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  1. Thing is Bree's will still take shots with his noodle arm so they can't..totally sell out, or I guess that's the logic. Kamara was messed up all of last year and he still put up numbers. He's just a different breed. Barkley, Kamara and CMC are just on different levels as swiss army knives. But to your point, Drew looks washed, I'd be stacking boxes all day.
  2. Just gotta say this..and I know this goes against muh analytics, but Alvin Kamara is absolutely incredible and I'd pay that dude over about 90% of the startings receivers in the NFL, if not more. Dude is so special.
  3. It's more understandable when it's a fantasy team tbh.
  4. Making 49er team docs look good..at least the ones from a couple years ago.
  5. Dynasty League, deepish benches, Contract league, .5 ppr, point per first down, dynamic ppr and big play bonuses. Got offered $20, AJ Green and Joe Mixon for Alvin Kamara. Kamara is on a 58 dollar contract for 2 years, mixon is on the last two years of a $13 per year contract. For perspective, a 2-0 week is $30. A split is $10 and top score is $50. This guy also happens to be a contender, like myself, but I just went through the Barkley injury and with some other super teams, people migth think im selling.
  6. Remember that year for the Ravens, like 2017? Or 16? Where they had some insane level of injuries by the end of year. Was like 15+ guys with season ending injuries and a done of dudes in and out of IR. were feeling like that.
  7. Jerrick McKinnon really going to be the healthiest back this year? Hasty and Wilson time I guess?
  8. I think there's a definite utility to Tanking. We've seen it help some franchises, if timed correctly...and obviously making the right pick. But I don't think we're bad enough to be in the Fields/Lawrence discussion. IF we were, I think you take either and figure it out later with Jimmy G. But I doubt that happens. But We're way too good to be tanking. That's not just soy, it's damaging to the culture they've built here. If we end up in the top 10 (totally plausible) it will be rought. But I seriously doubt we go 6-10 getting punked the whole time. Going to be like 2017 or w.e where we just kept barely losing.
  9. I honestly was in a daze yesterday. Between Bosa and Barkley and the other injuries yesterday, I don't think i've ever gone 1000 yard stare watching football on a sunday. Had the game on, literally couldn't tell you about more than 5 or 6 plays. I know there's probably no precedent, but there needs to be better oversite on field conditions. It's baffling how bad that game was yesterday.
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