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  1. We might win a superbowl next year. In all seriousness, as great as it is to have a QB, we're going to get back to the days where we're actually upset when we lose.
  2. 2018 Draft Thread I

    He should be in the first round. I could see a team like Cincy trading back up into the first to grab him. Especially if they part with Dalton and run with McCarron for a year. But regardless, i don't think he'd be an overdraft in the first , plus he's a QB so it's good value. The NFL really needs to get over the height-ism. Too many guys have been passed up as a result when their arm talent and play have suggested they could be legitimately good. I just have more concerns about QB's coming out of that system.
  3. Yeah, that would make sense too.
  4. The good thing about Indy being ahead of us is they don't affect the QB market and will probably draft Barkley. Don't see them trading back and risking losing him or Nelson for that matter too.
  5. We took Reid or War Dover Hopkins. Sad!
  6. I don't think he looked bad;, but didn't flash to me. Maybe if he's not a fatty come next year he'll get some more play.
  7. That looks like a fumble. Didn't seem like he was touched
  8. Thomas also missed all of TC. I expect a big improvement next year
  9. Was that a missed throw or miscommunication?
  10. His,deep ball needs work
  11. Colbert really playing well. Looks like a steal.
  12. He looks the part. I'm going to need multiple pairs of pants when watching jimmy