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  1. We developed him and made him what he was. That 1999 had potential but Dan dropped the ball building the 1989 pro bowl team
  2. im in panama not american but make lotsnof typos too lol
  3. worked with kirk but we ran hik out o town also worked with trent green left town
  4. giving them another chance 2nd down
  5. Id like to build our oline with our first 3 picks. As for WR we can pick up Allen. We dont need a star wr just a solid 60 catch 800 yard guy. Gibson is set as our rb of the future and te I think we can find one in the 4th or convert a big wr to te. Matt Ryan Stafford Carr Dalton Dak All seem like they could be options
  6. Dallas will run with Zeeke more and defense will prove because of this. They will win the east with an 8-8 record.
  7. I dont think Atlanta gets the first pick but if they do we need to give up a 3rd for Ryan and build up a sick oline.
  8. we need to draft a LT and Guard badly. 1pick LT 2nd pick Guard Pay whatever our injured guard ask. We cant afford to let him go. Alex Smith will be cut at the end of the year so there will be money to go around.
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