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  1. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    Another random name I'd be interested in this off-season..Josh Rosen. With Beathard being trash and Mullens being a RFA (iirc) Rosen could be someone we could possibly acquire for like a 4th or a 5th and a player. Coming out of college, he felt like one of the better fits for our system and he might be a really good guy to have sit behind Jimmy and either groom to trade away or just have as a solid insurance policy.
  2. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    This is horrible for the Rams. They're in a far worse position than us when it comes to the cap. They are going to have to purge their roster to make this work long term and now they don't have the top end draft capital to fill the holes.
  3. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    I mean, when he was healthy last year, he was a top 4 TE. Getting rid of him is pretty idiotic, but so is not really utilizing him. And tbf to Arians, OJ hasn't been great this year but he's not being helped.
  4. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    I would love to see OJ Howard to the Patriots.
  5. 2020 Draft Thread

    Yeah. my thinking is basically along the same lines. Really can't see him retiring. Dude has been working his whole life towards building a team culture like this, one that is sustainable at that. He adores this current regime, so I could see him sticking this out for at least one more year. I think a DB is more than likely going to be the pick with the amount of turnover there. The other dark horse..defensive line. Just the way everything kind of broke, Blair, AA, Day and DJ could all get better offers and roles somewhere else. Good problem to have but they might want to do it the Eagles way and just rotate really talented guys through.
  6. 2020 Draft Thread

    Maybe. Unless Skule and/or Brunskill play at a very, very high level until the incumbents come back, they will/should factor into the decision making in the up coming draft when it comes to top end talent. Staley is a much bigger factor in determining what we do come april. If Staley retires, We're looking at McG and Skule as our starters with Coleman being the swing and Brunskill being the super utility. Though it's looked ok so far, I just still am not encouraged or content with that being the long term plan. I want elite bookend tackles for JImmy anda this offense and I think they want that too. Maybe Skule is that guy, I hope so, but I'm not banking on it. That said< i don't see us spending our first rounder and an OT, but I could absolutely see us spending our third on one. What would be best is a trade back, Seahawks style and possibly get out of the first and acquire a lot of picks. The holes are going to start coming and we only have so many fingers to plug them with, trade back could help alleviate this. Given how this year has gone, this is the most confident I've ever been in our staff and their ability to pick and develop talent. Get more bullets and we can transition into being routine contenders.
  7. 2020 Draft Thread

    Yeah, I think we’re all pleasantly surprised and Skule and Brunskill, and honestly both are probably close to locking up jobs as long term utility depth in the NfL. But quality, long term, elite tackle (or even IOL) play is not something I expect from them. I think they’re both basically mike person in that they’re A+ depth, but average-ish at best starters. Brunskill is intriguing but I think shanny places a ton of emphasis on tackle play and given how traumatic tbe injuries have been there, for multiple years, I really think they take a shot at a tackle with one of our first picks.
  8. 2020 Draft Thread

    Yeah, secondary and OL are still pretty much 1a and 1b for me, but with Goodwin and Bourne possibly being in the way out, and The rest of our receivers showing an injury history, wouldn’t be surprised if we see another receiver in the 4th or 5th round. Maybe even third if the value is right. FS and tackle are still my number 1 needs though.
  9. Week 6 Game Ball?

    I went with Ward. Guy was instrumental in a goal line 4th down run and the one in the fourth on Kupp. Guy has a bone to bre..pick with his naysayers. Really happy for him and hope he keeps it up. Worried we might end up having to pay him too. Moore hopefully takes some pointers on tackling and good physicality.
  10. Yeah, would be awful. I expect Washington to be dirty too.
  11. The Rams have really hamstrung themselves. The Gurley and Jared Goof contracts are going to HURT. Not to mention you have a ton of tied up in a DT (Albeit best ever) but still, They are moving into really weird territory.
  12. This is arguably more impressive than last weeks win. Another ugly *** game won by our defense and coach. Jimmy G had a really solid game but that fumble was nearly catastrophic. Aside from that he had a really good game throwing the ball.
  13. Now here's a guy in SoCal, real scrappy guy. Gym rat. Works hard. Brings his lunch pale to work. Can't pass him up.
  14. This whole season has been "we're doing it live" for Shanny. Just a **** show and he's rising above it.