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  1. We signed Keesean Johnson to a futures contract. I liked him coming out
  2. He has to be a better OC than he was a QB. also, I feel old.
  3. It’s still just so hard beating someone 3 times in a row. Scares me
  4. I literally cannot wrap my head around this team. All I gotta say is the resilience and adaptability factor is as high as any team in the league. 0 quit or panic in this team
  5. Would not have guessed receivers would be the group to let us down
  6. Finding a value on Jimmy G is so hard. QB Is such a hard position to find even basic competency at, which Jimmy is. I think he’s worth like a second and a third, but in the right market, I could see a first to a team trying to compete with an elite defense. Pitt makes a lot of sense in that regard. Dionte would also be an amazing pairing with him. people saying he goes for maybe a 4th..seems insane to me.
  7. This is probably one of the most important things a coach can do that directly leads to results. Shanny, throughout his whole tenure has had an extremely close knit team that plays consistently hard. He’s a good, to great coach, with flaws, but never with team leadership.
  8. We were dominant until we had an epic run of shooting our selves in the ****. Kind of crazy. I really cannot wait until Lance becomes the QB. I know getting things on time with him will be frustrating, but Jimmy, was hard to watch today.
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