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  1. I think there’s a good chance Parsons drops to us and I would have no problem with it. I would like for us to blitz more if we had him, but Warner and Parsons would be soooo good for so many years. What do you do with Greenlaw though. Have to imagine you could probably get a solid pick or player for him. I’d be inclined to just keep being and roll out a lot of exotic fronts and rotate, heavily. Parsons is just such an interesting fit for us too because he’s elite in coverage but I’ve seen a fair amount of pundits say he could become a very good edge, if he wanted too. That kind of toolset fro
  2. Oddly enough, I'd want tsome late round picks coming back. Just body repalcements. Idk, i'm weird like that. That said, 4 first rounders is a lot to give up. 4 years of team controlled high talent guys. This is also assuming we're giving up 2nd and 3rds too. I'd do it but I would be incredibly stressed about any potential player turnover and depth.
  3. Yeah, McKinnon had a strange reaction. 49ers could have eaten your hit and cut your *** when injured. I typically don’t care or expect players to show gratitude to teams, but McKinnon could have had it so much worse.
  4. Yeah, he and Mahomes will swap again when his contract is up. But yeah, Watson is going to be a LOT of money.
  5. Yeah, at this point I'd rather trade up for a QB like Wilson than trade a half decades worth of first round picks. I mean..I won't be upset with Watson, but he's going to be the second highest paid QB of all time whenever his contract is up after this. Getting Wilson gives us an improvement at QB but also doesn't really take the wind out of our sails going into the future and restocking at other positions. One beautiful thing about our team, and FO is I think they do a really incredible job of bringing in budget players to fill in gaps. Not great with big name signings, but so many
  6. It really comes down to the opportunity cost on his contract. If keeping him results in us losing out on extending someone else, on top of spending a first on a QB, then I think it becomes really hard to justify. But they could restructure him, keep him on to start for a year, then trade, regardless of rehabbed value. That said, I generally lean towards starting rookies right away, but in the case of someone like Lance, I really wouldn't have a problem with it. Fields, even to some extent would fall under that for me..but still prefer starting our first round picks. I just think
  7. I keep sayin it, but if the 49ers manage to fall into an incredible QB situation (Wilson, Fields( personally meh) or Watson), their is going to be a very nice market for Jimmy G. Really wouldn't be surprised to see him go for a mid to late second. Wouldn't bank on it, but QB is such an important position and he isn't THAT far removed from a very solid 2019 campaign.
  8. I’m resigned to Watson being traded to not us..and we’re going to restructure Jimmy and be in QB purgatory for the next half decade, at least.
  9. I know Jacksonville has talent, but man that is a bottom 5 organization right now and TLaw is about to bail their ***** out.
  10. So who seems like the logical guy to drop? To me it's Lance and Fields. Both have some pretty big red flags.
  11. I know it's really rare for 4 QB's to go top 10, but I really think we're going to see that. Makes me think that from a pure scarcity standpoint we're going to see Trask and Jones go before the second. Jones/Trask to some combo of Indy, Pittsburgh, Saints or even Washington. Who knows, but I don't even feel comfortable with the idea that one is going to drop. HOWEVER, I think there's a really high chance Farley, Surtain and Rosseau are all there.
  12. I mean no way he drops to the second, but if he did drop to us in the second, it’s A+ value. I like him and I have him ahead of trask. But it’s a gap between lance and Jones.
  13. Mac Jones should be drafted by the Steelers. He’s a first round QB imo.
  14. If you look at his body of work at least as a LB coach, it's pretty impeccable. But it's a different game becoming a DC, but it seems like the coaching staff thinks the world of DeMeco and has for a while. Also, just love the thought of DeMeco being a coach. loved him as a prospect coming out and I remember when people thought he and Willis would run the league at MLB for the next decade. He was a lot of fun to watch.
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