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  1. Week 10 GDT: Battle of Lake Erie!

    I'm sorry to say that I agree. I think there is a market correction coming for this under-performing, uber-talented Browns team. This reminds me of what happened with the Eagles. Good lord, I'd love to be wrong. It would be a big achievement for the Bills. Beating the Browns would mean a lot more than beating a 2-6 team.
  2. Week 8 GDT: Die Eagles Die

    I appreciate your perspective.
  3. Week 8 GDT: Die Eagles Die

    Every reason to believe things plummet from here on out. Change my mind (without mentioning the "soft schedule" because we almost lost to the dolphins).
  4. Our Offense

    I wonder how much of the play calling is demonstrative of an effort from the management/coaches to develop Allen into a pocket passer. It's really the only way to increase the chances that he has a long and successful career. Could they be pushing the pass even when it might not maximize chances for in-game success in the name of forcing Josh to grow up as a well-rounded QB? I know it sounds bonkers to suggest that they would do something that didn't increase their chances of winning, but the emphasis on pass even when the run is working better is curious for sure.
  5. Week 7 GDT: Squish the Fish Part 1.

    The Dolphins defense is an abomination. I was more excited about the prospect of teeing off the Eagle's D until I saw the way we struggled to put up points on Miami.
  6. Around the NFL

    Well, the team damn well better be thinking only about NE. Luckily for us, no one on the team has suffered through all of this drought. They're not as distracted as we are.
  7. Around the NFL

    Yeah, I think it's got to be the Chargers dropping one. The Ravens just have no business losing to the Bengals. Further, the Bengals are getting worse. Their coach announced he was quitting at the end of the season this weekend? It's not looking like they'll be surging in week 17.
  8. Around the NFL

    I think our best hope is that Rivers does Rivers things and they drop a game. The Titans cannot beat the Rams and unless the Jags are resting their starters week 17, they're not beating them either.
  9. Week 15 GDT: Miami (6-7) @ Buffalo (7-6)

    No, not on Sunday. Some snow before then but only a 20% chance of precipitation on gameday with a high of 35. That may change but probably not dramatically.
  10. Colts @ Bills Playoff Hunt on life support

    This is the elephant in the room. What I saw last night was a Miami team with an excellent game plan, excellent execution, and an offense that did enough to outscore a flustered Brady. That's exactly what the Bills demonstrated they couldn't do against NE. I desperately want to sweep the Dolphins because it's really beginning to look like the door will be slightly ajar for the Bills to sneak in the six spot if we have 9 wins, but I wonder what will happen if/when we get behind by more than a possession. Tyrod just hasn't done the job. If we do lose once or twice to the phins by a score of 6-13 or some crap, I guarantee the national media will say "The bills defense is at fault; they gave up points in the 4th quarter. They can't keep blaming Tyrod. He never gets his fair chance in Buffalo."
  11. Colts @ Bills Playoff Hunt on life support

    The win feels great with the following exceptions: -If peterman and tyrod are both hurt moving forward, the playoff run may as well have ended today. -mcdermott's coaching decisions mid-game continue to be really disheartening. Foolish use of timeouts and the punt in OT aren't exceptions. That type of crap has become the rule. -we need to know what Benjamin's health status is before we get too amped. We lose the game today without his contributions.
  12. Colts @ Bills Playoff Hunt on life support

    what a trash fire of a team.
  13. Colts @ Bills Playoff Hunt on life support

    why wouldn't they though? We can't stop them all of sudden.
  14. Colts @ Bills Playoff Hunt on life support

    how is this drive still happening? Come on D
  15. Colts @ Bills Playoff Hunt on life support

    webb doesn't need to throw anymore passes.