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  1. I’m pretty sure shanty is doing this dog house thing because he’s done it before with with great success. I remember him in an interview talking about challenging certain guys after their rookie years and he named Brenda, Kittle and Warner as guys who took that on, I think we’re seeing it with Deebo too, because he was low key in a dog house too at one point. i won’t call aiyuk a miss yet, way too early in his career, but I am not digging how this coaching staff uses players right now.
  2. I am slightly concerned about the Washington investigation and the possibility that stuff may be dug up on Mike and maybe Kyle. Especially around RG3
  3. Sadly, yes. I think if he played like last year…you could probably get something if a team could get him to restructure. But he’s just going to get cut at this rate.
  4. Tim K. has been on the money imo. Not only fighting the fire Shanny crowd, but also trying to dig on Shanny being hard for Jimmy. I do think there’s the trade Motive. If Jimmy pulls it out and brings back 2019 Jimmy, he could definitely net a second at least…but I don’t think that happens.
  5. I have a dynasty deal on the table (not our league, the other one) that’s burrow for fields and Mike Davis maybe Jeff Wilson..not sure I can do it. Burrow just has such an intangible quality so much fun to watch.
  6. Was the last time we had TO heavy defense with Harbaugh?
  7. Is there like anything new in the last 3 weeks that’s good? Lance looks solid, considering context..Ryan’s is proving to be a solid DC? just rough man. Rough start to this year.
  8. I really hope we stick with lance. Let the guy take his lumps
  9. Other posters pointed to this in previous weeks, the lack of aggression really may have been a Jimmy thing. it’s crazy with the personnel though. Like, we aren’t BAD at acquiring talent. But it feels like we should be a lot better than we are. Like, Kinlaw and McGlinch aren’t bad, but at the cost of Minkah and Wirfs..it just hurts so much more. just feels like we’re hitting doubles when we should be hitting home runs.
  10. Are you actually interested in having a conversation about this or is this conclusive for you?
  11. I’ll say this, I’m more concerned about personnel decisions than I am coaching.
  12. Yup. Weird game from the get go. But Jimmy has not been leading these team to scoring in bunches…I think he’s nominally better than lance right now, which is to say he should not be starting at all…which means he’s starting.
  13. Lol he does not need to go. You can look at overall record and disregard context. I though when he was hired, it was a minimum 3 year rebuild before we were competitive. We got to the show in year 3 and neeely won it based on defense and Kyle consistently out coaching other teams. Last year we had 90 +million on IR. kyle is a good coach, if he gets fired, he gets hired tomorrow. BUT the clock is ticking. Jed can be buddy buddy with these guys all he wants, but the fans and media are losing patience and if this team finished with anything less than 8-9/9-8, then next year should
  14. I agree on sticking with lance, but I think Jim, sadly, is more comfortable for the team. But lance showed a lot today. I am really, really worried about this staffs inability to look inward though. The complete and utter lack of investment at key positions, as well as the amount of hard swing and whiffs we’ve had in high rounds is crazy considering how talented the team is overall.
  15. I’m encouraged by him but he is far from making me think he’s a franchise qb. Still has to prove that
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