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  1. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    i saw that. i will cry if we pick Geary.
  2. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    Allen or trade back and grab Ferrell/Polite. Grabbing Williams is just stupid on so many levels for us.
  3. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    So I think one of the interesting things that doesn't get brought enough up in player assessment is how much a player improves year to year. Trying to find how "teachable" a player is should be damn near the top thing a team looks for. Now, not every team actually wants to develop guys, a la Harbaugh and to some extent, even BB, who likes to find (and does) guys who can contribute every year no matter where they were taken. Tre White and Michael Thomas are great examples of players who didn't flash all the time in college but showed clear improvement every year and a clear advancement of game. Tre White was especially bland for a lot of people. But as soon as they get to the NFL, they're savants. The ability to learn and process new schemes, information and technique is probably the biggest factor in determining if a player will be good or not (assuming they meet the physical threshold to be in the NFL). McGlinchey is another guy who looked better this year than he did in any of his college tape. This is why I love Allen and Ferrell as prospects. Allen has showed so much improvement, it's hard not to get excited about what he could be. Whereas Ferrell is sort of paradoxical in my opinion. He gets this physical freak moniker, but most people associate that with speed/burst and size. Whereas I think he's above average in that department (he can still tilt the corner with speed and has insane get off at times..) but where he looks freaky to me is he is his play strength. He's 260 and plays like a 290 pound edge when it comes to sealing off the run and stacking blockers He does that SOOOO well when he does do it. But he's also inconsistent in what he does well. I'd say he's a consistent player, but what he does that's actually good play to play can be very different and also what he does bad. Sometimes he'll fly off the edge and just run past a tackle for the sack. next play he won't get the jump, but he'll stack and shed a tackle and get some pressure inside. in 2017 he'll have these moments where he diagnoses a playfake and immediately kills the play or creates chaos around it...then two plays later they'll do another play fake and he'll be completely lost. My biggest gripe with him as a prospect besides the speed around the edge factor (which is not necessary to be a great pass rusher I might add) is he needs to use his length better and he needs to just continue to refine his pass-rush attack. When he does use his length he's straight up Aldon Smith-esque. Violent hands and the length that can shed a blocker clean off of him in a blink. If he doesn't use his length well, he gets locked up and then has to use his motor to win or tries to counter inside. I think your concerns about him being a finisher is understandable given his lack of burst. But I'd argue being heady about your approach (which he is) and taking the proper angles to a QB (which outside of the Masterful Bosa, he's the best at it in this class)is more important to closing the deal on a QB. If anything he could be a better tackler, I think that's sometimes an issue with long armed guys for whatever reason. They get the hands on a QB first but that gets them scrambling..where he's not connecting with both arms and wrapping up at once. If I were to compare him to someone, a poor mans Smith may be a good start. Ryan Kerrigan was another comp that crossed my mind. potential to be hall of very good and super consistent. Allen though..I really do think he has a Mack level ceiling.
  4. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    That said, I still need to do deep dives on Polite and Sweat. Then I gotta start scouting for my dynasty team. But i agree, a trade back for Ferrell would be much more palatable.
  5. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    I think it's more a matter of my assessment changing on him. I think he's just being in general underrated. I don't think he 's the physical freak people make him out to be, but I think he moves very well for a guy his size. The other thing I just can't not fall in love with is he's a much better technician the any other DE not named Bosa. He might not be a true wide 9, but I would have no issues running him out against a LT and expecting him to get consistent pressure. I think this is also where my change of heart is coming. He just consistently makes an impact as an edge. Only him and Bosa are really the only two edge guys who can lay claim to that. His ability to shed blockers is great. He may not bend or go screaming around the corner, but he tilt, can get under shoulder pads and knows when and how to use leverage to his advantage when countering. He's not late off the ball, and he rarely gets bullied when people run at him. I'd still be inclined to take Allen over him, but I might have him ahead of Polite and Sweat, which I did not before.
  6. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    I'm sort of coming around to Clelin Ferrell being neck and neck with Allen.
  7. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    To me, it seems like there's a glut of talent at only 4 position groups: TE, DT, DE/edge and WR. Everything else is very meh. Tackle is good but outside of Williams and Ford... and maybe a couple other guys could be good? Just seems like an extremely hard class to evaluate..but we're also real early in the process. I could see some of the safeties getting a big bump in stock.
  8. Kris Kocurek- New Dline coach

