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  1. I meant QB class got thread title incorrect
  2. 2005 class might only be better but in term of value and hidden gem Nick Foles, Cousins, and Wilson were in this class. Andrew Luck was the first round hit and RG3 just wasnt managed correctly.
  3. correct a lot of good DB in that in that class I just dont feel like going over it lol Janoris Jenkins, Jorsh Norman , Harrison Smith, Mark Barron Front 7 would have fletcher cox, burfacet, Zack Brown, Bobby Wagner, Chandler Jones and ect This team prob could be a play off team if coached up
  4. Redskins to Sign WR Paul Richardson

    Could have been a play off team with Kirk working with these guys.
  5. horrible qb class id take the 2011 class QB Andrew Luck (could be russell wilson but put luck on this team and could go further) RB Doug Martin WR 1 TY Hilton WR 2 Alshon Jeffrey WR 3 Jorsh Gordon (leaves the weed best wr in this class) TE Garet Celek LT Matt Kalil LG David Decastro C Peter Konz RG Brandon Brooks RT Jonathan Martin
  6. Redskins to Sign WR Paul Richardson

    Garcon was coming off an almost 1000 yard season on a crappy offense
  7. I like this for a thread...I think he can find a QB he will have 3 picks to find one
  8. Redskins to Sign WR Paul Richardson

    I dont like Richardson not a proven wr and expensive.
  9. call me crazy but i want Dez now

    I think Dez issue might be Dak he just doesnt take risk. Tony romo was a risk taker.
  10. call me crazy but i want Dez now

    Docson and Dez cant stretch the field too similar and alex smith prob wont take risk with eitherone.
  11. Id trust anyone over Kieser and whatever rb cleaveland has.
  12. call me crazy but i want Dez now

    Cousins with Dez would have been a good combo.... Cousin does like to squeeze the ball in there or do 50 50 type of throws
  13. call me crazy but i want Dez now

    So Dak copied Alex Smith game pretty much lol
  14. Sam Darnold QB Saquon Barkley RB only offensive players which tend to have a hard time learning the modern game are wr.... offensivelineman can develope early but this question would be both teams have practice time and new scheme....