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  1. @Ftn49@nayad you guys still on? Lots of updates in sleeper/slack. new contracts system probably a league reset need to set draft times cash buy in becoming a thing
  2. Hey everyone. Big league announcement on slack. Jist of it: I'm going blast this here, We are going to switch DFL Contracts TODAY!!!!!!the DLF contracts can be found here (median is 413.5). https://data.dynastyleaguefootball.com/auction/?_state_id_=f20114440ce8b1b5ALL ESPN CONTRACTS ARE VOID AS OF THIS MOMENT!You keep your players on your rosters, but all contracts are void and players have to be signed with DFL contracts now. Figure out your finances ASAP!!!Why are we doing this?After looking at finances for EOS earnings and total accumulated money, it's very clearly untenable to keep at the
  3. Good thing we drafted and signed multiple safeties early i. The season…to the point it defied logic..Jefferson and Wilson..and Harris might all make the team.
  4. I’d say that’s good coverage and a bad rep by the receiver and lance just has to make the throw because that’s the drill. But lenoir looked active there.
  5. We’ll see. I think they’re won’t to keep 8 but given how many injuries this line sustained previous years. Would not be upset or surprised if they keep that 9th swing...they both suck though so might not even matter.
  6. I'm not sure how much an aging WR will yield. Even a GOAT like Julio. I think I would. Definitely ok to part with a second, but not much more. I would also do Deebo and a 4th (would do a third but we don't have one, maybe conditional pick?)
  7. Man, i just can’t with David Neumann sometimes. I have to remind myself this is the guy that was advocating for trading back and taking DeAndre Baker and Byron Murphy(?) over Bosa. He’s focusing on, of course, a niche pff stat, and extrapolating that he’s going to have massive accuracy issues etc. Not taking into context that he was 19 and that QBs do, generally speaking improve accuracy over time from that age forward. It’s not consistent, but I feel like Lances accuracy issues are getting blown up by Fields stans.
  8. I still wonder if something maybe happened at Georgia. Maybe not bad enough to get leaked, but easily enough to scare a team..or two.
  9. The tackle they picked up is an absolute unit.
  10. Hayden Hurst just became a FA. Option declined. 49ers need to be in on that hard
  11. My own general thoughts on the draft: Overall, I give it a B. And it's very hard to not give a grade based on the entire process, from January to April, when apparently the Lance decision was made. I think one of the things fans are going to focus on (much in the same we focus on 17, passing on Watson, Mahomes ) is Fields falling to 11. That had to sting for a fair amount of people who were pro fields, but I think it's been pretty heavily documented (and we'll continue to find out more on this in the coming months, years. ) that Lance was going to picked very high. It's even stran
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