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  1. Predict QB Haskins

    I get it both are black. Williams sucked he is pretty much Trent Dilfer. 1 superbowl doesnt mean great career.
  2. Bleacher Report Ranks all 32 Team's WR corps

    Rookie WR from Ohio state has looked really good Ive heard. Do not spend money on Docson 1000 yard WR isnt that great of a year anymore. Its like RB getting a 1000 yards. For him to be Franchised I would like to see 1400 yards 16 tds which I know wont happen. Not worth giving him 18 20 mil per year specially not knowing how Haskin will work out would like to keep cap space incase we need a free agent in 2020 or 2021.
  3. agreed Curry annoying Dreymond annoying Cousins Annoying Durant annoying
  4. Warriors beat the Cavs with with injuries. They aint **** with out KD. Case closed.
  5. Danny Green has been having a poor game all night
  6. Is Buffalo even a mayor city. You can have all your rowdy fans and college atmosphere but that doesnt translate to tv viewing. Move that team to Toronto or London
  7. Why does Boogie cousin always look like he is about to take a crap
  8. Kawhi doesnt even have any co super stars. Curry needs his robin.....and Lebron too!
  9. Buffalo is a small market NFL teams love big market city
  10. Are the 2009 Rams the Worst Team of the SB Era?

    Browns kept games close and had talent. Just had the worst coachin the modern era.
  11. Even if he is the MPV and wins out!
  12. If Durant comes back in game 5 and they win the championship does KD stay?
  13. Lol why are California fans that way.