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  1. I'm rolling with this tbh. I'm messaging all my non 49er friends making Mac memes and showing them this. That'll teach them.
  2. I once saw Isaac Sopoaga at a mall and I confused him with a walking pillar.
  3. My gut is telling me fields. I will be so relieved when this draft is over.
  4. Don’t hate it. I like the projection for Rodgers but I’d rather avoid receiver in the first 3 rounds, unless it was great value.
  5. I think most people probably lean Wilson...but if I think I might lean more fields. I think he's a bit more of the total package and his arm is definitely very good..Wilson just has a special arm and I think that's why most people have him a bit above Fields.
  6. I keep going back to trading up for Farley. It's a huge risk, but its the kind of thing where the payoff is so immensely high, you just have to take a chance on that talent and in the short term, you have two corners who are more than capable of starting.
  7. Hate to say it, because I generally don't love them, but Better Rivals definitely has me leaning towards us taking Fields. I think they pointed out a lot of things in the second pod, pointing to things Shanny has said recently (much like we have) that would sort of go against the idea that he's just going with the generic Kirk archetype. Long long month.
  8. I mean..if whatever QB we pick busts and we go another 3 years of not being routine playoff contenders, Shanny should rightfully be fired, imo. Assuming there's no more insane injury waves et (Which even then is cause for alarm as it is currently). But going Jones is going to be a massive spotlight on his ego. He is basically proclaiming to the whole scouting community "I see something you don't and I can make this guy a consistent top 5 QB" because that's the haul we just gave up for him. He is going to get RAKED over the coals if the QB we pick doesn't work out, but if Jones comes out like D
  9. You know, that whole tidbit with Saban might be a bigger tell than we're letting on. I don't know for what... But given Jones having 2 DUI's..our checkered past with Foster and Saban lying through his teeth..I really, really have a hard time seeing 49ers investing into a guy with subpar physical skills..good but not great arm...and now potential character issues? Worth noting..my own bias..I think 2 DUI's shows pretty atrocious decision making.
  10. I literally can’t do this anymore. They cannot pick Jones. Imagine being offered a nice sourdough loaf of a beautiful naan, or a nice dense German Bauernbrot. were opting for Safeway select white bread.
  11. Hysterical listening Brian Peacock on locked on 49ers. He’s legit losing his mind on the idea of Mac Jones going 3. Just the pod now, him losing his mind.
  12. Why do you do this to me. Why do you make me hate this team. Why do you reach your hand into my brain stem and flick it like a booger?
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