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  1. The tornados hit the town between my hometown and where I live now, the town where all my childhood friends grew up. Im stillllll getting stuck in traffic on the way to work because of all the trees down, you guys should see the main road I go down. The house to the left you could see completely through, front and back of the house was completely gone. Siding ripped off. Windows smashed. The house across the street had every window broken and a massive tree that was thrown through the the air like a javelin and smashed right into their attic. One house just has a massive tarp over it because t
  2. Kensington and Allegheny is absolutely beautiful this time of year
  3. Fire everyone including Howie, but keep Carson. Thats the hill ill die on, the opposite will probably be done though. Also threw $100 on Seahawks moneyline and I gotta say rooting against us isnt too bad lmao
  4. I love the Pats, theyre everything I want the Birdz to be. Perennial contenders and a win or die mentality. That being said I despise the Cowboys, hate the Giants, and medium hate the Skins. As far as AFC goes who honestly cares 🤷‍♂️
  5. I remember when I won the Bill Cosby funniest poster award..
  6. What are you talking about? Donovan McNabb is beloved in Philadelphia and Darren McFadden was on the cover of NCAA 09, Shouldve kept it IMO
  7. The worst. Ive been trying to fill out as many applications as possible but i swear uploading a resume, entering all the information your resume has but you have to enter it manually again anyway, and finding contact information, takes like a friggen hour just to do one. Then when im done doing one im like Jesus thats exhausting
  8. Im not a fan of Ben And Jerrys as a company because of some recent Social Justice campaigns but Ill be damned if I dont tell you guys that the Milk and Cookies pint is 🔥🔥🔥
  9. Im a yuge Black Mirror guy, super pumped to check this out. How would you rank it next to some of the best episodes?
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