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  1. You have no heart, Forge.
  2. So I’m going to throw it out there.. we should sign Gore. McKinnon is glass man. RBBC: Coleman Gore Mosert Wilson PS: Chase (Baylor kid) Gore might not be as explosive as Wilson but is still probably the best inside runner in this group.
  3. I am a huge unabashed Hurd homer. I think he has the potential to be the best receiver on this team. I worry about his downfield skills a little bit, but I think for a guy who just transitioned to the position, he shows skills way beyond his years. Not to mention he is just a beast rac guy. I think his floor is Cordarrelle Patterson, toolsy, all around dangerous player but maybe never touches upon his potential. I think his ceiling is closer to someone like Dez Bryant or a more athletic Boldin. I just loved his tape in college and I think if he's someone that we scheme open, he is going to put up numbers.
  4. I will say, the traits and things that I find Aiyuk lacking are totally teachable. Just my two cents. I really liked the pickup, would've preferred Jeudy or Lamb, but the fact that we came out of this draft with Kinlaw, Aiyuk and Williams makes me pretty frickin happy. Don't like parts of their process, but their process has generally been pretty sound. Just feels like when we whiff, we whiff HARD.
  5. 49ers draft Charlie Woerner TE at 190

    Agree with the above. Quintessential Lynch pick. Grabbing a guy with a very good skill set who can immediately be put use.
  6. 49era draft WR Jauan Jennings at 217

    Certainly doesn't measure the weight of his lunch pale.
  7. I trade jimmy g for 245
  8. Yo, I think I have pick 245. 1-14 Ceedee Lamb 1-31 Ross Blalock. 1-117 Reggie Robinson 153- Prince-Tega Wanogho 176 - TE Hunter Bryant 190 - Eno Benjamin 217 - Bryce Huff Final...
  9. 49era draft WR Jauan Jennings at 217

    Lot of people love this pick. Seeing it universally praised.
  10. Wasted Resources on WR

    Don’t know how this still gets debated. Literally a play away from winning a Super Bowl. It stings but we just about pushed All the right buttons to get us to the show. will forever sting but I loved last year.
  11. Niners traded up for Brandon Aiyuk at 25 WR

    Definitely. I think there’s been a lot of disappointment with all the returnerswe have. Reed, Pettis and James were all big time dudes in college and they haven’t done particularly well imo
  12. 1-14 Ceedee Lamb 1-31 Ross Blalock. 1-117 Reggie Robinson 153- Prince-Tega Wanogho 176 - TE Hunter Bryant 190 - Eno Benjamin 217 - Bryce Huff
  13. 49era draft WR Jauan Jennings at 217

    I like it. Probably on the PS year 1, has ST upside, kind fits what we're going for now at receiver.
  14. Niners traded up for Brandon Aiyuk at 25 WR

    Yeah, so I'm going to come in a bit hot here. This is where draft analysis in a group forum gets interesting, different people see different things and we don't know who is right and whose wrong yet. I'm going to keep watching this, so don't consider this my official position. Issues: First thing I'm seeing (in the 4 games I watched) is he doesn't seem to have great releases off the line. He gets redirected pretty often when someones in press. That said, he's so quick and twitchy he recovers pretty fast, but his feet are chopping pretty hard. Really seeing some wasted movement (and really the only place I'm seeing it in his game, in his defense) He's a RAC Monster, a pro, but I'd like to see him to better angles sometimes. He's fast, but he seems a bit 1 gear. A little patience and stop and go could go a long ways with him. Couple plays I saw he probably could've housed it instead of getting a huge chunk. Concentration drops. Seems like he has pretty steady hands, but there's at least one play every game where it seems to bounce off his hands. Couple of them would've been amazing catches (Cal diving drop) Good body control, but not great. Not what I like out of a round 1 receiver. Especially since those were elite traits for Jeudy and Lamb. Likes: Yeah, he's got juice. This is where i'm going to be coming in hot. I absolutely see a guy who has vertical speed down the field and he destroy angles fast. I don't think he's a 4.3 guy, but he's close. I think if you took Deebo, took some stats out of strength and put them in speed, you get Aiyuk. As I said before, i think he's a bit 1 gear, he doesn't look like Ruggs out there when it comes to running by guys, but he looks faster than Jeudy to me and he's going to be the fastest receiver on our team. He breaks routes off hard. I felt like I was watching our comet, Emmanuel Sanders. When he's getting to the top of routes, He is shaking people. Hard. Pettis does this too,but there's one huge difference..Pettis has to set a guy up, waste time/movement doing it, then he explodes and is 15 yards past the defender. Aiyuk is doing this in stride. It's not the same trait, but Crabtree was so seamless moving from catching to running to where it was uncanny. Aiyuk is running double moves and twists in like 3 steps. That TD against Washington down the seam was ridiculous. He has an incredible feel for leverage and that is something Kyle can exploit as well as anyone. I don't know that he has a full route tree, but I sort of get what Kyle means. He really doesn't look uncomfortable in any part of the field. I think if there was a place, it'd be over the middle, but I don't know that we're going to rely on him to do that year one..nor should we when we have Kittle, Samuel, Taylor and Hurd. Furthermore, he's great at running to the play and finding a soft spot in the zone. This is one of those weird skill sets some guys have and others don't. He uses that wing span. Lots of examples of him high pointing balls, snatching errant passes. He plays bigger than his size. cliche. And of course..RAC. Outside of Lamb, I think it's totally fair to say he was the next best guy. He runs hard, doesn't go down with the first tackler and he uses that speed and judges angles well. Forge sort of brought it up, he doesn't look fast, but he just keeps running by defenses..I think he looks fast, but I agree in the sense that he just always seems to find a nose for the big gain. He's not Deebo in the sense he's punishing but he's going to make defenses pay if he's given space. I am going to keep watching games, but I can see why people were calling him a first rounder. I remember balking initially at the idea he was going to be a first rounder and I got a really weird rut in my stomach last week because It felt like we could end up going Aiyuk at 31. But I'm ok with it. We needed the vertical element and he will give us that to the point where it's the part of his game i'm least concerned with, especially since he can run at full speed and still hit routes in stride.
  15. 49ers draft Charlie Woerner TE at 190

    Going to come in and say the same thing. When both Kittle and Juice missed time, our offense took a huge hit just based on the blocking they provided. Dwelley is fine as a receiving option, but no threat as a blocker. Really like this pick.