    If we grab Bosa AND Ziggy, then I can deal with it. Ziggy wouldn't be my first option, but as a secondary rusher to Bosa, he would be more than ok. The other big concern is price tag. Ziggy commanding an Oliver Vernon salary with his age, injuries and lack of top end production would be really hard to stomach.
  9. It's not the FF 49ers forum if we aren't wildly speculating on off-season moves during the playoffs. I'll also probably work off this format for future procrastination posts. Key early departures: Pierre Garcon via cut or trade: His contract would prevent this from being at all palatable for anything more than a 6th, but teams do value leadership and mentorship. Bills, Colts, Ravens options. Regardless, doubt he'll be back unless he restructures. 49ers will just take the dead cap hit. Earl Mitchell: He'll be cut. Useless. CJ Beathard: Via trade to Tennessee. Tennessee is in deep, deep trouble at QB. Beathard could get dealt for a 6th or 5th to the Titans who were running the same system last year. Pretty sure they don't want Blaine Gabbert being their backup anymore and Beathard might actually be better than Blaine Gabbert...wow. Regardless, since we typically only keep two QB's, I see us keeping Nick because I don't think the market will bite on him and I think the safe thing to do is keep Mullens anyways. Coyle: Easy way to save on some money and given the emergence of other youngsters on ST and Watson still being around, he just isn't worth the roster spot. Gilliam: This could change depending our FO's opinions on Shonn Coleman as a swing tackle, but I think Gilliam will be another somewhat surprising cap cut. MAYBE Celek: He'll be a camp cut but I think this is a spot where the team could stand to be a little more dynamic and just in general get younger. If there's a better, cheaper option in Free Agency, I wouldn't be surprised if we cut him in favor. But for now, I'll just leave the "maybe" here. Key Additions: FS-Earl Thomas: The big name get. Dallas is going to be our biggest competitor, but I think SF will go farther in bidding for him. More so because Dallas really doesn't need him. Furthermore, Dallas has to focus on re-signing Dak, Cooper, Lawrence, Crawford and Zeke in the coming years. Bringing on Thomas would immediately give our secondary the experience and range on the back-end that we have so thoroughly lacked. He also matches up incredibly well with Tartt, andif in the event Thomas does not come back healthy or as fast as he use to be, Tartt could play the single high or play in a cover 2. Personally, I was always ok if we re-signed Reid and had Tartt try a full season of single high. Main point being we could play more cover 2 with Thomas as he ages. Regardless, Thomas like Sherm will have a chip on his shoulder, and will immediately make an impact. DE/SAM - Za'Darius Smith: Arguably the second best pass-rusher hitting free agency, he would immediately become our best edge rusher on our team. Not only that, Smith is a 270 pound freak of nature who is a perfect fit for us when we need to play him as a strong side backer. Most importantly, he can get to the QB. 24 hits, 8.5 sacks and he's still only 26. I think there would be some rightful trepidation about A) Baltimore players flopping elsewhere and B) playing well in a contract year. But we need to triple up on the edge position in a big way and he is a great start to this re-tooling of our line. Worth noting that both Smith and Thomas will be getting paid a lot. Still not insane money and not as much as other notable guys like Clowney and Barr, but enough to where it's gonna eat some cap. Also pains me to say that I think we might go for Ansah instead of Smith..ugh. LB - Jordan Hicks: Last of our big name signings. Hicks is a great LB who can play both the Will and Mike (relatively interchangeable iirc for us). We're going to have to pay a solid amount out to him but given his health issues, we could probably protect ourselves. It could also be scaled in such a way that we can increase his pay next year when we can actually cut Malcom Smith for a dead cap number that gets cut in half after 19. Not only, should Hicks get injured, Smith/Lee are adequate backups. Regardless, Hicks or Perryman would be somewhat more cost effective and would solidify our front 7 in totality. CB - Pierre Desir: He's actually had a pretty good year, but because he's not putting up gaudy numbers he's not getting a lot of love. Regardless, he fits the scheme and I don't think our FO is going to be interested in taking chances on Moore or Witherspoon figuring it out right away. Financially, this just may not work out though because I think Desir could command a good sized contract. But if last year is any indication of how the league views free agent corners who aren't names..he could still come on a good deal. OT-Sam Young: With Coleman being the resident LT and Gilliam gone, we'll need another tackle on the