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  1. Injuries to my 2 starting RBs and bye weeks have me scraping to fill my flex spot this week. Who do you all like for the flex spot in my PPR league: Gio Bernard @ Philly Christian Kirk @ Cleveland Khalil Herbert vs Green Bay
  2. Davante, Deebo and Gaskins are on both my teams and Montgomery is on one of the two. So I believe I in your guys and think that’s a great trade because I would definitely not make the reverse trade. Huge part of that tho is I think Montgomery has huge potential and is gonna pick it up whether it’s under Fields getting his footing or Dalton opening it up. I also have hopes for Gaskins turning it up to some RB2 value like he did last year as Miami has a pretty easy schedule this year and he should at least be worth 11 pts weekly in PPR.
  3. PPR league where I have 1 WR spot and a Flex to fill between: Deebo, Tyler Boyd, Miles Sanders. Thoughts on how I should fill these 2 spots?
  4. My team is stacked except for my RB depth and Gaskin getting COVID really exploiting that. I have Kamara at RB 1 but for RB 2 have to choose between Lynn Bowden Jr and Gus Edwards. It is a PPR league which helps LBJ and I’m leaning towards him because Tua leaned on him a lot and rookies tend to rely on the guy they’re comfortable with. Plus, even tho Parker is back, he’ll draw Gilmore and hasn’t had chemistry with Tua anyways. Edwards is very boom / bust considering his role being small and red zone specific. Jags are a good matchup and if it gets out of hand maybe they give him on run o
  5. Because taking defeat from the jaws of victory is the Chargers way. If injury doesn’t doom them, kickers may or underachieving. I live in LA and my GF who doesn’t like football suggested she should follow a team so it’ll be more enjoyable so she should follow the Chargers. I told her if she wants to enjoy football then being a Charger fan is the worst idea possible. She asked why and I said they always choke. That game They preceded to lose in classic Chargr fashion, leaving like 15 points on the board with missed kicks, fumbles and really just overall Chargerness
  6. I still can’t believe this marriage happened even though it’s perfect. Tampa was the throw in team at the end of an article for Teams he may go to. I thought the Chargers were the only team he’d go to outside of NE. And no disrespect but TB is just a franchise you think gets overlooked despite the fact that they were a great fit. Glad TB and Arians are getting a final shake together because I thought both could still be top of their game and needed to give one last go
  7. Gets at least another year. Dak was playing well under him and bringing in a new guy/ offense seems stupid and like a waste of money. If the coach and QB have it going you fix the other things first. Plus Jerry Is loyal and gives everyone an extra chance rather than moving on a year early
  8. I know it’s a risky pick because they could easily be a top seed but I could see the Saints missing the playoffs. I expect Bucs and Falcons to be better and the home field advantage may not be there with COVID. Plus Jameis has talent but if he plays he may not give that same safe game manager feel as a backup that a backup needs to be. Don’t think they’ll be a bad team by any means But could see them being a team that misses the playoffs despite realistically being a top 4 NFC team. Could see any of the 4 NFC West teams having really unexpectedly disappointing seasons as far as W/L b
  9. Kyle Williams multiple mistakes definitely make him a major contender. The kicks are all unfortunate And the timing/ pressure makes it look bad but there’s a snap, hold and rush that can make a tiny miss on the mark for the kick can be huge. But fumbles, especially in sudden death situations and multiple are usually on one guy and luck isn’t a factor.
  10. He’s always been slow and doesn’t have a gun. So he has the capability to be a QB within the realm of the talent he’s shown. Problem is that while above average cerebrally, he has flaws like unleashing bad throws and doesn’t always have Vincent Jackson or Gates to bail him out of 50/50 jump ball throws. He’s capable as always of distributing but needs to be patient and when he has a good OL he’s more willing to do this whereas when he doesn’t, he gets too impatient Decides to make plays without mobility so he makes throws that are bad decisions. He still makes throws trying to make a play that
  11. Chargers. Roster is built to contend now if they get some good QB play. Need to sell tickets and he’d arguably be the biggest name in LA football (I know not best player). They CANNOT rebuild/ Tank for Trevor and unless Cam comes back playing dreadful they can give it a go for a couple years.
  12. Yeah but you have Danger Russ who not only is lucky but creates luck with being smart, elusive and awesome. There aren’t a lot of teams with their point differential to go far, but teams like the SB winking Giants of recent are teams of equate them with because they keep games close no matter what and they have a magician running the team
  13. He really needs to just take a normal hit, pop up and realize his injury wasn’t from some pocket sack or hit he’s taken hundreds of times in his career but a bad split decision. He’s both gun shy and flustered right now and throwing off his back foot. His win streak when he came over gave him a sense of invincibility but he’s still getting game reps and doesn’t even have a full seasyof them.
  14. Let me preface by maybe I’m overthinking this but I’m in a 12 team PPR league and as a keeper I can either get Kittle in the 9th or Mahomes in the 11th. I know Mahomes is guaranteed production on an MVP level and Kittle may lose production even with a better QB as Jimmy goes through more progressions and can hit WRs. But the value of TEs vs QBs who can consistently over produce average points is a big supply and demand game. Probably over thinking it but I feel valuing QB too much is what always kills me. But that also won’t be a big problem with a guaranteed stud like Mahomes that late.
  15. With Devonta Freeman possibly not playing, I may have to move him to possible flex for Sunday and fill in my RB2 spot. My Choices are Corey Clement or Alex Collins. Clement just missed some time and I don't know exactly what to expect from the Eagles new backfield rotation but Collins has been trending down and doesn't get goal line touches, which is a problem because he hasn't really been getting points besides week 3 when he got a TD
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