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  1. Over the past 5 year we have had a better team than the raiders so they can go eat a crow
  2. Lolcow if the weeks has to be the Vikings
  3. Yeah watching Teddy Bridgewater I’ll pas he is the definition of game manager boring qb lol
  4. Harbough might have cost his team homefield
  5. If Minshew was a first round pick he would still be a jag his rookie season was better than lawrence
  6. If there was an Andrew Luck or clear top 5 qb I would be all for tanking but we are developing an offensive line right now and young lb core(which sucks but experience will help them) also TH might be better than any rookie out there but we need to build the offense around him more rpo or running qb plays
  7. We should have got Minshew over Fitzmagic Would have been a good competition for TH
  8. Could be that TH can’t get him the ball but he has too many 40 50 60 yard games want to see 100 yard ganes
  9. We aren’t beating Dallas or the iggles McLauren I want to see more from him
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