roster. Young has played in the system and would be an adequate, cheap backup option. Most likely camp fodder, but could see him actually locking up a spot. IOL-Ben Garland: Another former falcon who knows the system, can play both guard positions, and in all likelyhood, push Garnett, Person and Magnusson for a spot on the roster. Really hope we go for someone like this, go for another cheap option we can cycle through. Not to mention Tomlinson will be coming off an injury. Draft: R1) DE Nick Bosa: I really think the Cardinals would be borderline foolish to pick Bosa. They have edge rushers and an elite one in Jones. What they don't have is an offensive line, a standout weapon in the receiving group (though Kirk is looking nice) or a future along the interior of their front seven. What they have on the Edge is solid though. Reddick, Jones, Goldson and Benson Mayowa. Meanwhile Rodney Gunter is still getting a ton of playing time...it just makes way too much sense for them to trade back and pick up some more picks and grab someone like Jonah Williams or even Cody Ford. Odds are, I think the Cards trade out and we make the obvious pick. R2) WR Riley Ridley: Riley Ridley may not drop to us in the second, but he is an extremely well rounded receiver. For people who like comparisons, his most common comparison as a prospect has been Michael Thomas. Not great production in college, but outstanding film, He's a fantastic route runner, can beat press right away as a rookie, breaks well at the top of routes and shows good form when catching the ball. He's not a freak athlete and I don't think he'll test well. He will get overshadowed by others in this class and that's why I could see him dropping to us. But outside of outstanding physical traits (which are by no means poor) he's a total package and fills what some thought was a huge hole. Only thing that pains me is I won't be able to get him on my fantasy team because of this. Sad. R3) OT David Edwards/Dennis Daley: Both of these guys fit the scheme, can play in space and also need some time to develop. We need a tackle to groom when Staley eventually leaves. This class has solid depth and I think it would be wise of us to pick one of these guys up sooner, rather than later. Daley might be a bit of a reach, but the upside makes it more than worth it. R4) DE - Joe Jackson/Jabari Zuniga: This is the last of the edge additions.. Both of these guys sort of fall under the moniker of being developmental. Both are psychically gifted athletes who currently do not consistently play up to their physical talent. Worth noting, I went for guys who can really play from a wide 9. Zuniga, specifically might be a bit more of a SAM because he doesn't have outstanding get off, (where Jackson arguably does) but I think he could still be effective there. Zuniga I thin is less likely to be around at this point, but I think there's going to be a massive run on edge players in the first two rounds that might actually cause some guys to drop. Guys like Jackson and Zuniga who probably aren't going to offer much day 1. Regardless, in a draft stacked with edge talent, Zuniga and Jackson would be worthwhile players to invest in and hopefully pair with Bosa for years to come. R6) TE - Josh Oliver: Regardless of Celek staying or going, TE depth looked scary at points. If i were a betting man, I'd bet that we're going to either sign another TE in Free Agency or address the 3rd TE spot in the draft. Oliver sort of fits the same profile as Cole Hikutini except he's better and younger. Point is, he's a bit developmental but due to his proximity to the team (being out of SJSU) I wouldn't be surprised if he's on our raider. Regardless, he's + athlete who already shows good receiving skills. Blocking...is going to be an issue and it might keep him from seeing the field at all, but I think TE being a position where all 3 guys typically see playing time, it's worth addressing. Note: I have Beathard and Garcon getting traded this off-season, but I won't bother adding picks because this is more a fun exercise Depth Chart: QB: Jimmy G, Nick Mullens RB: Matt Breida, Jerrick Mckinnon, Jeff Wilson Jr. Y. Dante Pettis, Marquis Goodwin X - Riley Ridley, Kendrick Bourne Slot - Trent Taylor, Richie James TE - George Kiltle, Garrett Celek, Josh Oliver OT- Joe Staley, Mike McGlinchey, Shonne Coleman, Daley/Edwards OG - Laken Tomlinson, Mike Person, Ben Garland, Josh Garnett OC - Weston Richburg, Eric Magnusson WDE - Nick Bosa, Zuniga/Jackson, Cassius Marsh IDL: Deforest Buckner, Julian Taylor, DJ Jones, Ronald Blair SDE: Armstead, Thomas, Kentavius Street SAM: Za'Darius Smith, Pita T. (Marsh plays this too) OFF LB: Jordan Hicks, Fred Warner,Elijah Lee, Malcom Smith NB: K'uann Williams, DJ Reed OCB: Sherman, Witherspoon, Desir, Moore FS: Earl Thomas, Adrian Colbert SS: Jaquaski Tartt, Marcell Harris K: Gould P Pinion: LS: Nelson :
  10. Fureys49ers Offseason Pre - Everything

