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  1. Preseason week 2 GDT: 49ers vs Texans

    Yeah, Worth noting Forge, I watched like 3 series. I think DJ Jones, Buck, Taylor and Solly, when playing together can consistently break the pocket down. That's more or less what I was getting at. But it's still a weakness. And in regards to CJ, definitely meant from this game to last game. Not since last year. I'm just not quite at the point where I feel the sky is falling with him.
  2. Preseason week 2 GDT: 49ers vs Texans

    Just watched the first couple series. Quick thoughts -CJ looked better. -Pass blocking looks fine -Run blocking mediocre at best. Somewhat concerned -Jimmy is good -Reuben Foster is going to be the best MLB in a year or two. -Pass rush still a concern, doesn't look worse and it looks like we'll consistently break pockets but we still need a finisher and not sure Marsh or Attachou is that guy. -Receiver is a legit strength for us.
  3. Preseason week 2 GDT: 49ers vs Texans

    God, I can't believe I remember what you're talking about. Who was that against? The Steelers? ( I know he played for them too)
  4. 2019 Draft Talk

    The thing with Landry is he dropped pretty frickin far and plenty of teams needed pass rush help. I think there's something medically that scared a lot of teams away, us included. That's the only way I could have seen has value tanked in the eyes of the team. They clearly value pass rush given how many bodies they've thrown at it (including Solly on some level), but I just think with their extended timeline for the rebuild, they're going to be real choosy with who they bring in as "the guy". Worst case scenario, they're waiting for Ziggy : /
  5. 2019 Draft Talk

    I strongly suspect the reason we didn't go all in on a pass rusher this year was because of the perception that this up and coming class is better. We won't know that for a while so I'm sort of biting my tongue on if it was a mistake this past draft..but i'm still leery of trading up for pettis vs landry. That said, I've warmed up to Pettis quite a bit. He may not be an elite number 1, but he's so incredibly toolsy that he could do a lot of damage with a mind like Shanny.
  6. Madden 19

    Hey everyone, Couple things that annoy me. In Franchise mode in both fantasy and normal drafts, there is no way of seeing who has been previously drafted right? Or am I missing something. New UI Overhaul is nice but not seeing everything is making me wonder if its me or them. Secondly, what the hell is going on with catching? I've noticed that I can throw the ball at a receiver, have it hit them in the face mask in stride, then they have the stumble missed catch animation. Does catch timing have to be way more on point now? (I was hitting the square button before this happened each time). Also worth noting this is probably one of the most active forums for this game right now.
  7. With Breida and Kittle going down for a period of time, going to be really interesting to see how TC battles progress. Saxson, Hikutini and Celek I'd imagine as the final TE's. But the Williams, McNicols and Mosert battle is also interesting. Bet my money Mosert and Mcnicols make the cut and Williams gets PS'd or IR'd.
  8. Richie James and Bourne will be on our season 53.
  9. Julian Taylor making Armstead expendable.
  10. Preseason means nothing for starters. Like NBA Summer league, doesn't tell you who is good, just who is really bad.
  11. So I heard everyone died. General summary so far? (just turning the game on for a bit before I leave to get the new madden).
  12. Kahlil Mack

    Chut up. I forgot.
  13. Kahlil Mack

    Eh, it only matters if was a multi-year contract. Wardand Armstead both expire after this year. if they can clear the cap (which by trading Mack, I assume those two salaries would match closely) then it shouldn't be a problem. But I do agree, it's something that depending on how up against it they are, they might not want to mess with it.
  14. Kahlil Mack

    I do think giving them Ward and Armstead actually helps them to some degree. I don't think they are pure "junk". They've shown to be solid players if nothing else WHEN healthy. (Big if). That said, any trade for Mack is going to involve at least 1 first and a second. Those two guys might just alleviate parting with like a fourth or fifth. And from everything i've read, the Raiders secondary has been ROUGH in camp. Ward might really interest them.
  15. Training Camp Thread

    Eh, I more or less agree, but Geno Atkins was too when he was younger. He's still an animal, but didn't maintain the insane level of play. On a more relevant note, I think Benoit is being nice, but Thomas and Buckner both have a lot more to prove before they can be considered on that level.