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  1. Week 15 GDT

    Cards will trade out
  2. Week 15 GDT

    raiders going to win the bosa sweapsteaks
  3. Week 15 GDT

    Brady trying to do his best Eli impression Doing the Eli heave
  4. Game Thread vs. Jags

    I dont think the Pats go 8 and 8 with their 4th qb
  5. What do you think of the five first round rookie QBs so far?

    he will have a 24 to 26 td year with 12 to 13 int 3600 to 3700 yards rookie year this isnt bad if he had this coaching staff since the start prob would have a 30 td year 10 int and 4000 yards
  6. If Foles comes in and they go to the NFC championship game ill eat a pumpkin
  7. Who do you consider the biggest overachieving team this year?

    bears thought their qb would be a bust redskins just ran into bad luck broken offensive line and broken qb
  8. If Alex Smith cant come back

    In on the virgin galatic flight Flacco wouldnt be a bad stop gap
  9. Week 13: Iggles Wiggles

    we were like top 5 in points given and rush defense through the first half of the season however deep int he season hurt offensiveline we cant keep ball control also hated the hhcd trade
  10. Lamar vs Flacco

    Hopefully will get better. Some times rookies start well and defense figure them out. He seems humble and williing to learn. Dont see RG3 or Vince young here. See more of a Steve McNair or Michael Vick.
  11. what are our options besides drafting someone which we prob will do anyways
  12. Week 13: Iggles Wiggles

    Its not Manusky fault with an offense that cant run the ball or move the ball down the field the defense is on the field way too much. Look at the Jaguars this can only hold up for so long. We were doing good but injuries have caught up.
  13. id like to see young linemen and more stroman
  14. Lamar vs Flacco

    Yeah I dont see him getting his job back. They drafted Jackson to use him and they are winning right now.