    Hard not to be a fan of a free agency period that makes us a lot better, but there are a couple things I don't see happening: Adrian Amos is arguably a top 10 safety...not sure he's going to hit the market. Shelton is very meh. Don't think we need him. Not worth spending money there when Buck, Jones and presumably some other body can all play the 1 tech. Jones being the full-timer. Mosely would be great, have no issues with it but I worry about his price tag. Shaq Barrett is a solid get, wouldn't complain about it, but I worry that he an Allen alone is not enough to fix our edge rush. Barrett seems more like a solid situational/depth piece rather than a guy we can throw out full time. I also think they prefer him to Ray so they might be letting go of Ray and keeping Barrett as the key backup. Tyrell would be ok, but I don't like going Deebo Samuel when we already have 3 guys who would play the same position. Furthermore, Samuel was not exactly lighting it up throughout the year. Really concerned he's not as good an athlete as people once thought, lastly, I don't see us dropping Taylor in favor of an unspectacular player in Williams. Personally, I see us addressing that "alpha" receiver in the draft. If we can't get ET and Bosa, Allen and Adderly would be amazing. So love your first two picks. Can't speak to anything past samuel though. Good off-season, but I would still be really concerned about corner, safety and edge play.
  11. New Forum - New Random

    ... Shh.
  12. New Forum - New Random

    Boy...Josh Garnett over Michael Thomas when we needed a receiver. Classic Baalke.
  13. New Forum - New Random

    it was 100% scheme fit. McGlinchey played better than Brown did anyways, is younger, team controlled for 4 more years and can be depended on. I wasn't a big fan of him at first, or the decision to part with Brown..but I get it now.
  14. Minor Niner News Thread

    Has Jones really developed though? He's looked good, sure but so far he hasn't proven to be irreplaceable. We like him because he's young and shown promise, but that's it. Promise. Buckner was a high level prospect who would have been a stud no matter what. We could play him at LEO and he'd still kill it. But I see your point. Don't think he's been terrible, but we need more, especially from edge (which I assume he's responsible for).
  15. Minor Niner News Thread

    Yeah, some might argue this was Saleh's sacrificial lamb, but really, the line has not developed. Their play hasn't been bad so he might be able to get another job, but 0 development on the part of Thomas and Pita and even Marsh is just a really bad look for a position coach.
  16. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    This makes me upset. I hate the Patriots so much.
  17. John232's way too early mock off-season

    I would be all on board to Re-sign reid. Not sure about his price tag though. And without going into the politics, he really seemed like a distraction at times..lying about the drugs tests...being an absolute **** to other players. But looking at SD is doing (though this Pats game is exposing them) the 3 safety look with Reid, Tartt and Thomas would be totally viable and called for.
  18. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    I would be tagging him if I was the chiefs. Corey Littleton would be another good LB to maybe pair wirh Warner. Been impressed with him in each Rams game I’ve watched.
  19. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    Dee Ford is going to get PAID.
  20. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    Yeah, I agree one the Cards. They are going to have to take a discount if they want to trade down. I don't think the Giants are going to be especially desperate to trade up that high when they have other glaring needs and they could potentially still land him at 6. The Jags seems to the most likely to trade up. They're in win-now mode and just had a god awful season because of QB play. Haskins is the best option to start away and I don't think they'd want to risk the Giants taking him. But again, they could probably wait until the Raiders or Jets are on the clock before they commit to a trade (assuming Jonah goes 1 and we take Bosa). An interesting scenario would be if the Cards took Haskins one to force others to play ball, it's super risky, but it could work.
  21. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    Good points. I tend to agree with J though, just seems unlikely they take him at 1. They also have such a dire need of talent that a trade back would really be in their best interest since they have Rosen and a good pass-rush. That said, I don't think anyone would actually fault them if they did draft him. The league is just really devoid of a lot of good tackle talent. It's really turning into like TE's and QB's, just incredibly scarce. That said, The only reason they may take him at 1 is the Jets and Bucs would all be in the market and on top of that, I''m not sure the second best tackle, Cody Ford, makes it out of the top 10 either. It really becomes a matter of scheme fit because if they believe Jonah is the best fit for their system and there isn't another tackle in the draft/market who can do what he does right out the gate..then yeah, they could take him at 1. Think I just talked myself into the Cards taking him at 1. Cards are taking Jonah 1.
  22. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    One thing I like about Lynch (and to some extent liked about Baalke at first too) is that they really do value their draft picks. Obviously, I'd want us to trade a second or two seconds for Brown, but I respect them not wanting to overpay an incredible amount. Being draft oriented also leads to better financials long term.
  23. John232's way too early mock off-season

    I think next year, in a shallower class he's absolutely a first rounder. But there are like 10 edge guys (some big ends, LB tweeners etc) who are locks to go ahead of him. It would be surprising if he was a first rounder this year. But next year, absolutely. I also think NFL teams really look at coaching and how players transition, so if Polite were to come in and kill it right away, I'd imagine that would help his stock a little bit.
  24. John232's way too early mock off-season

    Probably a good move for him to go back tbh. If he put up another year like he did (not spectacular but better) he could still end up going in the first. If he shows any sort of refinement, he'll for sure be a first rounder (imo).