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  1. who cares he sucks no one wants alex smith feel good story but he isnt our future should just be happy he was on the team....and he was on a leg and a half towards the end of the season
  2. if hes at 9 my fear would be he goes to the cowboys
  3. LT are a premium and seem to be the most expensive position outside of DE, DT and QB
  4. lmk if its worth it to me he is the 2nd best prospect this year 2nd and a 3rd this year...swap first and maybe a 2nd next year
  5. I think we may have to bring in Cam at a cheap deal to compete with TH.
  6. Ah no wonder why all the hatin and being negative. I would be worried about Maholmes turf tow and if all his senses are there.
  7. Very true game is not over yet and Bucs db give up yards but also get turn overs
  8. Guy is on a new team and just built chemistry as the year went on He has hit the most deep ball in thr NFL this year
  9. stop hatin brady has been the best deep ball thrower this year
  10. even if brasy foes to the sb and soesnt win this confirms hia goat status but with maholmes turf toe odds look good for brady
  11. meant alex anzalone saints have alot of players we can raid
  12. if its 5mil to 10 mil per year im ok with it not paying 25 though
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