6-3) at Steelers (7-2) TNF!

    Game day. Let do this ish Titans. Complete game in all 3 phases. Special teams and the OL (especially Kline) played like crap last week. Spread the Steeler D out and throw it to start and come back and pound them. Their secondary is banged up.
  8. AFC South Discussion Thread

    @Rappsheet: former NFL QB Rusty Smith is in the backyard testing out his arm. LOL!
  9. WK 10 GDT: (5-3) Titans vs (3-5) Bengals

    Taylor’s Mom had on a nice dress at the draft. Just sayin. 👀👍🏾
  10. WK 10 GDT: (5-3) Titans vs (3-5) Bengals

    Please don't let Dalton have a throw back TD this year.
  11. WK 9 GDT: (4-3) Titans vs (4-4) Ravens

    IKR. The coaching staff can't even hide Brice McCain on special teams. The punter burned him for a 1st down on a fake punt. SMH.
  12. WK 9 GDT: (4-3) Titans vs (4-4) Ravens

    Understood. I know they lost the first game. Not sure bout last year?
  13. WK 9 GDT: (4-3) Titans vs (4-4) Ravens

    I’m cool with it. If you go back to your college or high school homecoming a lot of the players there were not the stars but they still paid their dues and wore the uniform. It’s about recognizing guys that wore the uniform whether you were Shaun Smith or LenDale White.
  14. AFC South Discussion Thread

    Hate it for Watson. Didnt he mess a knee before? Hopefully he can come back 💯. I like him and his play except twice a year. I strongly dislike the Texans but I like Watson.
  15. AFC South Discussion Thread

    Hilarious. Not his injury but “Capt. Luck’s” post.