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  1. meant alex anzalone saints have alot of players we can raid
  2. if its 5mil to 10 mil per year im ok with it not paying 25 though
  3. Saintss roaster about to blown up! Alonzo the lb might be a good signing
  4. The giants asking for a 1st or 2nd for a player coming off a season ending injury is nuts its like driving a used car putting miles on it and selling it for more than what you got it after its been in an accident
  5. They need defensive help and Baker operated fine with out him.What type of asset would they want for him?
  6. Thats a brutal home schedule atl and denver are only gimmy games raiders is winnable
  7. smith got 2 yeara worth of 25 mil + fr us for doing nothing shouldmt be any hard feelings
  8. Can we bring in Stafford and keep TH?
  9. Remember there was a debate after Bledsoe goy healthy that he should start in the playoff over Brady No risk no Biscuit
  10. money talks these guys know its a business
  11. He wont amount to much guy could end up being a cut
  12. smith will retire so more like 50 mil might be a year to get bargain players too
  13. We havee lots of money we need to pay Brandon. Keeping an offensive line together is important. He is a top 5 guard and we wont find anyone better to replace him with.
  14. We need to bring in Fitzmagic and have a 3 way competition. We will have tons of money for a wr, lb, wr and maybe another cb.
  15. 5 mil a year is peanuts lets just offer him that for 3-4 years Matt Flynn and many other qb have gottrn big contracts based off of one game not saying he will get 10 mil or 15 but 3 to 5 mil is fine and nfl salary arent 100% garanteed
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