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  1. 2018 Draft Thread I

    He's amazing. And i purged my super involved pay in dynasty league for a shot Barkley. i would jizzum if he ended u on the 49ers.
  2. 2018 Draft Thread I

    So I'm against the idea of going Barkley at the cost of Rosen or Darnold...but if we sign Cousins, don't resign Hyde and we have a shot at Barkley, I'd be all for it.
  3. Anyways, pretty encouraging game all things considered. Clearly have some issues, but the two most encouraging things I'm finding are that the positions where we've invested the most high picks in safety and interior line, have both come along nicely. If we can start seeing something out of Kittle and continue to see Breida and Taylor grow, i'll be a happy camper. Also add before I take off. Rams look legit too. McVey was the other coach I really wanted and seeing him succeed is vindicating but scary.
  4. It is, and I should have been more specific. Not secondary assignments, but coverage assignments can be very convoluted depending on the defense. Some are pretty straight forward, but other people try to mix it up. And finding where a play or coverage can broke down is where it can be harder to tell. If a safety and corner can't get on the same page, but the corner blows the acutal press or jam(for example) the safety in all likely hood will get docked in his grade for it. (lookin at you Robinson v Tyreeke)
  5. Yeah, who knew my commute in the bay area would be worse than my commute in LA.
  6. Exactly. They haven't figured everything out, and in all likelihood, never will. Blocking assignments and secondary assignments are damn near impossible to figure out unless you know the call.
  7. Yeah, I like PFF on the whole, but they''re work has to be taken with a massive grain of salt. I actually prefer when they stick to just scouting articles and podcasts. When they start trying to push their ridiculous new stats it gets to be a bit much. Hopefully their growing popularity lends to some more capital, because they really need to invest in more statisticians and less joe schmoe watching a game then making up stats as they go along. Stop mixing the two basically. /rant (I havea 4 hour commute so I listen to way too much football stuff now, PFF has fallen in that rotation)
  8. I think there's a real good chance of it. He's not a bad player by any stretch, and he's a got a chance at being a real good player in a 3-4 again, but he's just too redundant with Buckner. He's a lesser version of him, and Buckner already isn't some explosive pass-rusher. He's unblockable already, but not Donald or Watt when it comes to shooting up at the QB. So yeah, I don't think it's a could he, I think he SHOULD be dealt. I was also saying he should have been traded the day they drafted Solomon Thomas.
  9. Especially if we bring in a young QB. They will need to start spending on that offense to protect him, but also to let him develop so when he gets paid, the guys we JUST Paid will be coming of their deals. Very important to start laying major ground work for a QB, whoever that is.
  10. Yeah, I'm being a bit facetious., obviously way too early. I do expect us to go hard after some guys in FA. Vets at corner might be a good idea depending on how the staff feels about Robinson and Dontae Johnson going forward. Jack Mewhort could be real interesting too. I was furious we didn't sign Zeitler. Only thing that I didn't like about the off-season. You also have Jeffery and Pryor too. Regardless, I think we could see one or two big holes get filled by FA. I'd expect Guard, Center and Corner to be the targeted positions in free agency. Then go after QB, WR, DE with our first three picks.
  11. My new draft order is 1. QB 2. CB/DE 2. CB/DE 3. G 4. C
  12. Not a single doubt in my mind this team is much more well coached and much more motivated. So happy with the heart.
  13. Fair enough points. I think if their is one thing to care about from this game in regards to Hoyer, it's that he appears to finally be getting on the same page with some guys. He was having issues with turning in the right direction come two weeks ago. Once he gets Taylor and Kittle going, I think we might see some consistent scoring. And by consistent I mean getting over 14 points a game, lol.
  14. Totally agree on the safeties. Re-up Ward, resign Reid and bring back Tartt. Figure out a way to get these guys on the field on second and third down.
  15. I was literally clarifying the FOR HIM part. I still think it was a bad performance by him, but not god awful. I wouldn't call it good, but it was more the kind of mistakes he made were just at the worst possible times. Missing Taylor and the pick 6 were just really, really bad plays on his part. Not his normal hook zone interception.