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  1. Week 7 GDT

    nfl qb shouldnt have tats also if you wear a hat with your name on it you are a dbag
  2. Week 7 GDT

    Garret is getting fired and no way Dak is the QB of the future.
  3. Week 7 GDT

    how many yards did zeke have camt wait to see shannon make fun of skiiiip
  4. Week 7 GDT

    alex smith not running out of bounds lost this game
  5. Week 7 GDT

    dallas is done
  6. Week 7 GDT

  7. Week 7 GDT

    Dak has a concusion
  8. Week 7 GDT

    man prescot looks bad
  9. Week 7 GDT

    swearinger again
  10. Week 7 GDT

    guy is a baller love his play
  11. Week 7 GDT

    lol the bucs
  12. Week 7 GDT

    Mayfield will be an elite qb some day
  13. Week 7 GDT

    eagles are over rated as a team carson wentz is also cant wait to see [remove] rant off on youtube Please be mindful of language, even with YouTube names. - ET
  14. Week 7 GDT

    says the pats fan
  15. Week 7 GDT

    ball didnt touch the ground or you cant see if it did